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total ;

Un feigned', a. not pre. Un'ion, n. the act of uni.

tended ; real ; sincere. ting ; concord. Un for' ti fied, a. weak ; | U' ni oson, n. an unvaried defenceless.

note ; agreement ; conUn fort' u nate, a. unpros.

cert. perous; wanting luck. Unit, n. the number one. Un gen' er ous, a. illiber. U nite', to form or al ; mean.

grow into one ; to join ; Un god' lý, a. irreligious; to agree.

unholy ; profane; wick- U ni iỹ, n. the state of ed

being one ; concord. Un gov' ern a ble, a. not U ni ver' sal, a. all ;

to be ruled ; unruly ; general. wild.

U ni verse, n. a general Un gram mat' ic al, a. not system of things; the agreeable to grammar

world. rules.

U ni ver si ty, n. a gene. Un grate' ful, a. unthank. ral school of liberal

ful ; vile ; unpleasant. arts. Un ground' ed, a. having Un just', a. dishonest ; - no foundation.

partial. Un guard' ed, a. not de. | Unknown', a. not known

fended ; careless ; un- or noted; undiscover wary

ed. Un' gu ent, n. an ointment; Un lade', v. to unload ; to

liquid salve ; perfume. take off; to empty. Un hap' pý, a. unfortu. Un leav' ened, a. not leav

nate ; distressed ; mis- ened ; not fermented. erable.

Un let' tered, a. unlearn. Un ho'lý, a. profane ; im: ed ; ignorant. pious ; lewd ;

Un man', v. to deprive of wicked.

rational powers, or of U ni form?i tỷ, n. a con- strength and courage. formity to one pattern ; Un man' age a ble, a. stub

born ; not manageable. Un in tel li gi ble, a. that | Un man’ner lý, 8. ill-bred;

cannot be understood. uncivil. ad. uncivilly. Un in ten' tion al lý, ad. Un mean' ing, a. having without intention.

no meaning ; insipid;

vile ;


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Un search' a ble, a. not to Un mer ci ful, a. cruel ; be explored ; hidden

severe ; unconsciona- dark. ble.

Un seal 6son a ble, a. un. Un moor', v. lo heave timely ; unfit ; late. up an anchor.

Un seem'lý, a. indecent; Un ne' ces sa rý, a. need- unbecoming: uncome

less ; useless ; trifling. ly. Un no ticed, a. not ob- Un skil ful, a. wanting served or regarded. knowledge

arti Un par' don a ble, a. not clumsy. to be forgiven ; very | Un sound',

rotten ; bad.

wanting health ; erro. Un pleas6 ant, not neous.

pleasant ; uneasy ; Un speak' a ble, a. not to troublesome.

be expressed ; very Un pre ce dent ed, a. not great. having a precedent ; Un stal ble, a. not fixed ;

inconstant ; irresolute. Un qui'et, a. restless ; Un suc cess' ful, a. not disturbed ; uneasy.

successful ; unfortu. Un read', a. not learned ; nate.

not read ; untaught. Un suf' fer a ble, 2. not Un real 6son a ble, a. un- sufferable ; intolerable; just ; exorbitant i

im- vile. moderate.

Un suit' a ble, a. unfit ; Un re gen' e rate, a. not improper ; inadequate.

regenerate ; wicked ; | Un tan' gle, v. to loose bad.

from intricacy ; to Un re lent' ing, a. feeling free.

no pity ; hard ; cruel ; Un ten' ant a ble, a. not stern.

fit to be inhabited. Un right' eous, a, unjust ; Un thank' ful, a. ungrate.

sinful; wicked ; base. ful; displeasing ; careen ru' lý, a. ungoverna

less. ble ; licentious ; loose; Un time' lý, a. happening wild.

before the proper time. Un salvour ý, a. tasteless; Un toward, a. froward ;

insipid ; disgustful, cross ; awkward.

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a lie.

Un tract' a ble, a. ungov. | Up' per most, a. high

ernable ; unruly; rough. Un truth', n. a falsehood; Up'right, a. straight up :

honest. Un tu'tored, a. uninstruc- Up' rõar, n. tumult; con. ted ; untaught.

fusion ; bustle. Un ulosu al, a. uncom. Up' shot, n. conclusion; mon ; rare.

end ; event. Un va' ried, a. not diver- Up' start, n.one suddenly

sified; unchanged ; fix- raised to wealth, &c. ed.

who becomes proud Un war' rant a ble, a. not and insolent. justifiable.

Up' ward,

a. directed Un wal rý, a. wanting higher.

caution ; precipitate ; Ur ban' i tý, n. civility ; hasty.

elegance; politeness. Un wea' ried, a. untired ; Ur chin, n. a hedgehog i indefatigable.

a brat ; a child. Un welcome,

not (Urge, v. to incite ; to propleasing; not at all

voke ; to press. grateful.

