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be preferr'd before him with
God, and because Abel's Sa-
crifice was preferr'd; the fe-
cond perfecuted Holy David, 1 King.
who had flain Goliah the vi1xviii.
Philiftine, being envious up-
on the Praises of the Wo-
men who danced; the third
flew two Generals of Ar-1 King.
mies, Abner of Ifrael, and ii. 32.
Amafa of Judah.


4 ζηλώσας Enλavas Ty s popo new Evonμig ös 5 rès duo TeaTapas dvere, ✈ ̓Αβεννὴρ * ὦ Ἰσραὴλ, è 'Aμeara & F 'lida. Μὴ γίνει οἰωνοσκό- Be not a Diviner; for that VI. TQ OT! ódnya weis leads to Idolatry: For, fays Eidwarped. Olá Samuel, Divination is Sin 1 King xv. viopa 3, grown & Ea- And, There shall be no Divi-23. μsina áμpríα bination in Jacob, nor South- xxiii. 23. Οὐκ ἔστι οἰωνισμὸς ἐν Jaying in Ifrael. Thou fhalt Janal. God μopria not use Enchantments, ot ὀν Ισραήλ Οὐκ ἔσῃ Purgations for thy Child. Ewa Swv, s "" w- Thou shalt not be a SouthJaiegor & you C. fayer, nor a Diviner by great undovic's bid olwvi- or little Birds. Nor fhalt soρVECOKOT thou learn wicked Arts; for all these things has the Deut.xvä Law forbidden. Be not one Levit. xix. that wishes for Evil, for thou 26. 31. wilt be led into intolerable Sins. Thou shalt not speak

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werdexOñvæ. V. 2 rs deeft. V. 29. al. 3 deeft. V. §. V. 3Ý

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11. 10.


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obfcenely, nor use wanton Syndñon 2 eis aμe. Glances, nor be a Drunkard. ear aμapmaπwr. For from fuch Caufes arife Whoredoms and Adulteries. Be not a Lover of Money, Matt. vi. left thou ferve Mammon, instead of God. Be not vain-glorious, nor haughty, nor high-minded. For from all thefe Things Arrogance does fpring. Remember Him Ff.cxxx-1 who faid, Lord, my Heart is not haughty,nor mine Eyes lofty; I have not exercisd my felf in great Matters, nor in Things too high for me: But I was humble.


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ὀφθαλμοί με στολὲ ἐπορεύθην ἐν μεγάλοιε, ἐδὲ ἐν ήταν
μασίαις το ἐμέ εἰ μὴ ἐταπεινοφρόνων.

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Be not a Murmurer, remembring the Punishment which thofe underwent who murmur'd againft Mofes. Be not felf-will'd, be not malicious, be not hard hearted, be not paffionate, be not mean-spirited; for all thefe Things lead to Blafphemy. ψχουν πολύτου γαρ as were ταῦτα ὁδηγεῖ προς

Numb. But be meek,

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Plexxxi Mofes and David, fince Bagopular for 3

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the Meek shall inherit the Matt.v. 1 ei oi #zas Earth.


Tea ws Mwüons
πληρονομήσεσι γλῶ
Γίνε μακρόθυμα
· Jap TST, Hono's
Ev Genot Weep
onigófuxos ique's ag-
@gv. Tive λenuw
Margeir gap of eλeń-
NOVES, ÖTI autoi nen
Groov Tay. "Eco ang
* Q, noux aja dos,

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Be flow to Wrath; for VII. for fuch an one is very pra- Pov. xiv. dent, fince He that is hafty' of Spirit is a very Fool. Be merciful; for, Blessed are Mitt. 9.7. the Merciful, for they shall obtain Mercy. Be fincere, quiet, good, trembling at the Word Ifa lxvi.à! of God. Thou fhalt not ex

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rgéμgov rus 2078salt thy felf, as did the Des. Obx it woes ὑψώσεις BEAUTÓD, WS & Daet GiQ ön mäs our SauTor Tatar who ray ay 3 valm 200 εὐθρώποις, βδέλυγμα Bai Tu Dew. Ou σas Tη Jun 08 De σεις τῇ ψυχῇ σε θρό &Q on Fegou's dwp θρασὺς δρ Eu TellTay as nang Οὐ συμπορεύσῃ με por, a

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xvi. 15.

