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himself to Baptism learn these devers wiwis es wir and the like things in this αίδιον. ταύτα & τα Catechizing; and let him Tótols anóne sa per who lays his Hands upon θανέτω εν τη κατηχή. him adore God, the Lord of, ó wegawo. moge of the whole world, and onwetw ð ó xeleentza thank Him for his Creation, Twy auroy, con te

for his sending Christ, his forwo decaímy, *** Pag only begotten Son, that He goesscon *** a :

24 might save Man, by blot- máquatou Ô Tingti ting out his Transgressions, neulo ýòr durs À and that He might remit pgvogliñ Xeisov, ira Ungodliness, and Sins, and oon * av seg tis, &

might purifie him from all adinfas tais avopias 2 Cor.vii.. Filthiness of Flesh and Spirit, ira como tas cimb bas

and sanctifie Man according @ Tas a ustias, seta
to the good Pleasure of his goeson and profumo ugo
Kindness, that he might in- avqus oupros rj muda
spire him with the Know- MTQ, ágaon ö @
ledge of his Will, and en- ärbeumur xgt Udoxide
lighten the Eyes of bis Heart of zensómlos durs', ? ou
to consider of his wonder. verion 3. " % Sehaua
ful Works, and make known wury, whowtion tùs
to him the Judgments of opfanugs of weapdias
Righteousness, that so he ars eis ng Tavónav olio
might hate every way of Jocurigawe surg. goo-
-Jniquity, and walk in the eίση αωτω τα κρίμα
· Way of Truth, that he might Too of dexacowns, 87705
be thought worthy of the αν μισήση πασον δεν
Laver of Regeneration, to a fricias, i mopolin toy Ž
the adoption of Sons, which one of or of aangetas: as


Ioushon. V. v. suis v.

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8 xalačimbñvaj autor is in Christ, that being plant- Rom, vi

287c8 { manilgan ed together in the Likeness of verias, es o Seciar in the Death of Christ, in hopes ir Xeirio iva cup of a glorious CommunicatiQUTQ fuópefu @ Tn on, he may be mortify’d to á quómki Javots" Sin, and may live to God, 5 Xerais, é ta' ea- as to his Mind, and Word, aide er derfy Kolym. and Deed, and may be num: dias, vex epost û tu ber'd together in the Book austiçu, Cron tull of the Living: And after O xato. E vor this Thanksgiving, let him aggov Hea Elv. By év instruct him in the Doctrines the Bicaço goufs Swr own concerning our Lord's Incar

cwaerQuentin" e le sue nation, and in those con. en un dizaerçidu tacómy, cerning his Passion, and Res παιδδυσάτω αυτόν τα furrection from the Dead, , weif & weis er due and Assumption. θρυπήσεως, α ε ως & ma'sus erro, è ? εκ νεκρών αναστάσεως, ο αναλήψεως. .

Keel Tole 3" mod's And when it remains that $1. auto ng Troy y Bain the Catechumen is to be voy oraman Srist, cave baptiz’d, let him learn what Joirétw rowero dito concerns the Renunciation

Tagñs & Alabóng, of the Devil, and the joining - wei citaziñs Ğ himself with Chrill: For 'ois

Xusçoš. Não os autor fic that He should first abiain
trea Tov û Amoyectry from things contrary, and
σ ανδυτίων και τότε then be admitted to the My-
cos Ruk US- teries ; he mut beforc-hang


deeft. V. ! our decoum Wür die V. 3 deeft. V. V.





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purifie liş Heart from all eiw, wegxa Jaegilco

his Wickednefs of Difpofition, εαυτ8 ή καρδίαν πας from all Spot and Wrinkle, ons 'xaxonocías', ai and then partake of the 28 de Ĉ pulido y holy things : For as the TUTE TWv ayiw pétaskilfullest Husbandman does noe gave as gS gewpo first Purge his Ground of 2os ceçou enxa Jaips the Thorns which are grown äpseav megtaeg Tân up therein, and does then ? Pof quscorov ev at sow his Wheat, so ought árardav, rj FTE OTEGyou also 'to take away all of mueóv. Stw dä Impiety from them, and then a urais wetteov tãodu to fow the Seeds of Piety áo nav i teagulos an in them, and vouchfase them outor, Tóns polos

Baptism: For even our Lord besche aitois Sxataxvill. 19 did in this manner exhort bäineway, sy & Bano

us, saying, first Make Disci- tiquata dĞwczy. & fles of all Nations, and then 28 vjórie upcov

@ he adds this, And Baptize štus muñv za uvecev, ei

έτως ημϊν , them into the Name of the Fa- Tríóv pe ce DOTIÚTLTESTEther, and of the son, and of tregu" zodóra ? Ovno the Holy Ghost

. Let there si bte éminaga, tó fore the Candidate for Bap- Bariloche c'T'S és 7?tism declare thus in his Re- roua wa'Ses reh yg


Us nunciation.

