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"not hear him that is in Want, be alfo fhall call himself, and there shall be none to hear bim.

aur, NTE TODONE? our ins" "Os ea ἑξῆς ord & ŵra aurô μà εισακούσαι ο δεομλύν, κα αὐτὸς Ἐπικαλέσεται, σὐκ ἔξαι εισακούων αὐτῇ



LET every Widow be meek, quiet, gentle, fincere, free from Anger, not talkative, not clamorous, not hafty of Speech, not given to Evil fpeaking, not captious, not double-tongued, not a BufieBody. If the fee or hear any thing that is not right, let her be as one that does not fee, and as one that does not hear; and let the Widow mind nothing but to pray for those that give, and for the whole Church; and when the is asked any thing by any one, let her not ea fily answer, excepting Queftions concerning the Faith, and Righteousness, and Hope in God, remitting thofe that defire to be inftructed in the

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Doctrines of Godliness to the Governours. Let her only anfwer fo as may tend to the Subverfion of the Error mxiway Ta ↑ Norléas of Polytheism, and let her Soymała Méva - demonftrate the Affertion бознача κρινέσω τὰ πεὶ ανα- concerning the Monarchy of Teoπs modulés mans, God. But of the remainSodenvÚvoα + wing Doctrines, let her not • Mgrapxías Oes or anfwer any thing rafhly, left weis rff Ens were by faying any thing unlearτῶς τι μὴ Σποκρινέω, nedly, Ihre fhiould make the ὅπως μή τι ἀμαθῶς Word to be blafphemed. φθεγξαμμη βλασφη. For the Lord has taught us μiar wereith my 26 that the Word is like a Grain Matt.xiii. vw. nnnwys avάπews of Mustard feed, which is of 31. γῳ. κόκκῳ γδ σινάπεως Someroy + aggor - a fiery Nature, which if any αιθ ἐδογμάτισε. τέτο one ufes unskilfully, he will N' Bi Hamer, & find it bitter. For in the








μάπυρον, EdŃ TIS a weews xpron ray, meer auro dipno gen S Ev Tois Musinos us weg Sony Avon, & μὴ προδότην εἶναι, ảσpaλn Dive μły i werR Xégwr MÀ BÁMETE TES μg εἶται ὑμῶν ἔμπροθεν Dfs xiew, UNTOTE - the Doctrine concerning τα πατήσωσιν αὐτές & Chrift not explain’d as it TOYS TOON AUTO, ought to be, bur defectivespacévæes pnwar ius. ly, and especially that conΑκέσαμτες δ' οἱ ἄπι- cerning his Incarnation, or sout wei Xero his Paffion, they will rather



Myftical Points we ought not
to be rafh, but cautious:
For the Lord exhorts us fay-
ing, Caft not your Pearls be- vii.6z
fore Swine, left they trample
them with their Feet, and turn
again and rent you. For Un-
believers, when they hear

teject it with Scorn, and laugh at it as falfe, than praise God for it. And fo the aged Women will be guilty of Rafhnefs, and of caufing Blafphemy, and will inherit a Wo: For, fays he, Ifa lii. 5. Wo to him by whom my Name is blafphemed among the Gentiles.


v, & SEQUINS, X codes", HIS I we crown TWOEWS, A les autê, μuxm. πά expTES xdασova or ws foldñ, ĥdodoor, & vox 2 say i wetenias" i 3 προπετείας TpEOCÚTIS & BRα= σφημίας, ἃ δὲ καὶ κλπ ρονομήση· Οὐαὶ 4 δέ",

φησι, δι δ' ὄνομά με βλασφημεῖται ἐν τοῖς ἔθνεσιν.

***Pag. 279.



We do not permit our Cor xiv. Women to teach in the Church, but only to pray, and hear thofe that teach: For our Master and Lord, Jefus Chrift himself, when he fent us the Twelve to make Difciples of the People, and of the Nations, did no where fend out Women to preach, altliough he did not want fuch: For there were with


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er i ne Indus HGS TES Judence TTÉμἡμᾶς τὰς δώδεκα πέμas Maduroboy & gor & τὰ ἔθνη, γυναίκας ἐ δαμοδ ̓ ἐξαπέτειλενές pugna, naim con


us the Mother of our Lord & Cruhu 28 and his Sifters; alfo Mary Minтe μпmp to se μῖν ἥτε μήτηρ και Magdalen, and Mary the Mo-e, as adenpai. ἀδελφαί ** ther of James, and Martha a T5 Maеiai and Mary, the Sifters of La Maldanning Maeia zarus; Salome, and certain 'lanál & & Mapda &



? defunt. v. 2010. v. 2 deeft. V. 4 jag. V. tê xeiso's v.

