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Ap pro' pri ate, v. to con- to settle a dispute ; a

sign to some particular judge. use. a peculiar; set Ar bit' ra ment, n. deciapart.

sion ; will; choice. Ap pro pri a' tion, n. the Arbi tra rì lý, ad abso

application of something lutely; without to a particular purpose

trol. Ap pro' val, n. approba- Ar' bi tra rý, a. absolute ; tion ; approvement.

despotic ; unlimited. Ap prox' i mate, y. to ap-Ar' bi trate, v. to decide ;

proach ; to draw near to determine ; to judge. to.

Ar bi tra' tion, in the deAp prox i ma' tion, n. ap. cision of arbitrators.

proach to any thing. Ar bi tra' tor, n a person A'pii cot, n. a kind of mutually chosen, by the wall fruit.

contending parties, to A'pril,n. the fourth month. arbitrate. Apt, a. fit, ready, quick, Arbor ist, n. a naturalist Ap' ti tude, n. fitness ; who makes trees his tendency ; disposition.

study. Api' ly, ad. properly ; just. Ar bour, n. a bower; a ly; pertinently

seat shaded with trees. Apt' ness,n fitness; quick- Arc, n. a segment; part

ness of apprehension. of a circle ; arch. ‘A qua for' tis, n. a corro- Ar ca' num, n. a secret ;

sive liquor, made by dis- pl. arcana. tilling nitre with caicin- | Arch, n. part of a circle, ed vitriol

not more than half. v. to *Α

qua vi' tæ, n. brandy. build arches. a wag. A quat' ick, 2. that which gish ; chief; of the first

inbabits, or grows in class. water.

Arch' an'gel, n. an angel “A" que duct, n. a water of the highest order. leader.

Arch bish' op, n. a bishop A que ous, a. watery. of the first ciass. A' quiline, a resembling Arch dea' con, n, a bish

an eagle : hooked. op's deputy. Ar a ble, a fit for tillage Arch duke', n. a soverAr bi ter, n. an umpire eign prince ; grand



of clay; clayish. Arch duch'ess, n. the sis- Argue, v. to reason ; to ter or daughter of the

offer reasons ,

to dis Archduke of Austria

pute. Arch' er, n. one who fights Ar' gu ment, n. controverwith a bow.

sy ; the subject or con. Ari che type, n. the origi- tents of any discourse or

nal of which any resem- writing. blance is made.

A rid' i tỹ, n. dryness. Architect, n a builder ; | A'ries, n. the ram ; one

a professor of the art of the twelve signs of of building

the zodiac. Ar'ichi tec ture, n. the art A right', ad. rightly. of building

A riseo, v. to mount upArchives“, n. the places wards ; to get up ; to

where records or anci. revive from death.

ent writings are kept. Ar is toc' ra cy, n. a govo Arc' tic, a. northern

ernment of which the Arc'tick,

supreme power is in the Ar' dent, a. hoi ; burning ; nobles.

vehement; affectionate. Ar is to crat' ic al, a. re. Ar dent lý, ad. eagerly : lating to aristocracy. affectionately.

A rith met' ic al, a. Ar' dour, n. heat; heat of cording to the rules of affection.

arithmetick. Ar du ous, a. lofty ; hard A rith met' i cal lý, ad. in to climb; difficult.

an arithmetical manner. A're a, n the superficial | A rith me ti" cian, n, a

content ; open space be- master of the art of fore a building:

numbers. Are fac' tion, n. the act of | A rith' me tick, n. the scidrying

ence of numbers. Ar e fy, v. to dry.

Arma'da, n. an armament Ar e na ceous. a. sandy ;

for sea.

Ar ma ment, n. a naval Argent, a. silver ; bright force. like silver.

Ar mi" ger ous, a. bearing Ar gil, n. potter's clay. arms. Ar gil' lous, a. consisting ( Ar mip' o tent, a. mighty





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in war.

Ar' ro gant, a. haughty, Ar mis tice, n. & short proud, presumptuous, truce.

Arro gate, v. to claim Ar mor er, n. he that vainly or unjustly.

makes armour or weap. Ar row, n. a pointed weaons.

pon shot from a bow. Ar mo rý, n. a place in Ar se nal, n. a repository

wbich arms are reposit. for arms ; a magazine. ed for use.

Ar se nick, n. a very pois. All mour, n. defensive

onous mineral.

Art, n. science; skill ; dex. Ar o mat' ic, a. spicy, terity : cunning. fragrant.

