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let him be received; but if συμβολοδείκτη, παλ
he refuse them, let him bes spμludis, que
rejected. He that is guilty of tongues En Cundy.
Sins not to be named, a Sodo Tot awb as "cfews",
mite, an Effeminate Perfon, modŵr, ʼn opvidov,
a Magician, an Enchanter, an or, in #In-
Aftrologer, a Diviner, an Ufer der, & Igneau
of Magick Verfes, a Juggler, Twv ovμCodinar, xer
a Mountebank,one that makes va doning Céad wody, du
Amulets, a Charmer, a Sooth- ITTOS SA nanic
fayer, a Fortune-teller, an Ob-woofer Er wer
server of Palmistry, he that exé wour, fin wa
when he meets you obferves θέμβυοι 5 Σποβαλλέ
Defelts in the Eyes, or Feet πωσουν παλλακή της
of the Birds, or Cats, or
Noifes,or Symbolical Sounds,
let these be prov'd for fome


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time, for this fort of Wick-mes doengaird, an edness is hard to be wafh'd away; and if they leave off thofe Practices, let them be receiv'd, but if they will not agree to that, let them rejected. Let a Concubine, who is Servant to an Unbeliever, and confines herfelt to **Pag her Mafter alone be receiv'd; but if the be incontinent with others, let her be rejected. If one of the Faithful hath a Concubine, if she be


: ὄψεων. V.

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indequious, in ag αν ή που ἢ ἀ· on now Ciade,

- στο βαλλέπω, ο μέλλων namxelas, reix Tn sermaida, લે છે ૪daiós ksi, è droid wei Tearn, iwego de Zóna OT προσδε λέπω ὅτι • xe, 2 Te το 3ο κρίνεται. ὁ διδά oxer, exy hains, TAN, & TROTTO OFFivos, de δασκέτω· ἔσονται γδ' οι πούτες διδακτοὶ Θε. TUTES SANTO! D. πῶς πισός ή τιςὴ ἕωθεν aragavas um, ππὸ τὸ ἔργον ἐπ'τελέ our fans weg od jeawoo & dé k λόγο κατήχησις ηλύηται, A 1 προτιμησάτω. 8 έρ 28 20201 & dos βείας. ὁ πισός, ἢ ἡ πι' τὴ, τοῖς οἰκέτοις ούμενως

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a Bond-Servant, let him leave off that way, and marry in a legal manner: If the be a free Woman, let him marher in a lawful manner: If he does not, let him be ry rejected. He that follows theGentile Customs, or Jewish Fables, either let him reform, or let him be rejected. If any one follows the Sports of the Theatre, their Huntings, or Horfe-Races, or Combats, either let him leave them off, or let him be rejected. He who is to be catechiz’d, let him be catechiz'd Three Years: But if any one be diligent, and has a good Will to his Bnfinefs, let him be admitted; for 'tis not the Length of Time, but the Courfe of Life that is judg'd. He that teaches, although he be one of the Laity, yet, Weg DEZE TWO ON Katas if he be skilful in the Word ᾧ ἐν τοῖς προλαβεσ and grave in his Manners. let Seragaμera, & him teach: For, They shall Joh.vi.45. Ἐπιςολαῖς ἐδιδάξαμμ. be all taught of God. Every one of the Faithful, whether Man or Woman, when he rises from Sleep, before they go to Work, when they have washed themselves, let them pray: But ᾧ προτιμησάδωσαν, όλα




if any Catechetick Inftruction be held, let the Faith ful Perfon prefer the Word of Piety before his Eph. vi. Work, Let the faithful Perfon, whether Man of Col. iv. Woman, treat Servants kindly, as we have Or Philem. dain'd in the foregoing Books, and have taught in our Epiftles.


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Peter and Paul do make
the following Constituti-
ons. Let the Servants work
Five Days; but on the Sab-
bath Day and the Lord's
Day let them have leifure to
go to Church for the Do-
ctrine of Piety. We have
faid that the Sabbath is on debeas. I μ 25 Ga6.
account of the Creation, and Catov am Ayya

the Lord's Day of the Re-spias
furrection. Let Servants reft



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from their Work at the Great Week, and that which fol lows it; for the one in MePag mory of the Paffion, and of den





200 Exer. verantw, ava ΐ μεγάλω β macar, C πασαν, apeiwoa ἀργείτωσα ὅτι ἡ μ


the other of the Refurrection; as iv, 15 ava and there is need they shoulds,

be inftruded who it is that

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pero dodo. και χρεια διδα σκαλίας, τίς ὁ


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fuffer'd, and rofe again, and w & araças, Tis who it is permitted Him το ο συγχωρήσας, ἢ καὶ ἀ fuffer, and raised Him again. vashous. I avantur Let them have Reft from apgirwoon, Ha ő

Snow fietà al. 2 dvasions muãs al.

