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lieutenants biit.is, 19.


the cracking of the roof of the house ; short- fions in India, is repeated in an account ly after a large stack of chimnies were blown froin Muilow; unacompanied, however, down by the high wind, which forced in with any additional facts to those we have part of the roof and the ceiling of ber lady. already mentioned on the authority of the thip's bed room, when near a ton of brick's, furtig' journals. together with the ceiling, fell in, and lite: rally buried her lady trip. In this perilous fiuation the remained till after four o'clock,

DUBLIN, February 13. when the was released by her doineltics.

INIS grace the lord lieute:hant has been The whole of the back roof, together with pleased io app in the following gentlemen the sky-light of her ladythip's back diaw.

to be high nents for the entuing year :ing-room, are completely demolished. We

Sligo--Thomas Illmes, ut farm Hill, are happy to ftate that her ladythiy did not

efq. softain any material injury, and was able

Longforila Daniel Murray, of Cloncalvefterday to receive the visits of her private lui, eiq. friends.

Kerry--Robert Day, of Cuthinain, efq. On Sunday morning a duel was fought on Danbury common, between

Tappeary-!lenry Langley, of CaltieOe and M-1, both of the 43d foot, which was attended with fatal coniequences

Fernan --- John Madden, of Manor

water-houli, v4. to the former, who received a ball through Lift weck Bibara Malcolin for the mur, the body on the first fire, and expired on der of her natural chart, by giving it vithe spot. This melancholy circiimitance viol, was executed at Eduburjlı, and hur originated in a trifling difpute at the mels, body given to the pretetlor dvi difestiun; on the preceding evening. Licutenant M. puriuant to her fintence, She appeare. I and the seconds have abiconded. Advices have been received from fir that two sea were obligdio lupport her at

Vary peniteat and religiel, but fo feeble, Richard Strachan's squadron, dated the 2.1 thie pluce of execution. inttant. At that time the gallant admiral was totally at a lots what course to steer in

LORD NELSON'S MONUMENTAL quelt of the Rochefort squadron, being

PILLAR without any sort of informaiion relative to Lis attack or destination, and being only [The ceremony of laying the first sone alured that it had put to fea.

of Nellon's pillar was intended to have taAs there is no doubt, however, that ad- ken place on the 14th, (Sunday last) in or-miral Duckworth is in purtuit of the ele. der to commemorate the anniversary or the my, we may expect to he's a good account battle off cape St. Vincent, in 1797, on of them.“ Sir Richard Strachan having whici day our hero gloriuully distinguished profesed his inability to form any idea of hiner.] ihtir piecile destination, it does not become Yesterday, Feb. 15, according to previ. elie London (peculaiórs to speak with confi. ous notice, bis grace the lorit licuienan: prodence on that iubiect, and yet fome of themi ceeded to tay the first stone of a monument sio not lielitate to assure us that the enemy of Triih gratitude to the memory of the ila.e certainly bound for Martinique or the luttrious Nelion. Brazils.

The lite choin for this monument, which A letter from Falmouth, gives some fur. is to be a simple pillar, is at the interiectither particulars of informatioa received on of fienry-fivét and Earl-street with there respecting the fate of affairs at Lifs Sackville-iteet; a hite affording ample bon. General Junot has taken up his relj- face, lo circumitanced as to allow of the dence at the house of an opulent Portuguese pillar being ieen from the river and all the merchant, where he kept an open table, for principal approaches of the city, and narke which he obliged the merchant to pay him ing the length of that valt itreet by an ob75 Portuguele coins, valued at 36 piastres jest worthy of the many public buildings tacli, por cien. He liad alto impored hea- in its neighbourhood, Untavourable as ine vy contributions on all the friin who re- weather wirs, (tie thow of Sunday having mained bebind, one of whom (mr. C.) was bren converted by a sudden thaw into itagcalled on for thirty thouland crusades, nant lakes of muddy water,) the inects about feven thousand pounds. The ex. were crowded with spectatois; the yeonaria change, India huule, and cultom houten ry multered in very contiderable turce, and were fhut.

the fubicribers to the monument allembied The report of a formidable expedition, fo numeroulty as te diipiay the mout respecwith Perlan coroutence and aid, being table as well as the iroft loyal

, and patrauio about to proceed against the English ocho portion of the citizens of Dublin.



