Johnson's Dictionary of the English language, in miniature [ed. by J. Hamilton]. By J. Hamilton

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الصفحة 213 - One who adheres to the ancient constitution of the state and the apostolic hierarchy of the church of England : opposed to a Whig}.
الصفحة 258 - Britons from the incurfions of the Caledonians, builds a line of forts between the rivers Forth and Clyde ; defeats the Caledonians under Galgacus on the Grampian hills; ami firft fails round Britain, which he difcovers to be an ifland.
الصفحة 266 - Dolben was ordered to impeach him at the bar of the house of lords, in the name of all the commons of England. A committee was appointed to draw up articles, and Sacheverel was taken into custody. At the same time, in order to demonstrate their own principles, they resolved that the reverend Mr. Benjamin Hoadly, rector of St.
الصفحة 35 - The term colony, signifies nothing more than a body of people drawn from the mother country, to inhabit some distant place, or the country itself so inhabited.
الصفحة 257 - Thalos, of Miletus, travels into Egypt, consults the priests of Memphis, acquires the knowledge of geometry, astronomy, and philosophy ; returns to Greece. calculates eclipses, gives general notions of the universe, and maintains that one Supreme Intelligence regulates all its motions.
الصفحة 265 - That event followed by the most daring riots, in the city of London, and in Southwark, for several successive days, in which some Popish chapels are destroyed, together with the prisons of Newgate, the King's Bench, the Fleet, several private houses, &c. These alarming riots are at length suppressed by the interposition of the military, and many of the rioters tried and executed for felony.
الصفحة 245 - Py'thon, a huge serpent produced from the mud of the deluge, which Apollo killed, and, in memory thereof, instituted the Pythian games Pythonis'sa, the priestess of Apollo Q.
الصفحة 91 - Grate, grate. *. partition made with bars ; the range of bars within which fires are made. Grate...
الصفحة 112 - Interregnum, *. the time in which a throne is vacant between the death of one prince and the accession of another; vacancy of the throne ItitcnviiMi', i.
الصفحة 264 - Pole, but having made eighty-one degrees, is in danger of being locked up by the ice, and his attempt to discover a passage in that quarter proves fruitless.

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