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portantly; very much. , Con' sort, n. companion ; Consider ate, a. thought- partner. ful ; prudent.

Con sort', v. to marry ; to Con sid' er ate lý, ad.

accompany ; to associcalmly ; prudently.

ate with. Con sid er a' tion, n. re- Con spic' u ous

a. obvi. gard ; notice ; serious ous to the sight ; emi.

thought ; compensation. nent ; distinguished. Con sign', v. to make over Con spir” a cỹ, nQ a plot; to another.

a concerted treason. Con sign' ment, n. the act Con spir' a tor, n. a man of consigning

engaged in a plot ; & Con sist', v. to be compos- plotter.

ed of; to be contained Con spire', v. to agree toin.

gether ; to concert a Con sist' ence,

crime ; to plot. Con sist' en cỷ, 3

Con' sta ble, n. a peace of. greement ; substance; ficer. form.

Con’ stan cỹ, n. firmness; Con sist' ent, a. conforma. continuance.

ble ; firm ; not contra- Con' stant, a. firm ; unvadictory

ried ; fixed. Con sistent lý, ad. agree. Con stel la' tion, n. a clusably : properly.

ter of fixed stars. Con sis' to rý, n. a spiritu- Con ster na' tion, n. al court.

tonisbment ; fear ; wonCon so la' tion, n.

der. alleviation of mis. Con stit' u ent, a. elemen. ery.

tal ; essential ; compoCon sol' a to rý, 2. tend- sing. n. an elector ; one ing to give comfort.

who deputes Con sole', v. to comfort ; Con' sti tute, v. to make ; to cheer.

to depute ; to set up. Con sol'i date, v. to form Con sti tu' tion, n. the into a solid body.

frame of body or mind ; Con' so Dant, a. agreea- law of a country ; form ble ; consistent ;

of government. cording n. a letter Con sti tu'tion al, a. legal which is not a vowel. according to the esta




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blished government; ra- Con tam' i nate, v. to dedical

file ; to corrupt. Con strain', v. to compel ; Con temn', v. to despise ; to force; to press.

scórn ; neglect. Con straint', n. compul. Con tem' plate, to sion ; confinement.

muse ; to meditate ; to Con struct', v. to build ; study. to form.

Con tem pla' tion, n. me. Con struction, n. act of ditation ; thought.

building ; fabrication ; Con tem' pla tive, a. stu

meaning ; the syntax. dious ; thoughtful. Con' strue, v. to interpret ; Con tem' po ra rý, n. one to explain.

who lives at the same Con sule', v. to take coun: time with another.

sel together; to ask Con tempt', n. scorn ; disadvice of.

dain ; hate. Con sul ta' tion, n. secret Con tempt' i ble, a. dedeliberation.

serving scorn ; base. Con sume', v. to waste ; to Con tempt' u ous, a. scorn

destroy ; to waste a- ful ; proud ; insolent. .

way ; to be exhausted. Con tend', v. to strive ; to Con sum' mate, v. to com- dispute any thing.

plete ; to perfect. a. Con lent', v, to satisfy ; to

complete ; perfect. please a satisfied ; ea. Con cum ma'tion, n. per.

sy. n, capacity; moderfection ; completion ; ate happiness. end ; death

Con ten' tion, n. strife ; Con suiop' tion, n. waste ;

debate ; contest ; emu. a disease,

lation. Con sump' tive, des- Con ten' tious, a. quarrel. tructive ; wasting.

some ; perverse. Con' tact, n. close union ; Con tent' ment, n. satistouch.

faction. n. pesti Con tents', n. the heads of lence; an infection

a book ; index; extent ; Con tai gi out, a.

infec- capacity tious ; catching.

Con test', v. to dispute ; Con tain', v. to hold ; to to litigate ; to strive ; comprise ; restrain. to contend; to emulate.


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ta' gi on,



Con' test, n. a dispute ; an agreement. debate ; quarrel.

Con tract', v. to shorten ; Con' text, n. series of a to bargain ; to shrink discourse. a. united.

up. Con ti guli tý, n. actual Con trac' tion, n. an ab. contact.

breviation Con tig' u ous, a. meeting Contract' or, n. one who so as to touch.

makes bargains Con tig u ous lý, ad. Con tra dic v. to oppose

without any intervening verbally ; to deny. space.

Con tra dic'tion, n. oppo. Con ti nence, n. chastity; sition ; inconsistency: forbearance.

