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HE enfuing Treatifes are true and genuine. Remains of the deceased Author whofe Name they bear, but for the greatest part received not his laft Hand, being in a great measure little more than fudden Views, intended to be afterwards revis'd and farther lookt into, but by Sickness, Intervention of Business, or preferable Enquiries, hap'ned to be thruft afide, and fo lay neglected,

The Conduct of the Understanding he always thought to be a Subject very well worth Confideration. As any Mifcarriages in that point accidentally came into his Mind, be used fometimes to fet them down in Writing, with thofe Remedies that he could then think of. This Method, tho' it makes not that Hafte to the End which one would wish, yet perhaps the only one that can be followed in the Cafe. It being here, as in Phyfick, impoffible for a Phyfician to defcribe a Difeafe, or feek Remedies for it, till he comes to meet with it. Such Particulars of this kind as occurr'd to the Author at a time of Leifure, be, as is before faid, fat down in Writing; intending, if he had lived, to have reduc'd them into Order and Method, and to have made a complete Treatife; whereas now it is only a Collection of cafual Obfervations, fufficient to make Men fee fome Faults in the Conduct of their Underftanding, and fufpect there may be more, and may perhaps ferve to excite others to enquire farther into it, than the Author hath done.


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