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Lopares @ Bεbaias cautious about fuch Circumποιείσθε τους αποφάσς ftances, and fo render your Tines bérl. Sentences, when pronounc d var ut apocroμor against the Offender convictoutgroμle ait?, ed, fafe, and firm. And if I we omon ous mong after his Separation he begs TW, è пμαponeva - Pardon, and falls down beModern, weyode §ade fore the Bishop, and acknowαὐτόν. μήτε ϋ – συκο ledges his Fault, rcceive him: φάντην ατιμώρητοι ἐά But neither do you fuffer a onte, is a un è eπrev falfe Acculer to go unpunish'd, Tiva nada's Bigila Bay that he may not calumniate • option. Tev va" another who lives well or προτρέψη) τὰ ὅμοια encourage fome other Perion - αυτος δράσαι" μήτε to do like hii. Nor, to be plus + Bres Déva a fure, do ye fuffer a Perfon μίω έλεξχθέντα vúcersor, o tas un 2% convicted to go off clear, όπως TEP Q TOIS AUTOis - left another be enfnar'd in




For nei

σχεθῆ ἔπ γδ μάρτυς the fame Crimes

nanar ά TIμ W ρn Tther fhall a Witnefs of Mif-
206 anμpedor chiefs be unpunish', nor fhall
Sinns enlos.
he that offends be without

We faid before, that Judg- LL.
ment ought to be given upon
hearing only one of the Far-
ties : For if you hear one of
them when the other is not
there and fo cannot make his
Defence to the Accusation
brought against him, and

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Εἴπομυ ἢ ὅτι 3 τους

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κρίσης ο δίκαιον μgvopepes Toleraday, a μέρες ποιείσθαι, το ἑνός προσωπο ακάONTE, μn STEPY. unde & Gufi's wey's ♂ 6me Couyor Juλnug. Te


deeft. V. V. v. 2 dceit. V. + œ. V.





rafhly give your Votes for πετῶς ἐξενέΓκητε Condemnation, you will be φον κατακρίσεως, ἔνοfound guilty of that Man's χριδἀναιρέσεως, à συμ Deftručion, and Partaker μετρηταὶ τῷ συκοφάν with the falfe Accufer before T, I Oεw Spen God, the juft Judge. For, oe, Tus dingin ner Prov.xxvi As he that holdeth the Tail cf τῇ. Ὡς δ' ὁ κρατῶν a Dog, fo is he that prefides at nepus xuvos, Tws o anjuft Judgment. But if ye weess amoreias xeibecome Imitators of the El-' σεως. Ἐγὼ ἢ μιμητα ders in Babylon, who when nade Dfs Ev Babuthey had born Witnefs a- λῶνι πρεσβυτέρων, οἵ gainft Sufanna, unjuftly con- kvsκαταμαρτυρήσιμε demnd her to Death, you τες 2 Σωσώνης ἀδίκως will become obnoxious to redínαodu autàr eis their Judgment and Con- Savalov, evogi & cndemnation. For the Lord, év neioews & nala.. by Daniel, deliver'd Sufanna Sinns Hunde. OTL 7 from the Hand of the Un- μύ Σωσούνομο κύριος godly, but condemn'd to the & Davina éppúσaFire those Elders who were to exe's Davαguilty of her Blood; and re- wr, Tas 7 Coxes & proaches you by him, faying, ug αUTHS αἵματα αὐτῆς Are ye fo foolish, ye Children Curépus1åv“ mei naDan xiii. of Ifrael: Without Examina- dínaσev iμãs ÿ di tion, and without knowing the αὐτῷ ὠνέδησε λέγων Truth, ye have condemned a Oûrws μwevioi yoì 'IoDaughter of Ifrael. Return a eana; con d'axeindugain to the Place of Judgment; Ts, GODE ☎ Capès 670for thefe Men have born Falfe- γνόντες κατερίνατε θυ witness against her. γατέρα Ισραήλ; ἀγα τρέψατε ἦν εἰς ὃ κρι κατεμαρτύρησιν αὐτῆς.




τήριον ψόυδή γδ ετοι

I deelt. V.

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Edude Onfider even the Ju- Lili κ ε τα κοσμικά δικας dicatures of this World, για, ὧν τῇ ἐξυσίᾳ ὁ- by whofe Power we fee Murcause arouses pores, derers, Adulterers, Wizzards, Moixes, pagμan'ss Tut Robbers of Sepulchres, and Caplines Ansas, y ra's Thieves, brought to Tryal; ἀνακρίσις αὐτῶν λg and thole that prefide when βόντες οἱ ἡγέμλμοι να d they have receivd their Aca Dfs Tej,TWV, é cufations from those that 2001 To Kansρyw, e brought them, ask the MaleTaŬTα STWs ind; na factor whether thofe things κείνε (υΓκαταθεμλύς, befo: And tho he does not Son Libéws 671 7xá- deny the Crimes, they do nor δασιν αὐτὸν ἐκπέμπει· prefently fend him out to ow, and co- Punishment, but for several MÉCALS TOLEY AUr Days they make Enquiry aTo μe ouμ68- bout him, with a full CounAir TOME, Y PAT cil, and with the Veil interπάτια. Ο μέσ TE pos'd: And he that is to pass adraîor bent the final Decree and Suffrage φον θανάτε ὁ μέλλων of Deathiagainft him, lifts up inpiper nat aure, his Hands to the Sun, and wegs & nior fwdeas folemnly affirms that he is Ta's Xoreas, Houap innocent of the Blood of the TÚPETY alw - Man: Though they be HeaXar To Aimal thens, and know not thes




