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things the same. Ig' no rance, n. want of

den' ti tý, n. sameness. knowledge. Id' i om, no

a mode of Ig' no rant, a. illiterate ; speaking peculiar to a without knowledge. language or dialect.

Il legal, a. contrary to Idi o mat' ic al, a. pecu. law ; unjust.

liar to a tongue ; phra | II legal iỹ, ad. in a man seological

ner contrary to law. Id'i ot, n. a fool.

Il le' gi ble, a. what can: l' dle, a. lazy. v. to lose not be clearly read. time in laziness.

Il le git' i mate,

a. born I' dle ness, n. laziness. out of wedlock. I'dol, n. an image wor- Ill fa! voured, a. of a bad

shipped; one loved to countenance. adoration.

Il lib' e ral, a. sparing; I dol a ter, n.

one who

mean ; disingenuous. worships idols.

Il li" cit, a. unlawful ; unI doľ a trous, a. tending fit ; contraband.

to, or comprising idola- Il lit' e rate, a. unlearned; try.

untaught ; ignorant. I doľ a trý, n. the worship III nature, n. peevishof images.

ness; malevolence. I'dol ize, y. to adore. Ill nal tured, a. peevish ; Ig' ne ous, a. containing or cross ; untractable. emitting fire.

Illness, a. sickness ; dis. Ig' nis fat' u us, n. will. order; weakness. with-the-wisp ; jack- Il lu' min ate, v.

to enwith-the-lantern; a fiery lighten ; to adorn ; to il

; vapour ; a delusion.

lustrate. Ig no' ble, mean of Il lu min a' tion, n. brightbirth; worthless.

ness ; lights set forth lg no min' i ous, dis- as a mark of joy. graceful ; shameful ; Il lu' 6sion, n. a false show. mean.

Il lu' sive, a. deceiving by Ig no min ý, n. disgrace ; false show.

reproach ; shame. Il lu' so rý, a. deceiving ; Ig no ra' mus, n. a fool- fraudulent. ish fellow ; a vain pre. Il lus' trate, v. to explain ; tender.

to clear ; to elucidate.

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Il lus tra' tion, n. explan- money.

ation ; exposition. Im' i ta ble, a. worthy or Il lus' tri ous, a. conspicu. possible to be imitated.

ous ; noble ; eminent. Im' i tate, v. to copy ; to Im' age, n. a picture ; a counterfeit ; to resem

statue ; an idol; an ble. idea.

Im' i ta tive, a. inclined or Im' age rý, n. sensible tending to copy.

representation ; show. Im i ta' tion, n. the act of Im a gin al ble, a. possi- copying : a copy

ble to be conceived. Im mac' u late, a. spotIm a' gin a rý, a. fancied; less ; pure ; undefiled.

visionary ; ideal Im ma te'ri al, a. trifling; Im a gin a' tion, n fancy; incorporeal.

conception ; scheme. Im meus6 ur a ble, a. not Im a' gine, v. to fancy ; to be measured. to contrive.

Im me' di ate, a. instant ; Im be cil' i tỹ, n. weak- acting by itself. ness ; feebleness.

Im me' di ate lŷ, ad. presIm bibe', v. to drink in ; ently; instantly to admit into.

Im me mo' ri al, a. past Im bit' ter, v. to make bit

the time of memory. • ter ; to exasperate. Im mense', a. unlimited ; Im bod” ý, v. to condense huge ; infinite.

to a body ; to unite into Im men' si tý, n. unbound

one mass or company: ed greatness ; infinity. Im bold' en, v. to make Im merge',

v. to sink bold ; to encourage.

Im merse', Im bo’ 6som, v. to hold in or plunge under water ; the bosom.

to dip in water. Im bow' er, v. to shelter Im mer' sion, n. dipping with trees.

under water. Im brown', v. to make Im' mi nent, a. impending;

brown ; to obscure. threatening. Im brue', v. to steep ; to Im mod' e rate, a. exces

soak ; to wet much. sive ; exceeding the due Im bne', v. to tincture deep ; to tinge.

Im mod' e rate lŷ, ad. in im burse', v. to stock with an excessive degree.

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im mod' est, a shameless; bleness ; justice.

obscere ; impure. Im partial lì, ad. equitaIm' mo late, v. to sacri. bly; without bias.

fice ; to offer up. Im pass' a ble, that In mo la' tion, n. the act which cannot be passof sacrificing:

ed. Im mor' al, a. dishonest; Im pas' sioned, a. seized irreligious ; vicious.

with passion. Im mo ral' i tỹ, n. want of Im pa' tience, n. uneasivirtue ; vice.

ness under suffering i Im mor' tal, a. perpetual ; eagerness. never to die.

im pal tient, a. eager ; not Im mor tal i tý, nan ex- able to endure. emption from death.