The following was the order of the pro. The procession mustered at the royal ex. cellion :

change ; the military had lined the free's A band of music.

ly half.past twelve o'clock, from the calHorie yeoman: y.

tie, rown Dame street, College-greer, Sailors with a fiag, St. George's enlign. Weltınoreland-Itreet, and Sackville-itseet, yeomanry.

to the rotunda ; the horse yeomamy led the A barge on wbeels, drawn hy fix tailors in proceslion at half.past twelve o'clock, tiom

wbite Thirts, which carried twelve boys the royal exchange; when the proceiton of the marine school, with a drum and marched along the west lide of Sackvillefife, and canying a buft of lord Nelson, freet, till it arrived at the rotunda, froin followed by the remainder of tire marine whence the cavalry continued their route boys, four and four, in three divisions, on the east-lide until they arrived at Carfuit divilion bearing a white flag, with a life-bridge, where they formed with their jed ciols, as an emblem of lord Nelion, front towards Sackville-street, and allowed being vice-admiral of the white,

the infantry to pass by them. The failors Second divifion, a red fas. with the fag, when they arrived at the en. Third division, a blue flag. closure, with the marine (chool boys and Yeomanry,

sea fencibles, formed themselves on the Eight sailors with a red flag. ouifide, so as not to interrupt the other Hibernian school boys.

part of the procession from entering. The Sea tencibles four and four.

officers of the navy and army (walking in Yeomanry:

the procession) entered fuit, the bands Eight sailors with a blue flig. playing God save the king ;' after them Officers of the army and navy, tryo and two the lubicribers, &c. in regular order, and aliernately,

all forired within the paling, closing up reA band of music,

gularly will all were allmittel, so ihat the Subscribers.

whole formed a square about the committer, The committee, 'cach bearins wliite the proroft, &c. the heriffs, recorders wand,

sheriffs peers, aldermen; lord mayor, bis Provost, fellows, scholars, and students of grace the lord lieutenant, and suite. The Trinity college.

Itone was suspended from a triangle, with Common council,

the place ready prepared to receive it, Slieriffs.

when his grace ordered it to be loweied, Alut. Men.

and taking the trowel in his hand, placed Recorder.

some mortar upon it, ' A tailor then got The right hon. the lord mayor, followed by alott, and leaning upon the flag-Itaff, gate the city battle-axe giard.

the lignal to the railors, &c. without, for A bard of music.

three hearty cheers ; immediately on which Two elegant carriages, with his grace the the bands truck up “Rule Britannia,' and

lord lieutenant's lite, the first drawn by three rockets were fired as a signal to the two beautiful blood bays, with long tails; batteries, which was answered by a royal the second by two bright bays, with falute. The procell.on then returned to the cocked tails. 1

calle, when a feu-de-joie was fired by the His grace the lord lieutenant, and duchess military.

of Richinond, in a beautitul coach, There was an angular descending gangdrawn by fix elegant chesnut hories, with way leading from the surface of the street long tails ; the manes or tlie entire of his down to the gravelly bottom where the grace's hories were richly ornamented foundation stone of Nelion's monument wns with crimion, blue and white ribb(?), laid, by which his grace the lord lieutenant fymbolical of the thiree orders in his ina. delcended to the ipot, and atter affixing the jesty's navy.--His grace's carriage was plate of inscription in its proper birtli, his surrounded by the state battle axe guard, grace called for the level, which he made and was preceded and followed by use of with a contiderable degree of science troops of the 7th dragoon guards. in building. Her grace the duchess of A band of inuric.

Richmond, attended by fir Charles Vernon, The remaining yeomanı y corps, in sections, descended a few paces down the gangway • preceded by their bands, drums, ami for the better inspection of the ceremony.-files.

