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Natural Philosophy, 33; Natural His- An Academy bas been established at tory, 30; Anatomy and Medicine, 20; St. Augustine, in East Florida, for Moral Philosophy, 14.

which a charter of incorporation will The property of the University con

be asked at the ensuing session of the sists of two parcels of land, one of 153 legislative council. Rev. Eleazer Laacres, comprehending a mountain in- throp has been appointed superinendent, tended to be occupied for the purposes and the institution is placed under the of an observatory, and the other of direction of 16 Trustees. It is stated 107 acres, which constitutes the site of that board for the pupils, in respectathe University. They have also a sum ble private families, will cost $150 per of about $40,000, to be applied to building the Rotunda. The sum of $31,677 has been placed at the disposal of an A bill has been passed in New Jeragent appointed to procure books for sey, for the establishment of an instithe library; $6,000 have been deposit- tution for the Deaf and Dumb in that ed in London for the purchase of a phi- State. losophical apparatus ; and $3,000 for the acquisition of articles necessary for A monument is erecting in Glasgow, the Anatomical School.--N. Y. Obs. to the memory of John Knox. It is to

be a Doric column, sixty feet in height. The New Baptist Theological Semi- He is to be represented as preaching, nary, at Newton, near Boston, has leaning a little forward, his left leg adcommenced its operations under the di- vanced, and holding in his right hand a rection of Rev. İra Chase, the profes- small pocket Bible. In the energy of sor of Biblical Theology. Rev. Fran. speaking, he has grasped and raised up cis Wayland, jr. has been appointed the left side of the Geneva cloak, and professor of Pastoral Theology. is pointing with the fore-finger of his

left hand to the Bible in his right. This The General Synod of the Evangeli- seems to us a singular mode of honourcal Lutheran Church in the United ing the memory of such a man as John States, at their late session in Freder. Knox. icktown, Md. voted unanimously to establish a Theological Seminary, and Dr. Barry, an English physician reelected the Rev. S. S. Schmucker to the sident at Paris, in a memoir on the cir. first professorship. Mr. S. is known to culation of the blood, is said to have the public as the translator of Storr's shown, to the satisfaction of the Royal Theology. The Rev. Mr. Kurtz, of Academy of Sciences in that city, first, Haganstown, has been appointed to vi- that the blood in the veins is never sit Germany and England, for the pur- moved towards the heart but during pose of soliciting contributions. Pro- the act of inspiration : and, secondly, fessor Schmucker is to visit New Eng- that all the facts known with respect land, and other gentlemen, the South- to this motion in man, and the animals ern and Middle States, for the same which resemble him in structure, may purpose. The Lutheran Church con- be explained by considering it as the tains about one thousand congregations effect of atmospheric pressure. and nearly two hoodred ministers.



Information respecting the State of Religious Scenes; being a sequel to Religion in India. Boston. Office of Mes Sermons for Children." By Samuel the Christian Register. Nott, Jr.

Biblical Repertory. A Collection An Appeal to Liberal Christians for of Tracts in Biblical Literature. By the Cause of Christianity in India. By Charles Hodge. Vol. I. No. 4. Princer a Membor of the Society for obtaining top, N. J. Ď. A. Borredstein.

The Christian Doctrine, as interpre- Attachment to the Redeemer'. ted by Unitarians, and their Duty. A Kingdom; A Sermon Preached before Sermon at the Installation of the Rey. the Prayer Book and Homily Society, Winthrop Bailey to the Pastoral care in Christ Church, Baltimore, June; 2, of the Third Congregational Society in 1825. By the Rev. Stephen H. Tyng, Greenfield, Mass. Oct. 12, 1825. By A. M. Rector of Queen Ann Parish. N. Thayer, D. D. of Lancaster, Green- Pr. Geo. Co. Md. 8vo. pp. 32. George field.

town, D.C. An Address, delivered at the Com- A Sermon on Final Perseverance, mencement of the General Theological delivered at Washington, Rhea CounSeminary of the Protestant Episcopal ty. By the Rev. William Eagleton, Church in the United States, held in Pastor of Bethel Church, and publishChrist's Church, New-York, on the ed by request. Heiskell & Brown twenty-ninth day of July, 1825. By Knoxville, Ky. James Kemp, D. D. Bishop of the Pro- The duty of Distinction in preachtestant Episcopal Church in Maryland. ing, explained and enforced. À SerPublished at the request of the Trus- mon, delivered March 9th, 1825, at the tees. 8vo. New-York. T. & J. ordination of the Rev. Israel G. Rose, Swords.

