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on a horse's back. y. to Salm' on, n. a delicious put on a saddle; to well known fish. load.

Sa loon', n. an elegant Sad' dler, n. one whose

lofty hall. trade is to make sad. | Şâlt' cel lar, n. a sort of dles.

cup to hold salt. Sad' ness, n. mournful. Sâlt pel tre, n. nitre ; ness ; melancholy

mineral salt. Safe' guard, n. a defence ; Saľ va ble, a. possible to convoy ; passport.

be saved. Sa ga' cious, a. quick of Sal va' tion, n. preserva. thought or scent.

tion from eternal death. Sa ga" ci tý, N. acuteness; Sa lu' bri ous, a. wholekeenness.

some; promoting bealth. Sage, n. a plant ; a man

Sa lu' bri tý, wholeof wisdom. a. wise.

someness ; healthful Sail' or, n. a seaman ; one used to the sea.

Salve, n. an emplaster ; a Sainted, a. holy; pious ; remedy ; a cure. canonized.

Sal ver, n. a plate on Sal' ad, n. food composed which any thing is preof raw herbs.

sented. Sal' a rý, n. annual or pe. Sal' u ta rý, a. whole. riodical payment.

some ; healthful ; safe. Sale' a ble, a. fit for sale ; Sal u ta' tion, n.

act of marketable.

saluting ; greeting. Sa line', a. consisting of Sa lute', v. to greet; to salt ; brinish.

hail; to kiss. n. a saSa lil va, n. spittle sepa

lutation ; a greeting ; & rated by the glands. kiss. Sal' i vate, v. to cause a Sanc ti fi ca' tion, n. the spitting

act of making holy. Sal i va' tion, n. a curing Sanc' ti fy, v. to make by spitting

holy or virtuous. Sal' low, a. sickly; yel. Sanc ti mo'ni ous, a.saintlow.

ly; appearing holy: Sal' lý, n, an eruption : Sanc' tion, n. ratification ;

a frolic; a fight. v. to confirmation. issue out.

Sanc' ti tý, n. holiness ;


to satire. Sanc' tu a ry, n. a holy Sat' ir ise', v. to censure place; an asylum.

as in a satire. San' dal, n. a sort of slip- Sat is fac' tion, n. state of per or loose shoe.

being satisfied ; atone. San' gui na rý, a. bloody ; ment ; amends.

cruel ; murderous. Sat is fac' to rý, a. giving San' guine, a. blood red ; satisfaction or content. warm ; ardent.

Sat' is fy, v. to content ; San guini tý, nardour ; to please.

heat ; confidence. Sat u rate, v. to impreg. San' he drim, n. the chief nate till no more can be

council among the Jews received or imbibed. consisting of seventy el. Sav' age, a. wild ; cruel ; ders.

uncivilized. n. a barba. San'i tý, n. soundness of rian. mind or body

Sauce, n. something to Sap' pý, a. juicy ; succu- give relish to food. lent; weak.

Sauce' box, n. an imperSar' casmo, n. a keen re- tinent fellow.

proach ; taunt ; gibe. Sau' cer, n. a small plate Sar cas' tic, a.

for a teacup. taunting

Sau cỹ, a. pert ; petuSash, n a silk belt ; a lant; insolent.

window that lets up and Sa' ving, a. frugal. ad. exdown.

cepting Satch' el, n. a small bag Sav' iour, n. the Redeem

used by schoolboys. er; one who saves. Sate,

Saun' ter, v. to wander Sa' tiate, v. to glut ; to

about idly ; to loiter. satisfy.

Salvour, n. a scent ; an Sat' el lite, n. a secondary

odour ; taste. planet.

Sa' vour ý, a. pleasing to Sa til e tý, n. the state of the smell or taste.

being filled or glutted ; Saus' age, n. a composifulness.

tion of meat and spice. Sat' ire, n. a poem cen- Sawyer, n. one who saws

suring vice or folly. timber. Sa tir' ic al, a. belonging | Say' ing, R. an expression;

keen ;



a sup

an opinion.

Scarce' ness,

n. Want Scab' bard, n. the sheath Scar' ci tý, of a sword.

of plenty. Scaf' fold, n. a temporary Scare, v. to frighten ; to

gallery ; a kind of stage affright; to terrify. erected on certain oc. Scarf, n. a loose covering casions

for the shoulders. Scaf' fold ing, n.

Scar i fi ca'tion, n. an inport for workmen.

cision of the skin. Scald, v. to burn with hot | Scar' i fy, v. to cut or liquor.

lance the skin. Scale, n. a balance. v. to Scar' let, n. a deep red

mount ; to scrape off colour. scales.

