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Ifa.v. 7,2.


Almighty God, through our χάρις ὑμῖν δ εἰρ[η Σπὸ
Lord Jefus Chrift, be multi- g πολυτοκράτορα. Θες
ply'd unto you in the Ac-
knowledgment of him.

The Catholick Church is
the Plantation of God, and
his beloved Vineyard; con-
taining thofe who have be-
lieved in his unerring Divine
Religion ; who are the Heirs.
by Faith of his everlafting
Kingdom; who are Partakers
of his Divine Influence, and
of the Communication of the
* Pag. Holy Spirit ; who are arm'd
and inwardly ftrengthen’d
with his Fear, through fefus;
who enjoy the Benefit of the
fprinkling of the preciousand
innocent Blood of Chrift ;
who have free- Liberty to call
Almighty God,Father; being
Fellow-heirs and Joint-Parta-
kers of his beloved Son :
Hearken to this Holy Do-
Ctrine, you who enjoy his
Promifes, as being deliver’d
by the Command of your Sa-
viour, and agreeable to his
glorious Words. Take care,

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· ὁμοςοιχῶς. V.




rỡ weis àμf♪ ’Inσε Χρις πληθυνθείη ἐν Ἐπηράσι αυτῇ. Θες φυτεία ή κάπο λικὴ ἐκκλησία, @ ἀμε τελὼν ἀυτῷ ἐκλεκτὸς, οἱ πεπις δυκότες εἰς τ ἀπλανῆ θεοσέβειαν ἀτ8, οἱ τὸ αἰώνιον καρπέμθμοι αλλά πήσεως βα αλείου αυτό, οἱ διαμιν αυτῇ εἰληφότες C με τεσίου τῷ ἁγιε πνδύμα Ἲση ἁπλισμένοι 2 Ἰησ8, ἐ ἐντερνισμούοι τὸν φόβον ἀπῖ, ῥαντίσμαlΘ. μέτοχοι τε τι· με καὶ ἀγώς αματα. τ8 Χριςό, οἱ παῤῥη σίαν εἰληφότες τὸν πό τοκράτορα Θεόν, πατέρα καλῶν, συζκληρονόμοι συμμέτο χοι τῷ ἠγαπημλύς που δὸς ἀυτῷ· ἀκέσατε διδα σκαλίζω ἱερὰν οἱ δεύτε χόμθμοι τῆς ἐπαγγελίας durῇ ἐκ προτάγματα. το σωτήρΘ, ὁμόσοι τον



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phs. Edo zaphs poμίαν μεταδιώκη & του ἀνδυλία τῷ θελήματι To De Toin, as @Svo MV HOV TW DE τοις το λογιθήσεται Απέχεσθε ἦν πάσης πλεονεξίας καὶ ἀδικί as x 28 Ev Tu vou Kéɣearlay Ovn Duringers The jouang T πλησίον 089 Code Tov aYer auTY, Gide Tov δὰ ἀυτό. ἔτε τω παιδίσκην ἀυτό, επε τὸν βν AUTY, STE ÚTOČÚJov αὐτῷ, ὔτε ὅσα τῇ πληοἷον σε Ἑξιν· ὅτι ἡ πᾶ @ TiTWV TMDupia în πονηρῶ ὑπάρχει unpad OS Junoas The qua29, in Tor Tayda, Tardionny to wandiov, ἤδη καὶ άνοιδυ μοιχὸς * némins bsiv. Ed


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ye Children of God, to do all things in obedience to God; and in all things pleafe Chrift, who is our God. For if any Man follows Unrighteousness, and does thofe things that are contrary to the Will of God, fuch an one will be efteem d by God as the Disobedient Heathen.



Abftain therefore from CAP. I. all unlawful Defires and Injustice: For it is written in the Law, Thou shalt not covet thy Neighbour's Wife, nor his Field, nor his Man-Servant, nor his Maid Servant, nor his Ox, nor his Afs, not any thing that is thy Neigh bour's: For all coveting of thefe things is from the Evil One. For he that covers his Neighbour's Wife, or his Man-Servant, or his MaidServant, is already in his Mind an Adulterer, and a Thief; and if he does not repent is condemn'd by our Lord Jefus Chrift: Through

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whom Glory be to God for μεταγνῷ, ἐκέκρι3) ὑπὸ ever, Amen. For He fays in the


