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eis I amus" "rw" M- the whole Lump; and one νομὴν λαμβαμα, ἐπεὶ Thief fpreads the Wickedε ζύμη μικρά πλή- nefs over a whole Nation, ewna queanal do- and Dead Flies Spoils the whole Eccl. x. I. 2, છે લંડ હŘns_es_Pot as wλeins es Pot of sweet Ointment; and, 020 To Mo When a King hearkens to un- Prov.xxix. Hemigay, myα ba- righteous Counsel, all the Ser-12. voy ouπpisor onda vants under him are wicked. aide idiomalR inaj, So one fcabbed Sheep, if not ο βασιλέως ὑπακέον. feparated from thofe that are TQ 202er ädings, Tar- whole, infects the rest with TES OF UTT AUTÓr impé- the fame Distemper; and a του πανομοι Tay Drouge & Man infected with the Plague πρόβατον ψωραλέον is to be avoided by all Men; μεταδίδωσιν ἑτέροις f and a mad Dog is dangerous τόσο, μὴ χωριπέ π to every one that he touches. varav If therefore we neglect to feparate the Tranfgreffor from

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TOMOîs Quanra, the Church of God, we fhall
& nuwr nuon ougsbeis
And Tati, &

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make the Lord's Houfe a Den Matt.
of Thieves. For tis the Bi- XXI. 13
fhop's Duty not to be filent in
the Cafe of Offenders, but to
rebuke them, to exhort them,
to beat them down, to afflict
them with Faftings, that fo
he may ftrike a pious Dread
into the reft: For, as He
fays, Make ye the Children of Lev.xv.31.
Ifrael pious. For the Bishop *. Pag.

· ἀλλήλας. V. · ἡ νομὴ ἔρπει ν.
ἡ νομὴ ἕρπει ν. 3 πλήρη φυράματα. V. πολ
λάκις. ν. προσάψηται. ν. ὁ ἡμεῖς, ν. 7 deeft. V.



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muht be one who difcourages θετεῖν, ὑποπιέζειν, στο Sin by his Exhortations, and Cν νησείαις, ὅπως κ


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εμποιήση. Εὐλαβεῖς γάρ
φησιν ποιήσατε τις
ύες Ισραήλ. Χρή δ
τὸν ἐπίσκοπον
άμκῶν κωλυτω Ag
dias giveway,

fers a Pattern of Righteoul- τοῖς ἑτέροις ευλάβειαν
nefs, and proclaims thole
good things which are pre-
par'd by God, and ceclares
that Wrath which will come
at the Day of Judgment, left
he contemn and neglect the
Plantation of God; and, on
account of his Carelefners,
hear that which is faid in

Hel.x. 13. Hofea, Why have

¡, 1 XX.

ye held your Peace at Impiety, and have reaped the Fruit thereof?

è f δικαιοσύνης στο πον, κ π ετοιμασ μλίων ὑπὸ θεῖ ἀγαθῶν κήρυκα, ε ε μελλέσης ὀργῆς ἐν τῇ κρίση δεδο φολτήρα ὅπως μὴ κα ταφρονήσας Θεο

φυτεργίας, ακέση ο αμέλειαν τὸ ἐν τῷ Ωσηε εἰρημθμον. Ενα τί εσιωπής ασέβειν, κ τ καρπὸν αὐτῆς ἐτρυγή σατε ;




ET the Biflrop therefore ΠΑ'ντων εν φρονί

extend his Concern to ζέτω ὁ Ἐπίσκοπος", all forts of People; to thore * * μὴ ἡμύρτηκότων, ἵνα who have not offended, that μείνωσιν δαμάρτητος, they may continue innocent; ε θ άρθρτανόντων, to thof who have offended, ἵνα μετανοώσι. 3 Λέγει" that they may repent. For 8 : ner twoy's v. to you does the Lord fpeak mas". Ορᾶτε μὴ κα Mat.xvi, thus, Take heed that we offend ταφρονήσητε ἑνὸς πρ not one of thefe little ones. Tis μικρών τέτων. Και "

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desit. V. ὁ ἐπίσκοπος Φραντζέτω. V. 3 πεν. ν. + ἐν ἐναργε λίαις. ν.


