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erection of hands. P. 91. 92.
licited by indians to settle on con-
necticut river. P. 93.

form a
company with plymouth people to
trade there, which project is given
Over. P. 94. a committee ap-
pointed to make a code of laws for,
which is confirmed and printed.
viii. 9. 10. very early. imports ma-
deira wine ; its productions and ex-
ports. 12. and manufactures; in-
corporates shoemakers, and
pers. 13. caterpillars destructive
in. 18.

loses several ships. 18.
19. complaints about taxes. 24.
“ pride and excess in apparel " early
in. 25. churches send relief to the
bermuda church, which was 'ex-
pelled the island. 31. 32.

delivered to its general court by col.
nichols and others, commissioners
from charles ii. may 2, 1665. 55.
suspects the object of the commis-
sioners to be that of laying taxes ;
reasons why the commissioners
were sent out to. 56. 57. suspect-
ed in england of being resolved on
independence. 57. charles ii. dis-
satisfied with answer to his letter.
58. answer of its general court to
the commissioners. 59. commis-
sioners answer.

61. accuses the
commissioners of a breach of its pa-
tent; answer to the commissioners,
denying any injury to " narragan-
set and other indians. 63. letter
from the commissioners, denying
that they had infringed massachu-
setts patent; oath of allegiance to,
by commissioners. 64. letter to
the commissioners, giving an ac-
count of harvard college, of the
law regarding town and grammar
schools, with which the colony was
well provided, and the number of
christian indians in massachusetts.

letter to the commissioners,
objecting to their power of hearing
appeals from its courts, as a breach
of its charter; letter to the com-
missioners about attempts to arrest
messrs. Whalley and goffe. 67.
cused by gorton and others of exe-
cuting laws in its own name, and of
swearing to fidelity to its own go-
vernment. 68.

about repealing laws derogatory to
the king's authority, allegiance,

administration of justice in the
king's name, use of the common
prayer, administration of sacra-
ments, qualification of electors, and
the case of capt. thomas breeden.
47. 49. . confers an honour on the
hon. robert boyle; cautioned by him
to use more guarded language. 49.
52. letter from charles ii. about
renewing charter, granting general
amnesty, laws repugnant to those of
england, allegiance, use of the com-
mon prayer, administration of sacra-
ments, number of assistants, quali-
fications of electors, and against tol-
erating quakers. 52. 55. contro-
versy with king's commissioners on
all the points in dispute. 71. 82.
summoned to appear before king's
commissioners by attorney, in the
appeal of the case of the charles of
oleron; letter to, from commission.
ers, complaining of its answer. 82.
84. publishes by sound of a
trumpet, a defiance of the king's
commissioners. 84.

sends troops
under capt. endicott and others
against the pequots. 131. sends
capt. patrick with troops against in-
dians at block island. 143. and
under capt. stoughton against the
pequots. 145.

court's letter or paper from the
king's commissioners, col. nichols
and others, requiring alterations to
be made in the laws of massachu-
setts. viii. 84. 87. letter to the
king's commissioners about boun-
daries. 87. summons the owners
of the charles of oleron, make
good their cause, and gives notice
to the king's commissioners. 88.
90. sends £500 as a present to the


X. 59.

t. the


91. objections of its committee
about appeals to the king's commis-
sioners. 91. 92. a brief narrative
of its negotiations with the king's
commissioners, 'col. nichols and
others. 92. 96. raises troops for
taking manhattoes, under the king's
commissioners. 94.
first quo warranto issued against.
96. 97. advantages in trade grant-
ed to. 97. holds a day of prayer

general court's
answer to letter from charles ii.

copy of the
visited by ii. 277. donations to. 285. iii.

x. 23.


owing to questions with the com- plymouth settlers; it is subject to
missioners about allegiance. 98. massasoyt; its squaw sachem or
great number of petitions presented queen.

ix. 57.

