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any one of thefe things, let
her be punish'd with Fafting,
or elfe let her be fepara-
ted on account of her Rafh

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For how does fuch an one know of what Charaâter the Perfon is from whom he re ceives? Or from what fort of Miniftration he fupplies her with Food; whether it does not arife from Rapin, or fome other ill Courfe of Life while the Widow does not remember, that if the receives in a way unworthy of God, the must give an Account for every one of thefe things. For neither will the Priests at any time re ceive a Free will Offering from fuch an one; as fuppofe from a rapacious Perfon, or from a Whore. For it is written, Thou shalt not covet thofe that are thy Neigh bour's: And, Thou shalt not offer the Hire of an Harlot * 282. to the Lord God. From fuch as thefe no Offerings ought to be accepted, nor indeed

Exod. xx.

37. Deut. xxiii, 18. ***Pag.


Τί γδ ὀλίγονται, δ ποῖα τίς ἔξι, το ἧς λαμβάνο, ἢ ἐκ παπα s Hangrias 2 maeaβαλλο" ξοφτώ; πό 7 πριν ἐξ ἁρπαγής, έπις τινὸς ὁ χαλῆς ἀπ wys; "con bmsapjon"





ea on Evos ἑνάςυ τότων δώσς λό ve, Sequin aratios DεZ TE S ἱερεῖς τοιαύτης ἑκέσασμον δέξονται ποτε, οἷον apa, ʼn Toprns. Yeyeaα záp⋅ Ov× 6mJunos + To 8" σίον è Οὐ προσοίσις piawng sópuns neig r Dew. & da iv dea wid S TOLSTOY, TE μl Si aqwero wv. γινέπωσι δὲ αἱ χῶραι ἕτοιμοι πρὸς ὑπακολό της έντεταλ user aurais ar is


ξ τῶν εἰρημένων· V. · χορηγεῖ. v. 3 αγνο πίνυν. ν. 4 πτῶν τε. τ.

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Σάταξιν & Επισκόπυ
απολείπω σε wse
ὑπακούεσαι· ὁ γδ ἀπὸ
ouvazwy & dezenfu,
* A TÚTY Teod.
λόμλυοι, ἐμμλύειν τοῖς
nanois Terje,
μή θέλοντος μεταμε-
AnDuvai mom, Howvwve
T&TW Tη Teon,
λυπε Χρισὸν ἢ τὸς
ἀδίκες αποτρεφόμλυον,
& οἰκοδομεῖ αὐτὸς λὰ
Σ ávažie doorws,
auroruwety avis,
fin a piwn autus es
μεταξύ οιδ ἐλθεῖν, ὥσε
προσκλαῦσαι, è δεn-
θῆναι το Θεοδο


from those that are feparated
from the Church. Let the
Widows also be ready to o-
bey the Commands given
them by their Superiors, and
let them do according to the
Appointment of the Bishop,
being obedient to him as to
God: For he that receives
from fuch an one who is
worthy of Blame, or from
one excommunicated, and
prays for him, while he pur-
pofes to go on in a wicked
Courfe, and while he is not
willing at any time to repent,
holds Communion with him.
in Prayer, and grieves Christ,
who rejcds the Unrighteous,
and confirms them by means
of the unworthy Gift, and
is defiled with them, not

fuffering them to come to Repentance, fo as to
fall down before God with Lamentation, and pray
to Him.

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Now as to Womens Bap- IX. tizing, we let you know, that there is no fmall Peril to thofe that underTxapeσous, dio take it. Therefore we do not

P 4


ПEe To Yuvas.
και βαλλίζειν, όμω
ρίζουν ὑμῖν, ὅτι κίν
Suv Q & pixels




advife you to it; for 'tis Cubao ba as 20, Mamor 5 wa earoμg & doébés. ei Spain gewaings & ap, TQ 5 TEXELρίζεται εἰς ἱερωσύνην, Sinator, a Demons pusprion by nataλίποντα ἢ ἀρχίω, Ἐπὶ or inter owne.




