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Af flatus, n. communication of the power of prophecy.

Af flict', v. to put to pain; to grieve; to torment. Af flic' tion, n. the cause of pain or sorrow; calamity; misery.

Af flic' tive, a. painful; tormenting. Af'fluence, n. exuberance | of riches; plenty. Af' flu ent, a. abundant; exuberant; wealthy. Af flux' ion, n. the act of flowing to a particular place.

Af ford', v. to yield or produce; to be able to bear expenses.

Af fran' chise, v. to make free.

Af fray', v. to fright; to terrify. n. a tumultuous assault.

Af fright', v. to affect with fear; to terrify. n. ter- | ror, fear.

Af front', n. insult; outrage. v. to offend avowedly.

A fore men tion ed, a. mentioned before.

A fraid, a. terrified; fearfol.

Af' ter a' ges", n. succeed

ing times; posterity. Af' ter clap, n. what hap. pens after an affair is

supposed to be settled. Af'ter crop, n. second har


Af' ter noon', n. the time from the meridian to the evening.

Af' ter thought, n. reflection after the act. Af' ter wârd, ad. in succeeding time Agate, n. a precious stone of the lowest class Age, n. particular time, as, the age of heroes: time of life; the latter part of life; a man is said to be of age at 21 years. Agen cy, n. business performed by an agent. A gent, n. a substitute; deputy; factor;


who acts for another. Ag' gran dize, v. to make great; to enlarge; to exalt.

Ag gran dize' ment, n. the state of being aggrandized.

Ag' gra vate, v. to make any thing worse. Ag gra va' tion, n. that which heightens guilt or calamity. Ag gre gate, n. the sum total. v. to collect together. Ag gress', v. to set upon; to begin violence.

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A" gile, a. nimble; ready; active.

A gil i' ty, n. nimbleness;

quickness; activity. Agi tate, v. to put in

motion; to shake. A gi ta' tion, n. the act of

moving any thing; perturbation; discussion. Ag' o nize, v. to be in excessive pain. Ag' o ny, n. the pangs of death; violent pain. A gra ri an, a. relating to fields or grounds. A gree', v. to be in concord; to yield to; to suit with.

A gree' a ble, a. suitable to; consistent with; pleasing.

A gree a bly, ad consistently with; in a manner suitable to.

A greed', pa. settled by


A gree' ment, n. concord;

resemblance of one thing to another; bargain. Ag ri cul" ture, n. tillage; husbandry.

A ground', ad. stranded; hindered in progress. A' gue, n. an intermitting fever, with cold fits succeeded by hot.

A' gue fit, n. the paroxysm of the ague.

A' gu ish, a. having the qualities of an ague. A head', ad. further on


ward than another. Aid, v. to help; to support; to succour. help; in law, a subsidy. Aid' de camp, n. an officer who attends the general.

Ail, v. to pain; to affect in any manner. disease.

n. a

Ail' ment, n. pain; dis


Ailing, a. sickly.
Aim, v to direct; n. di-

rection; design. Air pump, n. a machine by which air is exhausted from ve sels.

Ai rý, 2. relating to the

air gay; sprig oly Aisle, n. the walk in a church.

A kin', a related to; allied to by blood.

Al' a bas ter, n. a kind of soft marble.

A lac ri tỷ, n. cheerful ness ; sprightliness; gaiety.

A la mode', ad. according to the fashion.

A larm', v. to call to arms; to surprise; n. notice of danger. A larm' ing, a. terrifying; awakening; surprising. A las', in. a word expressing lamentation; a word of pity.

Al be it, ad although; notwithstanding. Al' 'chy my, n. sublime chemistry.

Al' co ran, n. the mahometan's bible.

Al' cove, n. a private re

cess to sit or lie under. ^Al' der man, n. a city officer.

A lert', a. watchful: vigilant; brisk; lively. A lex i phar' mick, a that which drives away poi


Al' ge bra, n. a peculiar

kind of arithmetic. Ali as, ad. otherwise. Alien, n. a foreigner Al' ién ate, v. to transfer; to withdraw from.

Al' i ment, n. food; nourishment.

Ali quant, a. parts of a

number which will not

make up the number exactly.

