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το receive him, promifing πόνοι, ὅτι χαρὰ γής
him Salvation if he will change VET IN Years 6Hi
his courfe of Life, and become ἑνὶ ἁμαρτωλῷ μετά
a Penitent, and when he does VOLTI.

repent, and has fubmitted to


his Chastisement, receive him: remembring that our
Lord has faid, There is Joy in Heaven over one Sinner
that repenteth..

Ἐγὼ 5 * μεταμοῦν σ


But if thou refusest to receive him that repents, thou un wegodien. 676. expofeft him to thole who λοις αὐτὸν ἔκδοτον πο lie in wait to destroy, forget- pénds. 67 Jóμs Q & ting what David fays, Deli- Aabid, or M ver not my Soul, which con- das Tois Anerous fu***Pag. feffes to thee, unto destroying x κ ̓ ἐξομολογεμλύης Διὸ παρορμον 222. Beafts. Wherefore Jeremiah, Col. Aid Tacoma when he is exhorting Mento είς μεταξύοισι ὁ ἹερεRepentance, fays thus, Shall pias λ Mùi • Jer vi.4. not he that falleth arife? Or Twy con avisaray; he that turneth away, cannot Σποτρέφων σὸν ὄπερές he return? Wherefore have my People gone back by a shameless Backfliding and they are har111. 22. den'd in their purpose. Turn, ye backliding Children, and I will heal your Backflidings. Receive therefore him that rens, Ĉig idcoμgy Tow pents without any doubting. Be not hindred by fuch un- a ov & METONO&ITA, merciful Men who fay, that

I dvesedion. V.


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au réμ μzła vμäv. Ai

μὴ διάζων ὅλως, μηδὲ

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Seμ modi Couf DPS 'άvn News Regovwv, μὴ δεῖν τοιέτοις * συμμολεύ εποί, μήτε λόξα κοινωνεῖν· αὗται" γδ 3 ay ya ζυμβελίαι ἀγνούτων εἰÀ Oεov È 7 aÚTỡ we voides, adózwv ̈ xe τῶν & θηρίων ἀμειλίκ των 8 γδ γινώσκεσιν, OT! hungary,


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arber &
nav wav ́oi" neus äv-
δρες ἐν μέσῳ αὐτῆς,
Næε, 'IwC, & Aa
vina. 7 Broi", Ev Ty &
καιοσκώῃ αὐτῶν σώτεσι

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we must not be defiled with
fuch as thofe, nor fo much as
fpeak to them : For fuch Ad-
vice is from Men that are
unacquainted with God and
his Providence, as from un-
reasonable Judges and un-
merciful Brutes. Thefe Men
are ignorant that we ought
to avoid Society with Of
fenders, not in Discourse, but
in Actions: For, The Righte- Ezek.
oufness of the Righteous fhall be xvi. 20.
upon him; and, The Wicked-
nefs of the Wicked hall be upon
him. And again, If a Land xiv. 13.
finneth againft me by trefpafe
fing grievonfy, and I ftretch
out my hand upon it, and break
the Staff of Bread upon it,
and fend Famine upon it, and
deftroy Man and Beaft therein:
Though these three Men, Noah,
Job, and Daniel, were in the
midst of it, they shall only fave
their own Souls by their Righ-
teousness, faith the Lord God.
The Scripture moft clearly
fhews, that a righteous Man
that converfes with a wick-
ed Man, does not perifh with

πονηρῶς v. συναναμίγνυσος. V. 3 τοιαῦται. V. 4 λόγοις. V.


i deeft. v. deeft. V. 7 deeft. V.

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Adavaj ner". Zaqpésarà dedλwner ĥ pan, ok Cewan Sixa ading & Cuyaπόλλυται μετ' αὐτῇ. ἐν γδ τις κόσμῳ τέτῳ δίκαιοι & ἄδικοι ἀλ' λήλοις ζωαγελάζονται norwrig Bis, & μ c com È TỔ TO EX apapason of Dropλεῖς μιμηταὶ γὰρ εἰσι To TATE'S AUTO 5 år

