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Bigne, and reasoned with the Lord had sent him to prophesy; Silas by night unto Perez med Jews.

and be stood in he court of the coming thither, went into the

LORD's house, and said to all the synagogue of the Jews. 2 Kings xix, 14. And Hezekiah people. received the letter of the land of Jer. xxvi, 7. So the priests and the messengers, and read it: and the prophets and all the people man of the servants of Sial

1 Sam. III, 7. Now & Orta's Hezekiah went up into the house heari Jeremiah speaking these there that day, detained batte of the LORD, and spread it belure words in the house of the LOED. the LORD; and his name cas De the LORD.

Luke ii, 37. And she was a

an Edomite, the clines of the 2. Chro. xx. 5. And Jebosba widow of about fourscore and berdmen that belonged to Sul'. pliat stood in the congregation of four years, which deported not Net. viii, 4. Add Ezra the scribe Judah and Jerusalem, in the

from the temple, but served God stood upon a pulpit of wood ud house of the LORD, before the

with fastings and prayers night they had made for the perpe new court. and day.

and beside him stood is 2 Chron. xxix, 20. Then Hezekiah the king rose early, and

Acts iii, 1. Now Peter and John and Shema, and Adalah gathered the rulers of the city, went up together into the temple Crijah, and Hilkiah, and Misse and went up to the house of the at the hour of prayer, being the tab, on his right hand; aci ca tine ninth hour.

lett hand, Pedalan, and Misks! LORD.

and Malchiah, and Hashom, st! Jer. xix, 14. Then came Jere- Act: xvii, 10. And the brethren Hashbadana, Zecharial, miah from Tophet, whither the l immediately sent away Paul and Hesbullam.




it should bring forth grapes, vant: and they beat him also, and VINEYARD.

brought it forth wild grapes? And entreated him shamefully, and

now go to; I will tell you what I sent him away empty. And again AN EARLY AND COMMON POSSESSION. will do to my vineyard: I will he sent a third: and they wounded

Gen. ix, 20. And Noah began take away the hedge thereof, and him also, and cast him out. to be an husbaudman, and he it shall be eaten up; and break planted a vineyard. down the wall thereof, and it shall

THE VINE. Num. XVI, 14. Moreover thou be trodden down: And I will lay bast not brought us into a land it waste; it shall not be pruned Gen. xl, 9, 10. And the chief that floweth with milk and honey, nor digged; but there shall come butler told his dream to Joseph, or given us inheritance of fields up briers and thorns: I will also and said to him, In my dream, and vineyards: wilt thou put out command the clouds that they behold, a vine was before me; the eyes of these men? we will rain no rain upon it. For the And in the vine were three not come up.

vineyard of the LORD of hosts is branches: and it was as though it 1 Kings xxl, 1. And it came to

the house of Israel, and the men budded, and her blossoms shot pass after these things, that Na-1 he looked for judgment, but be- brought forth ripe grapos.

of Judah bis pleasant plant: and forth; and the clusters thereof both the Jezreelite had a vineyard, which was in Jezreel, hard hold oppression; for righteousness,

Num. xiii, 23, 24. And they by the palace of Ahab king of of vineyard shall yield one bath, and cut down from thence a but behold a cry. Yea, ten acres

came unto the brook of Eshcol, Samaria.

and the seed of an homer shall | branch with one cluster of grapes, 2 Kings v, 26. And he said unto yield an ephah. him, Went not mide heart with

and they bare it between two thee, when the man turned again plant vines upon the mountains of the pomegranates, and of the tigs.

Jer. xxxi, 5. Thou shalt yet upon a staff; and they brought of from his chariot to meet thee? Is Samaria: the planters sball plant, Toe place was called the brook it a time to receive money, and to receive garments, and oliveyards,

and shall eat them as common Eshcol, because of the cluster of and vineyards, and sheep, and things.

grapes which the children of oxen, and men - servants, and

Amos v. 11. .....

