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contest ; to accuse. lody : cathedral service. a summons to combat.

Cha' os, n.

a confused Chalyb' e ate, a. impreg- mass of matter; confu

nated with iron or steel. sion. -Cham ade', n. the beat of | Chap' lain, n. a clergyman the drum which de

in the army or navy. clares a surrender. Chap' ter, n. a division of Cham' ber, . a retired

a book; assembly of room. v. to intrigue ; to priests be wanton.

Char' ac ter, n. a mark or Cham' ber lain,

letter ; reputation. who takes care of Cbar ac ter is' tic, n. that chambers; the sixth which constitutes the

officer of the crown. character. Cham' ber maid, n. a maid | Char' ac ter ize, v. to give whose business it is to

a character of a person ; dress a lady

to mark with a stamp. Cham'o mile,n. the name Char' coal, n. coal made

of an odoriferous plant. by burning wood under Cham' paign, n. a flat open

turf. country.

Charge' a ble, a. expen-Cham paign', n. a kind of sive ; costly ; accusable. wine.

Char' i ot, n. a carriage of Cham' pi on, n. a single pleasure or state.

combatant; a hero. v. to Char i ot eer', n. he that challenge.

drives a chariot. Chan' cel lor, n. å great Char' it a ble, a. kind in oficer of state.

giving ; bountiful ; canChan ce rý, n. the court did.

of equity and conscience. Char' i tỹ, n. tenderness; -Chan' de liēr, n. a branch good will ; alms. for candles.

2Char la tan, n. a quack; Change' a ble, a. subject a mountebank. to change ; inconstant ; Charm' er, n.

one who fickle.

charms or enchants. Chan' nel, n. the hollow Charm' ing, a. very pleas

bed of running waters. ing; delightful.

v. to hollow long ways. Chart, n. a delineation of Chant, v. to sing. n. a me. coasts, &c. a map.




Char' ter, n. privilege, im- cherubin.

munity, &c. in writing. Chestnut, n. the fruit of Chasm', n. a cleft ; an a chestnut-tree.

opening ; a vacuity. -Chev a lier', n. a knight. . Chasta a pure ; incor. *Chev aux de frise, (shev rupt ; honest.

o de freeze')n. a military Chas' ten, v. to pun--Chev' er il, n. a kid ; kid

fence ; a trimming. ish ; to correct.

leather. Chas' tise ment, n. cor. Chi cane', n. chicanery ;

rection : punishment. sophistry; wrang!ing. Chas' titý, n. purity of the Chide, v. to reprove ; to body

blame ; to reproach. Chat' el la ný, n. the dis-Chief' tain, n a leader ; trict under a castle.

a commander. : Chat' ter er, n.

an idle

Chil' blain, n. a sore made talker.

by cold and frost. Check' er, ?

Child'ish, a. trifling ; pu. v. to diver

erile ; trivial. sifv.

*Chi me' ra, n. a vain and Cheerful, a. gay ; full of wild fancy life ; merry

*Chi' mer i cal, a. imaginCheer' less, a. sad ; gloomy ; comfortless.

*Chi rur geon, n. surgeon. 'Chem' ic al. a. relating Chiv' al ry,n. knighthood. to chemistry.

Choc' o late,n. a substance *Chem' ist, n. a professor made of the cocoa-nut. of chemisery

Choice, n. the act of *Chem' is trý, n. the sci- choosing; the thing

ence which treats of the chosen. a. select.; of elementary principles extraordinary value. and properties of matter. Choir, n. a body of singCherish, v. to support ;

to nurse up; to shelter. Choler, n. the bile ; anCher rý, n. a fruit.

ger ; rage. ruddy ; blooming. Chol' ic. Cherub, n. a celestial Colic,

n. a pain in spirit. pl. cherubim. the colon or bowels. Che ru' dick, a. angelic; I Chooseó, v. to select ; to

ary ; fantastic




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pick out.

Ci' der, n. the juice of ap*Chord, v. to furnish with ples, expressed and fer

strings n. a, string or mented. small rope.

Cin' na mon, n. the spicy Chor' is ter, n. a singer.

bark of a tree. Cho rog ra phy, n. the Cilon, n. a sprout; a shoot

art of describing parti- from a plant. cular places.

Cipher, v. to practise aChorus, n. a number of rithmetic. n. nought.

singers ; a concert. Cir' cle, n. an orb. v. to Chris' ten, v. to baptize ; move round any thing ; to name,

to enclose. Chris' ten dom n. the Cir' cuit, n. extent meas

collective body of chris- ured by travelling 4tians

round ; space enclosed. *Chris' tian, n. a disciple Circuit ous, a. round aof Christ.

bout. Chris ti an'i tỹ, n. the re. Cir' cu lar, a, like a circle;

ligion taught by Christ. round Chris' tian ize, v. to make Cir cu la' tion, n. a circu. christian.

lar motion ; a return. Christ' mas, n. the festi- | Cir cum am' bi ent,

val of the nativity of surrounding; encom

Christ. Dec. 25th. passing: Chron' ick, ?

