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ceafed, the intereft of 60,000l. who, with his officers and men, afford.
5,000l. in cafh, the house and furni- ed effential service; also to major Sirr,
ture at Highbury, and horses, carri- and a party of the 7th dragoon guards.
ages, &c.
All of whom continued to work the
engines, which were abundantly fup-
plied with water, for feveral hours, un-
til the fire was completely extinguish

To mr. H. Hafe, 250l. per annum,
arifing from the Broad-treet annu-
ity (money lent by mr. Newland to
the parish, and when the annuity
fhall ceafe, the principal to be paid)
and 700 confols.
Mr. Rippon, 2d cashier,
Mr. Brofs,

Mr. Atwood,

700 guineas. 700 do. 10,000l.

To each of the family of the Gold-
fmids, eight in number, 500l. to
purchafe a ring.
To the gentlemen belonging to the
chief cashier's office, 20 in number,
from 30l. to 100l. each, with about
two exceptions.

To the porters at the bank and lodge,
from 20 to 5ol. each, and to the do-
meftics of the deceased's household,
the like fums.

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The refidue of the property is left amongst the relatives of the deceafed, who are in needy circumftances. Amongst whom is a Chelsea penfioner, who during the life of mr. Newland received 50l. per annum, has been left tool. a year. A farmer's fervant at Hornfey, who did not partake of mr. Newland's bounty during his life, has been left 500l. per annum.

DUBLIN, Dec. 19, 1807.

EARLY yesterday morning, a fire broke out in the under part of mr. Martin's house in South Great George's freet, brush manufacturer, which in a few minutes raged with great violence, threatening deftruction to the adjoining houfes. Every poffible effort to fave the concerns were used, but in vain; which, together with the ftock and furniture, were confumed in a very fhort time. The right hon. the lord mayor attended on the above occafion, together with generals fir Charles Afgill, Leith, and Meyrick, and ufed the mot praife-worthy exertions. The greatest praife is due to colonel Hufkiffon, of the 9th garrifon battalion, quartered in Great George's ftreet, January, 1808.

From the Glasgow Courier, Dec. 14: • About the beginning of laft month, a veffel bound to Ireland was put afhore near the fouth end of Arran, a part of the cargo was taken out to lighten her; among which were about 30 fmall cafks marked Barley.' Thefe having excited fufpicion in the officers of excife, they had them opened, and found that they were filled with GUN-POWDER. They then got a party of mr. Lindsay's detachment of the garrifon battalion, and feized the veffel, on board of which, under the cabin they found ten casks more. They have taken the vessel into Campbelton.'

24. We understand that both the gentlemen (capt. Campbell and lieut. Eyre Trench) lately tried by a general court martial, were, after a most serious examination, fully acquitted of the charges brought against them.

We are much concerned to announce, as an addition to the other melancholy loffes of mr. Martin by the late fire in George's-treet, that his miffing child, whofe fate was for fome time uncertain, has fallen a victim to that unfortunate event, the horrors of which have thrown his wife into fuch a dangerous fituation as to caufe the utmost apprehenfion for her life.

City of Dublin Common Council Petitions.

Tuesday the hearing of the feveral petitions, complaining of the undue return and election of persons to serve in the common council of the city of Dublin for the enfuing three years in the guild of merchants, the corporation of tailors, and the corporation of fhoemakers, was concluded at the exhibition-house in William-ftreet.

The corporation of the city of Dub. lin at large, confifting of the right hon. the lord mayor. board of aldermen, recorder, high sheriffs, fheriffs peers, and



common council of this city, have efta blifhed the return of the thirty-one members made by the guild of merchants for the enfuing three years, and have declared that the petitioners against the fame have not fupported the allegations contained in their petitions. The affembly have in like manner established the return made by the corporation of tailors, and fet afide the prayer of the petitioners. In the corporation of fhoemakers they have determined that mr. John Dooley has fupported the feveral allegations contained in his petition, and have refolved that the name of mi. Robert Willard, in the return of the members to ferve for that corporation in the common council of this city for the enfuing three years, be erased therefrom, and the name of mr. John Dooley be in. ferted therein in its ftead.

