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find themfelves at a lofs during the journey.'

That I can believe; but people that have a tongue can afk the way, and fo get forward. Zounds! I think that with my tongue I could find the way to the world's end.

And nothing short of that our couriers have to go. Alia is a very far diftant; at the extremity of Afia lies my father's kingdom; nay, if I am not mistaken, there is another kingdom between.'

And if there were thirty between ; -ways mul exist every where; there must be people coming and going, who would liften to and direct one.'

Ono, my dear. I recollect that for a very long time I did not meet with a living creature; I even remember that after travelling across a defart for at least two months together I came to a kind of funnel, which it was extremely difficult to creep through, and which brought me at laft to the shore of a prodigious fea.' What! the way to your country leads through a funnel! A pretty flory truly you attempt to palm upon



Nothing can be more true. I always heard that my hereditary dominions were very little known and frequented, and perhaps that may be owing to this fame funnel.'

Baldwin's impatience increafed with every word, and Eldore continued to laugh. What!' cried he, do you laugh at me? Can you entertain the foolish defign of turning me into ridicule? I cannot, and will not believe fo.

If you did you would be egregioufly mistaken. I only fimile, conti-, nued the, giving him a look of the utmoft tendernels, because I fee that you have fet your heart upon fuch a triffe. I with with all my foul that our couriers may foon return, that my father would refign his Mirone to you, aid that in the mean

time he may have fubjected tend kingdoms to his crown. Salle would be my only joy-Come your boy! Beg my pardon, behave better in future.'

Baldwin was going to reply, w! a hermit was announced, who c but very feldom to vifit the c though he always met with a a come reception. Eldore, as fun ! his name was mentioned, took her lap-dog on one arm and her c in the other, and withdrew.

The hermit was now admi He had one of thofe uncom countenances which denote the i of a faint, combined with the under ftanding of a philofopher, G. and yet animated in company, could mingle without lowering b felf, among the throng of the co. tiers. He was fure to obtain re when he affumed an air of famil ty, and he was fill more fure command it when he fpoke in a f ous manner. For virtue dweit in difcourfes, perfuafion hung upon. lips; but he feldom made ufe of 2 emphatic tone, but a cheerful farle a • moit always played upon his com


The count advanced a few steps t meet him, and teftified his joy : long deferred vifit. The old bowed and faid:- Your kindre my lord, makes a deep impre upon me. I am come to offer y fome fruit out of my garden, a fruit of a much more uncomm fpecies,-truth and good advice. report concerning you, which appeared to me incredible, has par uated to my lonely retreat. i have been married, I am told, ab a year; and to an Afiatic prie the heirefs to an extenfive king • Yes, venerable father, the p pect of a throne has awakecto ambition. The idolatry of my w to be fure, now and then emb my domegic happine's a live,

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I thought I might at firft over


It is with pleasure that I too, at es, make some allowance for hun foibles; but I cannot help find fome fault with you. I am told It the existence of this kingdom is no means certain. You have, refore, married Eldore, upon her e word, and without inquiring here the dominions of her father cre fituated. You have fent to ake thefe enquiries, but your mefgers do not return. It is now to fure rather too late for an enquiry this kind; for if we entertain the ea of making a confiderable facrie for the poffeffion of an object, ought at least to have afcertained e exiflence of that object.'

I perfectly agree in your opinion,' plied the count, but permit me anfwer, that there are certain ilfions which cannot be imagined, rtain tales which cannot be invent

money; but to fuppofe that among this crowd there is a man poffeffing fufficient courage and magnanimity to rifk even his life for you, would he the height of folly. Hearken to me, therefore, hearken prince, when I tell you, that you are flumbering in indifcreet repofe on the abrupt brink of a bottomlefs abyfs! Heaiken to me when I announce, that he whole throne is exalted above the thrones of all the monarchs of this earth, has fent me to require you to invite me for once to your table in the prefence of your wife; for it is only before her that I can difclofe the complete object of my miffion..

Never had any one yet ventured to fpeak to Baldwin in this tone, neither was he pleafed with the request of the hermit; for he was moft tenderly attached to his wife; he forefaw that this repaft would not be one of the moft agreeable, and was afraid of afflicting her. At the fame time there was fomething in the countenance and manner of the hermit that commanded refpect. An inexpreffible agitation overpowered Baldwin's foul he imagined that he faw and heard the voice of the deity himfelt, and felt himself confirained to obey. He likewife promiled to comply with the injunction of the hermit not to mention a word of what had paffed to Eldore.