Cir cum am' bu late, v. to Chron' i cal, s

a. of long

walk round about. continuance.

Cir cum' fe rence, n. the 'Chron'i cle, n. a history;

periphery ; the line in. register; record. v. to cluding and surroundrecord in history,

ing a thing. Chron o lo' gic al, a. re. Cir cum ja' cent, a. lying

lating to chronology. round any thing. Chronol'o gý, n. the art Cir cum locution,n.a cir

of competing time. cnit or compass of words. Churi' ish, a. rude ; bru- Cir cem loc'u to ry, a. de

tal ; harsh ; selfish. pending on circumloChyle, n. the white juice cution

of the stomach, formed Cir cum mur' ed, a. wallby digestion.

ed round.

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Cir cum nav'i ga ble, a. Cit, n. an inhabitant of a

that which may be sail- city ; a pert, low towns

ed round. Cir cum nav' i gate, v. to Cit' a del, n. a fortress ; sail round.

a castle. Cir cum nav i gal tion, n. Ci' tal, n. impeachment ;

the act of sailing round. citation ; quotation. Cir cum ro ta'tion, n. the Cite, v. to summon to an.

act of whirling round swer in a court ; to like a wheel.

quote. Cir cum scribe', v. to en. Cit' i zen, n. a free man

close in certain lines or of a city. boundaries.

Cit' ron, n. a large kind of Cir' cum spect, a cauti. lemon,

ous ; attentive ; watch- Civ' ic, a. relating to ciful.

vil honors ; not military. Cir cum spec' tion, Civ' il, a. complaisant ;

watchfulness on every gentle ; intestine ; reside ; caution.

lating to government. Cir' cum spect lý, ad. Ci vil' i tỹ, n. politeness ;

watchfully ; vigilantly. complaisance Cir' cum stance, n. inci- Civ il i za' tion, the

dent ; event; something state of being civilized ; relative. v. to place in art of civilizing. particular situations. Civ' i lize, v. to reclaim Cir cum stan' tial, a. de. from savageness or brutailed; minute

tality. Cir cum vent', v. to de. Civ' il lý, ad. politely ; in ceive ; to cheat.

manner relating to Cir cum voive', v. to roll

government. round.

Claim'ant, n. he that deCir cum vo lu'tion, n. the mands any thing as unact of rolling round.

justly detained. an open

Clam' mý, a. viscous ; gluCirque,

tinous. space,

area, for Clamorous, a. vocifersports.

ous ; noisy. Cis' tern, n. a receptacle Clam' our, v. to vociferate. for water ; a reservoir

n. outcry; noise ; voci.








Client, n. one who em. Clan des' tine, a. secret ; ploys an attorney. hidden.

Clown'ish, a uncivil ; Clan' gour,n. a loud, shrill awkward ; ill-bred. sound

Clum' ósý, a. awkward ; Clāre ob scure', n. light heavy ; unhandy

and shade in painting. Co ad' ju tor, n. an as: Clar' i fy, v. to purify or sistant ; ally.

clear; to brighten Co ag' u late, v. to curdle; Clar' i on, n. a trumpet.

to run into clots. Clas' si cal, a relating to Co a lesce', v. to unite ; to antique authors.

join together ; to close, Clas' sick, n. an author of Coalition, n. union in the first rank.

one mass or body. Clas si fi ca'tion, n. rango Coust' ing, n, sailing near ing into classes.

the land. Clean' lý, a. nice ; pure ;

Coax, v. to wheedle ; to free from dirtiness.

fatter. Cleanseo, v. to free from Cob' bler, n. a mender of guilt ; to purify.

old shoes ; a bungler. Clear' ance, n a certificate Coch' in eal, n. an insect

that a ship has been from which a red cocleared at the custom- lour is extracted. house.

Cock' a trice, n. a serpent. Clēave, v. to adhere ; to Colcoa, n. a species of

divide with violence ; to palm tree. suffer division.

Coc' tion, n.the act of boil. Cleav' er, n. a butcher's ing. instrument,

Cod' i cil, n. an append. Clemo en cỳ, T. mercy ;

remission of severity. Co ef ti" cient, n. that Cler' gỹ, n the body of which co-operates with

men set apart by due or. another.
dination for the service Co e' qual, a. equal
of God.

Co erce', v.to restrain; to Cier' ic al, a. relating to keep in order by force. the clergy

Co er" cion, 11. penal reClerk' ship, n. the office straint ; check of a clerki

Co er' cive, a. serying to

age to a will.

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