Pharifee: For, Every one Luk. xviiiš
that exalteth himself shall be 14.
abafed: And, That which is
of high Esteem with Man is
Abomination with God. Thou
fhalt not entertain Confi-
dence in thy Soul: For, 4 Prov i
confident Man fhall fall into 17. LXX.
Mifchief. Thou shalt not go
along with the Foolish, but
with the Wife and Right-
teous: For, He that walketh

- φῶν καὶ δικαίων ό συμ- with wife Men frall be mife ;
πορευόμμα γὰρ σε
· φοῖς, σοφὸς ἔσαι ὁ 5
pois, dopo's say
Coupe TopoonfuR äpe
a, yvwwnorzaj". Ta upon thee with an
· συμβαίνοντα Οι πάθη,

lut he that walketh with the
Foolish Ball be known. Re
ceive the Afflictions that fal

* defunt. V.


Mind, and the Chances of

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xiii, 20%

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of Life without over much es déx8, xù ra's Sorrow, knowing that a esaseis años. eiReward fhall be given to δὼς ὅτι μισθός αλα Θε Job x'ii. thee by God, as was given Co dobory, as ou to Job and to Lazarus. Ἰὼβ & τῷ Λαζάρῳο

Luk. xvi.



Thou shalt honour him Tov 20 ur Cos that speaks to thee the + λόγον τῷ Θεῷ δοξά· Word of God, and be mind- oes μvnanon 5 års ful of him Day and Night; ἡμέρας & νυκτός· k **Pag. and thou shalt reverence him, hσes *** auτèr, αὐτὸν, not as the Author of thy as Quéσews akor, Birth, but as one that is ' is 8 eû araj Cos made the Occafion of thy πρόξενον γινέμμον ὅπε Well-being. For where the yap i wei OEû didaDoctrine concerning God is, oxaría, inc i t'i there God is prefent. Thou πάρεςιν. ἐκζητήσεις και fhalt every Day feek the Sézar I we joms Face of the Saints, that thou áziør, iv' inavamayeft acquiefce in their ταύῃ τοῖς λόγοις αὐ Words.




Οὐ ποιήσεις χίσμα Thou shalt not make Schifms among the Saints; aed's Tus agius' τα πρὸς τὰς but be mindful of the Fol- unaeis f Kopatur. Num.xvi. lowers of Corah. Thou shalt eplevas


Juss, make Peace between thore ως Μωσής, Cw αλλάthat are at Variance, as ww εἰς φιλίδμ. και Ex. ii. 13. Mofes did, when he per- vas diraiws. To záp fwaded them to be Friends weis n xelors. Oi Οὐ Thou fhalt judge righte. λήψῃ πρόσωπον ἐλέγο Deut.i.17. oufly: For, The Judgment au maμan,

* καταλλάξονων. V.

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as "Haias y Migaias is the Lord's. Thou fhale "Agaab, 24 6dqué not accept Persons, when λεχὁ Αἰθίου – Σεδe- reproveft for Sins ; do as Elijah and Micalah did to Ahab; and 3 King. Ebedmelech the Ethiopian xviii, to Zedechiah, and Nathan King xii. to David, and John to He- Matt.xiv. rod.

αίαν, καὶ Νάθαν + Δα Cid, 'Iwavrns H eislu.

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Be not of a doubtful Mind in thy Prayer, whether it

fhall be granted or no. in &

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axi xxii.




Er agon ou, a
soy, DE28 28
nei žμgi Пérрw
Σε θαλάσσης
LOTISE", és Ti idi
oas; Mn give weis
☎ gher incirov
Xeea, mey's ÿ ☎ -
και συσέλλων.
'Ead toes, 24 ofs If thou haft, by the XIL
xeear or dos, iva ip Work of thy Hands, give,
γάσῃ εἰς λύτρωσιν ἃ that thou mayeft labour for
μαρτιῶν συ Ἐλεημο- the Redemption of thy Sins :
omass 25 y aireny For, By Alms and Acts of Prov. xv.
Song Dairy app. Faith Sins are purged away.27.
Tías. Qu discos de Thou shalt not grudge to
var mwxw God's give to the Poor, nor when
δες, ποδηγώσεις γνώσῃ thou halt given halt thou
28 Tis Esiv o & pod murmur. For thou fhalt know
dúramdórus. å fλ

the Lord faid to me Peter
upon the Sea, O thou of lit-
tle Faith, wherefore didst thou
doubt? Be not thou ready to Eccluf. iv,
stretch out thy Hand to re- 31.
ceive, and to shut it when thou
houldeft give.

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who will repay thee thy

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xvi. 6.

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