dangerous, or rather wicked, and impious: For if the Corxi.3. Man be ti Head of the Wo man, and he be originally ordamnd for the Priclihood, it is not just to abrogate the Order of the Creation, and leaving the Principal το come to the extream Part of the Body. For the Woman is the Body of the Man, moveas or v taken from his Side, and zipsov cher, ETTE fübject to him, from whom inpe. In his Tajdar εἰς παίδων καὶ διηρέθη fhe was feparated for the Pro-D Aules' 28" creation of Children. For, noi, werdos apm en. 16. fays He, He shall rule over jap juraings o amp, &γὰρ γυναικὸς thee. For the principal Part edn è megadn. ej of the Woman is the Man, ἐν τοῖς προλαβᾶσι δια

yun 8 owng and ees,





as being her Head: But if donei aurais con &

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in the foregoing Confira. tions we have not permitted them to teach, how will any Pag one allow them, contrary to 284. Nature, to perform the Of fice of a Pricht? For this is one of the ignorant Practices of the Gentile Atheism, to ordain Women-Priefs to the Female Deities; not one of the Conftitutions of Chrift.


deeft, v. sa panù . v.
ἔστωι καὶ.

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πετρέψαμον, πως ε eατεῦσαι ταύταις ταρα φύσιν ως Ευδχωρήσε Tro I oftenwv ¿DEÓTT 2 αγνόημα, θηλείαις θε ως ἱερείας χειροτονείν,

' & & Xes & Yarews. A je vy waar Baricens ONTWs avèo werR


fidias pensys For if Baptifm were to be adminiftred by Women, certainly our Lord would have ben baptiz'd by his own Mother, and not by john; or when he fent us to baptize, he would have fent a long with us Women alfo for this purpose. But now he has no where, either by Conftitution, or by Writing, : deliver'd to us any fuch thing; as knowing the Order of Nature, and the Decency of the Action; as being the Creator of Nature, and the Legiflator of the Conftitution.

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Neither do we permit the Laity to perform any of the Offices belonging to the Priesthood: As for Inftance, neither the Sacrifice, nor Bap λογία μικρὰν * tifm, nor the laying on of mante. Oux Eau- Hands, nor the Bleffing, whejap les haubard ther the smaller or the greater: ulu, ama o nans. For, No one taketh this Ho- Heb. v. 4. JQ & ε. Aja nour to himself, but he that is ip & EWIDEFEWS S called of God. For fuch faερῶν τῷ ἐπισκόπs' cred Offices are conferrd by δου ή τοιαύτη αξία ̇ the Laying on the Hands of unde's the Bishop. But a Person to αύτην, ἀλλ ̓ ἁρπάσας whom fuch an Office is not (TY EQUITY, I TIMW- committed, but he seizes up


̓Αλλ ̓ ἔτε λαϊκοῖς πτρέπομλυ ποιεῖν τι τ ἱερατικῶν ἔργων. Siεeatina Epgov. For Duride, in Bania gelerdiav,





on it, for himself, he fhall elav To 'UČia Just 2Chr.xxvi. undergo the Punishment of



Nay farther, we do not permit to the reft of the Clergy to Baptize: As for Inftance, neither to Readers, nor Singers, nor Porters, nor Minifters, but to the Bishops and Presbyters alone, yet fo that the Deacons are to mi nister to them therein. But thole who venture upon it fhall undergo the Punishment of the Companions of Nun. xvi. Corah. We do not permit Presbyters to ordain Deacons, or Deaconeffes, or Readers, or Minifters, or Singers, or Porters, but only Bishops: For this is the Ecclefiaftical Order and Harmony.


1 ગ્ર


̓Αλλ ̓ ἔτε τοῖς λοιποῖς κληρικοῖς ἐπιτρέπουν βαπτίζειν οἷον δια sais, à fœd Tais, == regis, in compé TOLIS" * Méros W σκόποις, καὶ πρεσβυτέ els πMPET&Jar aurois of Yangon ἢ τολμῶντες τότο, Koer Twoiosa Dixnv. in ELTÉ· opeσCuriegis Tovar Hanéves, angiosas, avagyo sus, númpéras, in qu des murope's, did μόνοις τοῖς ἐπισκόπες, αὕτη γάρ ἔξι τάξις ἐχ κλησιαςικὴ ¢ αρμονία.



W as concerning Env


vy, or Paffion, or Evil- αν * καταλαλιάς, fpeaking,or Strife, or the Loveerd, 120

of Contention, we have faid
already to you, that thefe are

was, weapon jur,
κίας, προείρηται ὑμῶν,
ὅμ ταῦτα Χριςιδμοῖς

የ አለ? .



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