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I Cor. vi.


IS therefore a brave Ene XLV. KAZON M&i & 637 Tus Xersianas i5- comium for a Christian spor, wegs undeva to have no Contest with a-1, &c. xar πeá√μaтα any one: But if by any MaEx Lev črepycias nagement or Temptation a Tereaquos Thouμby Conteft arifes with any one, kvi πealμa, ad- let him endeavour that it ζέτω εξαλύεται αὐτὸ, may be compos’d, though xav den Bra Clusak, thereby he be obliged to & un epewa 67 neem- lofe fomewhat; and let it eιον ἐθνικόν. ἀλλὰ μω not come before an Heathen jin 5 diégeade no Tribunal. Nay indeed, you μὴ xas apportas 2 are not to permit that the ὑμετέρων δικάζειν. lg Rulers of this World fhould αὐτῶν ὁ Σάβολο país Sentence againt our Candid Tois Songs People: For by them the Tô Oes, köves - Devil contrives Mifchief to πεγείρᾳ, ὡς μὴ ἐχόντων the Servants of God, and ἡμῶν ἕνα Cοφὸν + δ- occafions a Reproach to be νάμμον μεταξὺ βρα- caft upon us, as though we Cobory To Singlov, had not one wife Man that is σου Ti's divorzias Nanu- able to judge between his Brethren, or to decide their Controverfies.





Let not the Heathen there. XLVI.


* * Mn so zerwone Twoop railva Ta's wegs fore know of your Diffe- *** Pag. amines iμav Yapo- rences among one another, 254. ράς, μήτε καθ ̓ ἑαυτῶν nor do you receive Unbe

¿ ¿pídęde. v. 2 šmpigt. V.

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lievers as Witnelles against eis" reiαr your felves, nor be judged deade T'ES ATTIC85, by them; nor owe them any meste neivεade Évo ́ av. thing on account of Tri των μήτε οφείλετέ μ Mat.xxii. bute or Fear; but, Render to Tem wey's own davn προς αυτές φαν Cælar the things that are pobor a modπ φόβον αλλα ἀπόδοτε Cæfar's, and unto God the Rai Cap Galaxer, things that are God's, as Tri- TO TO DIY TW Dεŵ bute, Taxes, or Poll Money; for poor, ulusov, xvii. as our Lord by giving a didexx mov, ws. x ... 24. Piece of Money was freed ne çor dest from Disturbance. Choofe τῆρα ἀπηλλάγη πραξ therefore rather to fuffer μάτων αἱρῶν μᾶλλον Harm, and to endeavour af- Teas, Ċ Ti wey's ter thole things that make oplulu αποδείξειν, for Peace, not only among ver weg's Tes ader-. the Brethre, but also among pes, Xina è wey's Tes the Unbelievers. for by aπίgy, βλαβείς γδ π fuffering Lofs in the Affairs βιωκκων τι. Τα προς of this Life thou wilt be ecv & EnLuwbrion an fure not to suffer in the Con- ons wage, cerns of Piety, and wilt live not or core Xersou" religiously, and according to (v. & 5 adenpol es the Command of Chrift. But vńaus exxou, ad μὴ if Erethren have Law-Suits γλύπτη, αὐτόθεν νοῦν one with another, which qénete oi which ἐφείλετε οἱ προηγές God forbid, you who are the μμοι, ὅτι οἱ τοιέτοι Rulers ought thence to learn dân qŵv čv xv. that fuch as thefe do not ἔργον ὄπιτελῶσιν, do the Work of the Lord, αλλὰ μᾶλλον ἐχθρῶν





but rather of pubuck Ene- πολεμίων, @ ες μολύ

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TIQ Tanns, garis
Ténvor. STEP 5 -
μep, ai Dains, Theo
VÉNTHS 8 &V Naray-
aw aqwer Side,
κλω ή μεταδελφίας
τιν ύτω· εἶται μετά με-




mies; and one of the Parties will be found to be mild, gentle, and the Child of Light; but the other unmerciful, infolent, and covetous. He therefore who is con. demn'd, let him be punish'd, let him be feparated, let him undergo the Punifhment of aus Tegraμba- his Hatred to his Brother. NEWW 2 STW Green Afterward, when he repents, ζόμγυοι, Επικεφίσωσιν let him be received, and fo ὑμῖν το κριτήρια χρr when they have learn'd Pru5 & out yapan Tai is dence, they will cafe your ńλsaðinnμaтa Judicatures. 'Tis alfo a Duτός κρίνοι τας, ἀλλὰ τὰς ty to forgive each others ἔχρι τας ἑαυτές, και Tas as cαUTÉS. Trefpaffes; not the Duty of Tw1 i nier I άπεp thofe that judge, bnt of those να το ἐμῶ Πέτρε ἐρωτή- that have Quarrels, As the αλυση αὐτόν. Ποσάκις Lord determin’d when | Pe außτnot as eμè à a ter ask'd him, How oft fhall Matt. ἁμαρτήση δελφός με. $ αφήσω my Brother fin againt me, αὐτῷς airys ews imanis; and I forgive him? Till Seven times? He reply'd, I say not ungo Co, Ews & Faxis, to thee, Until Seven times, but news downng- until Seventy times Seven. For τις ἑπτά Οὕτως γδ fo would our Lord have us θελε ὁ κύριο ἀληθῶς to be truly his Difciples, and εἶναι αὐτῷ μαθητάς, è never to have any thing a under exer XT unde- gainit any body; as for InTOT, olor oрy ftance, Anger without mea