Im pa' tient lì, ad. eagerIm mortal ize, v. to make ly ; passionately

or become immortal. Im peach', v. to accuse by Im move' a ble, a unshak- public authority.

en ; firm ; stable. Im peach' ment, n. a legal Im move' a blý, ad. not to accusation hinder

be shaken ; firmly. Im mu' ni tỹ, n. privilege; Im pede', v. to hinder ; to

exemption ; freedom. obstruct ; to let. Im mure', v. to enclose ; Im ped' i ment, n. hinder,

to shut in ; 10 confine. ance ; obstruction. Im mu ta bil' i ty, n. inva. Im pel', v. to urge forriableness ; constancy.

wards ; to press on. Im multa ble, a. invaria. Im pellent, n. a power to ble; unalterable.

drive forward. Im pair', v. to lessen ; to Im pend', v. to hang over ;

injure; to make worse. to be at hand. Im par' i tỹ, n. dispropor- | Im pend' ing, a. hanging tion ; inequality.

ready to fall. Im par' lance, n. dialogue; Im pen' e tra ble, a. what conference.

cannot be penetrated or Im part', v. to communi. discovered.

care ; to grant unto. Im pen' i tence, n. a hardIm par' tial,

a. equitable ; ness of heart, or continequal ; just.

uance in evil courses. Im parti al' i tý, n. equita- | Im pen' i tent, a. obdr


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rate ; remorseless. Im plant', v. to ingraft; to Im pen' i tent lý, ad. with- infix ; to insert. out repentance.

Im' ple ment, n. à tool ; Im per' a tive, com- an instrument ; uten

manding; ordering: sil Im per cep' ti ble, a. not to Im' pli cate, v. to entan. be perceived.

gle; to embarrass ; to Im per cep' ti blý, ad. in a infold

manner not to be per. Im pli ca' tion, n. involu. ceived.

tion ; a tacit inference ; Im perfect, a. frail ; not entanglement.

complete ; defective. Im pli'cit, a. founded on Im per fec' tion, n. a de the authority of others ;

fect ; a failure ; a fault. entirely obedient; inIm per' fect lý, ad. not folded.

completely ; not fully. In pli cit lý, ad. with unIm pe' ri al, a. belonging reserved confidence or to an emperor

obedience. Im pe' ri ous, a haughty ; Im plore', v. to call upon arrogant ; lordly.

in supplication ; to soliIm per ti nence, n, folly ; cit ; to beg intrusion.

Im ply', v. to comprise ; to Im per' ti nent, a. intru infold ; to suggest.

sive ; meddling: Im po lite', a unpolite ; Im per vi ous, a impass- rude ; ungerteel.

able ; inaccessible. Im politic, a. imprudent, Im pet u os' i tý, n. vio. indiscreet. lence ; fury; vehem. Im port', v. to bring com.

modities from abroad; Im pet' u ous, a, violent ; to signify or denote. forcible ; fierce.

Im' port, n. importance ; Im pil e tý, 11. wicked. things imported. ness ; irreverence. Im por tance, n.

consewicked ;

quence; moment; thing profane ; irreligious. implied. Im pla' ca ble, a. malici Im por tant, a. moment.

ous; not to be appeas. ous ; of great conseed ; inexorable ; con- quence. stant in enmity.

Im port a' tion, n. the act



Im' pi ous,




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to shut up.

of bringing things from evil ; to curse. abroad.

Im pre ca' tion, n, an inIm por tu nate, a. inces- vocation of evil;

sant in solicitation. Im por tune', v. to tease Im preg' nate, v. to make with solicitations.

prolific; to fill. Im por tu' nitý, n. inces. Im press', v. to print ; to sant solicitation.

stamp; to force. Im pose“, v. to enjoin as Im pres' sion, n. the print

a duty ; to deceive. of a stamp or seal; imIm po osi" tion, n. an in- age fixed in the mind ;

junction ; a tax or trib- edition of a book. ute ; an oppression ; a Im print', v. to print ; to cheat or fraud.

fix on the mind. Im pos si bil i tỹ, n. that Im pris' on, v. to confine ;

which cannot be done. Im pos' si ble, a. imprac. Im pris' on ment, n. con. ticable.

finement in prison. Im' post, n. a tax ; a cus- Im prob a bil'i tý, n. un. tom to be paid.

likelihood. Im post' hume, n. a swel. Im prob' a ble, a. incrediling, or collection of

ble; unlikely. purulent matter in an Im prop' er, a. unfit ; unabscess.

qualified ; not just. Im pos' tor, n. a false pre- Im pro prile tỹ, n. unfittender; a cheat.

ness ; inaccuracy. Im' po tence,

im prov' a ble, a. capable n. want

of improvement. of power ; incapacity ; Im prove), v. to raise from feebleness.

good to better. Im' po lent, a. weak ; fee. Im prove' ment, n. proble; wanting power.

gress from good to betIm prac' ti ca bili tý ter ; education.

impossibility ; infeasi- Im prov'i dent, a. wanting bility.

care to provide. Im prac' ti ca ble, a. im: Im pru' dence, n. indis.

possible ; unaitainable ; cretion ; negligence ; infeasible.

folly. Im' pre cate, v. to invoke ! Im pru' dent, a. wanting


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