A. M, as Pastor of the Church in WestChristian Sympathy, a Sermon minster Society, Canterbury. By Orin preached to the Congregation of Eng. Fowler, A. M., Paster of the Congrelish Protestants, in the city of Rome, gational Church, Plainfield, Con. Italy, on Easter Sunday, 3d April, Hartford, Goodwin & Co. 1825. By Bishop Hobart. 8vo. Phi- Importance of Spiritual Knowledge. ladelphia. Price 19 cents.

A Sermon, delivered before the Society An Inquiry into the Consistency of for Propagating the Gospel among the Popular Amusements with a Profession Indians and others in North America, of Christianity. By T. Charlton Hen- in the First Church, Boston, Nov. 3, 17, D.D. Charleston, S. C.

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Family and Private Prayers, compi- ing a summary Explanation and Deled from the Devotional Writings, of fence of the Doctrines and Duties of Bishop Andrews, Bishop Ken, Bishop the Christian Religion. By Josiah Wilson, Jeremy Taylor, Dr. Hickes, Hopkins, A. M. Pastor of the Congreand Dr. Johnson. By the Rev. Wil- gational Church, in New Haven, Vt. liam Berrian, an Assistant Minister of 12mo. pp. 312. Middlebury, Vt. J. W. Trinity Church, New-York. 12mo. Copeland. Pp. 51. New-York. E. Bliss & E. A Sermon, delivered in the Second White.

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Canons for the Government of the An Address, delivered at the Laying Protestant Episcopal Church in the of the Corner Stone of the Second ConUnited States of America ; being the gregational Church, New York, NoSubstance of various Canons adopted vember 24, 1825. By the Rev. Wile in General Convention of said Church; liam Ware. 8vo. New York. B. Held in years of our Lord 1799, 1792, Bates. 1795, 1769, 1801, 1804, &c. 8vo. A Discourse, delivered in Trinity pp. 43. New-York. T. & J. Swords. Church, New York, on Thursday, N&


pp. 353.

vember 24, 1825, (the day of General their Characters, and of the Events of Thanksgiving throughout the State.) the American Revolution. By his By the Rev. John Frederick Schroe- Grandson, Richard H. Lee, of Leesder, A. M. an assistant Minister of burgh, Va. 2 vols. 8vo. Philadelphia. Trinity Church. 8vo. pp. 28. New

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The American Instructor, designed

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Cambridge Hilliard & Metcalf. Memoirs of the Life of Richard The Student's Companion, containHenry Lee, and his correspondence ing a Variety of Poetry an. Prose, sewith the most distinguished Men in lected from the wost cclebited AuAmerica and Europe, illustrative of thors; to which are aded M scella


8vo. pp

pp. 410. pp. 116.

neous Matters, particularly designed to United States, and Washington's Fareimprove Youth in Reading and Parsing well Address to his Fellow Citizens. the English Language. By Amos I. Embracing an Official Summary of the Cook, A. M. Preceptor of Fryeburgh National Events of the first Half CenAcademy. Second Edition. Concord, tury of the Union. With Engravings. N. H. Isaac Hill.

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The Speeches, Addresses, and Mes- Revolution. By the Author of “ Hobosaçes, of the several Presidents of the mock." 12mo.

Boston. United States, at the Openings of Con- Cummings, Hilliard, & Co. gress, and at their respective Inaugura- The Passage of the Sea ; a Scripture tions. Also, the Declaration of Inde- Poem. By S. L. Fairfield. New York. pendence, the Constitution of the


pp. 304.


