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First of April 1831, will commence, in Monthly Nos. Price 5s. 6d.


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• Were all books reduced to their quintessence, many a bulky author would

make his appearance in a pamphlet; there would be scarce such a thing as a folio ; and the works of an age would be contained on a few shelves.' Addison.

Much as we owe to the invention of printing, its good is not intirely without alloy. From the facilities it presents to the rapid march of mind, books are multiplied as if by magic ; but at the same time the sterling works of each successive age are thus, from the want of leisure to read them, rapidly displaced by literature of a lighter cast, whose aim it is ‘ to play round the heart, but never reach the head.'

To divert in part the interest felt for such productions, it is intended to publish, in a concentrated form, a Series of STANDARD ENGLISH AUTHORS ; of whose works the present generation know little, and the rising youth must know less; although the names, at least, of such writers are • familiar in our mouths as household words, and the information they convey, suited to all times, places, and conditions of men, is clothed in language, which has of necessity remained stationary, whilst modes of thinking and writing have insensibly changed. BAR.


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But though powerful in mind and rich in matter are the writers of England's proudest period, still they are all deficient in the one thing needful-brevity; and thus the very points, on which they plumed themselves in their own days, have led to their present partial neglect. Ever more afraid of saying too little than too much, they have imposed on posterity the task of pruning luxuriances and removing blemishes, by the rejection of what is superfluous in matter and quaint in style; but not without the double advantage on our part of retaining all that is useful, and of imparting a new interest to it by the system of CONCENTRATION.

Of the value of such a principle the best proof is given by the unimitated and inimitable authors of Greece and Rome. Varied as their works are in subject and style, they all unite in the leading point, to give the maximum of information in the mininum of space, and have thus been able, independent of their intrinsic value, to outlive not only the darker ages,

but to throw a lustre even on moré enlightened times.

From the limits of a Prospectus, it is impossible to state the precise nature of the plan intended to be adopted : suffice it to observe, that in History no facts, and in Philosophy no reasoning, will be omitted or distorted, so as to render a reference to the original author requisite; and thus the youth especially of both sexes may become perfectly acquainted with authors repulsive from their bulk alone, at a comparatively little cost of time as well as price.

The Series will be confined to the popular productions of writers in Prose, and the following Authors will be first selected :

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The Work will be printed in small Octavo, after the manner of Sir W. Scott's Novels, in monthly volumes, averaging 350 pages of handsome letter-press, price 58. 6d.; and any Author may be purchased separately at a small advance of price.

No. I. will contain PALEY's Moral Philosophy, with a Portrait.

No. II. will contain Paley's Evidences of Christianity; and Locke on the Human Understanding ; with a Portrait.

The Historical and Miscellaneous Series will be ready for publication in the Spring, commencing with Gibbon, Clarendon, Rollin, Addison, Johnson, &c.

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Third Edition, with Improvements, 3 vols. 8vo. 21. 58. bds.



Containing Critical, Philological, and Explanatory Notes in English, from the most eminent Critics and Interpreters: with Parallel Passages from the Classics, and with references to Vigerus for Idioms, and Bos for Ellipses. To which is prefixed a short Treatise on the Doctrines of the Greek Article, according to Bishop Middleton, Mr. Granville Sharp, &c. briefly and compendiously explained, as applicable to the Criticism of the New Testament." The Various Readings are recorded under the text. Greek and English Indexes are added at the end,

By the Rev. E. Valpy, B. D. Two Plates are added, one illustrative of the Trarels of the Apostles, and the other a Map of Judea, and a Plan of the City and Temple of Jerusalem.

To this third Edition have been added Parallel References, on the plan of Bishop Lloyd's little volume.

This work is intended for Students in Divinity, as well as the Library.

• After a minute examination, the author of the present Manual considers this edition of the Greek Testament as the most valuable of any that has yet been published with critical and philological apparatus, especially for students who wish to purchase only ONE Edition of the Greek Testament.- Horne's Introduction to the Bible.

• We have examined several of the Notes, and can speak with confidence of the editor's taste and judgment, knowlege and research. Pertinent matter has been collected with great care ; and throughout the work the object of the editor has been to set before his readers useful information from every avail. able source, not to display his own ingenuity by fanciful and recondite interpretations, or to make a parade of his learning by frequent and elaborate and unnecessary quotations. The young divine will find this work not only a safe guide in his studies, but the best which he can obtain within the compass of the same price and size.'—Class. Journ.

Second Edition, in one Vol. 8vo. 11. 18.

WITH THE APOCRYPHA; Edited by A. J. Valpy, from the Oxford Edition of Bos and Holmes. This Edition is handsomely printed in one volume, 8vo. hot-pressed. FOR USE IN CHURCHES AND CHAPELS, as well as the Library.

• This elegantly executed volume is very correctly printed, and (which can. not but recommend it to students in preference to the incorrect Canubridge and Amsterdam reprints of the Vatican text) its price is so reasonable as to place it within the reach of almost every one.'--Horne's Introduction to the Bible.

The Septuagint and Testament may be bad bound in four rolumes.



SUNDAY, AND OTHER SCHOOLS. This Day is published, price 2s. 6d. in Morocco, gilt leaves—in black roan,

18.6d.---and in plain binding (to give away for the use of Charity Schools, and to poor neiglibors), 12s. per doz. the Second Edition of


LECTS, selected from the LITURGY, and from the Works of the most eminent Divines, &c. (Ancient and Modern) of the CHURCH of ENGLAND.

To which are added, OCCASIONAL HYMNS; amongst whicli (besides those for the appointed Festivals and Fasts of the Established Church,) are Hymns by Luther, Cowper, and Newton (of Olney), the late Bishop Heber, Sir Walter Scott, the Rev. Geo. Hay Drummond ; Mrs. Reeve (of Norwich), and (from Mr. A. Pettet's Collection of Sacred Music and Poetry) by Mrs. Opie, J. Montgomery, Esq.; Mrs. Gifford (of Langham, Norfolk), and W. Knox, Esq. Sold by Pools and EDWARDS, London ; MATCHETT and Co., Norwich;

and Mozley and Son, Derby. . So many excellent Books of Devotion and Religious Tracts have been published of late, that there appears to be scarcely any room eren for this little Manual; still as it has been compiled chiefly for the use and benefit of such persons as are unable to purchase expensive works; as it comprises Prayers, Collects, and Hymns, all in this portable size, and as it is sold at a moderate price ; both rich and poor may find it an acceptable pocket companion, and a useful spiritual e.'- Preface.

• This, though small, is one of the best works of the kind that we have met with. The selections are principally from the Liturgy and the most eminent Divines of the Church, with Occasional Hymns, several of which are as beautiful as they are pious.'— Literary Gazette. August, 16th, 1828.

Upwards of 1500 of this little Nanual of Devotion are already in the hands of Members of the Established Church, both old and young.

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