xviii. 21,


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· αὐτὸν. V.


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fure, Paffion without Mercy, auergov, Covetoufnels without Ju- μερον, ἢ ἐπιθυμίαν α ftice, Hatred without Re- δικον, ἢ μίσθ· ἄσπον conciliation. Draw, by your dov. Tes v opyCoμsues Inftruction, thofe who are συμβιβάζετε εἰς φιλίαν, angry to Friendship; and res ex Deairortas es of thole who are at Variance μόνοιαν ὅτι λέγε κύ to Agreement. For the Lord e Manger Μακάριοι *.9. fays, Blefed are the Peace- ἐρζωοποιοὶ, ὅτι αὐτοὶ makers; for they shall be cal- ex nλn Ingovтy. led the Children of God,





XLVII. LET your Judicatures be on the second Day of the Week, that if any Controverfie arife about your Sentence, having an Interval rill the Sabbath, you may be able to fet the Controverfie right, and to reduce thofe to Peace who have the Contefts one with another againft the Lords Day. Let alfo the Deacons and Presbyters be prefent at your Judicatures, to judge without Acceptance of Perfons, as Men of God, with Righteousness.

Deut. xix. #7


Parties are come, according
as the Law fays, those that

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Ashera män γενέθω δευτέρᾳ G66TWV, OTWS BAY αντιλογία τῇ Σποφάσι ὑμῶν λύηται, ἕως σαβ βάτε ἔχοντες ἄδειαν, un vay & deTide, ciplusoy eis + nueranny TUS Χαφέρουμεις πρὸς ἀλ λήλες. Ευμαθές συμ dingsel by of Hangvoi, è oi πрeσΕύτεροι, απροσωπο λήπως κρίνοντες, ὡς e dole, μ di

When therefore both the καιοσμύης. αγυομέ

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νόμοι λέγε, ζήσονται have the Controverfie {hall ἑκάτεροι ἐν μέσῳ τῳ ftand feverally in the mide rermetw, ois birdle of the Court; · δὐτιλογία· ἐ ακέσομε when you have heard them; τες αὐτῶν, ὁσίως δύενέζ. give your Votes holily, chκατε τοὺς ψήφος, σπε- deavouring to make them δάζοντες αὐτὲς φίλες both Friends before the Senaμ POTERYS Tña, Teir tence of the Bishop, that Judg ἀποφάσεως τ' ὄλισμό- ment againft the Offender WY, OWS μÙ SEX J016 may not go abroad into 78, ὅπως μὴ ἐξέλθοι Jus xeias aμstí- the World: knowing that adel nadóri he has in the Court the rus dixasnew Cuμn- Christ of God, as confciporn aiviso ous of, and confirming his Sinns + Xerson Judgment. But if any PerΘε. δέ Dev. ei dé kves ** fons are accus'd by any one, *** Pag • Bagoonμious sounxa and their Fame fuffers, as if 255. χῶς ὁδεύειν ἐν κυρίῳ they did not walk uprightly EZÉS jOITO E TIV, in the Lord: In like manner ὁμοίως ακέσομτες ἑκα- you fhall hear both Parties, • new TS Tеwwv, the Accufer and Accused; but τε κατηγορῶντα, π μαTп puνTQ, not with Prejudice, nor with το κατηγορεμλύς, αλ' hearkening to one Party on


CV *


Moropees, and

12 μn Tents, ply, but with Righteoufnefs,
as paffing a Sentence con-
Sixaroσurns, as cerning eternal Life, or Death.
(wns aiwrish JavaTre
Sidors &Toquar. Ai
καίως γάρ, φησιν ὁ
Θεός, διώξ, δ δίκαιον.
γδ δικαίως

For, fays God, He shall pro- Deut. xvi. fecute that which is right just- 20. ly. For he that is juftly punih’d and feparated by you, "O 25 Dixaiws TIMapn is rejected from Eternal Life Dois y aperates and Glory; he becomes imgur, aiwris (was è difhonourable among holy


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