AFRICAN CHURCH.--A very interest- These thirteen with about thirty otka ing church was organized at Boston, on er people of colour were to sail from the evening of the 28th of December, Boston about the first of January, acin the presence of a crowded audience. companied by the Rev. Calvin Holton, It consisted of thirteen persons of co- a Baptist missionary,,and Dr. Ebenelour, who were found among the emi- zer Hunt. The Rev. Mr. Sessions, grants about to sail for Liberia. All agent of the Colonization Society, also of them furnished satisfactory evidence accompanies the expedition, to return to the ordaining council, of their being in the same vessel. members of other churches in good standing. The Rev. Mr. Dwight in The Rev. Lott Cary, missionary at whose church the services were per- Monrovia, writes, June 1825, as folformed, preached the sermon from lows. Psalm lxvii. 31.-Ethiopia shall soon On the 18th of April, 1825, we es atretch out her hands unto God.

tablished a Missionary school for Na


tive children. We began with 21 ; the Sierra Leone consisted of 16,671 souls, school has increased since to 31. And of whom more than 11,000 were neas I knew it to be the great object groes, rescued by our cruisers from which the Society had in view, I felt slavery. Perhaps so much happiness that there was no risk in furnishing and unmingled good were never before them with a suit of clothes each upon produced by the employment of a naval the credit of the Board. We teach force. Eleven thousand human beings from eleven in the morning until two in had then been rescued from the horrors the afternoon, it being as much time as of the middle passage, (horrors, be it reI can spare at present. You will . membered, which have been aggravasee from the list that Grand Cape ted by the abolition of the slave-trade, Mount will soon be a field for missionary such is the remorseless villany of those labours, as that nation is most anxious who still carry on that infamous traffic,) for improvement. I wrote to the King, though the mortality among them when some time in May to send five or six they are first landed, arising from their girls to school, and have since received treatment on board the slave-ships, has an answer informing me that the girls been dreadful. They are settled in and their mothers were absent, and villages, under the superintendence of when they returned I should have them. missionaries or schoolmasters, sent out According to their custom they have to from this country, and of native teachers remain six months. I intend to write and assistants, whom the settlement bim again, and as soon as the African now begins to supply. The effect of Missionary Board can support a school, this training has been such, that though, to get one established up there. when the population of the colony was

We begin now to get on with our only 4,000, there had been forty cases farms and buildings tolerably well. I on the calendar for trial; ten years afhave a promising little crop of rice and ter, when the population was 16,000, Cassada, and have planted about 180 there were only six; and not a single coffee-trees this week, a part of which case from any of the villages under the I think, will produce the next season, management of a missionary or schoolas they are now in bloom. I think, master.” sir, that in a very few years we shall • Captain Sabine of the Engineers, send you coffee of a better quality than has authorized the Committee to state you have ever seen brought into your his testimony, tnat after spending six market. We find that the trees of two weeks in the colony, and closely and species abound in great quantities on repeatedly inspecting the state of the the Capes, both of the large and small liberated Africans, under the care of green coffee, of which I will send you Christian instructers, the representaa specimen by the first opportunity. tion of their improved condition was

The Sunday School continues to pros- perfectly true; and that in reference per. We have now on the list forty, to the largest assemblage of them, at but only about thirty-three attend reg. Regent's town, their spirit and conduct ularly. Two of them, George and John, are such, that he is persuaded there is from Grand Cape Mount, can read in not to be seen on earth, a community of the New Testament quite encouraging- equal size, so truly exemplary.? A naly.

val officer, who had seen much of the

negroes in slavery, was so struck with SIERRA LEONE.—Those who have the state of these, that he could hardly any doubts either of the importance or believe they had been under instructhe practicability of the objects con- tion only since the end of the year templated by the American Coloniza- 1816. Inquiring what method had tion Society, may be relieved of them been pursued to bring them from the by the following testimony respecting deplorable coudition in which they the success of a similar plan at Sierra were received, to such a state in so Leone. It is taken from a late num- short a time, Sir Charles M'Carthy ber of the London Quarterly Review; replied no other than teaching them and is inserted here the more cheerful- the truths of Christianity, which these ly, as it comes from a source whence we gentlemen were sent to propagate by have not been accustomed to expect the Church Missionary Society. By statements of this kind.

this alone they have ruled them, and • By the official returns in August, have raised them to a common level 1822, it appears that the population of with other civilized people ; and be

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