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Ti - Chap.

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of the Third Book.

Säveries Wes, and IL That we muft avoid the

διὰ τὸ ὕποπλον.

γ'. 'Οποίας εἶναι χρὴ τὰς

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choice of younger

Widows, because of Sufpicion. II. What Character the Widows omas insought to be of, and how they ought to be fupported by the Bishop.

ώρα Τι ἐπισκόπε

♪. "On aveva ἐνδεῖ δποιῶν χρή

ὁ Ὅτι καὶ κ ἦθος ἐπιμελῃ·

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IV. That we ought to be charitas ble to all forts of Perfons in Want. V. That the Widows are to be very careful of their Converfation.

F'. "On & Xen yowaings VI, That Women ought not to χρὴ γυναῖκες


teach, because 'tis unfeemly; and what Women follow'd our Lord.

VII. What are the Characters of Widows falfely fo called.

VIII. That the Widows ought not to accept of Alms from the Unworthy, no more than the Bishop, or any other of the Faithful.

IX. That Women ought not to Baptize; because it is impious, and contrary to the Doctrine of Chrift.

X. That one of the Laity ought not to do any Office of the Priesthood, he ought neither to Baptize, nor Offer, nor Lay on Hands, nor give the Blelfing.

XI. That none but a Bishop and Presbyter, none even of the inferior Ranks of the Clergy are permitted to do the Offices of the Priefts, that Ordination belongs wholly to the Bishop, and to no body elle.

XII. The Rejection all uncharitable Actions.

XIII. How the Widows are to pray for those that supply their Ne ceffities.

XIV. That She who has been kind to the Poor ought not to make a Stir, and tell abroad her Name; according to the Conftitution of the Lord.

XV. That it does not become us to revile our Neighbours, because Curfing is contrary to Chriftianity. XVI Concerning the facred Initiation of Holy Baptism.

XVII. What is the meaning of Baptilm into Chrift: and on what account every thing is there faid or done,

XVIII. Of what Character he ought to be who is initiated.

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ιά. Οπ πλέω ἐπισκόπε peoCutter devis 01 κληρικῶν ἐπιτέτεται τα of isgócur cregger to 5 201 ovv ove monowy a ound, ¿tépw 3 ¿deví

ἱβ. ̓Αποτροπὴ βασκανίας.

Όπως δεν προσδέχε

Da Ta's Xies wèp HDδόντων τὰ πρὸς τὰς χρείας ιδ' ̔́Οτι κ χρὴ κομπάζειν, TO SOUTH'S OVO


* χωρίς διάταξιν.

ιέ. Οτι ἀωρεπὲς τὸ λοιδο-
gragione 28
Χριςιανῶν τὸ κατὰ ραπς.
ις'. Περὶ μυήσεως θείας
γκ βαπίσμα]Θ.

ιζ'. Ποῖαν αἰτίαν ἔχει eis Xeisov Báno, da n 7 ἐν αὐτῷ έκασον λέγεται, καράζεται.

in die opeiner 21 mun usio.

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IV. Of the Love of Money.

V. With what Fear Men ought to partake of the Lord's Oblations.

VI. Whofe Oblations are to be receiv'd, and whole not to be receiv'd. VII. That the Oblations of the un

worthy, while they are fuch, do not only not propitiate God, but on the contrary, provoke him to indignation.

VIII. That 'tis better to afford

tho it be inconfiderable and few Contribntions, to the Widows from our own Labours, than thofe which are many and large, receiv’d from the Ungodly. For tis better to perit by Famine, than to receive an Oblation from the Ungodly.

IX. That the People ought to be exhorted by the Prieft to do good to the Needy, as fays Solomon the Wife.

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of the Lord.

II. That we are to avoid Converfation with falfe Brethren, when they continue in their Naughtiness.

III. That we ought to afford an helping Hand to fuch as are fpoild for the fake of Chrift ; al:ho we fhould incur Danger ourselves.

IV. That 'tis an horrible and deftructive thing to deny Chrift. V. That we ought to imitate Chrift in Suffering, and with Zeal to follow his Patience.