No, prince, no; to fovereigns ho, like you, prefume that refpect one will reftrain the impoftor, evething is reprefented in a falfe light. im convinced that there is not a fernt whom you feed at your court, om the molt cunning to the moft upid, who would not have the couge to impofe fome abfurdity upon u; and for this reafon the court of great prince, when he relies with o much fecurity upon his greatneis, ay


Dinner was foon afterwards ferved
Eldore had already feated her-

be converted into a rendezvous felf; around her flood a number of contemptible jugglers and mounteinks. But to return from this difetion to Eldore.You have already, lowed my zeal for your welfare ma any a liberty, it is therefore my ty, as I have already obferved, to fing to your ears the tribute of truth ad of bold advice. Petty hints topped by accident, I leave for the ttle minds of courtiers. It is but air that infects of this kind should be fome ufe, and perform fame ferice to the prince in return for his

courtiers. The count took his place, and laft of all, as it had been agread, the hermit entered the dinner hall. Eldore call her eyes upon him; and inflantly her fice was horribly diftortcd. She puthed hack her chair, and was going to rile.


Stop, reprobate fpirit,' cried the hermit aloud :- ftop, and await thy merited punishment ! Down with the matk, pretended princefs of Aña! look at nie, and tremble before the mellenger of God! Thou

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wilt arrive timely enough in thine infernal abode.'


What a spectacle, terrific beyond defeription, now prefented itfelf! It was manifeft that it was no other than the devil himself, who had impofed upon Baldwin, and whom he had married. Flames iued from Eldore's nofe, mouth, and eves: fer breath refembled fiery clouds; a horrible abyfs opened under her feer. All the courtiers betook themoves to flight from fo dangerous a neighbour hood, and Baldwin was one of the foremost; but the herm back oned, and all of them, agant their will, flood as if sooty to the spot. He then unloored the cord which ferved him for a girdle, and fourged

fhail he on, leaving the church at
principal entrance, and in the p
fece of the people, prefent
bare back to the meanett of
fcullions, and each time receive f
and twenty ftripes. When re
torty days of penance are on
when thefe thousand fripes are d
inflicted, let him repair to Rome..
obtain pardon of the pope.
fails to comply with one of thete
junctions, if but one of thefe t
is given to the hauglity count and
to the penitent finner, his fair coul
will prepare a treat for him in

The holy man then retired wit out waiting for an anfwer. E.. commands were certainly a t

the infernal fit with fuch feverity, thunder-bolt for the proud couc but the terrific threat annexed to the would have extorted even fill m painful facrifices. The very day he continued a full hour upon knces before the altar; the very day the fcullion fcourged his mal with all his might. The crowd courtiers laughed in their hearts; nevertheless they could not fors flattering their lord-for what fe is there on which flattery is note ployed on his heroic fort. and the manly beauty of his uni cd body.

Forty days were now paft; f hours he had knelt; and a thound flripes (often did the count woul the rapidity with which the mit calculated their number) been inflicted. From Paris, from beyond the fea, people ha fembled to behold fuch an extract nary fpectacle; and ten acader were already engaged in difcu the qucttion:-Whether it wash zebub or lucifer that had dig himfelf in the torm of Eldore? count paid no regard to this dip happy that he had endured his nithment, he flew to Rome, and the feet of the pope, implored paku

A hund

that be writhed fo piteoufly, and howled to terribly, as a laft to make the ipccators almost feet compaffion for the devil himfelf. He was obliged to confels, in the hearing of all, that he was the demon of pride, and was then commanded to be gone to his abyfs. He did not wait for this injunction to be repeated; he vanithed, and with him the fuppofed inf. nt prince,

The count, and the throng of courtiers, now recovered the power of motion. The latter were again going to retire, probably to take hartfhorn af. ter fuch a terrible fight, when the hermit again commanded them to remain and, turning to Baldwin, he thus addreffed him :

My mifion is yet but half accomplished. Know, that God would not abandon thee a prey to the tempter who so often would fain have carried thee away to his kingdom, after which thou fo eagerly atpiredit: but the ambition mult at leaft be punithed. Thou rejectedeft the hand of a king's daughter; kings have their avengers in Heaven; liften therefore to the decree of Heaven! For the space of forty days (hall the proud Baldwin daily perform public pe- for his fins. nance in the church. Forty dayṣ

A hundred times did the holy fa- like Phætón, you must fet the world ther cross himself; a hundred times on fire. In your zeal for the repole did he beg the whole ftory to be re- of the country, and the purity of lated over again, and after all he election, what fo efficacious as a could not give credit to it. At length warm canvas, and a protracted poll? a jolly old prieft, weary of thefe ever-This you must call taking the fenfe lafting repetitions, whifpered thefe of the county, though, God knows, words:- Has your holinefs been if they had any fenfe left, you would feated fo fhort a time in the chair of ftand but an indifferent chance. St. Peter? Is the circumflance fo wholly unprecedented? How many husbands have we already heard complaining of exceedingly bad wives? If the hermit were to vifit them, would he not there too find devils to drive out ?'

Indeed you are right, replied the pope. Many a one would I dare fav endure ten thoufand flripes to be quit of what this fool has at fo cheap a rate got rid of.'-On this he gave him his benediction, accompanied with the command to go to Paleftine to fight for the cause of God, after he had fo long maintained a connection with his mortal enemy.

