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- Εύλογείται, 3 τε- Now this is blessed by the XLII. To alla Tápatepéws High-Priest for the Remif is a peay apyskwv, rj fion of Sins, and the first

megne Tarxoles" og Preparation for Baptism. For Sailore To.. bring. He calls thus upon the Unnoton &TW" @ begotten God, the Father of fornto, pov, ma- Christ, the King of all senTéese ti xerço, Ô sible and intelligible Natures, βασιλέα πάσης αιθη- that He would andtite the rñs vontñs quoews, Oil in the Name of the Lord var ánicon is trauor $ Jesus, and impart to it Spi. ivórak xveis ’Inos, ritual Grace, and efficacious ġ Soon paiery mouveau Strength, the Remission of nului, & drwc pur in Sins, and the first PreparaPontiulu', cosciv i tion for the Confession of uskär, rg megta- Baptism, that fo the Candiegoudlus orgãogias date for Baptism, when he Bawiligeat, MSE Ô is anointed, may be freed χριόμδυον απολυθέντα from all Ungodlinefs, and maions dobbelas, é may become worthy of IniŠlor afuréats of uphoews tiation,according to the Comheit étou! ngpo- mand of the Only Begot. Sfuês. Eira épzetoy es 3

After this He comes to XLIII. i dosp. lagyo si doc- the Water, and blesses and 88 do hów Osor glorifies the Lord God Al.

AdutoresToeg, mighty, the Father of the matiegi rõ ugrogfuss Only Begotten God, and

pes, dizaerção, é the Priest returns Thanks, ispots ök" ariçenev That He has sent his Son evar sagorasy v to become Man on our Ac


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; count, that He might fave åsi di ipās, ivæ ý.

, i us: That He has permitced Täs ocoon ok légete that he should in all Things er du sectńcEWS, become obedient to the Laws, wingor óutir gfrét és of that Incarnation, to preach mão, umpúša Bacte ,

κηρύξαι βασιrlie Kingdom of Heaven, clie λάδυ έeανών, άφεσιν Reinition of Sins, and the αμαρτιών, νεκρων ανά . Resurrection of the Dead. sacay, 674 zetos mego Moreover, He adores the oxuã autor o riguo Only-Begotten God Himself, sfuñ con pét' áutór, after his Father, and for Him, e si autor dizaeço giving Him Thanks that He ausad, tu cha dicats undertook to die for all autón nopeus as they tak Men by the Cross, the Type Savanor Los of soups, of which he has appointed & Titovědwie 3 Bán to be the Baptism of Rege. kora nanesfuecias. neration. He glorifies him dočast nok co read also for 'that God, who is óvónak & Xerço, eds

the Lord of the whole ó porwr mer, er * Pag. World, in the Name of agiw. *** nuolinge to sx

morale 381.

Christ, and by his Holy Spi- améppenfe It off évbegirit, bas nor calt off Man- twv HQ: 'ra stata kind, but has suiced his Pro- póegls xaegis Flacca vidence to the Dificrence of

ρες ωeονοίας εποιήσαSeasons; at first giving to To' TOTE". Addire" iss Adim himself Paradise for an ou en weed cow, Teka Habitation of Pleasure and af- tov ορυφής λόγω τ terwards giving a Command and decor OiWATTCLON on account of Providence, dès, ET HTC Degroias and casting out the Offender 26 w coroneu' poinjullly, but through his Good- Gufu Qui cipsluta ',




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δικαιοσμένη έξωσας, α- nefs not utterly cafting him Jantáronn ö uni Stoppi- off, but instructing his Postehas eis 8 Partes, rity in succeeding Ages after na ry TSS, EE 'Surs" various Manners, on whose

duro set Ladbali Jacó: account in the Conclusion of x

αφό EWS Todos' dio che World he has sent his 78. Tépra qicrosSon to become Man for a meseca & À yor duri að- Man's fake, and to undergo bec nov fuéats di dae all humane Passions without becomes e ndúrou rad Sin. ' Him therefore let the θρώπινα παθή ανα· Ρrieft even now call upon Sézaws wweis apostias. in Baptism, and let him lay, eu toy ev veu a Xos. Look down from Heaven, HanGTW o iepóis weds and fanctifie this Water, and Tu Banlioan, sj aan give it Grace and Power, gétw , k retido that so he that is to be bap. šeave, si ágíaco B tiz'd, according to the Como ύδωρ τέτο Üdap reto dos " mand of thy Christ, may