Ye bave Israel cut down from thence. maid-servants? planted pleasant vineyards, but

1 Kings iv, 25. And Judab and Cant. vii, 12. Let us get up ye shall not drink wine of them.

Israel dwelt safely, every man early to the vineyards; let us see

Matth. xxi, 33, 35-41. Hear an- under his vine and under his figif the vine flourish, whether the other parable: There was a cer- tree, from Dan even to Beer-sheba, tender grape appear, and the tain householder, which planted all the days of Solomon. pomegrauates buid forth; there a vineyard, and hedged it round

Çant. vi, 11. I went down into will I give thee my loven.

about, and digged a wine-press in the garden of nuts to see the Cant. viii, 11, 12. Solomon had it, and built a tower, and let it out fruits of the valley, and to see a vineyard at Baal-hamon; be lot far country. And the husband

tó husbandmen, and went into a whether the vine flourished, and out the vineyard unto keepers: men took his servants, and beat

the pomegranates budded, every one for the fruit thereof

Ezek. XV, 2. 6. Son of man was to bring a thousand pieces of stoned another. Again, he sent

one, and
killed another, and

What is the vine tree more than silver.

My vineyard, which is other servants more than the first: any tree, or than a branch which mine, is before me: thou, o Solo- and they did unto them likewise: is among the trees of the forest? mon, must have a thousand, and But last of all he sent unto them

Therefore thus saith the Lord two hundred. those that keep the fruit thereof his son, saying, They will rever- / GOD, As the vine-tree among the ence my son.

trees of the forest, which I bave

But when the Eccles, il, 4. I made me great husbandmen saw the son, they given to the fire for fuel, so will works; I builded me houses: I said among themselves, This is

I give the inhabitants of Jeru

Balem. planted me vineyards.

the heir: come, let us kill him, Isa. V, 1--7, 10. Now will I sing and let us seize on bis inheritance. Hosea xiv, 7. They that dwell to my well-beloved a ong of my

And they caught bim, and cast under his shadow shall return; beloved touching his vineyard. him out of the vineyard, and slew they shall revive as the corn, and My well-beloved hath a vineyard him. When the lord therefore of grow as the vine: the scent therein a very fruitful hill: And be the vineyard cometh, what will of shall be as the wine of Lebanon. fenced it, and gathered out the he do unto those husbandmen? stones thereof, and planted it with They say unto him, He will the choicest vine,and built a tower miserably destroy those wicked Gen. xlix, 11. Binding his foal in the midst of it, and also made men, and will let out his vineyard univ the vine, and his ass's colt a wine-press therein: and he look-unto other husbandmen, which into the choice viue; he washed that it should bring forth shall render him the fruits in his garments in wine, and bis

clothes in the blood of grapes. grapes, and it brought forth their seasons. wild grapes. And now, O inhabi- Luke xx, 10--12. And at the Deut. xxxii, 32. For their vine tants of Jerusalem, and men of season he sent a servant to the is of the vine of Sodom, and of Judah, judge, I pray you, betwixt busbandmen, that they should the fields of Gomorrah: their me

and my vineyard. What give bim of the fruit of the vine-grapes are grapes of gall, their could have been done more to my yard: but the husbandmen beat clusters are bitter. vineyard, that I have not done in him, and sent him away empty. Job xv, 33. He shall shake off {!? wherefore, when I looked that and again be sent another ser- his unripe grape as the vine, and

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shall cast off his flower as the Deut. xxii, 9. Thou shalt not Jark xil, 1. And he bz2+1 olive.

Sow thy vineyard with divers speak unto them by puradas Ps. Ixxx, 8. Thou hast brought seeds: lest the fruit of thy seed certain man planted a riberam a vile out of Egypt; thou hast which thon hast son, add the aud set an bedge about #o. cast out the heathen, and planted fruit of thy vineyard, be defiled.

digged a place for the pizza! it.

and built a tower, and let it go

VINE DRESSERS. 180. xxviii, 4. And the glorious

husbandmed, and went into & tu! beauty, which is on the heart of 2 Kings xxv, 12. But the cap-country. the tit valley, shall be a tading tain of the guard left of the poor

THE VINTAGE flower, and as the hasty fruit be- of the land to be vinc-dressers and fore the summer, which when he husbandmen.