Al' i quot, a. parts of a number which will measure it exactly. Al' ka li, n. any substance, being mingled with acid, producing fermentation.

Al lay', v. to abate; to

quit; to debase metal. Alle ga' tion, n. affirma

tion; declaration. Al lege', v. to ffirm; to declare; to plead as an


Al le' gi ance, n. the duty of subjects to the gov


Al le gor' ic al a. in the form of an allegory; not literal

Al' le go ry, n. a figura

tive discourse, in which more is meant than expressed.

Al le lu`jah, (al le lu` yah) n. praise ye the Lord. Al le vi ate, v. to make light; to ease.

Al le vi a' tion, n. the act of making easy or light. Alliance, n. union by treaty, or marriage. Allied, pa. united; related to.

Al lis ion, n. the act of striking one thing a

gainst another. Al lo cu' tion, n. the act of speaking to another. Allotment, n. the part; the share.

Al low', v. to admit; to grant.

Al low' ance, n. sanction; license; stipend. Alloy', n. baser metal mixed in coinage; abate


Al lude', v. to refer to; to hint at.

Al lure', v. to entice to any thing.

Al lure' ment, n. enticement; temptation. Al lu' ❝sion, n. a hint ; an implication.

Ally', v. to unite by contract; n. a friend; a confederate.

"Al' ma nack,n. a calendar. Almighty,a.omnipotent. n. the Deity. Alms, n. what is given in charity.

Alms house, n. a hospital for the poor. A loft', ad. on high; in

the air; pr. above. A loof, ad. at a distance. Al' pha bet, n. the letters,

or elements of speech. Al pha bet' i cal, a. 2Ccording to the series of letters.

Al read' y, ad. at this

present time; before the present.

^Al' so, ad. in the same manner; like wise.

Al' tar, n. place to offer sacrifices on; communion table.

^Al' ter, v. to change; to make different.

Al ter a' tion, n. the change made.

Al ter ca' tion, n. debate; controversy.

Al ter' nate, a. being by

turns; reciprocal. Alter nate lý, ad. reci. procally by turns. Alternative, n. the choice given of two things, so that if one be reject ed, the other must be taken.

Al time try, n the art of measuring heights. Al' ti tude, n. the height of a place or thing. ^Al to geths' er, ad.completely; without exception.

"A ways, ad. perpetually. A man u en sis, n. one who writes what another dictates.

A mass', v. to collect; to heap up

Am a teur', n. a lover of

the arts. A maze, v. to confuse with terror.

A maze' ment, n. confused apprehension. A mazing, a. wonderful; astonishing.

Am bas' sa dor, n. a man sent from one sovereign power to another. Am bi dex' trous, a. hav ing equal use of both hands; double dealing. Am' bi ent, a. encompassing; surrounding. Am bi gu' ĭ tỷ, n. doubtfulness of meaning. Am biguous, a. doubtful.

Am bi" tion, n. desire of preferment.

Am bi" tious, a. aspiring. Am brosial, a. of the quality of ambrosia ; delicious.

Am bu la' tion, n. the act of walking. Am bus cade', n. a private station for surprising. Am' bush, n. state of lying in wait.

A me' na ble, a. responsible.

A mend, v. to correct;

to grow better. A mends', n recom

pense; compensation. A merce'. v. to punish

with a fine. Am'e thyst, n. a precious stone of a violet colour. A mi a bie, a. lovely;

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Am' ĭ ca ble, a. friendly; kind.

Am' i ca bly, ad. in a friendly way.

Am' ĭ tỷ, n. friendship. Am mu ni" tion, n. military stores.

Am' nes tỷ, n. an act of oblivion

Am' o rous, a. inclined to

to love; fond.

A mount', n. the sum total. A mour', n. an affair of

gallantry; intrigue. Am phib' ĭ ous, a. that which can live in two elements.

Am phi the'a tre, n. a circular or oval building properly seated.

Am' ple, a. large; wide. Am plĩ fi ca' tion, n. extension.

Am' pli fy, v. to enlarge; to improve. Am' plí tude,


n. large

Am pu ta' tion, n. cutting off a limb A muse v to entertain; to deceive.

A muse ment, n. entertainment; what amuses.

A nach" ro nism. n. an er

ror in computing time. A nal' o gize, v. to explain by way of analogy.

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