Ur' gen cỏ, n. a pressure Un wholesome,

a. not of difficulty. wholesome ; unhealthy. Urgent, a. pressing; ear: Un wield lý, a.

nest ; importunate. ageable ; bulky ; pon- Urn, n. a vessel used for derous.

the ashes of the dead; a Un for thỹ, A. undeserv

water pot. ing ; mean ; vile.

U\ 6sage, n. treatment ; Un wrought', a. not manu- custom ; fashion. factured.

Ush'er, n. an underteachUp braid', v. to reproach; er ; an introducer. to twit ; to chide.

U Ósurp', v. to hold withUp hold', v. to support ; out right. to save.

U sur pa' tion, n. an illeUp hol' ster er, n. one who gal possession

furnishes houses with Usurp'er, n. one who ubeds, &c.

surps, or is in possess. Up' land,

bigher ion of what is another's ground.


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Ui6su rý, n. money paid empty space.

for the use of money ; Vag'a bond, n. a vagrant; exorbitant interest.

a wanderer. U ten' sil, n.

an instru. Va ga'rý, n. a wild freak; ment for any use.

a capricious frolic. U til i tỹ, n. usefulness ; Va'grant, n.one unsettled profit; convenience.

in habitation ; d vagaUt' most, a. highest; most bond. extreme.

Vague, a. wandering"; unUt' ter, v. to speak ; to settled ; indefinite.

vend ; to publish. a. out. Vāil, n. a covering for the ward ; extreme.

face ; mask. v. to cov Ut' ter lý, ad. perfectly ; er.

completely : fully. Vāinga. conceited ; proud; Ut' ter most, a. extreme ; ineffectual. most remote.

Vāin glo' rý, n. empty Ux o'ri ous, a. submis

pride ; great vanity; sively fond of a wife. folly.

Val' ance, n. fringes or V.

drapery hanging round VA'CAN CY, n. a va. the tester of a bed.

cant place ; a time of Vale, n. a valley.

Val e diction, n. a fareValcant, a. empty ; free well.

disengaged; idle. Val e dic' to rý, a. bidding Va' cate, v. to make va. fare well.

cant; to quit ; to an- Vâl' en tine, n. a sweetnul.

heart chosen on Valen. Va ca' tion, n. leisure ;

tine's day. ease ; intermission ; a Valet, n. a waiting ser

vant. Vac' cin ate, v. to inocu- Val e tu di na'ri an, n. a

late with the virus of weak, sickly person. the cow-pos or

Val e tu' di na rý, a. incine.

firm of health ; weakly; Va cu'itý, n. emptiness ; sickly.

space unfilled ; want ; Valiant, a. courageous ; defect.

brave ; bold. Vac' u um, n. a void ; an Vaľ id, a. weighty ; con•





clusive ; good.

Va' ri ance, n. disagree. Va lid' i ty,

n. strength ; ment ; dissention ; disforce ; certainty

cord. Val' leỹ, n. a hollow be- Va ri a'tion, n. a change ; tween two bills.

a difference ; turn ; deValour, n. personal bra. viation. very.

Va' rie gate, v. to diversiValu a ble, a. worthy ; fy with colours or ob.

discovering regard ; jects. precious.

Va ri' e tý, n. change ; dif Val u a' tion, n. a value of ference, variation ; mix.

a thing ; appraisement. ture. Value, n. a price ; worth. Va'ri ous, a. changeable ; v. to fix a price ; to ap

different ; diversified. praise.

Var' nish, n. a shiningliValve, n. a folding door ; quid substance. v. to set

the cover of a siphon. a gloss. Vamp, v. to mend up old Vas' sal, n. a subject ; a things.

dependant ; a slave. Van' guard, n. the front Vast, n. an empty waste. or first line of an army a. enormous ; large.

Vault, n. a cellar ; a cave; Van' ish, v. to disappear ; a repository for the to pass or go away ; to

dead. v. to arch ; to be lost.

leap. Van' i tý, n. emptiness ; Ve" get a ble, n. a plant. pride ; arrogance ;

Ve" ge tate, v. to grow as falsehood.

plants. Van' qaish, v. to conquer; Ve ge ta' tion, n. growth to subdue ; to over- like that of plants.

Wel he mence, n. violence; Vap' id, a. flat; dead ; force ; eagerness; heat. spiritiess.

Velbe ment,

a. violent ; va' pour, n.

a fluid ren- furious ; eager ; earn. dered volatile and elas.

tic by heat. v. to brag. Ve'he ment lý, ad. vioVa'ri a ble, a. changea- lently; furiously ;

ble ; inconstant ; fic. gerly. kle.

Ve hi'cle, D. a carriage ;

in array.





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