After which mr. Nugent propofed a refolution of thanks to the right hon. the lord mayor and the recorder, for their faithful, upright, and impartial conduct doring this arduous inveftigation, which being duly feconded, was put from the chair by alderman Carleton, and carried unanimously.

This affembly having been occupied for the whole of Friday, Monday, and Tuesday laft, adjourned at half past four o'clock on Tuesday evening. Extrad of a Letter from a Gentleman in

New Orleans, dated October 1,

This morning at ten o'clock, I fhook lieut. T. by the hand-and this evening at eight, I held in my hand a ball that had paffed through his heart.

The beft account I can give of this melancholy event is this. A number of officers were amufing themselves in their quarters laft evening with cards, when R. came in and was asked to play; he declined, with a quotation from Shakespeare. Some criticifm was made on it by T. and an argument of fome warmth took place-difagreeable rfections were made-bad language enfued, and this morning, T. fent R. a challenge. They met jult before night oppoute to this city. On the word fire! T.'s pitol Aafhed, and R.'s fuapped. On the fecond, they both

fired almoft at the fame inftant, and R.'s ball had paffed quite through T's body, and lodged in the left fleeve of his fhirt. He ftaggered a few paces-exclaimed- I am a dead man,' fell into the arms of his friend, and expired.

What a dreadful affair is this? and how much is to be lamented the frequency of thefe occurrences! R. did not wish to fight him, but unfortunately, all attempts at accommodation were vain. T. poor fellow, would listen to no propofals. He had a ftrong prefentiment of his fate, and expreffed it; but he behaved with the utmoft firmnefs and refolution. R. was much affected, and embracing him in the ago nies of death, exclaimed in a frantic manner, My dear friend, why would you force me to do this? let me declare in your dying ear that I have no enmi ty to you that I did not wish to meet you-and that I fhall mourn your death as that of a brother.'


29] Tuefday morning the marquis and marchionefs of Donegall landed at Donaghadee, from Scotland. news of their arrival excited the liveli eft fenfations among the inhabitants of Belfaft; the fhipping in the harbour announced the event by repeated difcharges of their guns. approaching the town they were met by a numerous concourfe of people, who took the horfes from the carriage and drew them, amidst reiterated accla mations, to Donegall house.


Friday fe'nnight being the anniverfary of the fhutting of the gates of Derry againft king James's army, the Londonderry yeoman infantry paraded and marched to the different gates, which they fhut and fired over, after which they proceeded to the Diamond and fired three vollies. In the evening feveral convivial meetings took place, and the night was spent with every demonftration of joy on the occafion.

The Polyphemus and Africa, which lately arrived at Cork, are faid to have brought from Buenos Ayres not lels than one million five hundred thoufand dollars on account of the British mer chants, and eighteen veffels are in the,


convoy, completely laden with hides and tallow.

The comet, which it was thought by fome, would have difappeared at the back of Hercules, has moved at leaft fifty degrees further, and is ftill vifible with a magnifying power of ten. It appears a round whitifh spot, without a comma, fcarcely diftinguishable from that milkinefs, which compofes the galaxy where it is now fituated. Its place on the 24th ult. at 2rp. m. was about four degrees beyond Alpha Cygni, in a direction towards Perfeus; its apparent motion bas decreafed both in right afcenfion and declination, but more in the latter than the former.'

31.] We are glad that the following letter has been published as an authentic contradiction to the report lately circulated in the London papers. We do not infert the name of the newfpamentioned by dr. Moylan as having first published the report, because we are inclined to think that he is deceived in that particular fact:


faw them mentioned in the aforefaid
paper. That I verily believe and am
certain beyond doubt, that no fuch do-
cuments ever did, or do exift. I there-
fare could not have fubmitted them to
his grace the duke of Portland.

R. C. bishop of Cork.''

Cork, Dec. 28, 1807.