Ar te'ri al, a. relating to A rouseól, v. to wake from

an artery: sleep ; to raise up; to Ar te rý, n. a conical excite.

canal, conveying the Ar raign', v. to indict; to blood from the heart to

charge : to accuse. all parts of the body. Ar range', v. to set in or- Art' ful, a. cuining, dex. der.

terous, skilful. Ar range' ment, n the act Art' ful lý, ad. cunningly, of putting in order ; the

skilfully, state of being in order. Ar ti cle, n. one of the

parts of speech ; a connotorious.

dition of a covenant ; a Ar ray', n. order of battle ; single clause of an ac

dress v. to put in or- count ; stipulation. der; to dress.

Ar tic' u late, a distinct; Ar rear age, n. the re. plain. v. to speak as a mainder

of an account. Ar rest', v. to sieze on, Ar tic u la' tion, n. speaktn obstruct. n. a legal ing distincly ; joint of caption.

bones. Ar ri' val, n. the act of Artifice, n. trick ; fraud ;

coming to any place. art ; trade. Ar rive', v. to come to a Ar tif' i cer, n. an artist place.

or manufacturer. n. great Ar ti fi" cial, a. made by pride ; presumption. art ; not natural,

Am rant,


very bad ;


Ar ro gance,

a. a

and grey

Ar til le ry, n. weapons As cer tain' ment, n. a fix.

of war ; cannon ; great ed rule or standard. ordnance.

As cribe', v. to attribute Ar ti 6wan, n. an artist ; an to ; to impute to.

inferior tradesman. A sha' med, a. abashed, Art' ist, n. the professor confounded.

of an art ; a skilful man. Ash' esó, n. the remains of Art' less, a. unskilful ; any thing burnt; the without fraud.

remains of the body. A run din' e olis, Ash wednes' day, n. the

bounding with reeds. first day of lent. As a foet' i da, n. a gum A shore', ad. on shore ;

of an offensive smell. on the land. Asó bes' tos, n. a kind of Ash'ò, a. ash coloured ;

fossil which may be split pale ; between brown into threads and fila. ments, and which can- Ask, v. to beg ; to claim ; not be consumed by to seek ; to require. fire.

As kance'; ad. sideways ; As cend', v. to mount ; to askaunce ; ; askaunt; ob

rise ; to advance in ex Jiquely. cellence.

A skew', ad. aside ; with As cend' ant, n. height ; contempt ; contemptu.

elevation. a. predomi- ously nant; superior.

A slant', ad. obliquely ; As cel dan cỹ, n. influ. on one side.

ence ; superiority. A sleep, ad. sleeping ; As cen' sion, n. the act of

into sleep rising

A slope', ad. with decliviAs cen' sion-day, n. a fes. ity ; obliquely.

tival ten days before As par' a gus, n. the name Whitsuntide, in com- of a plant. memoration of our Sa- As' pect, n. look ; air; apviour's ascension into pearance. heaven.

As' pen, n.

a tree, the As cent', n. the act of ris. leaves of which always

ing ;rise ; an eminence. tremble. As cer ain', v. to make As' pe rate, v. to make certain.


As per' i tỹ, n. roughness

gether. of surface, of sound, of As sem' blý, n. a company temper.

met together. As perse', v. to slander ; | As sent', v. to concede ; to censure.

to yield to. n. consent ; As per' sion, n. a sprink. agreement.

ling ; calumny; censure. As sert', v. to maintain ; As' pi rate,v. to pronounce to affirm. full.

As ser tion, n. the act of As pi ra' tion, n. an ardent asserting

wish; pronouncing with | Assess', v. to charge with full breath.

any certain sum. As pire', v. to desire with As sess' ment, n. the sum eagerness; to pant after

levied ; the act of assomething higher. sessing A squint', ad. obliquely ; As ses' sor, n. he that lays

not in the straight line taxes. of vision.

As sev e ra'tion, n. solemn As sail', v. to attack; to affirmation.

As si du'i tý, n. diligence. As saillant, n. he that at- As sid' u olls, a. constant tacks.

in application. As sas' sin, n. a murderer. As sid' u ous lý, ad. diliAs sas' sin ate, v. to mur- gently, continually. der by violence.

As sign', v. to appoint; to As sas si na' tion, n. the

give a reason for ; act of assassinating make a transfer. As sault', v. to attack ; to As sign'a ble,a. that which invade; n. a violent at

may be assigned tack.

As sign ee', n. one who is As say, v. to make trial

deputed to do any thing of.

on behalf of others. As say' er, n. an officer of As sign' ment, n. an apthe mint, for the due

pointment ; a transfer. trial of silver.

As sim' i late, v. to liken ; As sem' blage, n. a col- to make like.

lection of individuals. As sist', v. to help. As semble, v. to bring As sist' ance, n. help ; fur together ; to meet to- therance.

fall upon.

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