VI. That a Believer ought neither

rafhly to run into Danger, through Security; nor to be over-timourous, through Pufillanimity. But to fly_away for Fear; yet that if he does fall into the Enemy's Hand, to ftrive ear

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β'. Ὅτι φευκτέον· . πρὸς του ψάδαδελφός συνεσίας, ὅταν ἐπιμθύωσι τῇ φαυλότητα

γ ́ Ὅτι τοῖς διὰ Χρισόν περθεμβύοις χρὴ χεῖρα ὀρέγειν, καν κίνδωΘ παρα

δ ̓ Ὅτι φρικτὸν καὶ ὀλέθει ον, τὸ ἀρνεῖσαι Χρισόν

ΰ. Οτι μιμητέον Χειςὸν ἐν τις πάρειν καὶ ζηλωτέον δὲ αυτό απομον

s' On χρὴ ἢ πρὸν μήτε ριψοκίνδυνον τῇ δὲ ἀσφάλε αι, μήτε σε δεῖ δ ̓ ἀνανδείας αλλά και φεύγειν δ' φυλάβειαν, καὶ ἔμπεσόνται ἀγωνίζες δια τ ἀποκείμενον ξέφαγον.

ζ'. Περι

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2'. Περὶ ψουδομαρτύρων. ·ί. Ἠθικὴ παραίνεσις, ὅτι δεῖ φεύγαν ματαιολογίας, αι xenozias, direterias, Inv, xayreiar, spúter ιά Παραίνεσις, παιδοδ σε φεύγειν τ εἰδωλολατρείας τὸ μέσα.

16. "Oth un nand ¿N ἐθνικὴν ἢ πορνικὴν αδειν, ἔπι Toμving cidarov doßes 2 5870. X TTY Os ἐχθρόν.

εξ ́. ΚατάλογΘ κυρίς ἑορτῶν, ἃς δεν φυλά αειν καὶ πότε τέτων ἑκάση, ἐφείλι ὅπιτελεῖος

ιδ. Περὶ τ* πάθος το κυeis i en åndsy nude my Tax In 7 in nd we to 'lida on παρμῶ Ἰάδας ἐν τῷ + κύριον. τοῖς μαθηταῖς μαλδόναι τ

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καὶ Περὶ ς μεγάλης ἑβδο udd i dia 11 TET. y τετράδα * Degond le maghan

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that is laid up for him.


VIL Several Demonftrations concerning the Refurrection, concerning the Sibyll, and what the Stoicks lay concerning the Bird call'd the Phenix.

VIII. Concerning James the Brother of the Lord, and Stephen the firft: Martyr.


IX. Concerning false Martyrs.

X. A moral Admonition, that we
are to abftain from vain Talking, ob-
fcene Talking, Jefting, Drunkenness,
Lafciviousness and Luxury.

XI. An Admonition, inftucting
Men to avoid the abominable Sin of

XII. That we ought not to fing an
heathen or an obfcene Song: nor to
fwear by an Idol; because 'tis an im-
pious Thing, and contrary to the
Knowledge of God.

XIII. A Catalogue of the Feafts of the Lord which are to be kept, and when each of them ought to be obferv'd.

XIV. Concerning the Paffion of our Lord; and what was done on each. day of his Sufferings. And concerning Judas: and that Judas was not prefent, when the Lord deliver'd the Myfteries to his Difciples.

XV. Of the Great Week; and on what account they enjoyn us to faft on Wednesday and Friday.

ις'. Απαρίθμησις, προφήτικῶν προῤῥήσεων + Χεισὸν aners Ipherical Predictions which declare κηρυσσῶν, ὧν Chrift; whofe Completion though the fews faw, yet out of the evil Temper

XVI. An Enumeration of the Pro

έκβασης θεασάμδροι. ἐκ τακα-
νοίας ἠπίςησαν αὐτὸν 7) τὸν
Xerson to Die, sau of their Mind they did not believe!
Keisòv to Dix, ny saws he was the Chrift of God, and con-


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