'indian language

99. debate about appeasing in. 223. proceedings against sam-
his majesty. 99. 101. required to uel gorton. 199. 200. very early
publish a declaration of war against insists, that there is no appeal from
the french in canada. 101. 102. its proceedings to england. 201.
general court petitioned by boston charter from william and mary, re-
against disloyalty and in favour of ferred to.. x. 2. general court dis-
appeasing the king. 103. 105. franchises and dismisses three of its
and by salem, newbury and ipswich members from boston.
to the same effect. 105.

charter privileges usurped by sir
of general court to charles ii. part- edmund andros. 25. towns in,
ly about a letter from the king, allowed to send two representa-
which had no seal, &c. 108. 109. tives, by the charter of william and
a public dispute held in with bap- mary. 26. legislative proceedings
tists. 111. 112. papers on andros's irregular. 26.

prepares to make
administration. 179. 183. letter war against the narragansets. 60.
of general court to joseph dudley, insurrection in, headed by shays
president of the council, complain- and day. 79. And see new eng.
ing of breach of privileges. 179. land, plymouth colony, maine, as-
appoints a committee to take charge sistants, commissioners from charles
of its papers and title deeds. 180. ii., nichols, col. etc.
minutes of sir e. andros's council Massachusetts colony, indians. ii. 66.
in. 181. 182. all its officers and believe the house of kautantowit to
laws to be continued during 'sir e. be the abode of the good after
andros's pleasure. 183. an esti-

death. 113. reduced by mortality
mate of its expenses in 1764, in- from 30,000 to 300. 72. dispute
cluding forts, salaries, etc. and with massachusetts about land. iii.
bounty on wheat. 198. 199. ge- 127. small-pox destroys many.
neral court, report of its committee 127. kindness of whites to. 127.
about cape cod canal, with esti- 128. on charles river. v. 32.
mates of its costs, etc. 193. 196. ried off by pestilence just before
an account of a part of mr. wil- the arrival of plymouth colony.
son's gift of ammunition to. 228. 51. 54. great mortality among, by
229. its receipt from rates, beaver small-pox. 194. 195. P. 67. dress
trade fee, etc. 1632, 1633. 230. and habits. viii. 27. 28. number
231. its payments during the same of, educating at cambridge, and of
period. 232. 233. general court christian indians in massachusetts.
impeach capt. william rous and 65. place of residence. ix. 236.
others for trading with an enemy, And see mashipee, natick, martha's
who claim a habeas corpus. 240. vineyard, narraganset, etc.
242. declares war against nor- Massachusetts, shipping in 1806. iii.
ridgewock indians. 254. its troops 122. register. iii. 163.

fires in,
take norridgewock, and kill father from 1701 to 1800. i. 81. insur-
ralle and indians. 254. 255. let- rection in, headed by shays. iii.
ter to governour from eastern in- 246. quelled. 248. 249. consti-
dians, with fac similes of their seals. tution of, formed; adopts the united
259. 263. opinion of council sent states constitution. 161. provin-
to malden church. 325. general cial congress of; list of killed and
court summons rev. marmaduke wounded at the battles of concord
mathews before it, for preaching and lexington. viii. 45.
unsafe opinions. 325. 326. its act Massachusetts historical society al-
of privileges; claims for the house phabetical list of its members. i.
of representatives the privileges of 8. X. 191. 192. laws and regula-
the house of commons, about money tions. i. 3. circular letter. 14.
bills, etc. 326. 327.


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292. iv. 304. vii, 297. viii. 329. Mather, rev. richard, of dorchester.
ix. 369. x. 188. library, books i. 204. iii. 150. his preservation
deposited in, by old south church. from shipwreck; arrives. v. 199.
vii. 179. when incorporated. 181. 200. 273. his answer to rev. mr. da-
first publishes collections. 182. venport referred to. vi. 590. his
list of its members recently elected. death. 607. vii. 41. viii. 98.
X. 191.