It is with fincere regret we have to announce the death of fo valuable a member of fociety. The public anxiety for the fate of the Shaw, and the pleasure that glowed in every breast on hearing she had triumphed over the fury of the ftorm that configned hundreds to a premature grave, ftill lives in the remembrance of our fellow-citizens; at the time we had occafion to mention, that under Divine Providence, the unexampled exertions of captain Dawfon had faved the veffel and the lives of his majesty's foldiers and fubjects, to the amount of four hundred and upwards. We have now unfortu'I cannot but exprefs my surprise and nately to state that, to these humane indignation, on reading in a London and manly exertions he has fallen a vicpaper of the 21st instant, a publication tim. He never recovered the fatigue, (ince copied into other papers) ftat- and a few days fince he expired in Fifing the pope had addreffed a bull to the gard roads, on board the veffel his laRoman catholic prelates of this king bours had preferved amidst warring eledom, to engage them to use their in- ments. He feems to have had fome fluence with the people of the Roman prefentiment of his approaching diffolucatholic perfuafion in this country in tion, as appears from the following favour of the views and objects of Bo- paffage in a letter to his wife, written naparte; and that faid bull was accom- immediately after getting into Fifgard. panied by another paper from the My dear Jane, I will fend you all the French ruler, holding out as a motive particulars in a day or two, for at of their compliance, the afcendancy of prefent I can hardly write, I am vetheir religion in this country-and that ry bad indeed. I have never had my thefe curious documents having come clothes off these fourteen days. into the hands of doctor Moylan, titu- am afraid I fall never get the better of lar bishop of Cork, he, as a loyal fub-it. Nor did he he is no more-and ject, fubmitted them to the duke of Portland. Whatever may be the views and purposes intended by the perfon or perfons who fabricated, and at fuch a juncture published thefe falfehoods, I deem it incumbent on me to contradict that publication as foon as poffible.

I therefore do moft folemnly declare that I never received, faw, nor heard of any fuch documents, until I

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what adds to the calamity, the greater part of his honeft earnings was on board the Rochdale tranfport, loft in that dreadful gale, and of which his nephew was captain. Thus is his unhappy widow and children (three females) left deftitute, without comfort or fupport; but it is to be hoped a generous public will hold out the hand of bene-volence to their relief;d it is to be


hoped government will not abandon to want and mifery the widow and helpless offspring of a man who loft his life in the public fervice, in preferving to the defence of their country fo many officers and foldiers. Independent of every moral duty, it would be politic in government to bestow reward as a flimulus of good conduct in others under fimilar circumftances,

Captain Moore, who commands the British fquadron, fent by fir Sidney Smith to convey the royal family of Portugal to the Brazils, is brother to general Moore, who defeated the rebels at Foulkes's mill, in the county of Wexford, in the year 1798, and fon to the celebrated dr. Moore, author of feveral valuable tracts.

The harbour of Cove exhibit a moft magnificent fpectacle. The fhips colleated exceed in number what have been at any one time obferved there for many years. They are compofed of the line of battle hips, frigates, and tranfports, from Monte Video, under the command of admiral Murray; the Weft India outward-bound feet, upwaids of ninety fail, ready to proceed under convoy of the Huffar frigate and a floop of war; and a Newfoundland homeward-bound fleet, which arrived on Saturday laft, under convoy of the Nemefis frigate. There are befides thofe three fleets,two East Indiamen, several frigates and floops of war, and a number of tra ders unconnected with the convoys.

FATAL DUEL-A duel has taken place, at Cove, between two officers belonging to the Polyphemus, of 64 guns; we are forry at being informed, that it has proved fatal to one of them. We are in poffeffion of the names, but our feeling for their relatives, induces ps to fupprefs them. The deceafed requefted that his opponent might be forgiven.

On Wednesday fe'nnight a duel was fought near Granard, in the county of Longford, between captain J. Otway, and mr. A. W. Bellew, attorney, in, confequence of a quarrel which originated from the centure contained in a letter from captain O. to mr. B. The ground was diftanced at eight yards;

the ball of captain O. took the lapelle of mr. B's coat entirely off. The fe conds endeavoured to reconcile matters, but ineffectually, until they difcharged a fecond piftol, which was nearly prov ing fatal to captain O, the ball having entered his thigh near the hip.

Jan. 19.] His grace the archbishop of Dublin has been pleased to appoint Mark Hare, efq. 1. 1. d. chief feneschal of his grace's manor of St. Sepulchre, in the room of dr. Duigenan, who has refigned.