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τοῖς μετανοῦσιν ἄφεσιν your Duty allo to give Re dedoras xpno är miffion to the Penitent. For Τῷ εἰπεῖν ἀνὰ τῶν πλημ as foon as ever one who has Meanoopt wv Sunda dia- offended fays, in the SinceDead Huapting rity of his Soul, I have finned 2 King.xii. weiw amoneive To against the Lord, the Holy 13. ἅγιον πνδύ agrov mot ng Kaj - Spirit anfwers, The Lord ale apĥné Co. The fo hath forgiven thy Sin, be of áμskav1, Jáspot, & un good cheer, thou shalt not die. αποθάνης". STORY". TrwerCE Be fenfible therefore, O Biἦν, ὦ Ἐπίσκοπε, τὸ ἀξίως fhop, of the Dignity of thy μά σε, ὅτι ὡς δ' δεσμών Place, that as thou halt re ἐκληρώσω τω ἐξεσίδι, ceiv'd the Power of Binding, TW è & λúar. - fo haft thou also that of dar Ev & nav, Loofing. Having therefore WWCISE DEAUTOV, the Power of Loofing, exert ažiws 8 TÓTH σ8 ČV T- thy felf, and behave thy felf δὲ τῷ βίῳ ἀνατρέφω, in this World as becomes thy Gidas on Theova au Place, as knowing that thou ros" animation & 26 haft a great Account to give. gov. & záp qnor, napéDED TONE, WE Tev άTarmo AUTO. Avaμám pt 28 av Spa Tv des παρεξ ο νομος δί Яμã áνSpúπ Herman Oudas ng Jace's Tó púπTY, & är 3 μía sμéca" ζωή αυτό. Διά του





For to whom, as the Scrip- Lak, 81 1.
ture fays, Men have intrusted 48.
much, of him they will re-
quire the more.

For no one

Man is free from Sin, ex-
cepting him that was made
Man for us; fince it is writ-
ten, No Man is pure from Job xiv.4-
Filthiness, no not though he be LXX.
but one Day old. Upon which
account the Lives and Con-

18. & deeft reliq. V. ? deeft. V. 3 μãs ñμiegs. V.

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verfations of the ancient ho- To * of weeks in-
Iy Men and Patriarchs are μδύων δικαίων τε
defcrib'd; not that we may marela prav of Bios &
reproach them from our read-ai avas

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ovedi (wpfe
OKOUTS, ' in
ἵνα ἡμεῖς
μετανοώμμ & δέλπι
des Haneda, as ȧpé-
σεως τοξόμιμοι, τα δ'
εκείνων ῥύτη ἡμετέρα

ing, but that we our felves qnod ex iva incives
may repent, and have Hope
that we alfo fhall obtain For-
givenels. For their Blemilles
are to us both Security and
Admonition,becaule we hence
learn, when we have offend.
ed, that if we repent, we doparcia è waive-
shall have Pardon. For it is
Written. Who can boaft that he τήσομτες. ἐὰν μετανοή

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XX. 9. bas a clean Heart? and who dare affirm that he is pure from Sin? No Man therefore is without Sin. Do thou therefore labour to the ut most of thy Power to be unblameable; and be folicitous of all the Parts of thy pm Cu un xT Flock, left any one be fcandaliz'd on thy account, and thereby perish. For the Lay. man is folicitous only for himself, but thou for all, as having a greater Burden, and carrying a heavier Load. For Numb. it is written. And the Lord faid XVIII. Te un:o Moses.Thou and Aaron fhall

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• deeft. V. &v. v. Baees na V. 2 decit. V.




μείζον βασάζων φορ- bear the Sins of the Priefthood. lov". Jeanday jap. Since therefore thou art to Kaj &Tre werC wes give an Account of all, take Μωϋσῆν υ ο 'Ακρων care of all. Preferve thofe amfeade a poprías that are found, admonish ἱερατείας. sei thofe that fin; and when πλείονων ἐν ἀπολογέ- thou haft affided then with μμα, πεί πάντων Fafting, give them Eafe by Pevk (ε. Tas μ- Remiflion; and when with γιείς, συντήρη· τις 3 Tears the Offender begs Re pmniras, vedin, admiffion, Receive him, and È silav åv Ty vnsei, let the whole Church pray ἐν τῇ ἀφέσι ἐλαφρυcv τy ápía exάppu- for him; and when by Imvov, è @egon zavodu pofition of thy Hand thou T codex, moonshaft admitted him, give him ἐκκλησίας η αὐτό leave to abide afterwards in SEONWINS. @ XElead the Flock. But for the DrowTỶous autor, ea 20- fie, and the Careless, do thou Her var ** år endeavour to convert and ** Pag. TOμVIQ. THE Lv- confirm, and warn, and cure das è papjes them, as fenfible how great


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Speqe, usher Cε, Ta a Reward thou shalt have

canand, Drea weve, -
επιςάμμΘ. ἡλίκον μισ-
For Exes Era 26A
λῶν, ὥσπερ ἐν & κιν-
Suvov sav saμernoys" thofe Overfeers, who take
TiTWV. hind 28 wes no care of the People, Wo

for doing fo, and how great
Danger thou wilt incur if
thou beeft negligent therein.
For Ezekiel fpeaks thus to

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τὲς ἀμελένας ξ λαξ unto the Shepherds of Ifracl,xxt.
Επισκόπες Ἰεζεκιήλ
MONÓTUS TECεmna for they have fed themselves;, &c.
Οὐαὶ τοῖς ποιμέσι το the Shepherds feed not the

* της. ν. * ποιῶν. V. 3 ἀμελής. Γ.


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