· εἶτα να

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Deity, nor the Vengeance ἀνθρώπε, καίτοι ὄντες which will fall upon Men ἐθνικοὶ, καὶ ἐ γινώσκον. from God, on account of τες θειότητα, ἢ τὶ ἐς thofe that are unjufly con- αὐτὸς Ἀπὸ Θεῷ ἄμυναν demnnd, they avoid fuch unυ της διαιτίως και juftJudgments. τακριθέντων, Σποφο






But you who know who Ὑμεῖς 5 γινώσκονour God is, and what are his τες τίς ὁ Θεὸς ἡμῶν, Judgments, how can you bear & ὁποῖα τὰ κρίματα to pafs an unjuft Judgment, αυτῇ, πῶς ἂν κατ ̓ ἐfince your Sentence will be πήρειαν διίσειπέ τινι immediately known to God? Σπίφασιν δῖναι ἐκεί· And if you have judged σεως ὑμῶν τ αχρῆμα righteoufly, you will be γινωσκομδύης Θεῷ ; καὶ deemd worthy of the Re- ε μ δικαίως ἐκρίνατε, compences of Righteoufnefs, δικαίων ἀμοιβῶν καὶ both now and hereafter ; ταξιωθήσεσθε καὶ ναῶ καὶ but if unrighteoufly, you will εἰς αὖθις εἰ ἢ ἀδίκως, partake of the like. We πάλιν η όὁμοίων το therefore advife you, Bre. ξεπε ἡμεῖς μὲ ἦν, α thren, rather to deferve Com- δελφοίς συμβολεύομα mendation from God than ὑμῖν, μᾶλλον ἐπαίνων Rebukes: For the Commen- αξιοποι αλλά Θεῷ ή dation of God is Eternal ψόγων· ὅτι Θεῷ ἔπαι Life to Men, as is his Re- vα ζωή αιώνι θα ανα buke Everlafting Death. Be θρώποις, ὥσπερ 2 καὶ ὁ ye theretore righteous Judges, λόγΘ θάνατο απ Peace-makers, and without δισ. διό γίνετε δια Matt.r.22 Anger. For, He that is an For, He that is an και οι κριταί άρτωσ


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gry without a Caufe is obnoxia ▼ ous to the Judgment. But if it happens that by any one's Contrivance you are angry at any body, Let not the Sun Eph.iv.26 go down upon your Wrath. For, fays David, Be angry and fin Pfal. iv. 4. not: That is, be foon recon cil'd, left your Wrath con tinue fo long, that it turn to a fettled Hatred, and work Sin. For the Souls of thoje that bear a fettled Hatred are to Death, fays Solomon. But, Pag. our Lord and Saviour Jefus Chrift fays in the Gospels, Mat.v.2 gi If thou bring thy Gift to the 24. Altar, and there remembrest that thy Brother bath ought by owup In against thee, leave there thy es o Xersos on day Gift before the Altar, and go Liors' 'Edi @ego pépns thy way; first be reconcil'd to Sweer as Suard thy Brother, and then come and Eisnerov, è ine pivnus offer thy Gift. Now the Gift =OTI o adengós dad is every one's Eucharistical σ, apes éxe 8 - Prayer and Thanksgiving. If o wear therefore thou haft any thing • Svaramers, as, against thy Brother, or he has πρῶτον 2 αλλάγηθι τῷ any thing againft thee, nei• adenow σ, Tón ex- ther will thy Prayers be

ποιοὶ, αόργητοι. Ὁ Spy Coμm jsou a SEAOW airy eRn, vo XQ say on neiod. E 5 ¢ ouμby & Crep συμβῇ ἐξ ὀνερjias kevés opgradñva Mas vama Q, o 21 μn Advé 6 In open" iugor. 'OpSeade yo, Prawo AaCið, μn aμTer TUTES, TA NEWS Hλ •ANDE, OTWs un ne#ming *** opguvnπίμονο. angxia Sunray, slide a nepzaion.Yu Iyai go pernong nav eis Davarov, onoivo Zo# MD. Kézd 52



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Zàÿ magoguomälv, 2. V. deeft. V.

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Prov. xiid 28. LXX


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