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a. done in

Ju di" cia ry, due form of justice. Ju di" cious, a. prudent; wise; skilful Jug' gler, n. a cheat; one who practises sleight of hand.

Ju' gu lar, a. belonging or relating to the throat. Junction, n. an union; coalition; combination. Junct' ure, n. a critical ame; joint; union. Jun' ior, a. younger. Jun' to, n. a cabal; faction; party; combination Ju rid' i cal, a. used in

courts of justice; legal. Ju ris dic' tion, n. legal authority; a district. Ju ris prudence, n, the science of, or skill in, law.

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Jus' ti fy, v. to defend; maintain free; clear. Just' ly, ad. uprightly; honestly; properly; exactly.

Just' ness, n. reasonableness; propriety. Ju' ve nile, a. young; youthful; gay; brisk; lively.


KAL' EN DAR, n. an account or register of time.

Keen, a. sharp ; fine; eager; severe. Keen' ly, ad. sharply. Keeping, n. custody. support; protection; feed

Ken' nel, n. a house for dogs; watercourse of a street.

Ker' "sey, n. coarse stuff. Ket' tle, n. a vessel in

which liquor is boiled. Key stone, n the middle stone of an arch. Kid' nap, v. to steal children; to steal human beings.

Kin' dle, v. to set on fire ;

to inflame the passions. Kin' dred, n. a relation. King' dom, n. the dominions of a king.

Kitch' en, n. a room used for cookery, &c.

Knap' sack, n. a soldier's | La' bour, n. pain; toil;

bag. Knave, n. a petty rascal; a scoundrel.

Kna ver y, n. dishonesty;

craft; deceit. Kna vish, a. fraudulent; waggish; wicked. Knead, v. to work dough with the fist. Knead' ing trough, trough to knead in. Knight, n. a champion; a title, next to a baronet. Knight er rant, n. a wandering knight.

n. a

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work. v. to toil; to work. Lab' ỹ rinth, n. a maze full of windings. La" ce rate, v. to tear in pieces; to rend. Lac' keỹ, n. a foot boy; an attendant; a servant. La con' ic, a. short; brief; concise.

La'ic, La' ic al, S to the laity. La'ity, n. the people as distinguished from the clergy.

a. pertaining

Lake, n. a large inland


Lam' bent, a. playing about; gliding over without harm.

Lam' en ta ble, a. mournful; sorrowful.

Lam en ta' tion, n. an expression of sorrow. Lamp' black, n. the soot of pitch.

Lam poon', n. personal satire. v. to abuse personally.

Lan' cet, n. a small pointed instrument.

Land' grave, n. a German

title of dominion. Land' job ber, n. one who

buys and sells land. Land' mark, n. a mark of boundaries.

Land' scape, n. the pros

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Lan" guish, v. to grow feeble; to pine. Lan" guor, n. want of strength or spirit. Lan' fice, n. a woolen manufacture.

La ni" ger ous, a. bearing wool.

Lan' tern, n. a case for a lighted candle. Lap'i da ry, n. a polisher of precious stones. Lar' board, n. the left hand side of a ship. Lar ce ny, n. petty theft or robbery.

Lard, n. the fat of swine melted.

Lard' er, n. a place where meat is kept. Las' si tude, n. fatigue ;

weariness; languor. Latch' et, n. a shoe string. La tent, a. secret; hidden; concealed. Laths' er, n. the froth of

water and soap. Lat' in, n. the ancient Ro

man language. Lat' i tude, n. the distance from the equator. Lat i tu di na ri an, a. unlimited; not confined, n, one who allows

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Lau' da num, n. the tincture of opium.

La' ver, n. a washing vessel.

Laugh' ter, n. a convulsive merry noise Lav ish, v. to waste; to scatter profusely. a. indiscreetly liberal. Launch, v. to put to sea; to dart forward. Laun' dress, n. a washer


Lau' rel, n. an evergreen


Law' ful, a. conformable to law; legal. Law' giv er, n. one who makes laws; a legisla


Law' less, a. unrestrained by law.

Lawn, n. a plain between

woods; fine linen. Law' suit, n. a process in law; litigation. Law' yer, n. a professor of law; an advocate. Lay man, n. one of the laity.

Laz a ret' to, n. an hospital,

La` zy, a、 idle; sluggish.

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Lean' ness, n. a want of flesh; meagerness. Leap' year,n. every fourth year.

Learn' ed, a. versed in

science; skilled. Learn' ing, n. skill in any thing; erudition. Lease, n. a temporary contract for possession of houses or lands; any tenure.

Leaths' er, n. an animal's hide dressed. Leaths' ern, a. made of leather. Leave, n. permission; license; a farewell. v. to qhit; to bequeath. Leav' en, n. ferment. v. to ferment; to taint. Lecture, n. a discourse on any subject. v. to read lectures; to reprimand.

Lect' ur er, n. an instruct

er; a preacher. Ledge, n. a ridge rising above the rest; a stra tum.

Leer, v. to look obliquely or archly.

Lees, n. dregs; sediment. Lee ward, a. from the wind.

Leg' a cy, n. a bequest made by will. Legal, a. lawful. Le gal' i ty, n. lawfulness. Le gal ly, ad. lawfully. Le gate, n. an embassador.

Leg a tee', n. one to whom a legacy is left. Le ga tion, n a deputation; an embassy. Le' gend, n. a chronicle or register; a fabulous narrative; an inscrip


Le" gen da ry, a. fabulous.

Le" ger, n. the chief book of accounts.

Le" ger de main',n. sleight

of hand; juggle; trick. Le" gi ble, a. easy to be

read; apparent. Legion, n. a great number; a military force. Le gis la' tion, n. the act of giving laws. Le gis la' tive, a. lawgiving. Le gis la tor, n. giver. Le gis la'ture, n. the power that makes laws. Le git' i ma cy, n. a lawful birth; genuineness. Le git' i mate, á. born in

a law

marriage; lawful; pro

per. Leisure.n. freedom from business or hurry. Leisure ly, a. deliberate; slow. ad. slowly. Lem on ade', n. water, sugar, and lemon juice. Length, n. extent from

end to end; distance. Len' i ent, a. assuasive; mitigating; emollient. n. an emollient application

Len' i ty, n. mildness;

mercy; tenderness. Lens, n. a glass spherically convex. Lent, n. the quadragesimal fast; time of ab. stinence.

Leop' ard, n. a spotted beast of prey. Lep' er, n. one infected

with a leprosy. Lep' rous, a. having the leprosy. Lep' ro sy, n. a distemper of white scales. Les see', n. a person to

whom a lease is given. Les' sen, v. to grow less; to degrade; to shrink. Les' son. n. a task to learn

or read; a precept Les' sor, n. he who grants

a lease to another. Le thargic, a. sleepy be

yond the natural power

of sleep.

Leth' ar gy, n. a morbid drowsiness.

Let' tuce, (let' tis,) n. a

common saliad plant. Lev ee, n. a crowd of attendants about a man of power in the morning, Lev' el, v. to make even

or flat; to aim. a. flat; smooth. n a plane; an instrument to level by. Lever, n. a bar for raising a heavy weight; the second mechanical power.

Lev' i tỹ, n. lightness; inconstancy; vanity. Levy, n. the act of raising money or men. v. to raise; to collect ; to impose

Lex i cog ra pher, n. a writer of dictionaries. Lex' i con, n. a dictiona

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