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πέρα ἢ καὶ Χασὸν oi- their Work on the Afcenκονομίας. * πεντηκo-fion, becaufe it was the Conclufion of the Difpenfation by Chrift. Let them reft at Pentecoft, becaufe of the Coming of the Holy Spirit, which was given to thofe that believed in Chrift.

· τὴν ἀργεί τωσων, 2/g*
θρεσίου τῇ ἁγία πνού.
ματα * δωρηθεῖσαν
τοῖς πιςεύσασιν εἰς Xei-
σόν. [[* η μεθλίων
ἑορτὴν ἀργείπωσαν, διὰ
ὃ ἐν αὐτῇ τὸ ἀπροσδός
κητον χάριν δεδές αν
· πρώποις, γυνηθῆναι
τῷ Θεῷ λόγον Ἰησῖν
· Χρισὶν ἐκ Μαρίας
θένει, Ἐπὶ σωτερίᾳ


- κόσμο. *
τνείων ἑορτίῳ ἀργείτω
ο σόμα διά δ' έν αὐτῇ
ανάδειξιν γηθυνθε
το Χριςός θεότητα,
μαρτυρήσιν Ο. αυτῷ
πατρὸς ἐν τῷ βαλλία
ματι, ὰ τε το ακλή.
- το ον είδα εισερς
ποδείξαντα τοῖς πο

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ρεστῶσι του τοὺς ἡμέρας - Σποςόλων ἀργείτωσαν εἰ διδάσκαλοι γδ' ὑμης εἰς · Χρισὸν 3 κατέτηση, c πνεύματος ὑμᾶς ή ξίωσαν. 4* ἡμέραν

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· χαραν αλα θεοφανιῶν. V. 3 κατετέθησαν. Ι. * ἁγία V.

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XXXIV. Offer up your Prayers in the Morning, at the Third Hour, the Sixth, the Ninth, the Evening, [and at Cockcrowing] In the Morning re· turning Thanks that the Lord has fent you Light, that He has brought you paft the Night, and brought on the Day. At the Third Hour, becaufe at that Hour the Iord received the Sentence of Condemnation from Pi late. At the Sixth, becaufe at that Hour He was Crucify’d. At the Ninth, be. caufe all things were in Commotion at the Crucifixion of the Lord, as trembling at the bold Attempt of the wicked Jems, and not bear. ing the Injury offer’d to their Lord. In the Evening giving Thanks that He has given you the Night to reft

Εμάρτυρα. V. ξ ἡμᾶς. ad

Στεφάνε το

μάρτυρος" ἀργείτωσαν, και το λοιπῶν ἁγίων μαρτύρων. Η προμη σούτων Χριςόν 8 αυ πο ζωής ]

Εὐχὰς ἔτι τελείτε ὄρο Spe, c τρίτῃ ὥρα, & ἕκτῃ, δ ἐνάτῃ, καὶ ἑσπέρᾳ, [καὶ ἀλεκτορια φωνίᾳ. ὄρθρωμ, ούχα er8ιτὲς ὅτι ἐφώτισεν υμίν" ὁ κύριος, ο Sagaγων * νύχτα, @ ἐπα γαγὼν ἢ ἡμέραν. τρία τη 5, ὅτι Σπόφασιν ἐν ἀυτῇ ὑπὸ Πιλάτε λαβεν ο κύριος. ἕκτῃ 3, ὅτι ἐν αὐτῇ ἐςαι· ρώθη. εννάτῃ δὲ, ὅτ πούτα κεκίνητο ξ δε σπότες ἐςαυρωμες φρίτ ζοντα κ τόλμαν τ δυασεβῶν εδαίων, μὴ φέρονται το κυρίς ὕβριν. ἑσπέρᾳ 5, ουχαeirῶντες ὅτι ὑμῖν ἀνά παυσιν ἔδωκε της με θεμερινῶν κόπων, νύκτα [ἀλεκτρυόνων 3 κραυγῇ, διὰ δ τὸ


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