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Compendium of Entertaining Knowledge.


We this Month prefent our Readers with a beautiful characteristic Portrait of MISS SMITH, as PORTIA, in the MERCHANT of VENICE. An interefting Memoir of this admired Actress will be given next Month.

Biographical Sketch of the Right
Honourable the COUNTESS of
HARRINGTON. (With a Por-

married to the inarpuis of Tavistock; Leicester, born in 1784; Fitzroy, born in 1788; Francis, born in 1789; Henry, born in 1790; Caro line, born in


WILLIAM STANHOPE, ta, born in 1792, Arlotte Auguf

grandfather of the prefent earl

Auguftus, born in


f Harrington, was a brigadier-geneal in the army and ambaffador to the ing of Spain. In confideration of is great fervices at the negociations t Seville, he was elevated by George to the peerage, by the title of baron Jarrington, and fome years afteryards invested with the additional ho outs of viscount Peterfliar, and arl of Harrington. To the prefent poffeffot of thefe onours, Charles Stanhope, earl of Tarrington. the lady whofe portrait mbellithes this number of our mifcelmy is united. She was a daughter nd coheiress of fir Michael Fleming, aronet, of Brompton in Middlefex, nd was married to his lordship on e 22d of May, 1779, very foon fter his acceffion to the title.


A numerous family has been the Tue of this union, viz.-Charles, iscount Peteribam, born in April, 781 Lincoln Edward Robert, aptain in the 16th regiment of drapons, born in 1782; Anna Maria, ara September 3, 1783, and lately November, 1808.

dyfhip it will be fufficent to obferve, Refpecting the character of her lathat the fashionable world cannot boaft a brighter example of conjugal and parental virtue. Her own talents and accomplishments are admirably

eflected in thofe of her numerous and

amiable offspring, principally educated under her fuperintendance. The tues by the favour and familiarity with ftrongest evidence is borne to her virwhich her lady fhip has been honoured by the royal family, and particularly by her majefty, to whofe private parties the has been conftantly admitted. So far, however, from standing forward as a leader of fashion, or courting public notice by an oftentatious di play of her pretentions, the countefst more fold fatisfaction refulting from of Harrington feems to prefer the the performance of domeftic duties and the more retired pleasures which a good wife and mother cannot fail to find in the bofom of an amiable family.. 4 M



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7hrte Leiters or Prostitution. By have another most powerful argome Eenevolens.

in their behalf. Let then conlida:

further, that these unhappy morta LETTER I.

were once, perhaps all of thein, the Si qæret pater urbium

delight of their fond parents, who
Subicribi'statuis ; indomitam audeat watched :heir rising youth with joy!
Refrænare licentiam,
Clarus poft genitis.

and hope, contemplated their ap Hor, 3 lib. 24 od. 27 vs. proaching maturity with exultatis


and introduced them into the left OF all the sources of depravity scenes of life with cautious disidence

, and mifery, none is more prominent and they will find another caule ka and fruitful than prostitution ; it confequently presents to the humane and then were born of parents in recipea

. regret and picy. Again, many

and pity. confiderate mind a most extensive and variegated field for the exercise of cation was studiously attended to the '

able and lofty fitnations—their educharity; and yet (strange as it may were formed with all the accomplif


— appear) there is no order of beings so

ments of nature and learning-were who, by complicated and very often brought up with the utmost delicacien

, mysterious occurrences, have been ed the declining years of a father of 2

and were once to have contorforced to seek their bread in this way. mother and they will have another

? It must be acknowledged, that the most urgent plea. If they will go 2 name of Prostitute' is indeed a very little further, and view the distrepo disgusting dilinction, and always and privations they now labour under, carries its own infamy ; nevertheless, the piercing vicífitudes of tirane mr. Editor, I am fully perfuaded; they are liable to, their case will gain that the contempt and (I may fay) increased weight. Are not the mai most unchristian malice which these poignant agonies of mind thei:s! unfortunate creatures experience, not Are they not, one and all, conllanıliv only from their own fex, but from that which was the field and only exposed to discale ? and do we asi; cause of all their forrow, is, in a great few weeks before, rolled in play

every day, behold come who, but a majority of instances, molt unjufily and a Muence, mirth and gavery fue and indiscriminately applieil. di your rounding them, pow reduced to a lore! readers, for a moment, reflcat what horrors surround the wretch, by what with the meanest object ? - without black arts thic was first allured into a 'home to go fo, io screen them tin, and the bitter punithments of ber froin the inclemencies of the weater crime, they will not, they cannot, if pennyless-smarting with the kertthey have any sense of feeling, with est hunger--not knowing where to hold that synipathy, that commifera- turn for a morsel of bread without tion, which their case loudly demands. a friend to pity or relieve then--nay

, Very few contider the gradations of even without one to i!rom the the mind, by imperceptible degrees, difonder-in cold, unfheltered to: vice-tron what purity and delicacy might impart the torinents of their

fouls---languishing under the ruthles may link into infenfibility and bestiality. Hence it is, and not from any

(more fortunate relerve !) seekö scored, inveterate haie, I thould hone, ing refuge in an hospital-ard 10 29 that they meet with such leatment gravate the condition, (oh! dreadtul, Again, if they reficét fon what a

lamentable truth!) expofol to ea! height of glory, into what a gult of

oiher's fury and resentment-courull shame they are precipitalen', they will ing their habitations with animothy

and malice---and acting in all the te

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