An ecclesiastical biography, containing the lives of ancient fathers and modern divines, interspersed with notices of heretics and schismatics, المجلد 8

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الصفحة 187 - After we have received the Holy Ghost, we may depart from grace given, and fall into sin, and by the grace of God we may arise again, and amend our lives.
الصفحة 226 - ... but Christ being come, an high priest of good things to come, by a greater and more perfect tabernacle, not made with hands, that is to say, not of this building ; neither by the blood of goats and calves, but by his own blood he entered in once into the holy place, having obtained eternal redemption for us.
الصفحة 687 - In the evening I went very unwillingly to a society in Aldersgate Street, where one was reading Luther's Preface to the Epistle to the Romans. About a quarter before nine, while he was describing the change which God works in the heart through faith in Christ, I felt my heart strangely warmed. I felt I did trust in Christ, Christ alone for salvation; and an assurance was given me that he had taken away my sins, even mine, and saved me from the law of sin and death.
الصفحة 657 - The Doctrine of Grace: or, the office and operations of the Holy Spirit vindicated from the. insults of Infidelity and the abuses of Fanaticism,
الصفحة 174 - The works of our Saviour were always conspicuous, for they were real; both those that were healed, and those that were raised from the dead ; who were seen not only when they were healed or raised, but for a long time afterwards: not only whilst he dwelled on this earth, but also after his departure, and for a good while after it, insomuch that some of them have reached to our times *." Justin Martyr came little more than thirty years after Quadratus.
الصفحة 237 - Not otherwise?" said master Ridley. "No," quoth Dr. Marshal. "Therefore if you will not so do, then there is no remedy but you must suffer for your deserts." "Well," quoth master Ridley, "so long as the breath is in my body, I will never deny my Lord Christ, and his known truth: God's will be done in me!
الصفحة 692 - It had been impossible for him to perform this almost incredible degree of labour, without great punctuality and care in the management of his time. He had stated hours for every purpose ; and his only relaxation was a change of employment. His rules were like the laws of the Medes and Persians, absolute and irrevocable.
الصفحة 127 - Eighty and six years have I served him, and he hath never wronged me ; and how can I blaspheme my King who hath saved me?" "I have wild beasts," said 'the proconsul, "and will expose you to them unless you repent.
الصفحة 514 - This great prelate had the good humour of a gentleman, the eloquence of an orator, the fancy of a poet, the acuteness of a school-man, the profoundness of a philosopher, the wisdom of a counsellor, the sagacity of a prophet, the reason of an angel, and the piety of a saint...
الصفحة 317 - The Reasons of the University of Oxford against the solemn . League and Covenant, the negative Oath, and the Ordinances concerning Discipline and Worship;" and when the parliament had sent proposals to the king for a peace in Church and state, his majesty desired that Dr. Sanderson, with the Doctors Hammond, Sheldon, and Morley, should attend him, and give him their advice how far he might with a good conscience comply with them.

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