There were boarded platforms placed The calle corps of riflemen, preceded by around the opening of the area for the actheir bugles.

commodation of the committee and subCastle artillery, with four pieces of cannon. scribers, who were permitted within the A muniber of carriages of peers and gen- paling to see the ceremony of laying the tlemen,

first stone of this tribute of public gratitude A regiment of light horse closed the prou in commemoration of the transcendent he. chon,



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reing dilplased in various part of the world · The en luring record bears the artist's poco the ocean by the great and gallant name, Billion and Bronti.--The following is the ' Demands his honors and afferts his fame.' nicnition upon the plate :

The car which was drawn in the proBy the Blailing of Almiglity God, cellion on Monday last, on which was placToConnemorate the Transcenclent Heroic ed a boat containing streamers, and marine Achievements of the Right Honourable boys, and surrounded and followed by the. HORATIO, LORD VISCOUNT remainder of the boys belonging to that NELSON,

excellent inftitution, had a very interesting Duke of Bionti, in Sicily, effect, elpecially upon their giving three Tice-admiral of the White Squadron of his cheers on passing the equestrian statue of Majesty's Fleet;

king William in College-green. In forWho fell Gloriously in the Battle mer times the guild of merchants, in their eff Cape Trafalgar,

triennial perambulations through the city, On the 21st Day of October, 1805 ; were attended by a similar procession. when he

The whole was conducted with a degree Ob:ained for his Country a Victory over the of regularity and order we have scarcely Combined Fleets of France and Spain. obferved, and notwithstanding the inimene

Unparalleled in Naval History ; concourse of spectators the novelty and This frit fione of a Triumphal Pillar brilliancy of the right had attracted, we Was laid by his Grace

are happy no accident of any fort has ocCHARLES, DUKE OF RICHMOND cured. AND LENNOX,

The yeomanry marched in a reversed Lord Lieutepant-General and General Go. manner, the light corps first ; the whole vernor of Ireland,

procellion was reversed as at military inOn the 15th Day of February, in the Year

terments. of Our Lord, 1808 ;

His grace the duke of Richinond wore 20. in the 48th Year of the a general's uniform ; the duchess was in Reign of our Moft Gracious Sovereign deep mourning GEORGE THE THIRD,

The windows in Dame-Areet, College. 1. Pretence of the Committee appointed


Weltmoreland-street, and Sackville. By the Subscribers .for Erecting treet, were crowded with female beauty TOIS MONUMENT,

and fashion. NAMEL Y.. Pight ton. C. Loug R. M'Donnell

QUEEN'S BIRTH DAY. La Touche, jun. George Maquay 27.) "Thuriday, as the birth day of our Robert Shaw

L. Crofthevaite goot and gracious queen, was celebrated at Haos Hamilton J. Leland Maquay the ciftle of Dublin in a style of magnisFred, J. Faulkner D. Thomas O'Brien cence which for many years has been a Luke White Wm. Pawlins Stranger to that vice-regal abode.

The J.C. Beresford John Lirdíay.

inorning was ushered in with the ringing of James Vance. John Carleton bells, the royal ftandard was hcilied, at Joha Geale V. O'Connor:

three o'clock, on the to'ver, and'a boly G. La Touche Wm. Alexander of cavalry was drawn out in the upper cal. P. D. La Touche Arthur Guinness.

tie-yard, through which passed the equipas Wm. Deey, Secretary.

ges' of the nobility, gentry, judges, of:

ficers of state, and officers civil and milin It is to be hoped that the subscription for erecting the above rnorument will be in tary, the lord mayor, Theriffs, and emincreases lo as to enable ilie committee to per. mark their respect for the occasion, and

ent citizens, who all pralled forward to fatuate the glorious naval achievements of the immortal hero, an edilice more enible. their regards for their graces the duke and

ducliers of Richmond. matic of those great and signal victo: ie's,

An ode, composed for the occasion, was than by a mere maffy pillar of tune ma- performed in St. Patrick's-hall, by she forry; and that the chaite and classic chil: first-rate vocal and instrumental profeffors, fe

