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he feldom quitted his home, and devoted his whole time to ftudy, hoping, by occupying his mind, to be able to divert his heart. Angelina could not comprehend the caufe of this great change of conduct; it at firft alarmed her, and fhe impatiently waited for an opportunity of coming to an explanation with Camire; but feeing that he no longer paid his ufual vifits to her uncle, neither meeting him in the fields, nor even at the tomb of his father, vexation and anger took poffeffion of her heart. She thought the was no longer beloved, she was refolved to become indifferent; and chance having one day placed her at church near Camire, the affected to turn her eyes away from the unhappy Guarani, pretend ed even not to obferve that he was by her fide, and returned home with out having taken the leaft notice of him. This was a difficult task which the gentle and affectionate Angelina had impofed on herfelf; but the thought that after the victory the had gained over her feelings, nothing would be impoffibie, and flattered her felf that the thould foon forget the object who then conftantly occupied her thoughts.

Camire was in defpair! He had fufficient courage to renounce her he loved, he had deprived himself of the fight of her; but he could not fupport her difdain, it had overpowered his foul; and not being able to find any relief for the torments he experienced, he fought Maldonado.

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My father' faid be, hearken and forgive me; I find that I cannot conquer my love; I have flruggled against the dictates of my heart; I have employed all the ftrength with which virtue and reafon infpired me; but I feel that Angelina overcomes every thing; I mult leave you, my father, I must depart. In the name of Heaven hide thofe tears; I fhall Ray with you if you weep,-I shall expire betile you. Let me return to

my native woods: I fhall come back again. If the project I meditate be not above the powers of a human being, I fhall accomplish it, I am certain I fhall; and you will fee.me return with a clear confcience, and one of the happieft of men. Adieu ! my father, my friend, my benefactor; dry up thy tears; it is not thy fon who leaves thee, it is a miferable maniac, devoured by a fatal paffion which rules him at its will, which bears him far from thee, which confumes him. It cannot, however, change his affection, or the gratitude which his heart ftill carefully preferves, though it be no longer his own.

After having faid thefe words, he rushed from the old man, who vain- || ly entreated him to return; but Camire heard him not, and foon he was no longer perceptible to Maldonado's ardent gaze; who, deprived of his beloved child, now thought himfelf alone in the univérfe,

Angelina was ftill more to be pitied. Feeling all the pangs of a paffion which the vainly ftruggled to overcome, fhe had experienced as lively a grief as Camire, and had not one friend in whofe bofom fhe could confide her forrows.-When fhe heard of his fudden fight, the accused herfelf of having caufed it, and thed tears of anguish at the recollection of her behaviour towards him when laft they had met. For fome time her mind was foothed with the hope of his return; but ten months haviug elapfed without any news of her lover, the unhappy maiden determined, if fhe could obtain her uncle's permiffion, to pafs the remainder of her days in one of the convents which were al ready effablished at the Affumption.

making her withes known to Pedreras, he warmly feconded them; and on the fame day conducted her himfelf to the fuperior of the order of St. Clare, who immediately fupplied her with the drefs of a novice,


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and yielded to the governor's requeft, that Angelina fhould take the veil at the expiration of half the ufual period.

The miferable girl would willingly have haftened the time that was to fhut her out from the world; the days moved on fo tedioufly fince the no longer faw Camire! She thought that when he had taken the vows, her mind would be more at cafe, and that love would quit a heart which was devoted to God. She faw the withed for time approach, and expeFienced a momentary joy.

The evening previous to the day appointed for Angelina to quit the world, the worthy father, Maldonado, on his return from vifiting the fick, had feated himself on a tone bench at the door of his dwelling. He was thinking of Camire, when be faw a man Funning towards him, who fuddenly uttered a loud fhriek, and rushed into his arms; it was he, it was his fon! The poor jefuit nearly fainted; and Camire was fo exhaufted with the hafte he had made, utterance was denied him; and they entered the house holding each other, but without either of them fpeaking. When their full hearts could breathe with more freedom, Camire faid to him: It is I, my father; you again behold your fon, and he has not difgraced that title. I have neither betrayed my love or my honour; I am, and can remain, true to my brethren and my Angelina. I am come to give up the gold-mine which the governor required me; and this treafure is far from the road which might conduct him to my country.'

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Maldonado liftened with tranfport to his adopted fon, made him again repeat what he had faid, determined to conceal from him Angelina's intention, and repaired inftantly to Pedreras that the ceremony might be put off, to tell him the immenfe riches which Camire came to place in his hands, and to ask the executi

on of his former promife. Pedreras renewed it with joy, wrote immediately to the convent, and by day-break fet out with Maldonado, followed by a confiderable efcort, under the guidance of the young Guarani.