Mather, rev. samuel, of dubļin, ire-
Massachusetts medical society, remon- land. vii. 29. 187.

strance against college of physi- Mather, rev. nathaniel. vii. 29.
cians. i. 134.

Mather, rev. dr. increase. i. 202.
Massachusetts general hospital, peti- visited by john dunton. ii. 100.
tion for. i. 127.

agent for plymouth colony. iii.
Massachusetts indian language, eliot's 190. visits the confessors of witch-

grammar of, at large. ix. 243, et craft, at salem. 221. iv. 93. let-
post.; and mr. pickering's introduc- ter to, on the episcopal controversy
tion to. 223, et post.

in connecticut. 301. his treatise
Massacre of english at virginia by in. on baptism referred to. vi. 570.
dians. vi. 411.

vii. 161. his manuscripts.

Massapee. jij. 175.

letter to, from anthony wood. 187.
Massaquatucket. vii. 140.

his relation of the troubles which
Massasoit. iii. 177. or woosamequen, happened to new england by the
chief sachem of wompanoogs. v.

indians, referred to. viii. 125.
33. comes to plymouth. 59. ac- Mather, rev. dr. cotton, his magnalia.
knowledges himself a subject of i. (xxx.) 203. 205. encourages
king james, and enters into a inoculation. 106. visited by john
league with the pilgrims. 59. 60. dunton. ii. 101. 133. 147. in-
61. or ousamequin. vii. 140. forms dr. boylston of the manner
massasoyt, his habitation at pucka- of inoculating for the small-pox in
nokick. ix. 27. which is near nar- turkey. 159. letter to, from gov.
raganset bay, visited by plymouth dudley, giving an account of an un-
settlers. 49. 50. overthrown by common tooth. 263. quoted. iv.
the narraga'nsets. 54. 57. with 126. 138. his ratio discipline,
90 indians spends some days at ply.. 180. letter to, on the episcopal
mouth. 60. acknowledges him- controversy in connecticut. 301.
self subject to king james. 68. v. (v.) quoted. vi. 541. notice of
massasowat, a friend of plymouth ezekiel cheever. vii. 130.

people. 82. 84. 95.

nalia quoted. 132. 161. quoted.
Massassoomineuk, its meaning. iii. 162. quoted. P. 41. 45. mistake

corrected. P. 45. 48. viii. 243. he.
Massey, jeffrey. viii. 106.

catompolis referred to. x. 56.
Massey, john. viii. 106.

Matlack, timothy, his letter to hon.
Massey, rev. edmund. i. 106.

william findley, giving an account
Masters, john. iii. 266. cuts a passage of attempts to abolish slavery in

from charles river to cambridge, for pennsylvania and jersey. viii. 184.
which the court promise payment.

vii. P. 30. 60.

Mattachiest. ix. 83.
Masters' brook. iii. 262. 265.

Mattachusetts.. See massachusetts.
Masterson, nathaniel, appointed mar- Mattacusets. See massachusetts.

shal of all york. vi. 593. 594. 596. Mattakeeset. iv. 222.
Matacut harbour. iii. 20.

Mattakeeset pond. iv. 92. 225.
Matakeeset bay. iii. 40. 41.

Mattaneaug, or windsor, connecticut,
Matakeeset, now pembroke. vii. 144. settled. vi. 307.

Mattanwake, or long island. v. 89.
Matopan, or dorchester, settled. v. Matta poiset. iii. 200. iv. 258. 259.

134. 135. See dorchester, massa- now rochester. 250. 263. x. 31.

Matta poiset harbour. iv. 252. x. 36.
Matfield river. vii. 151. 172.

Mattapoiset brook. iv. 254.


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Mattapoiset river. iv. 302. 303. x. 35. 208. v. 129. arrives at charlestown.

131. vii. 153. P. 10.
Matta poiset village. iv. 255.