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On Saturday last a numerous meeting of the Roman catholics of the city of Cork, was held at the Bush tavern, Stephen Roche, efq. in the chair; at which the late refolution of the catholics of Dublin, to petition parliament, for the repeal of the remaining difqualifications affecting their body, was taken into confideration and unani. moufly adopted.

On Friday laft the mayor of Cork fined a man a guinea for lacerating the feet of a pig, which he was driving to market. The just feverity of this punishment is well calculated to prevent the continuance of a most barbarous and cruel practice, which, we are forry to fay has been too common in this country, that of wounding pigs, in or der to render them more manageable, by their brutal drivers.

Major general Gower, and the other officers whofe teftimony is required on the trial of general Whitelocke, having now arrived, the court-martial will commence this week.

[blocks in formation]

Cadden point. We wore immediate; , and teered S. E. by S. About three, the captain thought proper to wear, and ftand in to make the land again. We did not ftand in more than en minutes: then wore once more and food out about S. S. E. or S. by E. At four we faw land close aboard and nearly right a-head, which we perceived to be the Lizard. We immediate ly wore and hauled to the wind on the arboard tack; ftood on for about half an hour, then furled every thing go the beft bower. She took the cable entirely to the clench, but tode by it till four the next morning. It then parted. We let go the fmaller bower, which brought her up at the clench alfo. By this cable we rode till even, or half-paft, when it was refolved to run her afhore.

other dead bodies that have been taken up, were fo bruifed and disfigured by the falling of the mafts, &c. that their faces could not be recognifed. We are further confirmed in our flatement of the number loft-they cer tainly do not exceed 60; for there cannot remain a doubt but that many have deferted. In addition to the names of furviving officers mentioned, we have to add, lieutenant Gill, licut. Simpfon, marines, mr. Stuart, the mafter, the purfer, meffrs. Hill and Mafon, midshipmen, befides a few others, whofe names we have not been able to afcrtain. The time fince the wreck has been bufily employed in fav ing the ftores, and a pretty confiderable quantity, we believe, has been fecured, though this bufinefs has been much impeded by the roughnefs of the weather."

THE BRITISH NAVY.-The ftate of the British navy, according to the returns up to the prefent day, is as follows:-There are in commiffion 795 thips of war, of which 144 are of the line, 20 from 50 to 44 guns, 178 frigates, 226 loops of war, 227 armedbrigs, &c.-Befides which there are building and in ordinary, fhips which make the total amount of the British navy, exclusive of cutters and other fmall veffels, 1100 fhips of war.

16.] Thursday, Bucknell Macartney, efq. was elected fecretary, and Thomas Lyfaght. efq. register to the Dublin fociety, in the room of the late dr. Lyfter.

A report was circulated that captain Lydiard was fo alarmed, that he was inapable of making proper exertions. This infamous falfehood, we are forry to lay, was propagated by fome of the crew, who deferted as foon as they got ahore. Captain Lydiard, who did every thing that could be done by a brave and experienced commander, had repeatedly urged by his officers to quit the hip before he confented, and, at laft, facrificed his life, it is believed, to his humanity. He had got out of the fhip on the main-maft, when obferving a boy on the maft below him, he flopped till he could be extricated. la this momentuous crifis the captain was twice waned off the maft, and as often recovered it again, but unable to refift the violence of a third fea, he was On Thursday night, the 7th inftant," a molt daring robbery was committed torn from his hold, and difappeared. by fome fellows, as yet unknown, by It is believed too, that mr. Smith, the ftealing 24 fat fheep from mis. Mafurgeon, might have been faved, but ry Gerrard, of the Bay, near Mulhudfor anxiety to preserve his fon, a little dard, in the county Dublin-a lady of boy, who was on board with him. the most inoffenfive and amiable manThe exertions of lieutenant Gill to fave ners. the men, and afterwards the stores, ex

21.] On Sunday laft, the Weft In

cited the esteem and refpect of all who dia fl et, confilting of 103 veffels, fail

diard were buried with military honours jefty's fhip, Huflar, Lloyd, the Mo

ou Sunday lalt, at

at Falmouth; the fur

felle floop, and the Decade to Madeira.,

geon and midshipmen have been buried The Efpiegle floop, capt. Morris, alfo at Hellion. The greater part of the failed on a cruife.


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