! orice sculptor may be exercited, and after which was fing the juftly populas cur country has to beat of fuch) in dela cripsive, emblematicit, anch allegorical hyinn: GOJ SAVE THE KING," te duke

and duchess and all the company Itanding. ículpture, which will at once denote the After the mafic. upon a figiial by rocket, deeds of ihe Hesy, tik iaite of the commit the guns in the Phicenix-paik and the troops let, and the genius of the artist, in the

in garrison fired a royal lalute. y miration of which future ages will find

At night there was a splendid ball, nu.


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merously attended, and a moft fumptuous and elegant fupper, fupplied with the utmoft profufion of every delicacy, and the best wines in unreftricted abundance. At a late hour on Friday morning the company retired, filled with admiration and refpect by the dignified kindneffes and polite condefcenfion of their illuftrious hofts.

On Wednesday his grace the lord lieutenant and a felect party, were entertained at dinner by the earl of Donoughmore, at Palmerston-houfe.



Yesterday having been appointed by the hord mayor, for the election of an alderinan, in the room of the late worthy and much-re gretted alderman Hutton, the common council affembled, and the board of aldermen having nominated the following the peers, viz. Humphrey Minchin. Drury Jones.


Mountiford John Hay, and John Claudius Beresford, efqrs. The four gentlemen fo nominated were fent to the commons houfe, and their names being read, mr. Minchin in a very handsome manner addressed the houfe, declaring that this nomination came upon him utterly unexpected, and confequently he was quite unprepared to avail himself of the honour it might confer; that he was highly fenfible of the refpectable light in which it placed him, but not having canvalled the commons, he could not now hope for fuccefs, and

would therefore decline the election. This he did with the leis reluctance, as he found hinfelf joined in the nomination with fome truly worthy and honourable perfons, who having taken the neceffury pains, he was fure would be fuccefstal. He declared the warmth of his gratitude to his fellow-citizens, and hoped for their future favour.

Mr. Jones faid that he had calculated up on being in the nomination, but had no expectation of final fuccefs upon the prefent occafion-as in his canvafs of the commess, they had in general with great candour declared their intention of voting for an ho nourable gentleman, who would he was convinced prove an excellent magistrate; he hoped, however, by declining an election now, to acquire future favour.

Mr. Hay aid, that finding himself place ed in fo honourable a fituation, he thought he should thew an unbecoming neglect of thofe friends at the board to whom he was beholden for that fituation, and unjust di dence in the favour of his refpected friends amongst the commons, were he to defert that fituation;-he therefore refolved to



abide the event of an election, and without
pretending to arrogate to himself any extra-
ordinary merit, relied
and partiality which the house had ever ma-
upon the favour
nifefted towards him.

Mr. Beresford faid, he felt the utmost. gratitude to those friends to whom he owed his nomination-and the highest confidence in the favour and friendship of that house, to which he was indebted for fo many obli gations. His fellow-citizens had already placed him in feveral fituations of great truft and honour, and he hoped he had never difappointed their expectations; that conduct which had obtained their ap probation, he would ever purfue: the fupnation, and the honour of the city of Dubport of the conftitution-the welfare of the lin, were his great objects, and to them he would always adhere.

broad that in feeking to be alderman he It had been industriously whispered amust have fome defign of obtaining fome office of emolumenthe declared he had no office in view but one, which was an office of honour, and therefore of his ambition; but by no means an office of emolumenthe meant that of lord mayor, to which in due course he might arrive, if he were now to be chofen alderman.

A ballot took place, when there appear


For Mr. Beresford,
Mr. Hay,
Tellers-mr. Giffard, mr. D'Olier, mr.
Blacker, and mr. Tudor.

elected, returned thanks for the very ho-
Mr. Beresford being then declared duly
nourable fupport he had received, and re-
peated his former declaration.

and claimed the fupport of the houfe on a Mr. Hay returned most grateful thanks, future occalion. Atter which mr. Beres ford was fworn, and took his leat at the board of aldermen.

