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Ἔξω ἢ ὁ Ἐπίσκοπος Let not a Bishop be given μn aix compons, y M to filthy Lucre, especially 21506 2 0, before the Gentiles, rather Branów Manor, fuffering than offering Inju

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# Bager fun Theories, not covetous, nor rapa-
Véxons, un aρTas, un
Σποςερητής, μὴ φιλοπλέ-
o, un moon w,
us ng Tangos, un fo-
doμaptus, in Jurgins,
μὴ φιλόμαχο, μὴ ταῖς
2 Bis wealμanis
aupmennesμss & μn
γυμνος μετα, η συν-
Dewn Singss xona
mais, un pirapx,
μὴ δίγνωμα, μὴ δι-
21 was, in wes
Καβολίω ή κατα
λιά, φιλήκο
Ricev q1anno
wonths, μn Tais op
τοῖς ἢ ἐθνῶν ἐπορειό
μυθο, απάταις κενος"
un xewuf, unde
Cho Duuntings, unde q-
Σάργυρος ὅτι πολύτα


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cious; no Purloiner, no Ad-
mirer of the Rich, nor Hater
of the Poor; no Evil-fpcaker,
nor Falfe-witness; not given
to Anger, no Brawler, nor
entangled with the Affairs of
this Life; not a Surety for
any one, nor an Accufer in
Suits about Money ; not am-
bitious, not double-minded,
nor double-tongued not
ready to hearken to Calum-
ny or Evil fpeaking; not a
Diffembler, not addicted to
the Heathen Festivals, not
given to vain Deceits, not
eager after worldly Things,
nor a Lover of Money: For
all these things are oppofite to
God, and pleafing to Da-
mons. Let the Bishop car-

Te maula Exteneftly give all thefe Precepts

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in charge to the Laity also,
perfuading them to imitate
his Converfation. For, fays Levit. xv.
He, Do ye make the Children 31.

of Ifrael pious, Let him be a
prudent, humble, apt to ad-
monish with the Inftructions
of the Lord, well-difpos'd,
one who has renounc'd all
the wicked Projeds of this

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demkngs ov raïs nuangis raidéals. ng. λογνώμων, αποτεταγ μλύΘ. πᾶσι τοῖς ἐν τῷ Big Torneris brandsa, & was stringis Juicys. "Esa 'di. wesalos", o&as wey's

World, and all Heathenishops, TOTELVOGEN,
Lufts. Let him be orderly,
fharp in obferving the Wick-
ed, and taking beed of them,
but yet a Friend to all ; juft,
difcerning, and whatsoever
Qualities are commendable
among Men, let the Bishop
poffefs them in himself. For
if the Paftor be unblameable δ γνῶναι τις φαύλεις,
as to any Wickedrefs, he will young weas a'r au-
compel his Difciples, and by, in 5 or moú-
his very Converfation prefs wingi, neiπ-
them to become worthy Imings, & Younging on
tators of his own Actions. Sporis iv, 4-
As the Prophet fomewhere πάρχη", ζαῦτα ὁ ὀλι
τήπω ὅν συνεπίληπ
T adixias con TOL-
μl), Tes ¡dies avтë μa-
swaingos, &
Wascopus auro
werperlaway off isiwy
TV pups-

Hof.iv.9. fays, And it will be, As is
the Prieft fo is the People; For
our Lord and Mafter Jefus
Chrift, the Son of God, be-
gan first to Do, and then to
Teach, as Luke fomewhere
Act. i. 1. fays, Which Felus began to do
M. and to teach. Wherefore he
fays, Whosoever shall do and



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! humejsomos.v. al. su mejœxos. 'Dingoxemxòs.v. alterutrum vacat.