και 8 αγία πνεύματG.

απαγγελλέτω εν ο βαπ: ricóuðu er i ditor

I renounce Satan and his 'Αποβουτμου Σα-
Works, and his Pomps, and aduce,

éppois ou

w his Worships, and bis An. 78,

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rô, rj of age optics *** gels, and his Inventions, and *** Pag aury, mois aszéngis all things that are under him. åvro, Ĉ mais écoupé. And after his Renunciation, σεσιν αυτά, πάσι τοις let him in this Confociation w? autóv. say, And l'associate my self to Simolaylu, aw tacó: Christ, and Believe, and am ifiQ angétw, ól è Bapriz'd into One UnbegotCwiewoney tos-Xebo ten Being, the Only True 5, rj mądów, @ BATTGod, Almighty, the Father

é's eva agfóina of Christ, the Creator and

μόνον αληθινόν Maker of all Things, from ecy HOL V roxectoes, whom are all things; and om maties rê Xecê, into the Lord Jesus Christ, κτίσης & δημιερον των his Only-begotten Son, the ándutwv, E & TOO Téva First-born of the whole To jest wesov' In: Creation, who before the osv * Xesov, pg. Ages was begotten by the pogluña woš ucv, good Pleasure of the FaTEUTÓ TOXOV polons stí. ther, by whom all things 0?ws, med andrwy were made, both those in soxią 5 mateos gfe. Heaven, and those on Earth, interra, lidi e rool visible and invisible, who in πανία έγύετο και αν the latt Days defcended from xequois e Fri gñs, ozce Heaven, and took Flesh, and τα τε και αόρατα, επ’ was born of the holy Virgin égiátwr 2 spesecay xa- Mary, and did converse holiTEJóvta i gegrov @ ly, according to the Laws oripsece change Górla, xj of his God and Father, and έκ' αγίας

egias nos leite was crucify'd under Pontius Mäetas glurnberta, è Pilate, and died for us, and πολιτoυσίμμον οσίως rofe again from the Dead af

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. ter his Passionthe Third Day, xy ties vómen's F @ső sų

τες νόμος και Θεά and afcended into the Hea- πατρός αυτ8, και ζω vens, and fitteth at the Right eωθέντα και Ποντία Hand of the Father, and a- Πιλατε, & Σποθανόνgrin is to come at the End Ta vosi specor, è duce of the World with Glory słota èn vexecə vas

8 10 judge the Quick and the master Tyíreity ipe. Dead, of whole Kingdom ρα, ε ανελθόντα ας


εις there shall be no End. And Tes gearis, Bj ratherI am baptiz'd into the Holy Serta é dečią 78 neGhott, that is the Comforter, τρός, και παλιν ερχόwho wrought in all the Saints ifuar 67 Curreiço from the Beginning of the T8 αιώνα. Η δόξης World, but was afterwards κρίναι ζωνας & νεκfent to the Apottles by ρές, ετ βασιλείας εκ the Father, according to éscy Tér G. Baulicothe Promise of our Saviour rescat sj eis ' molence and Lord, Jesus Christ ;, and encov, 787157 ago after the Apoft'es, to all κλητων, ανεργισομόν thofe that believe in the Ho- πασιν τοίς απ' αιώνα. ly Catholick Church. Inco égions, uselor şi a rosa the Resurrection of the Fleth, hertrou Tois dirosonous" and into the Remission of 2 Bad Tš wateos x

Sins, and into the Kingdom in newalzaaidu 8 ow på Oven, and into the Life po sugoy Ĉ weis ’Iyo of the World to come; and oš Xerço, xoh pero tas


σε με τις after this Vow,he comes in or- Αποςόλις 3 παισι τοις der to the Anointing with Oil. πινδύεσιν, εν τη αγία

καθολική,. 3 οκκλησία, είς σαρκός ανάσασιν, και εις άφησιν αγκών, και εις βασιλείαν έρανών, και εις ζωω 5 μέλλονΊΘ. αιώνα.. και μ' ή έπαυσελίαν ταύτην, κατ' ακολοθίδα έρχεται και εις #έλαιο

* deeli, V. al, add. ημίν. αποτόλική. V.

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