Mayhew, thomas, governour of mar-
Mathews, capt. john, sent on disco- tha's vineyard. ii. 64. iii. 33. 34.

very to new england. v. 13. ix.5. labours among the indians of mar-
a true lover of virginia; his farm. tha's vineyard 66. dies at the

age of ninety. 69. 86. satisfied
Matthews, rev. marmaduke. vi. 663. with the answer of indians ; influ-
of hull and of malden. viii. 15. ence over them.

87. attempts,
“ meeter on.” 16. of lyno, ac- (with his son,) to civilize indians,
cused of preaching erroneous and 83. prudence in managing with
unsafe opinions, is summoned be- indians. 83. 84. introduces juries
fore massachusetts general court.

among them.


grant to, of
325. 326.

martha's vineyard; visits indians to
Matthews, iii. 27.

preserve peace; obtains commission
Maud, rev. of dover, new hamp- to recover martha's vineyard, &c.

shire, a good man. vi. 364. vii. 33. 85. prevents indians from going to
Maushop, a fabulous giant. iii. 43.

86. instructs indians at mar-

tin's vineyard. viii. 29. 231.
Maverick, rev. john, first minister of Mayhew, rev. thomas, jun. of martha's

dorchester. ii. 91. ii. 150., ar- vineyard ; character. ii. 34. 67.
rives. v. 133. settles at dorches- first minister of edgartown. 71.
ter. 134. 135. 186. 189. 192. labours among the indians. 92.
vii. P. 4. sworn a freeman. P. 29. vi. 654. lost at sea on his passage
mistake about his arrival corrected. to england. iii, 67. vi. 557. 654.
P. 39. notice of. P. 40. forms a 655.
congregational church at plymouth, Mayhew, matthew, “ brief account of
england; ordained episcopally in the success of the gospel,” &c.
england. P. 41. 66.

quoted. iii. 67.

magistrate and
Maverick, samuel. ii. 86. v. 160. preacher to the indians at martha's

vi. 500. vii. P. 4. 5. his house at vineyard. 68. 69. 87.
winnesemet. P. 34. bis pinnace. Mayhew, thomas, a justice of the
P. 58. receives from bull and oth- court of common pleas at martha's
ers, pirates, a pinnace, in exchange vineyard. iii. 68.
for one captured by them. P. 73. Mayhew, john. iii. 67. a preacher
viii. 233.

at martha's vineyard ; character.
Maverick, samuel, king's commission- ii. 68. preacher at tisbury. 74.

er, with col. nichols and others. Mayhew, rev. experience, of martha's
vii. 92. (And see commissioners, vineyard. ii. 47. character and
&c. and nichols, col.) at pasca- works. 68. 69. death. 69.
taqua. . v. 89. vi. 665. at boston. Mayhew, dr. matthew. iii. 69. 70.
viii. 52. 58. 62. 64. creates disgust Mayhew, joseph, tutor at harvard col.
at pascataqua. 75. 77. 61. 82. 84. lege. iii. 69.
87. 90. 92. 94. 95. 109.

Mayhew, nathan. iii. 69.
Maverick, elias. viii. 233.

Mayhew, john. iii. 70.
Mawhawks, or maquas. ix. 236. And Mayhew, jeremiah. iji. 70.
see mohawks.

Mayhew, rev. dr. jonathan, of boston,
Mawques, or mohawk indians. vi. 629.

writings on episcopacy. ii. 196. 202.
And see mohawks.

212. iii. 17. 69.
Maxwell, john, his disposition relative Mayhew, zechariah, a preacher to in-

to judge s. sewall's denying a habeas dians. iii, 69.
corpus. yiii. 241.

Mayhew, thomas, esquire. iii. 17. ir.
Maydwell, thomas. v. 232.

Mayes indians, their residence and Mayhew, iii. 66.
number. ii. 25.

Maynard, sir john, a benefactor of har-
May-flower, the ship which brought vard college. ii. 108.

the pilgrims to plymouth. iii. 174. Mayo, rev. john. vi. 663.

x. 176.

x. 177.

x. 37.

x. 179,


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V. 26.

