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AT Exeter, in the county of De von, was brought to bed of a fon, the lady of lieutenant general fir George Nugent, commanding the western diftrict-At Freeland houfe, (Scotland,) the lady of Walter Hore, eiq. of Harperflown, of a daughter-At Garnavalla, county Tipperary, the lady of R. Fitzgerald, efq. of a daughter-At the fecretary's lodge, in the Phoenix park, the lady of lieutenant general the right hon. fir Arthur Wellesley, K. B. of a fon-At the right hon. fir Hercules Langrifhe's, the lady of the rev. Chrift. Robinfon, of a fon-In Stratford place, London, the lady of the right hon. colonel Wingfield Stratford, of a daughter-In William-flreet, Limerick, the lady of C. O'Brien, of Ballycorrig, co. Clare, efq. of a fon and heir.


mifs Crofts, niece to C. Creed, of Bal
lynanty, county Limerick, efq.-Mr.
Thomas Fofter, of Rutland, to mif
Milliken, of Grafton-ftreet-At Gur
ragh, county Clare, William Borough
efq. of the royal navy, to mifs Comyn
daughter of Laurence Comyn, efq. of
Broom-hill, in faid county-Andrew
Blake, efq. of the Galway militia, to
to mifs Butler, only daughter of W
Butler, efq. of Cregg, county of Gal
way-- Graham, efq. of the 31ft
regt. to mifs levers, daughter of T.
levers, efq. of Ennis-Pole Gabbet,
efq. to mifs Fitzgerald, daughter of
Edmond Fitzgerald, of Ballyneety,
efq.-Mr. William M'Crabb, of Al
taghaderry, to mifs Fulton, of Gor
tanlave.-Mr. James M'Ilwaine, of
Newtown limavady, to mifs Mary Haf-
fet, daughter of dr. Haffet, of Ramel-
ton-The rev. Thomas Peyton Slayd,
to mifs Beatty, daughter of the late
David Beatty, of this city, efq.—At
Ahoghill, the rev. A. Johrfton, of
Newblifs, county Monaghan, to mifs.
Dorothea Hamilton, youngest daugh-
ter of mr. J. Hamilton, of Ahoghill-
Mr. James Grames, to mifs Smiral,
and mr. William Billigam, to mifs M.
Smiral, all of Kilrea.-At Cork, John
Beamish, of Kilmaloola, efq. m. p. to
mifs Teulon, daughter of John Teulon,
of that city, efq.-At Barberftown,
mr. Thomas Day, to mifs Facon-lu
London, George Shee, efq. eldeft fon
of fir George Shee, bart. to Jane, the
eldest daughter of Wm. Young, efq.-
John Richards, of Eden Vale, efq. to
mifs Roffiter-At Liverpool, captain
John Robinfon, late of the fhip Lan-
cafter, to mifs Knowles, a maiden la-
dy of 50-Mr. Edward Fitzgerald, ag-
ed 20, to mrs. Hughes, aged 66-At
Galway, Thomas L. Whitler, efq.
m. d. furgeon to the forces, to mrs.
Burke, relict of William Burke, efq.
of Moyglafs, county of Galway.

AT the feat of mts. Sarah Willan, Carrick-hill, in the county of Dublin, Nath. Trumbull, of Beech wood in faid county, efq. to mifs Woodcock, daughter of Robert Woodcock. late of Killowin, in the county of Wexford, efq.-At Newtownlimavady, mr. Sa. muel Birnie, late merchant, Newtown limavady, to mifs Mullen, of Scrugan -Mr. Robert Glen, of Ballytrench, to mifs Miller, of Ballyherbert--At Madras, on the firft July lat, in St. Mary's church, John Tracy O'Reilly, efq. of the honourable the Eall India company' 34 regiment of native cavalry, late captain in his majesty's 5th regiment of dragoon guards, to mifs Ifabella Sarah Hunter, only child of Andrew Hunter, cfq. of Queen fireet, Edinburgh, late of Bengal-Samuel L'Etrange, m d. to mifs Anne Smith, of Mount Pleasant, youngest daughter of the late Richard Smith, efq. of his majesty's ordnance-Alexander Black, elq. of Slyhane, county of Longford, to mifs Ann Coates, daughter of Thomas Coates, efq. of Newbridge- MISS HUNT, daughter of HenJames Orr, of Stratford, co. Wick- ry Hunt, of Clocan, in the county Lilow, to mifs Sophia Read, daughter merick, efq.-In Mary-treet, mirs. of the late Thomas Read, efq. of Goodfellow, wife of mr. George GoodDorfet-feet-Henry Lee, efq. licu- fellow-At Ballinacurra, mr. Richard tenant in the 5th dragoon guards, to Wilfon, aged 19 years, fon of Richard