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Gospel, recapitulating, and Xe8,2 d' & déα confirming, and fulfilling the Ten Commandments of the Matt. v. Law, It is written in the Law, Thou shalt not commit Adulte ry: But I fay unto you; That is, I faid in the Law, Moses; But now I fay unto you my Self, whosoever hall look





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τῷ Θεῷ εἰς τὰς αἰῶνας. ’Αμήν. Λέγς γδ ἐν τῷ darseniw, dwaxeQahajóμg & snelwv.@ new The Seng. Agger νόμε· ὅἱ ἐν τῷ νόμῳ γέyear, & pods τότες λégw dμűv· TYTSIY δια his Neigh~ ἐν τῷ νόμῳ /α Μωσέως bour's Wife, to luft after e engang vu 5 : Her, hath committed Adultery with her already in his Heart. Such an one is condemn'd of Adultery who Covets his Neighbours Wife in his Mind. But He that Covers an Ox or an Afs, does not he defign to steal them ? to apply them to his own Ufe, and to lead them away? Or again, He that covers a Field, and continues in fuch a Difpofition, does not he wickedly contrive how to remove the Land-marks, and fo compel the Poffeffor to part wvithi fomewhat for nothing:

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For as the Prophet fome-
where fpeaks, Wo to thofe a. v. 8.
who join house to house, and
lay field to field, that they

2807 észéCortes, iva o may deprive their Neighbour
πλησίον αφέλωνται τ' of fomewhat which was his.
2 δὲ ῥ' λέγς· μὴ οἰκηση-
τε μόνοι Ἐπὶ γῆς ; ἠκέ-
an yo eis no wτa new
σαβαώθ τώτου.
MayTM Emnarea-
TQ • μemandes deia
rỡ màndov áurỡ èépei
Tas o nads, 3 foiro
Διό φησιό Μωσης. Οὐ
μeramiños delα T
πλησίον σε,
4 DevTO
πατέρας σε. Διαττο"
Ev Qobos, Davaroi, &
nashela, na radi,

6 2'11

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Wherefore he fays, Muft you alone inhabit the Earth : For these things have been heard inthe Ears of the Lord of Hofts. And elsewhere, Curfed be he Deur. who removeth his Neighbours xxvII. 17Land-marks: and all the People Shall Say Amen. Wherefore, Mofes fays, Thou halt not remove thy Neighbours Landmarks, which thy Fathers have xix. 17. fet. Upon this Account therefore, Terrors, Death, Tribunals and Condemnations folTois low fuch as thefe from God. But as to thole who are obedient to God, there is one Law of God, fimple, true, 'iving, which is this, Do not that to a Tob. 17. nother which thou hateft another 16. fhould do to thee. Thou wouldst ***Pag notthat any one fhould look 201, upon thy Wife with an evil Design to corrupt her; Do not thou therefore look upon


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• do. V. ἠσαΐας. V. δὸ V. 3 γένοι]ο, γένοι]ο. V. 4 deeft. V. 5 ταῦτα να deelt V.

deeft V.

В 3





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Οὐ βέλη σε Το

thy Neighbours Wife with gear avans, unde où
a wicked Intention. Thou 7 To manolov ou yuu-
wouldft not that thy Garment ani nangnews aπevi-
fhould be taken away, do not
thou therefore take away ano-
thers. Thou wouldst not be
beaten, reproach'd, affronted;
Do not thou therefore ferve
any other in the like Manner.


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But if any one curse thee, do thou bless him: For it is written in the Book of Numbers, He that bleffeth thee XXIV. 9. is blessed, and he that curseth thee is curfed. In the fame manner it is written in the Luke v1. Gospel, Bless them that curse you. Being injur'd, do not avenge yourselves, but bear it with Patience ; for the Prov. xx. Scripture fpeaks thus, Say not thou, I will avenge my self on my Enemy for what Injuries he has offered me; but acquiefce under them, that the Lord may right thee, and bring Venge on o nieco, è indiniance upon him nho has injurd αν ἐπαγάγῃ τῷ ἀδικῶν· thee. For fo fays he again. Kay Sady Ey


λyd i reagh. Mà ä
πης, τίσομαι + ἐχθρὸν,

& ue no
ἠδίκησεν. ἀλλ ̓ ὑπ
pevov, iva or 1čndinn-



Matt. v. in the Gofpel, Love your Ent- τις δαιΓελίῳ λέγς. Αmies; do good to them that gaaTE TES EXОpes &


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