Job xxiv, 10, 11. They can that looketh won it seeth, while 2 Chron. xxvi, 10. Also he built him to go naked without ex it is yet in his band he eateth it towers in the desert, and digged ing, aud they take asar these up.

many wells: for he had much from the liungry; Which mateix Isa. Ixv, 8. Thus saith the cattle, both in the low country, within their walls, ad tresden LORD, As the new wine is found and in the plains: husbandmen wine-presses, and safer this in the cluster, and one saith, Olso, and vine - dressers in the D-stroy it nor; for a blersing is in mountains, and in Carmel: for be bewail with the weeping of de

Isa. xvi, 9, 10. Therefore I t? it: so will I do for my servants' loved husbandry

the vine of Sibmah: I will Rules, that I may not destroy Isa Ixi 5. And strangers shall them with my tears, olles br. them all.

stand and feed your flocks, and / and Elealeli; for the shooting is Jer. ii, 21 Yet I had planted the sons of the alien shall be your thy summer fruits, onint thee a noble vine, wholly a right plow men and your vine-dressers.

harvest, is fallen. And gisteret seed: bow. then art thou turned Joel i, 11. Be ye ashamed, 0 ye is taken away, and jos oot it into the degenerate plant of a husbandmen; how), () ye' vine- plentiful field; and in the rite strange vine unto me?

dressers, for the wheat, and for yards there shall be no site Jer, xlix. 9. If grape-gatherers the barley; because the harrest neither sball there be ab cik come to thee, would they not of the field is perished.

the treaders shall trade leave some gleaning - grapes? if

wine in their preses i hale get thieves by night, they will de- PROTECTION OF VIN E their vintage shouting to one stroy till they have enough.


Isa. Txiii, 2-5. Where or art Ezek. xvii, 6, 7. And it grew and Ps. Ixxx, 12. Why hast thon thou red in thine appisel.dty becaine a spreading vine of low then broken down her hedges, so garments like him that create stature, whose brauches turned that all tiey which pass by the in the wive-fat? I have trois toward him, and the roots thereof way do pluck her

the wine-press alobe; were under him: so it became a vine, and brought forth branches, because I am black, because the

Çant. I, 6. Look not upon me, people there uz pode rith ..

for I will tread them in se and sliot forth sprigs. There was

sun hath looked upon me: my anger, and trample them in also another great eagle with mother's children were angry fury; and their blood sizi ya great wings and many feathers: with me; they made me the keeper sprinkled upon my gam -28 and, behold, this vine did bend her of the vineyards; but mine owu

I will stain all my ruiment for roots toward him, and shot forth vineyard have I not kept.

the day of vengeance is in mi her branches toward him, that he Inight water it by the surrows of Heslbon languish, and the vine and there was node to help !

Isa, xvi, 8. For the fields of deemed is come. And I lot

heart, and the year t my her plantation.

of Sibmah: the lords of the bea- wondered that there an LOS Evck. xix, 10. Thy mother is then have broken down the prio- uphold: therefore mile cane like a vine in thy blood, planted by the watere; she was fruitto! cipal plants thereof, they are come brought salvation unto me, and full of branches by reason of through the eien uuto Jazer, they wandered

my fury, it upheld me.

wilderness: her nudy waters. branches are stretched out, they

13a. xvii, 6. Yet gleaning an Ilosea x, 1. Israel is an empty are gone over the sea.

shall be left in it, as the shad vine, he bringerb forth fruit unto

1811. xviii, 5, 6. For afore the of an olive tree, two or three it himselt: according to the multi harvest, when the bud is perfect, rles in the top of the upperos sude of his fruit he hath increased and the sour grape is ripening in bough, four or five in the one the altars.

the flower, he shall both cut off fruitful branches thereul, said? Obad. 5. If thieves came to thee, the sprigs with pruning-hooks,

LORD God of Israel. if robbers by night, (low art thou and take away and cut down the Jer. vi, 9. Thus saith the LA cut of) would they not have branches. They shall be left tostolen till they had enough? if the gether unto the fowls of the glean the reninant of Israel

of bosts. They shall thore gapo-gatherers came to thee, mountains, and to the beasts of vine: turn back thine bands would they not leave some grapes? the earib; and the fowls shall grupe-gatherer into the basies

Matth. xxi, 34. And when the summer upon them, and all the time of the fruit drew near, he beasts of the earth shall winter Jer. xlviii, 52, 53. Oribe Ernt bis servants to the husband- upon them

Sibmah, I will weep for thee si men, that they might receive Isalah xxiv, 7. The new wine

the weeping of Jazer: thy plete ibe fruits of it.