108 15

Sir Samuel Hood, we underfand, does worth can overtake the Rochfort fquadror, not encourage the hope that fir John Duckthough he will arrive in the West Indies time enough to prevent them from doing any mischief.

permiflion to the 46th foot to bear, in addiHis majetty has been pleafed to grant tion to any other devices or badges they on its colours and appointments, as a difmay be entitled, the word Dominica exemplary valour difplayed by that regitinguished mark of the good condust and ment in defence of the ifland of Dominica, against a very fuperior French force, on the 22d February, 1805; and alfo permit fion to the 25th and 61ft regiments, and fuch other officers and men of thofe corps as were ferving with the army in Calabria,


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THE LATE LIEUT. M' LEAN. Early on Saturday laft, the remains of that intrepid and amiable lieut. M'Lean, of the 18th regiment, were conveyed in a hearse to Monktown church-yard, and interred. The funeral fervice was performed by that excellent divine, dr. Harpur, with a feeling and folemnity fuitable to the lamentable and awful event that has deprived the ftate of fo many of its most valuable defenders, and involved numbers in excess of mifery for their friends and relatives. The fate of this gallant young officer is peculi arly deplored; poffeffing fplendid military talents, with an uncommon fine perfon, unaffuming but captivating manners, his manly heart throbbed with affection to all his fellow creatures, and during his fervice in the Weft Indies, his conftitution funk more under the preffure of grief for the mortality he witnelfed, than the fatigues he underwent, or the unwhole fomeneis of that climate. His native air, and the endearments of numerous friends, had fully renovated his health, when fnatched from them and his country upon the fatal night

of the late ftorm.



LEINSTER CIRCUIT. Tipperary, at Clonmel, March 7. Kilkenny, at Kilkenny, March 16. City of Kilkenny, at Kilkenny, fame day.

Waterford, at Waterford, March 21. City of Waterford, at Waterford, fame day.

Wexford, at Wexford, March 25.
Wicklow, at Wicklow, March 31.
Hhon. Judge Day, 7
Hhon, baron Smith, Judges.


Rofcommon, at Rofcommon, March 7.
Leitrim, at Carrick-on-Shannon,

March 10.
Sligo, at Sligo, March 13.
Mayo, at Callebar, March 17.
Galway, at Galway, March 21.
Town of Galway, fame day.
Hon. Osborne,

Hon. mr.baron M-Cleland, } Juftices

E. A. Waller, efq. Daw



Sunday fe'nnight, about twenty men armed attacked the houfe of David Condon, a farmer, at Rathjordan, in the county of Limerick; and feloniously took off his daughter, a girl about 16 years of age; it is fuppofed that the inan, named Tho mas Fleming, who headed the party, for whom he was taken off, had never before feen her, but believed her father would have given her a good fortune. The girl was not retaken on Thurfday laft, though ftrict fearch had been made for the offen


A number of riotous perfons, affuming the appellation of thanavelts, were committed on the sth inftant, to the goal of Clonmel for divers outrages on the peaceable inhabitants of that neighbourhood,


H. M'Cleland, esq. Gardine:'s-place,


Longford, at Longford, March 7. Cavan, at Cavan, March 9. Fermanagh, at Enniskillen, March 12, Tyrone, at Omagh, March 16. Donegal, at Litford, March 21. Londonderry, at Derry, March 2. Right hon. the lord chief



The hon. baron George, C. O'Grady, efq. Kildare-it.



Cofgrave, efq. George's-ft.} Regifters.


Clare, at Ennis, March 21.
Limerick, at Limerick, 26.
City of Limerick, fame day,"
Kerry, at Tralee, April, 4.
City of Cork, at Cork, fame day.
Do. Cork, at Cork, April 15.
hon. Juftice Mayne,
Fletcher, Judges.

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