They marched the whole day, and at night flept under the trees. The next morning they continued their route among the defart mountains which spread along the province of Chili.-As they proceeded, Pedreras expreffed his aftonishment, as he had already caused this part of the country to be carefully fearched, and no metal whatever had been found; but Camire's tranquil and confident deportment convinced him that they fhould now be more fortunate. Arrived befide a cave, formed by barren rocks, our hero ftopped, and pointing to the entrance ordered the workmen to fearch; he was immediately obeyed, and Pedreras attentively followed all their motions with the eyes of avarice. Maldonado, anxious and thoughtful, put up filent prayers, the object of which were, for the first time, gold; Camire faid nothing, but his expreffive countenance beamed with fecret joy.

When they had dug to about the depth of five or fix feet Pedreras was the first who defcried the fhining metal; and uttering a fhout of delight, rushed forward and feized with both hands a kind of reddith earth mixed with small bits of virgin gold. This ftratum was wide and deep; and feveral richer were found beneath the fand which fupported it. Pedreras flew to Camire, folded him in his arms, called him his nephew and fwore to him an eternal friendship. Four mules were laden with gold, and the mine was not yet exhausted. The governor declaring he was impatient to fulfil his promife, left a guard under the coinmand of his lieutenant, and returned to the Affumption, accompanied by the jefuit and his fon. On their arrival, he con



ducted them to his palace; and when with gold; with their affiftance, durhe had depofited his riches in a place ing the space of a year, I have been of fafety, repaired to the convent employed in tranfporting this gold to to give orders for his niece's removal, a chofen fpot at an immenfe distance and to tell her that the next day the from the country where I found it ; was to become the wife of Camire. in collecting riches, not with the Words are too feeble to exprefs hope of becoming deferving of you, the excefs of furprife and joy, which but at leaft to obtain your hand. Angelina experienced. She could hundred times have I taken this long not help fancying it was all a dream, journey; and I would have repeated fo unexpectedly had it occurred; but, it a thoufand times had it been neceflong accustomed to implicit fubmiffi- fary. Your image conttantly acon, the obeyed without atking any companied me, and made me tremble queftions. Her coarfe ftuff garment left my gift fhould not be of fufficient was thrown afide to be replaced by value; but Pedreras has deigned to one of the richest filk, ornamented accept it: he does not know how to with gold; the bandeau was taken eftimate the treasure which he befrom her modeft brow, and her long ftows on me; but it is from you alone filken treffes fell in graceful curls on that I will to-day receive it.' her fhoulders. The emotions of her foul fpread a lively hue on her cheek; her eyes, which the dared not raife from the ground, feemed to throw fire from beneath their long dark lathes; looking a thoufand times more lovely than on the day the had been fo providentially faved from the ferpent, the repaired to the parlour where Pedreras had left the happy Camine alone.

Angelina liftened to him with inexpreffible delight. When he had concluded, the prefented him her hand, but tears of joy were her only reply.

The tranfported Guarani conduct. ? ed her immediately to her uncle's dwelling, where, the fame night, at twelve o'clock, Maldonado bestowing on them the nuptial benediction. Nothing could equal the happiness they felt, unless it be that which the good jefuit experienced. They now thought that nothing could alter their blifs, and that they were arrived at the fummit of human felicity; but they were miftaken, for fate had still freth troubles in ftore for them.

On her entrance, our hero, bending on one knce to the ground, faid: Lifen to me, thou beft and lovelieft of women! before you comply with your uncle's requeft, and learn the powerful motives which forced me to fly from you. To obtain your hand, don Pedreras required that I The governor foon quitted Camire fhould put him in poffeffion of a gold and his bride, to vifit again the gold mine. I knew of none but thofe in mine, which was nearly exhaufted. my native country; if I had conduct- Such immenfe treasures ought to have ed him to thefe, I thould have devot- fatisfied his avarice, if it were poffible ed my brethren to the crucity of the to fatisfy that rapacious paffion; but Spaniards. This, my Angelina, I having eafily difcovered that the earth, never could have done it is to you, which had been fearched, did not I repeat it, at the moment when I produce metal, he concluded that the behold you beaming with attractions, Guarani was well acquainted with - that I could facrifice my love to my many extenfive mines from which he duty and my country. But love in- had drawn this gold. Too rich, fpired me; I forfook my revered however, to dare to complain, and virtuous father, and returned among ftanding too much in awe of the the Guaranis. Their land teems jefuit, to date to wreft the fecret

which was hidden from him by unjustifiable means, he determined to adopt a different method, but which, nevertheless, conducted him to what he aimed at. He affembled the whole colony, and declared to them that he had just received orders from the king of Spain immediately to proceed in his exertions to compel the favages to fubmit to their government, and particularly the Guaranis. Then turn ing towards Camire, whom thefe words had greatly affected, my ne phew,' faid he, it is in your hands that I place the interefts of Spain; you are my adopted fon, I give you the rank of my adelantade; and command you, in the name of his majefty, to depart, with fix hun dred foldiers to difcover and reduce into our fubjection, the country of the Guaranis.'

All the colony applauded this choice. The astonished Camire had not the power of anfwering their congratulations; he was, however, hailed by every one as the adelantade. Pedreras renewed the orders he had given, and commanded him to depart before the expiration of the week.

