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For yet a little while, and he that shall come, will
come and will not tarry."-Heb. x. 37.

For Timothy Frary.

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3-12-32 SUB

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YOU have heard God's terrible voice in the city. expressing itself in the late dreadful desolating judg⚫ ments of plague and fire; the sound of which hath gon forth, not only unto every corner of the land, but I believe also by this time unto the farthest end of the world. Give me leave to sound another trumpet in your ears, and to forewarn you of a ten thousand times more dreadful judgment, I mean the last and general judgment of the whole world, at the second appearance of the Lord Jesus Christ, who will most certainly and very quickly be revealed from heaven in flaming fire, to take vengeance upon all them which shall be found ungodly on that day.

Could I have certainly foretold the many thousands that fell by the plague, in the year 1665, of their so near approaching death, surely they would have endeavored to prepare that the sting and fear of death might have been removed; could I have foretold the citizens of London, of the many thousand houses which should fail by the fire in the year 1666: surely they would have endeavoured to prevent the fire, or at least have removed all their goods before-hand: but these things could not be foreseen, and therefore as the judgments were unex

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pected, so they took the most unprovided: but I can certainly foretel you from God who cannot lie, of the future last judgment by the Lord Jesus Christ at the last day, which is the subject of this ensuing Treatise; and when ye are warned hereof out of the word of truth, and awakening motives to prepare by dreadful temporal judgments, if you should neglect to do it, and after all be found unprovided at the appearance of Christ as your sin shall be the greater and more unexcusable, so your dread will be the greater at the sight of your Judge, (whom these very eyes that read these lines.) will behold ere long coming in the clouds, and your punishment will be more intolerable; but if the Lord incline your hearts to follow the directions and counsels of his word to prepare for this great and notable day, you will lift up your heads with joy, when the greatest part of the

orld shall be filled with terror and confusion, and when the Lord Jesus doth appear, you shall also appear with him in glory. The design of these sheets is to set forth the glorious appearance of Christ, with the certainty and suddenness thereof, that sinners might be awakened to repent and believers might be comforted with hopes of it, and all might be in a readiness for the day which is so sure, and near: which that you may be, and that my endeavours may be blessed for your help herein, is the prayer of an earnest well-wisher to your souls.






REV. xxii. 20.

"Surely I come quickly; Amen. Even so come LORD


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THE laft words of a dear friend are ufually most remarked, and beft remembered, efpecially when they speak great affection. These are the last words of Jefus Chrift, the best friend that the children of men ever had; when he fent his angels from heaven, after he had been fome years in glory with the Father, to fpeak his name unto his churches upon the earth, verfe 16. “I Jefus have fent mine angel to testify these things in the churches;" and of all these things which he teftifieth by his angel, this is the laft and fweeteft in the text, "Surely I come quickly," which word of promife, coming down from heaven, and expreffing fo much love to the church, is charged with an echo and refound of the church's earnest de

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