mourneth, the

are gone over the ses, these

languisheth, all the merry-hearted do

even to the sea of Jizer: the spae* THE LAW OF PLANTING. sigh.

is fallen upon thy summer frem Deut. xx, 6. And what man is he

and upon thy vintage. And I? that bath planted a vineyard, and turned away the excellence of plentiful field, a od from the lo

Nah, ii, 2. For the Lord hath and gladness is/ takea frians bath not yet eaten of it? let him Jacob, as the excellency of Israel: of Moab; and I have caused also go and return into his house, for the emptiers have emptied to fail from the elde press best he die in the battle, and an. them out, and marred their rine shall tread with stosunk *** wider man eat of it. i branches.

shouting shall be no shoutin

Micah vii, 1. Woe is me! for I sown; sea, their stock shall not little while, and Lebanon shall be am as when they have gathered take root in the earth: and he turned into a fruitful field, and the summer fruits, as the grape- bball also blow upon them, and the fruitful field shall be esteemed gleanings of the vintage: there is they shall wither, and the whirl- us a forest? 210 cluster to eat; my soul desired wind shall take them away as

stubble. the first ripe fruit,

Isa. xxxill, 9. The earth mourn

eth and languisheth; Lebanon is Amos ix, 13. Behold, the days

Ezek. xv, 6. Therefore thus ashamed and hewn down; Sharon come, saith the LORD, that the saith the Lord God; As the vine is like a wilderness; and Bisbian ploughman shall overtake the tree among the trees of the forest, and Carmel shake off their fruits. réaper, and the treader of grapes which I have given to the fire for him that soweth seed; and ibe fuel, so will I give the inhabitants

FELLIX mnountains shall drop sweet wind, of Jerusalem.

Eccles. xi. 3. If the tree fall toand all the bills shall melt

Ezek. xxxi, 14. To the end that none of all the trees by the waters north, in the place where the tree

ward the south, or toward the exalt themselves for their beight, falletú, there it shall be. Rev. xiv, 17--19. And another angel caine out of the temple neither shoot up their top among wbich is in heaven, he also having trees stand up in their height, all the LORD of hosts, shall lop thó

the thick boughs, neither their Isa, x, 33, 34. Behold, the Lord, a sharp sickle. Aud another angel came ont from the altar, which that drink water: for they are all bough with terror: and the higu had power over fire; and cried delivered unto death, to the nether ones of stature shall be bevin with a loud cry to him that had parts of the earth, in the midst of down, and the laughty shall be the sharp sickle, saying, Thrust the children of men, with them humblod. And he shall cut down

the thickets of the forest will in thy sharp sichle, and gather that go down to the pit. the clusters of the vine of the Luke xxiii. 31. For if they do iron, and Lebanou shall fall by a earth; for her grapes are fully these things in a green troe, what mighty one. ripe. And the angel thrust in his shall be done in the dry?

Matth. iii, 10. And now also the sickle into the earth, and gathered

axe is laid unto the root of the the vine of the earth, and cast it

ORNAMENTAL TREES. trees: therefore every tree which into the great wine-press of the Isa. xli, 19, 20. I will plant in bringeth not forth good fruit is wrath of God.

the wilderness the cedar, the shit-hewa Uown, and cast into the fire.

tah-tree, and the myrtle, and the (WINE, See under DIET AND oil-tree; I will set in the desert FORESTS MENTIONED IN DRESS.)

the fir-tree, and the pine, and the
box-tree together: That they may

see, and know, and consider, and

understand together, that the hand

Isa, il, 13. And upon all tho of the LORD hath done this, and cedars of Lebanon, that are bigla Gen. xlls, 22. Joseph is a frnit- the Holy One of Israel hatb cre- and lifted up, and upon all the ful bough, even a fruitful bough ated it,

vaks of Bashan. ly a well, whose branches run over

180. lv, 13. Instead of the thorn the wall.

Zech. xi, 2. lIowl, fir tree; for sball come up the fir-tree, and in the cedar is fallen; because the 2 Kings xix, 26.

They stead of the brier shall come up inighty are spoiled: howl, Oye were as the green herb, as the the myrtle-tree: and it shall be to grass on the house tops, and as the Lord for a pame, for an ever. the village is comie (low I.

oaks of Bashan; for the forest of corn blasted before it be grown lasting sign that shall not be cut up. ofl.