The unhappy Camire flew with his wife to afk the advice of Maklo


The worthy jefuit remained for a few moments wrapped in thought; then taking a hand each, faid, "You are in a perilous fituation; Camire neither can nor ought to obey. If he refufe, he will be fufpected of treachery; in taking up his defence, I hall be thought as culpable; and the governor, I fear, is capable of any thing. You have only one alternative, which is to fly this very night and feek an afylum with the Guaranis. I will follow you, my children; yes, I will, notwithflanding my advanced age. Armed with the cross, I will preach to Camire's bre

N O T E.

The next poft after that of governor. January, 1808.

thren; I fhall lead them to Chriftianity, as I have led him. In that flate of innocence and peace you will always remain attached to each other; and I thall fulfil my duty, I shall ferve my God, and my happiness will be equal to yours.'

After having difplayed the most lively marks of gratitude to Maldo nado, Camire and his beloved partner immediately prepared for their departure. Our hero procured a canoe, in which, as foon as the thades of night had defcended, they all three embarked. Camire tkilfully manag ed the oars, and they rowed up the river as far as the entrance of the mountains; here they landed, and after having funk their canoe, followed a defert path which led through a thick foreft; and, after continuing their route for three days, found themfelves in the midst of the Guaranis. Camire met with a truly fraternal reception; he told them what had happened to him, and what he owed the jefuit; upon hearing of which, all the favages overwhelmed him with attend ons, and inftantly fet to work to build him a cabin, and one alfo for Angelina and her husband. Thefe habitations were erected on large trees, and were entered with the affiftance of a ladder, which was afterwards removed; this precaution being neceffary to infure fafety from the intrufion of wild beans and inundations. Soon established in their new abode, freed from all care and anxiety, and the troubles which men have fo laboriously impofed upon themfelves, dedicating their exiftence to love and friendship, the happy couple tafled the fweets of freedom and innocence united beneath their roof.

Beloved by that mild nation, Maldonado preached the precepts of his religion, and eafily converted thofe fimple beings who witneffed and admired his virtues.

All the Guaranis were baptized, D and

ufeful art and trade according to the talents which nature had endowed them; and nothing was wanting among them but luxury, vice and poverty.

E. R.

and became willing fubjects to the king of Spain, on condition he fhould fend among them no other miffionaries than Maldonado's colleagues. The court of Madrid acceded to this propofal, and jefuit miffionaries were The author of this aftonishing felected to affift this aged prieft. change, the young Camire, eafily This treaty difpelled the fears of the obtained the forgivenefs of Pedreras; Guaranis; they repaired to the Af- who, when the Guaranis left their fumption, and divided themselves in- native woods, had been put in pofto tribes, each of which built a feffion of the gold mines. He confmall village, where, under the pa- tinued to rule under him with wifternal authority of a jefuit, every dom, till the governor's rapacioufnefs individual learned to cultivate the being made known to the court of earth, and the moft ufeful arts. The Madrid, he was recalled, and his nenumber of these tribes foon encreaf phew appointed his fucceffor. Sured; in 1734 they confifted of thirty rounded with affluence, Camire and thoufand families. Every village Angelina did not neglect their fift had its alcade, which was annually and beft friend, the aged Maldonado, chofen by the inhabitants. The vi- who continued to bless them with his car watched over the execution of prefence and advice, and fpent his the laws, which were neither nume- declining years in happiness beneath rous nor fevere; the greatest punith- the roof of his adopted fon. ments confifted in falling or imprifonment; and it feldom happened that there was any caufe for their being inflicted; for this peaceful and innocent people had not even the idea of theft or murder, because the jefuits did not permit any foreigners to enter their country. The fmall tax which the king of Spain require ed, was eafily paid by exchanging the fugar, tobacco, and cotton, which a large portion of land, culti-As vated by every inhabitant, who each dedicated two days in the week to this labour, produced. The overplus of this harvel was defined for the fupport of the fick, the aged, and the fatherless. The young men were taught the art of war; on fellivals they took from the public armoury their fwords and mufkets, and after having been exercifed, returned them again to the armourer. Often did the invading Portuguese or Brazilians experience the effects of their difcipline and their courage. The villages were filled with ichools for the inftruction of children in reading and writing; they were taught every

A Night Walk in September. B
J. M. L.

Now air is hufh'd, fave where the weak

ey'd bat

With fhort fhrill fhrick flits by on leas thern wing;

Or where the beetle winds

His fmail but fullen horn,

oft he rifes 'midft the twilight path, Against the pilgrim borne in heedlets hum ; Now teach me, made compos'd, To breathe fome foften'd ftrain, Whofe numbers ftealing thro' thy dark'ning vale,


not unfeemly with its ftillnefs fuit,
As muting flow, I hail
Thy genial lov'd return!'


SUMMER was preparing to depart, and to refign his throne to Autumn, when I began my September's ftroll; the harveft was in moit the places ended; only a few beans were left to be got in, and the farmer's fummer toil would be ended. The

air was very calm, and I could not help ejaculating,

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