Wilfon, efq. of faid place-At his feat at Dowdefton, near Maynooth, Samuel Parker, efq.-Mrs. Kelly, wife of mr. Henry Kelly, of Crow streetMr. P. Conolly of Smart's calle, county Kilkenny-mr. Thomas M'Adam, of Craigs, near Ballymena, aged 82 years, formerly of Ballymena-At Armagh, mrs. Hamilton, wife of mr. George Hamilton, minifter of the gofpel in that town-At Belfaft mr. Ro. bert Gordon, of Canada-At Monntmellick, aged 56 years, Arthur Roe, efq. furgeon and apothecary-In Kil dare-place, ur Francis Hutchinfon, bart.-In Peter-street, aged 22 years, mr. Job Underwood, late of Ballycanew, county Wexford-At Chatham, where he had arrived in the Benediction, with a cargo of naval ftores from Denmark, Robert George, midshipman of his majefty's fhip Centaur, aged 18, fon of baron George-In Great Britain-ftreet, mrs. Jinks, wife of mr. Jinks, cabinet maker-At Bridge town, mrs. Davis, relict of the late lieut. Da. vis, royal navy-In the 18th year of his age, mr. Charles Byrne, of Bishop freet. At his houfe, at Coldblow, the rev Thomas Lyfter, d. d. aged 66 years; he was a curate in the city of Dublin 44 years in the parishes of St. Werburgh, and St. Peter, and acted as fecretary to the Dublin fociety for 35 years with the strictest integrity and affiduity-Mrs. Thomas, wife of dr. Thomas, of Cuffe ftreet-On Summerhill, mrs. Hood, wife of Samuel Hood, efq. of the custom-house-Robert Tur. ville Lovett, efq. only fon of fir Jonathan Lovett, bart. of Lifcombe houfe, Bucks-Near Arklow, aged 84 years, mr. William Hollinsworth, farmer-At Johnftown, Stukey Simon, efq-At Ipfwich, in an advanced age, mrs. Clara Reeve, the authorefs of the Old English Baron, a romance of confiderable repute, and feveral other worksIn High-ftreet, mr. James M'Creery, an eminent woollen-draper-In Glamor ganfhire, whither he had gone for the benefit of his health, aged 37, Henry Bingham, efq. barrister at law, and the laly of Charles Higgins, efq. brother to lord Clanmorris, of New- of Weltport, couuty Mayo-Mr. brook, county of Mayo-At his P. Conolly, of Smart's caftle, county

houfe at Retford, near Lincoln, in the 90th year of his age, doctor Francis Willis, fo juftly celebrated for his fuccefs in curing infanity. A few months fince he had a paralytic stroke, which impaired his memory, and weakened his frame confiderably; but he was able to go out in his carriage untill within a few days of his death, which took place about fix o'clock in the evening, as he fat in his chair at the table after dinner; he has left five fons by his first wifeAt Killileagh, Robert Johnfton, efq. brother to the late fir Richard Johnfton, of Gilford-Mr. James Dezouche, deputy cafhier to the bank of Ireland; refpected for his many virtues, he died lamented, leaving a widow and large family to deplore his lofs-In South Great George's ftreet, mr. Oliver Nelfon-At Limerick, alderman William Fitzgerald-At Cork, the relic of J. Franklin, efq. attorney-In Bath, in his 72d year, John Bourmafter, efq. admiral of the red-At Doncafter, aged 57, Henry Moyes, of Edinburgh, m. d. he was delivering a courfe of lectures there on natural plilofophy; but, being feized with a complaint at the ftomach, a fhort indifpofition deprived the world of this learned and truly valuable character. Doctor Moyes was blind from a very early period. Notwithstanding this, he acquired the highet attainment in fcience, and his lectures on natural philofophy and chemistry were elegant, edifying and entertaining-Mr. alder. man Metcalf, of Woodstock, in the 66th year of his age. He first ferved the office of mayor of that borough in 1754; the laft and ninth time was in 1784, an interval of fifty years, which, perhaps is unprecedented in the annals of corporations. To the laft he preferved his faculties entire, and a few months before his death could walk three or four miles with the firm ftep of a young man; it was walking exercite, indeed, that he in a great measure afcribed his good health and longevity-Mrs. Higgins,



