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Exod. vii. i.


For if Aaron, because he Εί δ 'Ααρών έπειdeclar'd to Pharaoh the Words ngone Tu Paedias of God from Mofes, is call'd asa Mwotws Tgs 26a Prophet ; and Moses him- jøs, weg oíons epatay, self is callid a God to Pha Mwans ö Ogos & Daraob, on account of his be- eaw, a's Baandis ómö ing at once a King and a dipgeepots, w proir High-Priest, as God says to ó Beds weg's autóre him, I have made ther 4 God Θεόν τίθτικα το to Pharaoh, and Aaron thing Paega, è ’Acea Brother shall be thy Prophet ; adenpós ou ésay on me why do not ye allo eiteem φήτης" Ακμή υ. the Mediators of the Word μάς τες μεσίας υμών και to be Prophets, and reverence rózy, megpics &voy them as Gods?

νομίσητε, ε ως Θεός

σεβαθήσεσθε; ; For now the Deacon is to

**Newys 'opin û ** Pag

. you Aaron, and the Bishop • 'Aacón Esto ó Tanga 243 Moses. If therefore Moses was vQ, Mwuoms ö onio called a God by the Lord, xon@.,

%, લે sveppési leţ the Bishop be honour'd 2 Mwons" a wie's among you as a God, and cos', é cuir o mica the Deacon as his Prophet nga eis @edy 77! For as Christ does nothing umato, è ó Veixov@ w's without his Father, so nei- megoños aútg. as ys ther does the Deacon do any Xersos dödl & maless thing without his Bishop: fàn Tolc, Stwardo And as the Son without his Honov Quavo & Co Father is nothing, fo is the nery @ Wowep yos dol Deacon nothing without his mateos com ésiv, Bishop; and as the Son is mws coche Saxor@ ayol


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18 monówko Ĉ womes subject to his father, so is

ozgews'yos mangisotw every Deacon subject to his
è mas Alexovos émo. Bishop ; and as the Son is
nów w ĉ womep o yo's the Messenger and Prophet
asgarás azt sj. megohmus of the Father, fo is the Dea.
& mateòs, ŠTws è ó con the Messenger and Pro-

, και
Hobrova agano è pher of his Bishop. Wherefore,
megponses ooo ler all things that he is to do
nótry. dró è adóta tai with any one be made known
magufuck wu to the Bilhop, and be finally
78 es kva, čuoden tus order'd by him.
Conów zireww,?
di Guri nabaw".

Msavo meio Legali without his Bishop.


ΜΗδέν ποιείσω 3

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S = c : XVII.

ET nor do thing

XXXI. άνευ τα

ar ,
βσκόπε, μηδέ τινι nor give any thing without

didátw TI dool exco his Consent. For if he gives

gvasums. edw gs as to any one as to a Person in
On6orfús kvos achea Distress, without the Bishop's
on bronós dos anos kon, Knowledge, he gives it so
es nordbeida 6770• that it must tend to the Re-
Nýty dars, rj Hasan. proach of the Bishop, and he
ad auror ws curašyta accuses him as careless of the
των θλιβομίων και
Tüv Onboufówr ó Distressed. But he that casts
Toronov aby u ģ Reproach on his Bishop, ei-
épzm naxonogião, e ther by Word or Deed, op-
megno tuid, com ars poses God, not hearkening

Quef éÓvTQ: to what he says, Thou shalt Exod. xxii.

αυτ8 απόντG.
cas xaxonoznogs. not speak Evil of the Gods.

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digv. v. ? deeft. y.



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For he did not make that Ου 8 ei λίθων και
Law concerning Deities of ξύλων ωροσοχθισμα
Wood and of Stone, which των νομοθέτη,βδελυκ-
are abominable, becaufe they των όντων" δα
are falfely callrd Gods ; but ψευδωνυμίου, αλα ωει
concerning the Prietts and των ιερέων και των

the Judges, to whom God κριτών, οίς και άπεν, ότι Pfallxxxi. also said, Te are Gods, and Children of the Most High.