Scat' ter, v. to spread Scalp, n. the integu. thinly; to disperse.

ments or covering of Scav'en ger, n. a cleaner the head.

of the streets. Scam' per, v. to run with Scene, n. part of a play; fear and speed.

an appearance. Scan, v. to examine nice- Sce' ne rý, n. imagery ; ly; to canvass.

representation. Scan dal, nu a reproachful | Sce nog ra phy, n. the

assertion ; infamy. art of perspective. Scan' da lize, v. to dis. Scent, n. smell ; odour.

grace; to reproach ; to Sceptic, ? defame.

Skep' tic, S

n. one who Scan' da lous, a. oppro

doubts of all things. . ' ,


} Scant, a. parsimonious ; Skep ti cisme;} n.univer.

brious ;




scarce ; not enough. sal doubt. Scant' ling, n. timber cut Sceptre, n. the ensign of to a small size.

royalty borne in the band. narrow ; Sched' ule, n.

a small small.

scroll; a little inventory. Scarce, a. not plentiful ; Scheme', n. a plan ; prorare ; uncommon.

ject ; design Scarce' lý, ad. hardly ; Sche''mer, n. a projector; scantly

a contriver; Schism', n. a separation or

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division in the church. quarrel clamorously. Schiso mat'ic, n. one guil. Scol' lop, n. a pectinated ty of schism.

shell fish ; an indent. Schisó mat' ic al, a. im. ing plying schism.

Sconce, n. a branched Scholl' ar, n. a disciple; a candlestick ; a fort; & man of letters.

bulwark ; the head. Scho' las' tic, a. pertain. Scoop, n. a kind of large ing to the school

ladle ; sweep ; stroke. Schorl li um, n. an explan- v. to hollow; to lade. atory note.

Scõpe, n. a drift ; inten. School', n. a place for tion; liberty ; room ; education.

sally. Sci at' ic, n. the hip-gout. Scor bu' tic, a. diseased Sci at' ic al, a. troubled

with the scurvy. with the hip-gout. Scorch, v. to burn slightScience, n. knowledge ; ly ; to be dried too

art attained by pre- much. cepts ; the seven liberal | Scõre, n. a notch ; acarts are, grammar, rhe. count ; debt; sake ; toric, logic, arithmetic, twenty. v. to mark. music, geometry, as-Scorn, n. contempt. v. to tronomy.

despise ; to slight ; to Sci en tifi ic. a. what pro- scoft motes knowledge.

Scorn' ful, a. contemptu. Scim'i tar, n.

a sword ous; haughty ; insolent. with a convex edge.

Scorpi on,

a reptile Scin' til late, v. to sparkle ; with a very venomous to emit sparks.

sting ; a sign of the zo. Scin til la' tion, n. the act diac.

of sparkling ; sparks Scotch, v. to cut slightly. emitted.

a. of Scotland. Scil on, n. a small twig or. Scot' free, a.excused from shoot ; a graft.

paying bis scot, shot, Scis6l 6sorsó, n. a small or payment. pair of shears.

Scoundrel, 1. a mean rasScoff, to deride or cxl; a villain.

mock ; to ridicule. Scour, v. to cleanse ; to Scõld, v. to chide ; to scamper ; to purge.


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Scourge, v. to whip ; to ine thoroughly.

punish ; to chastise. n. Scru'ti ný, n. a strict a whip.

search or inquiry. Scout, v. to go out private- Scru toire' n. a case of ly to observe.

drawers for papers. Scowl, v. to frown ; to Scuf' fle, n.

a confused look angry or sullen. quarrel or broil. Scrag' 3gy, a. lean ; thin ; Scull' ion, n. a kitchen rough ; rugged.

drudge. Scrm' ble, to catch Sculp'tor, n. a carver or eagerly; to climb. n.

engraver. eager contest.

Sculpture, n. the art of Scrawl, v. to draw or carving or engraving ; write badly.

carved work. Scrēam, v. to cry out as Scur ril' i ty, n. grossness in terror.

of reproach ; opprobri. Screen, y. to shelter ; to ous language ;

lewdhide ; to sift ; to rid. ness of jocularity. dle.

Scur' ri lous, a. railing ; Screw, n. a kind of twist.

saucy; abusive. ed pin or nail which en. Scythes, n. an instrument ters by turning.

for mowing: Scribble, n. worthless, Sea' chart, n. a map of the bad writing

sea coast. Script' ure, n. the bible ; | Seam' stress, n. a woman

the sacred writings. who lives by sewing. Scriv' e ner, n. one who Search, v. to examine ; to draws contracts.

inquire ; to seek. n. Scrof' u la, n. the disease an inquiry ; quest; purcalled the king's evil.

suit. Scrõll, n. a writing rolled Sealóson, n. one of the four up:

parts of the year. v. to Scru'ple, n. a doubt. v. to mature ; to give relish doubt ; to hesitate.

to. Scru' pu lous, a. nicely Seal son a ble, a. oppor

doubtful ; vigilant. tune ; at a proper time. Scru'table, a. that may Se cede' v. to withdraw be searched.

from fellowship. Scru' ti nize, v. to exam- | Se clude', y. to shut up

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