Advice to Members of a Certain

AS your winter campaign is now approaching, and as the good of our country is at all times the order of the day, can I do better than offer a few hints to the afpiring patriot, who, convinced that nothing but an adminiftration formed by himfelf and friends can fave his bleeding country, and that all honour and honesty, are confined to them alone, fteps boldly forward, refolved, through thick and thin, to train every nerve to haften the coming of his bleffed mil


We wil! fuppofe that the longwithed for, long expected moment is at length arrived, and that a diffolution has at length taken place,-now then! is the time to exert your energies.

Let the time-ferving flatefman come in for a fnug borough, you difdain fuch paltry ambition; no!

You must take it for granted, that your opponents are knaves, contractors, millers, and tories: you, and you alone, are the true and taunch whigs and patriots. Recollect that you mu keep faft hold of the name, for though both your principles and practice are in direct opposition to every item of criginal Whiggilm, yet if you fland boldly out, the majority of your conflituents will be more eafily caught by the name than by the thing itself.

In your zeal for the freedom of election, take care to have it all on your own fide if the friends of your opponent can neither get to nor from the huftings, without being infulted

why, it is nothing more than an exuberance of patriotifar, and they who would oppofe it, must be tyrants indeed.

Whatever money is fpent by your opponent, recolle that is to bribe the honest de&tors out of their liberty; but whatever is spent by yourself, is in the facred caule of freedom.

Whilft you talk of your patriotifin, be careful to talk alfo of your pover. ty, thofe who have nothing will like you the better as refembling them. felves, and thofe who have a little may be induced to come down; at all events, there is fomething patriotic in coming cheap into the houfe, as of courte you will coft lefs when occation ferves.

If there is any thing in the character and conduct of your opponent, or of his thirteenth coutin, which may be made a fubject of animadverfion, or of ridicule, you may confider it as your own let it be the burden of


your daily ditty on the huftings-if and corrupt majority are against you, you cannot hurt his caufe, yet ftill you will not divide the house. you may hurt his feelings. Be careful alfo to afk a number of queftions, the lefs they are founded in truth, the more dificult it will be for him to anfwer them; as to a mere denial, that goes for nothing with an enlight ered mob.

If your opponent happens to be a brewer, you have a wide field for your wit; you may fay that he has enjoyed the fweets of the trade fo long, that the public would be happy to have a little more of the real bitters. -You may talk of the poor being robbed, by the adulteration of their beverage-then defcant on the tyran. ny of the brewers holding public houfes, and tell your friends around you that they pay too much for their porter; but if, whilth your wrath is fuming and working like the liquor on which you are defcanting, you happen to recollect that fome of your nearest and best friends are brewers allo, it may be necessary, by a welltimed compliment to their virtues, to check that fermentation amongst your auditory which might otherwife run over.

In addreffing your motley audience, who are fuch great philofophers as to depife all tides, be careful notwithfunding to call them gentlemen.' This word is alfo extremely ufeful in your canvafs.-Not many years ago, an alderman of the city of London, being candidate for a borough, not one hundred miles eaft from London bridge attended in the evening at the patriotic porter fhop, amongit his friends and conflituents. A huge lump of a fellow, in a blue frock and apron, having fucceeded in edging him into a corner, feated himfelf directly oppofite, and having fmcked him for fome time, at length addreffed him : Whoy, meafter candidate, you does not feem to know 1. Indeed, fir,' faid the candidate, I do not recollect having the honour of fecing you before.' Why mun,' rejoined the jolly elector, doeft not remember in paffing through the town, you faw a gemman killing a hog, and you asked un for his vole? Whoy that Gemman was I, and I'll kill a hog with e're a gem man in the county.' It is unneceffa. ry to add, that the alderman immediately recognised his accomplished con



If you hope for fuccefs, you must not be fparing of your promifes, the more impracticable they are, it is all the better, as then you will have a good excufe for not performing them; -yet fill you must redeem your pledges, that is, you must make a Jong freech, once or twice in the feffon, propofing fome great and good changes, but clofe with faying, that as you are tony to fee that a wicked

In clofing a long speech, if your auditory thould appear unufually quiet, you must give them a hint, by recommending them to hear your opponent; this they will perfectly underftand, your end will be completely anfwered, and fome fimple fouis will, perhaps, give you credit for your candour.

There is one very delicate fubject, in the progrefs of your conteft, which may require a little elucidation-the fubject to which I refer, is coalition.

Now the difficulty is not in forming the coalition, but in denying it when formed.-You may make a bargain with one of your antagonists to exchange vote for vote, until you are at the head of the pull, then you withdraw your affiftance-this is no coalition;-make the fame offer to your other antagonist-he may fee through the trick, and refufe, or not understanding the new doctrine of fractions, may not be able to comprehend how you thall be able, keeping ene vote to yourself, to give the other

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