58.' ' 3 φοί υψί. If therefore, O Deacon, Εί εν γινώσκεις, ώ thou knowcft any one to be Δάκονε, θλιβόμον in Distress, put the Bishop in mira, waouskoas it êu mind of him, and to give to πσκοπον, ότω δίδα him; but do nothing in a sia per zo begiws e's clandeftine way, fo as may λοιδορίαν αυτό το βιtend to his Reproach, left τέλς, ίνα μή κατανthou raife a Murmur againft γυσμον εγείρης κατ' αhim. For the Murmur will Põ 898 var áviš å 205 not be againft him, but 'a- rυσμάς γενήσεται, αλλα gainft the Lord God : And και ωρία τ8 Θεού, ο the Deacon, with the reft, ακέσεται ο ΚάκονG. & will hear what Aaron and οι λοιποί, ως 'Ααρών

Miriam heard, when they & Μαρία καταλαλήNumb., fpake againt Mofes, How is σαντες Μωσέως ήκεσαν

it that ye were not afraid to nos con épobń Inne veekIpeak againt my Servant Mo: ταλαλήσαι αι Μωσή fes? And again, Mofes fays το θεράποντος με ; to those who rose up against Kaj minu autès Mwa

him, Tour Marmaring is not σης φησι τοις βισυναχ: xvi. 8. ageinst vis, but against the Lord bãowy wts Ou g

our God. For if He that calls καθ' ημών και ρίγωσ

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1 deeft. V.

mos u ugov" AZIV, dra one of the Laity Raka, or Mat.y.is,

were og ef ýFool, shall not be unpunish’d, Mõv. E' 98 o naingo as doing Injury to the Nane cipuxais sarcin in uweòr, of Chrilt

, how dare any Man Gon d'Tiuskonto, ws" speak against his Bishop, by υβρίσας και το Χρις whom the Lord gave the Hoόνομα, τι * * 3 άντις Iy Spirit among you upon •* Pag siger Chickémy ewn; the laying on of his Hands, 244 diff'incov mollica ó by whom ye have learn'd werQ 4 év" do the sacred Doctrines, and κεν ον τη χειροθεσία, have known God, and have

di fagia Jóguata believ'd in Christ, by whom Si uero tingre, è oson ye were known of God, by os tégocreti, she's Xero whom ye were sealed with o son temçdinate; dithe Oil of Gladness, and the Equwatne ved Osê, di Ointment of Understanding,

εσφeαγίδητε ελαίω by whom ye were declara αγαλλιάσεως και μυρώ το be the Children of Light, σχέσεως, διξ υοί φω- by whom the Lord in your tos puedeig Ints, di jllumination tellified by the werGo és tus pokoum Imposition of che "Bishop's epäv tm 8. FIONA3 Hands, and sent our his laχειροθεσία μαρτυρών, στed Voice upon every one ép éve soy ungor isegir of you, saying, Thou art my

Pfal. i1. 71 εξέτεινε φωνlω, λέγων" Son, this Day have I begotten

Tiosis & Cu, ég on thee. By thy Bishop, O Man, με μεes» γιλέηκά σε. Δια God adopts thee for his Child. N 78 671046W8 is o cós Acknowledge, O Son, that

yoToLTcu ce, ärbpw the Right Hand which was a gruierse , i dette Mother to thee. Love him Žunties on, cépze om who, after God, is become

deeft. V. deeft. V. 3 peono r. deeft. V.

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a Father to thee, and honour le for gluóufuór os him.


και" σέβε

2 τ8τον". For if the Divine Oracle Ei y8 weil ဟု

fays concerning our Parents, σάρης μνέων φησί και Exod, xx, according to the Flesh, Ho- ? Sãoy Tógcov: Tipas

nour thy Father and thy Mother, Tacties of
that it may be well with thee

. siege ord, ivc sử Cal xxi, 17. And, He that curseth his Fa- sfüntay. Kaj 'O rangther or his Mother, let him die 297 ñy Tera

en han

un the Death; how much more reege navotu nado hould the Word exhort you Τατω πισω μαλλον

ases to honour your Spiritual Pa- opps mpg Tixã v200 rents, and to love them as véwy upwv e 767 Q. To your Benefactors and Ambas. eguréat kuain qutes, fadors with God, who have og sépgav, as duergéges, regenerated yoụ by Water, rj npeab olemais Teos and endued you with the edv, tgs si üscla Fulness of the Holy Spirit, úãs draglunodo Cous, who have fed you with the τας τω αγίω πνεύμα Word as with Milk, who ah negirarlas, Tås Tull have nourish'd you with Do- poza za narreganocera ctrine, who have confirm'd as, tos ir tin didele you by their Admonitions, σκαλία αναθρεψαμδύας who have imparted to you τες αν και νοθεσίαις 50 the faving Body and preci- eišavos, Tås 78 own. ous Blood of Christ, who eis rámcila € E 7 have loofed you from your μία αίματG- αξιώ σαν» Sins, who have made you reus t upăs", tes nestane Partakers of the holy and dus Trão quodytas, aj facred Eucharist, who have sagías leeãs olga.

: deest. V. deeft. V. ?onto. V. deeft. V,

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