HARETH. Job viii, 16, 17. He is green bo

Isa. Is, 13. The glory of Lebanon furo the sun, and his branch

1 Sam. xxii, 5. And the prophet bluotet forth in his garden. His shall come unto thee, the fir-tree, Gad said unto David, Abide not Tots are wrapt about the heap, gether, to beautify the place of into the land of Judah. the pine-tree, and the box to- in the hold; depart, and get thee

Then und seeth the place of stones.

my sanctuary; and I will make David departed, and came into Job xiv, 7,9. For there is hope the place of my feet glorious. the forest of Hareth. of a tree, if it be cut down, that it will sprout again, and that the


EPIRAIM. tender branch thereof will not

Yct through the scent of 2 Sam. xviil, 9. And Absalom 2 Sam. xviii, 6. So the people water it will bul, und bring forth met the servants of David. And went out into the field against boughs like a plant.

Absalom rode upon a mule, and Israel: and the battle was in the

the mule went under the thick wood of Ephraim Job xviii, 16. His roots shall be boughs of a great oak, and his dried up beneath, and above shall head caught hold of the oak, and

LEBANON huis branch be cut ofl. he was taken up between the

1 Kings vii, 2. He built also the Job xix, 10. He hath destroyed heaven and the earth; and the house of the forest of Lebanon; me on every side, and I am gone; mule that was under liim went the length thereof was an hundred und mine hope hath be removed away.

cubits, and the breadth thereof ditie a tree.

1:a. X. 33, 34. Behold, the Lord, Atly cubits, and the height thereP8. xcii, 14. They shall still the LORD of hosts, shall lop the of Thirty cubits, upon fuur rows bring forth fruit in old age; they bough with terror; and the high of cedar pillars, with cedar beams shall be fat and flourishing.

ones of stature shall be hewn upon the pillars.

down, and the haughty shall be 134. x, 19. And the rest of the humbled. And he shall cut down three hundred shields of beaten

1 Kings x, 17. And he made trees of his forest shall be few, the thickets of the forests with ibit a child may write them.

gold; three pound of gold went iron, and Lebanon shall fall by a

to one shield: and the king put Isa. xl, 24. Yea, they shall not mighty one.

them in the house of the forest of be planted; yea, they shall not be Isa. xxix, 17. Is it not yet a very | Lebanon.


out. Let my beloved come into

UEBRE LAT. 2 Kings xix, 23. By thy messen-his garden, and eat his pleasant

Ler. xix, 23-25. And oben a fruits. rers thou hast reproached the

shall come into the lani, de LORD, and hast said, With the Cant. vi, 11. I went down into have planted all mander of tre multitude of my chariots I am the garden of nuts to see the fruits for food, then ye sball (01 ** come up to the height of the of the valley, and to see whether fruit thereof an uncircon su mountains, to the sides of Leba- the vine flourished, and the pome- three years shall it be is an non, and will cut down the tall granates budiled.

cumcis-d unto you; it sball. cedar trees thereof, and the choice

Cant. viii, 13. Thou that dwell. eaten of. But in the fuurib yet fir trees thereof: and I will enter est in the gardens, the compau. all the fruit thereof shali the boss into the lodgings of his borders, ions bearken to thy voice: cause

to praise the LORD thal. Au and into the forest of his Carmel. me to hear it.

in the fifth year shall se est

the fruit thereof, that it may Isa. I, 29, 30. For they shall be ARABIAN. ashamed of the oaks which ye am the LORD your God.

unto you the increase thered: I 1:a. xxi, 13. The burden upon have desired, and ye shall be conArabia. In the forest in Arabia founded for the gardens that yo sell ought unto this neighb :

Lev. XXY, 14-17. And if the shall ye lodge, 0 ye travelling have chosen. For ye shall be as companies of Dedanim.

an oak whose leaf fadeth, and as a buyest ought of the Legbtes garden that hath no water.

band, ye shall not oppress 02 EOF THE SOUTH.