Kilkenny In Temple-bar, mr. E. At Enniscorthy, mr. Jofeph Sparrow, Glenville, hatter-At Sligo, mrs. merchant-Suddenly, mrs. Naghten, Munns, relict of the late John Munns, wife of Edm. Naghten, efq. of Thoefq.-Mrs. Wood, relict of the late maftown, co. Rofcommon-At BalRichard Wood, efq.-Mr. Hugh lywater, mr. Hercules M'Dowel, at Higgins, of Sligo-In Athlone, mrs. the advanced age of 98 years; he liv Lennon, wife of Charles Lennon, efq. ed to fee 31 grand children, and At Newry, John Goddard, efq. late 51 great-grand children--In Stefurveyor of that port-At Lifnover, phen-ftreet, Waterford, after a fhort county Cavan, R. Hume, efq.-In illnefs, Philip Mortimer, efq.-In an Derry, in the 80th year of her age, advanced age, mrs. Sandiford, relict mrs. Elizabeth Browne, relict of the of the late T. Sandiford, vicar of late mr. William Browne, of London- Whitechurch, in the county, of Wa. derry-At Cullercoats, North Shields, terford-In Ann-ftreet, Waterford, John Ramfay, mariner, aged 115; he Thomas Denny, mafter-cooper-In Terved in the capacity of cabin boy on Clare-treet, Limerick, mr. George board one of the fhips in fir George Heighms, architect-At Stoneville, Rooke's fquadron, at the taking of co. Limerick, the rev. Henry Maffey, Gibraltar in 1704; he retained all his fecond fon of James F. Maffey-At faculties in full perfection till within a Barbadoes, the hon. captain King, of few days of his death, nor did his great his majefty's fhip Alexander-In Cork, age in the fmalleft degree damp his fpi- mrs. Brown, wife of mr. John Brown, rits-In the 105th year of his age, mr. of that city, merchant, and daughter Thomas French-Mr. Henry Rey- of the late William Ruffell, of Lime. nolds, of Trim, county of Meath, rick-In Barbadoes, William Rofs aged 82 years-In William-kreet, mis. Lewen, lieut. in the ft West India Moriarty--At Kilbeggan, mrs. regiment-In Mungret street, LimeM'Loughlin, wife of mr. M'Louglin, rick, mrs. Archer, relict of the late of faid town-On the Batchelor's- captain Archer-Near Nenagh, mrs. walk, mrs. Vierpyl-Lately, after a Young, wife of William Young, cfq. long illness, Matthew Talbot, of the White Hart, Bridgford, near Stafford, aged 46; fome time previous to his death he was feized with a lethargic complaint, commonly called a trance, in which he continued for feveral days, as in a profound fleep; he then awoke for a fhort time, in a moft impatient ftate of hunger; having fatisfied the cravings of nature, he again gradually fell into the fame drowfy and infenfible ftate from which nothing could roufe him; in this fit of lethargy he continued for a week, when he awoke only to meet the fleep of death-On Summerhill, mr. Robert Kempt-In London, general Leland, late member for Stamford, and colonel of the 64th regiment of foot-At Portarlington, mifs Ma. gee, fecond daughter of the late mr. James Magee, formerly of James's treet-At Ballindooly, mrs. Walth, relict of the late Henry Walsh-At Tincurry, Thomas Newport, efq.

In Gloucefter-street, in the 223 year of his age, Edw. Crosbie, efq.-In the 73d year of his age, John Raw. don, efq. of Glafslough, county Mo. naghan-At Barbadoes, in the 18th year of his age, mr. John Gordon Pottinger, a midshipman on board his majefty's floop Melville, the hon. capt, King-At Duncannon, mr. David Coulter-Suddenly, at Woodbrook, near Cork, mr. William Daunt-At Blackgarden, near Loughrea, John Stewart, infpector of hearthsAt Galway, At Galway, mrs. Margaret Quin, widow of the late James Quin, at the age of 92-In Capel-ftreet, mr. J. W. Hart, late of the North Strand-At Blacker Creagh, co. Limerick, Wm. Blacker Bennet, eiq. juftice of the peace for the counties of Limerick and Tipperary-At the rev. Charles Smith's, Bantry, major Smith, city of Cork militia--In Cork, aged 68, mr. Charles M'Carthy, merchant.








Mifs Holman, as Adeline, in

Fontainville Forest.

Act 3

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