be zeigen Ĉ druóquiv, wise crucify'd with Him, and may @ Bantlo ufrov, die with Him, and may be evron lu! Xeço bury'd with Him, and may CB, AU ouswewbavcy, rise with Him to the Adope qura mortaráve vo tion which is in Him, that Gw ma qñvar, Bje oude he may be dead to Sin, and vanvou as you deciso live to Righteousness; and eq ev duty, $. vexels after this, when he has bapBñvou tym missiq, tiz'd him in the Name of the Pñsoy ö min dincloguin Father, and of the Son, and

τη δικαιοσύνη. è meno Tõmo, Banlic of the Holy Ghost, he shall

' σας άωτον εν τω ονός anoint him with Ointment, peale zaleos sej and shall add as follows: us και τα αγία ανώμαίΘ, χριτω, μύρω, βάιλέων. autãy. V. ? 7. V.


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O Lord God, who are Κύριε ο Θεός, και αν without Generation, and sfórnia, è á década without a Superior, the Lord To, ó spis onwy w of the whole World, who haft ea, o un ogulus scatterad the fweec Odour guwows 78 diasgaris of the Knowledge of the w πάσι τοις έθνεσιν δύο Gospel among als Nations, Mgr naeggcónfu Qio do thou grant at this time ruð ŠTO I neer that this Ointment may be dós érepzes gavées En efficacious upon him that is τω βαλιζομύω, ως baptiz'd, that fo the sweet 666 aicv tregoor Odour of thy Christ may auty tips d'adido para continue upon him firm and


28 Xerço Cå, fix'd, and that now he has owoc Tro Jaróvta acum died with Him, he may a- owavaçãoy, she auctor rise, and live with Him. Let ou auto. Cura del him Tay there and the like τέτοις ακόλεθα λεφέchings; for this is the Effica. TW, fndęs gS duas су of the laying on of Hands

jies of the decias dzie on every one ; for unless there aütni éduc gs un es... be fuch a Recital made by a gσον τότων δίκλησες pious Priest over every one of gfuntoyaba dier these, the Candidate for Bap- 6'ós lepéws tolautnks, tism does only descend in- és üdap Mórov relacaío to the Water, as do the Jews, gde o BemCówfu, as and he only puts off the } 'Ixdão, aj diootide Filth of the Body, not the Mývor o suportar Filth of the Soul. After σώμαίΘ., & η ρύπων this let him stand up, and Yuz asi pošto, il pray that Prayer which the megoogestw The oligbee Lord taught us. But of Ne- lis edída čev mäsó zón


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to dealnaiwsöt á cessicy he who is risen again
evra do ssacyour sj ought to stand up and pray,
nodizeasoy, Aled because he that is raised up
εγειρόμιον όρθιον ftands upright. Let him
cho autos by ou. therefore who has been dead
To Jarwo tas Xer- with Christ, and is raised
ĉowegspreis, one up with Him, stand up.
w". wegodzéstw ö But let him pray towards
aratonas. S so the East: For this also is
Ο γέραααι αν τη Written in the Second Book
Tépique polos agend of the Chronicles, that after
ων, ότι με 3 σω- the Temple of the Lord was
samocu o raó per finish'd by King Solomon, in
jo tad pig Ban the very Feast of Dedication
is Eonomar@u, e the Priests and the Levites,
tes $ erguuvioiã oi and the Singers, stood up
is, oi Aditay, rj towards the East, praising
yantadbi, per supeo and thanking God with Cym-
have sh Yad mpiwr bals and Psalteries, and say-
“xcodes are dicto. ing, Praise the Lord, for He 2 Chron.
s, atvērmes, rj egon is good, for his Mercy endu-v, 13.
byfufuoi, xj nenor dureth for ever.

Aivän wecor,
Iogandos, ori es
υγα 3 έλεG. aurs. .
Προσευχέθω και ταϊ-

But let him pray thus af- XLV. Per en megtéegy ter the foregoing Prayer, and zív, égwr o rosó- say, O God Almighty, the ντοκράτωρ, ο πατήρ Father of thy Chrift, thy Š xerrš C'vo rõ ugo Only-begotten Son, give me glegs yo Cå, dós peol a Body undefiled, a Heart

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