other. According to the les

1:a, Ixi, 11. For as the earth of years after the jubilee is Ezek. xx, 46, 47. Son of man, set bringeth forth her bud, and as the shalt buy of thy neigtivo, el thy face toward the south, and garden causeth the things that according unto the ne!? drop thy word toward the south, are sown in it to spring forth; so of the south ñeld; And say to the eousness and praise to spring forth titude of years thou shalt incat and prophesy against the forest the Lord God will cause right-yeurs of the fruits de shall

unto thee. According to the E forest of the south, Hear the word before all the nations. of the LORD; Thus saith the Lord

the price thereof, and acesta

Hos. 11, 12. And I will destroy to the fewness of years thens Gov, Behold, I will kindle a fire her vines and herfig-trees, whereof dimiuish the price of it:f* in thee, and it shall devour every she hath said, These are my re-ing to the number of the years green tree in thee, and every dry wards that my lovers have given the fruits doth be kell olid the tree: the flaming flame shall not me: and I will make them a fo- Ye shall not therefore opr*** be quenched, and all faces from rest, and the beasts of the field another, but thou shalt tear 11 the south to the north shall be shall eat them.

God: for I am the Lord you burnt therein.

Joel i, 7. He hath laid my vine God.

waste, and barked my fig-tree: he Deut. xx, 19, 20.

hath made it clean bare, and cast shalt besiege a city a long Ven. 11, 8. And a letter unto it away; the branches thereof aro making war agallist il tu tak Asaph the keeper of the king's made white.

thou shalt not destruy de in forest, that he may give me timber to make beams for the gates them by their fruits. Do med ga- them: for thou mayest eater

Matth. vii, 16--20. Ye shall know thereof by forcing an are se of the palace which appertained to the house, and for the wall of ther grapes of thorns, or figs of and thou shalt not cut them doo the city, and for the house that I bringeth forth good fruit; but a life.) to employ their in thes,

thistles? Even so every good iree for the tree of the fie dis : shall enter into. And the king corrupt tree bringetli forth evil Only the trees which thoek. granted me, according to the good fruit. A good tree cannot bring Land of my God upon me.

est that they be Dot trite forth evil fruit, neither can a cor- meat, thou shalt destroy it! 3rd.

rupt tree bring forth good fruit. them down; aud thou NIE

Every tree that bringeth not forth bulwarks against the clip ORCHARD.

good fruit is hewn down, and cast maketh war with thee, until Job xv, 32. It shall be accom- into the fire. Wherefore by their subdued.

1 plished before his time, and his fruits ye shall know them. branch shall tot be green.

Matth. xii, 33. Either make the FLOWERS AND ARONAT P3. Ixxviii, 47. He destroyed tree good, and his fruit good; or Çant. i, 13, 14. A bun. their vines with hail, and their else make the tree corrupt, and myrrh is ray Well-belure sycamore-trees with frost.

his fruit corrupt; for the tree is me: he shall lie all light P8. cv, 33. He smote their vines known by his fruit.

my breasts. My brlored 136 also and their fig trees, and brake

Luke iii ?. Aud now also the

me as a cluster of can put the trees of their coasts. axe is laid unto the root of the

the vineyards of Eugelis Eccles. 11,5. I made me gardens trees: every tree therefore which Cant, ii, 1, 2, 16. I aniberta' and orchards, and I planted trees bringeth not forth good fruit is Sharon, and the lily of the sea in them of all kind of fruits. hewn down, and cast into the

As the lily among thorns $3! fre. Çant. 11, 8. As the apple-tree

love among the daughter

Luke vi, 43, 44. For a good tree beloved is mine, and i ans. anong the trees of the wood, so i8 bringeth not forth corrupt fruit; feedeth among the lilies. my beloved among the sons. I neither doth a corrupt tree bring sat down under his shadow with bring forth good fruit. For every day break, and the statues

Cant. iv, 6, 11, 13, 14. [ great delight, and his fruit was tree is known by his own fruit: away, I will get me to the sweet to my taste.

for of thorns men do not gather tain of myrri, and to the Cant. iv, 12, 16. A garden in- figs, nor of a bramble-bush gather frankincepse. closed is my sister, my spouse; a they grapes.

of thy garments is like the st. spring shut up, a fountain sealed. Mark xi, 14. And Jesus answer of Lebanon. Tby plants *** Awake, O north wind; and come, ihou souih; blow upon my garden, fruit of thee bereafter for ever. pleasant fruita; canair

ed and said unto it, No man eat orchard of pomegranate that the spices thereof may flow And his disciplna heard it.

sliikevard; slikebani ali nas


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