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Mayo, mrs.

Mead, elijah. ii. 176. 180.
Mc call, major hugh. X. 192. Mead, rev. samuel, of amesbury. iv.
Mc clench, mrs.

Mc clintock, rev. samuel, of green- Mead's pond, in waltham. iii. 265.

land, new hampshire. iv. 178. 266.
Mc cloud, lieut. viii. 156.

Meadford. See medford.
Mc clure, robert.

Means, major thomas. iv, 180.
Mc cormick,
shoots a man, is Means,

iv. 180.
tried and condemned, but is re- Meautis, thomas.

v. 153.
prieved. ii. 229.

Mechanicks, to fix their own wages.
Mc crea, miss, mr. tudor's allusion to. viii. P. 23.
viii. 298.

Mecumel. See miantonemo.
Mc culler, lieut. viii. 156.

his opinion respecting
Mc curdy, lieut. john. x. 178.

the natives of America.
Mc duffee, col. john. X. 178. Medford, taxed £3 out of £50 in
Mc farland, rev. asa, of concord, new massachusetts. vii. P. 1. tax for
hampshire. iii. 112.

the support of ministers. P. 6.
Me gregore, rev. david, of londonder- tax. P. 57. P. 60. tax. P. 85.
ry, new hampshire. iv. 78.

tax. viii. 230. witchcraft at.
Mcintire, mrs.
x. 177.

Mc kean, rev. dr. joseph. i. 248. Medical dissertations, list of. i. 117.

iii. 287. letter from. 288. v. (vi.) 118.
professor of rhetorick and oratory Medical society of massachusetts,
at harvard college ; sketch of his terms of admission to. i. 113. ad-
life and character. viii. 157. 167. dress to, by dr. josiah bartlett. 105.
settled at milton. 158. invited to established. 112. its officers in
settle in boston; a representative of 1812. 114.
boston. 160. chosen professor of Medical society (boylston.) i. 127.
mathematicks and natural philoso- Medical science, history of its progress
phy, but does not accept; inaugu- in massachusetts. i. 105.
rated professor of rhetorick and ora- Medicinal springs in new england. v.
tory. 161. dies; buried at the 24.
havana; epitaph. 164. 165. list of Medulla theologie, of rev. w. ames,
publications. *166.

quoted. vii. 165.
Mc kean, william. viii. 165.

Meech, rev. asa, of bridgewater. vii.
Mc kean, agnes. viii. 166.

Mc kean, william. viii. 166.


ii. 22.
Mc kean, elizabeth. viii. 166.

Meigs, mrs. ii. 231. 234. 238. 242.
Mc kee, dr. iv. 293.

Meigs, josiah, president of university
Mc keller, peter. viii. 156.

of georgia. ii. 227.
Mc kennie, rev.

i. 146. Meigs, major return-j. ; journal of his
Mc kenzie,

ii. 11. 12. 23. expedition to quebec under col.
his voyages. 43. referred to.

benedict arnold; account of; hon-
131. 143.

oured by congress; his military ex-
Mc kenzie, a midshipman. ii. ploits. ji. 227. captured at que-

bec. 246. For incidents related
Mckenzie's river. ji. 43.

in his journal, see arnold, col, bene-
Mc lean, col. ii. 236.

Mc lellan, jane. x. 179.

Mein's new hampshire register. iv.
Mc loud, ensign. iv. 219.

Mc mullen, capt, lieut. viii. 156. Mendon settled. vi. 591, destroyed
Mc neal, capt. viji. 157.

by indians. 592.
Mc pherson, aid to montgom- Mendoza,

his treatise of war
ery. ii. 244. slain. 246.

referred to. vii. 216.
Mc pherson,

instructer. ii. Menehighon. See mophegan.

Menemsha pond. iii. 42. 44. 45. 49.
Mead, dr. i. 108.



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