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vay as did my @teach, he shall be called great
wegphans'. Kay say in the Kingdom of God. For
καθὼς ὁ ἱερούς, ἔσω ν you Bilhops are to be Guides
ὁ λαός. Kaj and Watchmen to the Peo-
wwer incor y dd-ple, as you your felves have
σκαλΘ. Ιησες Χριςός
i yo's & Dε йρέα
πρῶτον ποιεῖν, καὶ τότε
διδάσκειν 4 ως πε λέ-
Hò Aunas• *Nv ñp§a
Suonew". Aió nowy
δάσκειν". Διό Φησιν
"Os N' av minor &
Dán. ETQ piezas non-
θήσεται ἐν τῇ βασιλείᾳ


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Chrift for your Guide and
Watchman. Do you there-
fore become good Guides
and Watchmen to the People
of God. For the Lord fays
by Ezekiel, fpeaking to eve-
ry one of you, Son of Man, Ezek.
I have given thee for a Watch- xxxIII.
man to the House of Ifrael, and"
thou halt hear the Word from
my Mouth, and fhalt obferve,
and shalt declare it from me.
When I say unto the Wicked

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iμes ononor Enthou shalt furely die, if thou ὑμεῖς σκοπὸν ἔχετε Χριςόν. Καὶ ὑμᾶς ἐν doft not peak to warn the wicke giveade onemos agadoi ed from his wickedness, that τῷ λαῷ δ Θεῖ ὅ λέ- wicked Man Mall die in his 2 ner i 'Ie- Iniquity, and his Blood will I Cemina wey's Engsov u require at thine Hand. But if ξεκιὴλ μῶν φάσκων. Τιὲ δύ- thou warn the wicked from his θρώπε, σκοπὸν SPETTY, ongtor Sidang way, that he may turn from it,, σ my oing Treann, and he does not turn from it, ακέση εκ ςόματος με he hall die in his Iniquity. Pózov, aquages, and thou haft delivered thy Soul. è Hayness autor Tap' In the fame manner, if the v. 2, &c. αὐτὸν παρ ̓ ἐμὲ ἐν τῷ λέγειν με Sword of War be approaching,

2 igne. v. atas V.3 ô fine ô vids. v. 4 defunt. V,

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and the People fet a Watchman rys duw, Advarw, a
τῷ δρόμῳ, θυμάτῳ
moravy, y con
nous To Sacanaya-
vougy on & Apropias as-
ro, o avoμe incrC
ἐν τῇ ανομία αυτό
μg auro in & xde's
os cn now ou
asian tus doug

to watch, and be fee the same
Approach, and does not fore-
warn them, and the Sword come
and take one of them, he is
taken away in bis Iniquity;
but his Blood ball be required
Watchman's Hand, be-
caufe he did not blow the Trum-
pet. But if he blew the Trum-
pet, and he who heard it would
not take Warning, and the
Sword come and take him away,
his Blood Shall be upon him,
because he heard the Trumpet,
and took not warning. But he
who took warning bas delivered
his Soul, and the Watchman,
because he gave warning, hall
Jurely live. The Sword here
is the Judgment; the Trum
pet is the Holy Gospel; the
Watchman is the Bishop, who
is fet in the Church, who is
obliged by his Preaching to
refify and vehemently to
forewarn concerning that
Judgment. If ye do not
clare and teftify this to the
People, the Sins of thofe
who are ignorant of it will


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αρρτία αὐτῆς ἐλλήφθη, a on mees To σκοπό έκζητηθήσεται, ok on conugre Gamili edo TeATION, & un QungEnryo aneous, & non 7 29639


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be found upon you. Where fore do you warn and reprove the Uninftructed with Boldness, teach the Ignorant, confirm thofe that underftand, bring back those that go aftray. If we repeat the very fame things on the fame Occafions, Brethren, we shall not do amifs. For by frequent Hearing 'tis to be hoped that fome will be made afham'd, and at least do fome good Action, and avoid fome wicked one. For, fays God by the Prophet, Teftifie thofe things to them; Jer.xxvi. perhaps they will hear thy Voice. And again, If perhaps they Ezek. 11. will hear, if perhaps they will7.111 fubmit. Mofes allo fays to the People, If bearing thou Exod. xv. wilt hear the Lord God, and 26. do that which is good and right in his Eyes. And again, Hear, O Ifrael, the Deut.vi.4. Lord our God is one Lord. Mr. xi. And our Lord is often recorded in the Gospel to have faid, Le that hath Ears to Matt. xi, bear let him hear. And wife


deeft. V. 2 deeft V, 3auty. V. 4 deeft. y.





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