Con tra dic' to rý, a. in. Con' ti nent, n. land not consistent with.

divided by the sea. Con tra dis tinc' tion, n. chaste ; temperate.

distinction by opposite Con tin gen cỷ, nQ acci- qualities.

dental possibility. Con tra ri' e tý, n. oppo• Con tin' gent, a. acciden- sition inconsistency.

falling out by Con' tra rý, a. opposite; chance ; fortuitous. disagreeing; adverse Con tin' u al, a. incessant; Con' trast, n. an opposiuninterrupted

tion of figures Con tin' u al lý, ad, with Con trast', v. to place in out ceasing.

opposition. Con tin' u ance, n. perma- Con tra vene', v. to opnence ;

duration ; bode.

Con tribute, v. to give ; Con tin u a'tion, n. a con to bear a part. stant succession.

Con tri bu' tion, n. what Con tin' ue, v. to remain several give for a comin the same state.

mon purpose. Con tort', y to twist ; to Con trite, a truly peni. writhe ; to torture.

tent. Con tor' tion, n. a twist ; | Con tri' tion, n. peni

a strain ; a flexure. tence ; the act of grindCon' tra band, a. unlaw- ing to powder. ful

; forbidden ; illegal. Con tri'vance,n.a scherac; Contract, n. a bargain ;

a plot ; an art.

tal ;

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pose ; to hinder

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Con trive', v to plan ; in. one point. vent ; project.

Con ver' sant, a. acquaintCon trol', v. to govern ;

ed with ; skilled in. to restrain. n. power ; Con ver sa' tion, n. famil.

authority i restraint. iar discourse, Con' tro ver sý, n. a dis-Con verse', v. to discourse pute ; a quarrel; a suit

to hold interin law.

course with. Con tro vert', v. to debate; Converse, n. acquaint

to dispute any thing in ance ; cohabitation ; fawriting

miliarity. Con tu ma' cious, a. ob. Con ver' sion, n. transmustinate ; perverse.

tation ; change from reCon' tu ma cỹ, n obstina- probation to grace.

cy; stubbornness ; in- Con vert', v. to change ; flexibility

to appropriate ; to unCon tu me li ous,

dergo a change. proachful ; rude ; bru- | Con' vert, n. a person tal

changed from one opinCon’ tu me ly, n. rude- ion to another. ness ; contemptuous | Con' vex, a. rising in a

circular form ; opposite Con tulsion, n, a bruise ; to concave. act of bruising

Con vex?i tỳ, nprotuberCon va les' cence, n. a re• ance in a circular form. newal of health.

Con vey), v. to carry from Con va les' cent, a. recov. one place to another ering

to transfer ; to transCon vene', v. to call to. mit. gether; to assemble.

Con vey' ance, tbe Con ve' ni ence, n. fitness ; means by which any propriety

things is conveyed. Con ve' ni ent, a. fit ; suit- Con vey' an cer, n. able ; proper.

who draws writings by Con' vent, n. a religious which property is conhouse ; a nunnery.

veyed. Con ven' tion, 8. an assem- | Con vict', v. to prove guilbly ; coalition.

ty ; to confute. Con verge', v. to tend to I Con' vict, n. a person cast


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one a


at the bar; one convict- fully ; diffusely. ed.

Cop' per, n. one of the six Con vic' tion, n detection primitive metals ;

of guilt ; confutation. large boiler. Con vince', v. to force a- Cop per plate', n. a plate

nother to acknowledge on which pictures, &c. a contested position by are engraven. full proof.

Cop' per as, n. a kind of Con vin' cing lý, ad. in vitriol.

such a manner to Cop' u late, v. to unite ; to

leave no room for doubt. conjoin. Con viv' i al, a. festal ; so. Cop' Ÿ, v. to transcribe; cial.

to imitate. n. a pattern Con' vo cate, v. to call to- to write after ; manus

gether; to convoke ; to cript. summon to an assem. Coquet', v. to deceive bly.

in love ; to jilt. Con vo ca' tion, n. an eco Co quette', n. a gay, airy

clesiastical assembly. girl, who endeavours to Con volve', v. to roll to- attract notice. gether.

Cord' age, n. a quantity of Con voy!, v. to accompa

ropes for a ship. ny for defence.

Cor' di al, n.

any thing Con' voy, n. defensive at- that comforts, gladdens, tendance.

and exhilarates. a. reviCon vulse', v. to give a ving violent motion.

Cor di al' i tỹ, n. relation Con vul' sion, n. an invol- to the heart; sincerity.

untary contraction of Cor' di al lì, ad. sincerely; the muscles.

heartily Con vul sive, a. giving Co rin' thi an, a. the fourth twitches or spasms,

of the five orders of arCo op' e rate, v to labour chitecture.

jointly with another. Cor' mo rant, n. a bird that Co part' ner, n. a joint preys upon fish ; a glut. partner in business.

ton Co' pi ous, a. plentiful ; a- Cornice, n. the highest bundant.

projection of a wall or Coi pi ous lẽ, ad. plenti- column.

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