For in the prefent τὰς ψυχὰς αὐτῶν World the Righteous and the Wicked are mingled together in the common Affairs of Life, but not in holy Communion ; and in this the Friends and Favourites of God are guilty of no Sin. Matt. v. For they do but imitate their Father which is in Heaven, who maketh his Sun to rife on the Righteous and Unrighteous ; and fendeth his Rain on the Evil and on the Good; and the righteous Man undergoes τοῖς ἐρανοῖς, τὸ – ἥλιον no Peril on this Account. For aÚTO AvaTÉMOVTO & T those who conquer, and thofeδικαίες & αδίκες, καὶ who are conquered are in βρέχοντα αὐτῷ + ὑε the fame Place of running: But only thofe who have bravely undergone the Race are where the Garland is be

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τὸν ὅτι πονηρὸς, ¢ αδα è alaθές. Καὶ ἐδὲν κινδυδύσς ὁ δίκαιΘ' ἐκ τέτε ἐν γδ τῷ ταδίῳ @ 2 Tim. ftow'd, And, No one is vIRNTON, & vinapisala. νικηται, νικώμ μοί crowned, unless he strive law- ow, cv 5 TWS SEQaras fully. For every one fhall μόνοι οἱ γλυναίως ἀγωνιgive account of himfelf, and σάμβυοι. ἐδείς ἢ πεφανε God will not deftroy the ται, ἐδὺ μὴ νομίμως αθ Righteous with the Wicked; λήσῃ. ἕκας Ο γδ αεὶ for with him tis a conftant ἑαυτῇ ἐξομολογήσεται, Rule, That Innocence is ne-n Cuvatodian o ver punished. For neither ed's "Sixcor M

i cu Tauda. V. 2 deeft. V.


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{"àdiné, éminep did He drown Noah, nor burn παρ' αὐτῷ δ' ἀναμάρ· up Lot, nor deftroy Rahab τητον ἀκμώρητον. ἔτε for Company. And if you 25+ Nãe natenλvory, defire to know how this mat

ἔτε “ Λωτ κατέφλε- ter was among us, fudas was

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one of us, and took the like part of the Miniftry which we had; and Simon the Magician received the Seal of the Lord; yet both the one and the other proving wicked, the former hang'd himfelf; and the latter as he flew in the Air, in a manner unnatural, was dafh'd against the Earth. Moreover, Noah and his Sons with him were in the Ark; But Ham, who alone was wicked, receiv'd Punishment in his Son. But if Fathers are not punished for their Children, nor Children for their Fathers, it is thence clear that neither will Wives be punilh’d for their Huf bands, nor Servants for their Mafters, nor one Relation for another, nor one Friend for another, nor the Righteous for the Wicked. But every one will be requir'd an ac

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deeft.V.yalo.v. wegv.v. 43. v. deeft. V. deeft.v. dv.

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count of his own Doing. For aov, STE SINGLOL LO

neither was Punishment inflicted on Neah for the World; nor was Lot deftroy'd by Fire for the Sodomites; nor Pag. was Rahab flain for the Inhabitants of Jericho; nor Ifrael for the Egyptians. For not the dwelling together, but the Agreement in their Sentiments alone could condemn the Righteous with the Wicked We pught not therefore to hearken to fuch Perfons who call for Death, and

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monola. "TE Nwe op To nour ** δίκην εἰσε πράχθη,

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AW'T op Zodoncor muρπоλon, π Paα, IFCRUTINY πράγη, έτε' ὁ Ἰσραὴλ Aiguiliwr. & yo συνοίκησις κατακρίν τές δικαίας Οὺν τοῖς ἀ Sings, a'i & wwuns oμovora & gen in μης ὁμόνοια



hate Mankind, and love Ac-OIS ETOING ONTOLS, " cufations; and, under fair Pretences, bring, Men to Death. For one Man fhall Prov.v.22. not die for another, but Eve

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ry one is held with the Chainsérée con åmoldufIfa.lxii 11. of his own Sins. And, Behold aj na CHeals wh the Man, and his Work is be- ἑαυτῇ ἁμαρκῶν ἕκα fore his Face. Now we oughtopilystar. Kajid's


to affift those who are with aveπ, & depon
us, and are in Danger, and airy any weyouIT'S
fall, and, as far as lies in our air. Adnμgs Bon-
Power, to reduce them to fer Tois? Cursor & mv ·
Sobriety by our Exhortations,
and fo fave them from Death.

so, è opamo μλύεις, & ὅσον οἷόν τη


1ai iregnzîrar. V. defunt. v. 3 OTTOS EX X. v. 4deeft. v. τιμωρεῖται. ν. . μαρτυρῇ καὶ ἀλλῷ· σοφήτης λέγων. V. 2 νοσᾶσι. V.



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