λοιπον. γρ.

ὁ χεις δε






rais. Cui nuir nam xer & Zαóv. & 2 xe 1 gaan zeroings & amp, ἐκ ἔςι δίκαιον δ λοι1 nov Câμg & negaans #apper. wweiser ἐν ἡ χήρα, ὅτι θυπα· SheRÓT EST DEE, Fiaw in τn oixia aums. un porákvos Te- φάσεως ἐν * * πιτῶν 4 oixians 67) Tu μ



others. For had it been ne- *** Pag. ceflary for Women to teach, he himself had first commanded thefe alfo to inftruct. the People with us. if the Head of the Wife be`` xi. 3. the Man, 'tis not reasonable that the rest of the Body fhould govern the Head Let the Widow therefore own her felf to be the Altar of God, and let her fit in her House, and not enter into the Houses of the Faithful, under any Pretence, to receive any thing: For the Altar of God never runs about, but is fix'd in one Place. Let βάνειν ευπορόυομλύη: therefore the Virgin and the · οὐδὲ γάρ ποτε δ' θυσιαςή- Widow be fuch as do not eLov To Oes akilpend, run about, or gad to the 12m2 avevi rúry do. Houfes of those who are wapxew Ev Alien from the Faith. For DévR x n xnea fuch as these are Gadders WeigÉxoα, in pauco and impudent; they do not περιτρέχεσα, ρέμβα μyin n ras off Xo make their Feet to reft in τρίων οἰκίας, ὅτι ' ῥεμ- one Place, becaufe they are Coldrandes, aj not Widows, but Purses, reaTHEN TRY, BY HUDA sa dy to receive, Triflers, EvilTYS TÓDAS EN ÉVÈ TOT, fpeakers,Counsellors of Strife, Yos un xreas, aλ without Shame, impudent, δ χήρας, ἀλ.




1 defunt. v.

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Ifa. vi. 9.

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who being fuch, are not wor. ag πήρας αὐτὰς ὑπάρξ
thy of him that called them: χειν,ἑτοίμες εἰς δ λαμ
For they do not come to the βάνειν, φλυάρες, και
common Station of the Con-. ταλάλες, μαλοσυμβέ
gregation on the Lord's Day, λες, ἀναιδεῖς, ἀἶναι
as thole that are watchful: χωτες αἵτινες τοια
But either they flumber, or ται ὑπάρχεσαι, ἐκ ο
trifle, or allure Men, or beg, ξια το καλέσουτα
or enínare others, bringing τυχάνεσιν, ὦ γδ ὅτι δ
them to the Evil One; not κοινον (υναγωγός
fuffering them to be watch- ἀνάπαυμα ' ἐν τῇ
ful in the Lord; but taking κυριακῇ" κατυτῶσιν,
care that they go out as vain ὡς οἱ ἐγgηγορότες, αλλ
as they came in, becaule they νυφάζεσιν, ή φλυα-
do not hear the Word of ή μαςροπούς-
the Lord either taught or
read. For of fuch as thefe
the Prophet Ifaiah fays, Hear.
ing ye hail hear, and fhall not
underftand; and feeing ye hall
fee, and not perceive; for the
Heart of this People is waxin


* αίτῶσιν

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ρᾶσιν σν" ἑτέρες αιχμαλωτίζει σιν, προσάγοντες τῳ πο νηρῷ, ἐκ ἐῶντες αὐτὲς νήφειν ἐν κυρίῳ, ἀλλὰ πρασκδυάζοντες τοις. τυς αὐτὸς ἐξιέναι οἷος ὢ εἰσίασι, ἑξάμενοι, δι δ μὴ ἀκούειν προς διδά σκόντων ἢ τῆς διαγινωσκόντων - τῷ κυρίς λόγον. περὶ ηδ 1993 τοιέτων καὶ Ἡσαΐας ὁ προφήτης λέγω ̓Ακοῇ ἀκέσετε, 8 μὴ σεῆτε καὶ βλέποντες βλέψετε, καὶ ἐα μὴ ἴδητε ἐπα χθη γδ ἡ καρδία & λαοδ τότε.

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In the fame manner therefore the Ears of the Hearts of fuch Widows as there are

1 delunt. V. ? defunt. V, 3 καὶ τοῖς ὠσὶν βαρέως ἤχυσαν. V.

Τὸν αὐτόν ἐν ξόπον

& της πιέτων χηρῶν ἐκλείπη του ὦτα



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