Über Surrey's Virgilübersetzung, nebst neuausgabe des vierten buches nach Tottel's originaldruck und der bisher ungedruckten hs. Hargrave 205 (Brit. mus.)

الغلاف الأمامي
Mayer & Müller, 1903 - 128 من الصفحات

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الصفحة 61 - Et quorum pars magna fui. Quis talia fando Myrmidonum Dolopumve aut duri miles Ulixi Temperet a lacrimis ? et jam nox humida coelo Praecipitat, suaclentque cadentia sidera somnos.
الصفحة 89 - Where shall I run to breathe abroad my woes, My woes, whose weight hath wearied the earth? Or mine exclaims, that have surcharg'd the air With ceaseless plaints for my deceased son ? The blust'ring winds, conspiring with my words...
الصفحة 41 - Diverso interea miscentur moenia luctu ; Et magis atque magis, quamquam secreta parentis Anchisae domus arboribusque obtecta recessit, 300 Clarescunt sonitus, armorumque ingruit horror.
الصفحة 79 - From each-where flock together, prest to pass With heart and goods, to whatsoever land By sliding seas, me listed them to lead. And now rose Lucifer above the ridge Of lusty Ide, and brought the dawning light. The Greeks held th' entries of the gates beset : Of help there was no hope.
الصفحة 73 - Longa tibi exsilia, et vastum maris aequor arandum, 780 et terram Hesperiam venies, ubi Lydius arva inter opima virum leni fluit agmine Thybris : illic res laetae regnumque et regia coniunx parta tibi. Lacrimas dilectae pelle Creusae.
الصفحة 89 - With broken sighs and restless passions, That winged mount, and, hovering in the air, Beat at the windows of the brightest heavens, Soliciting for justice and revenge : But they are plac'd in those empyreal heights...
الصفحة 88 - The silent night that brings the quiet pause, From painful travails of the weary day, / Prolongs my careful thoughts, and makes me blame The slow Aurore, that so for love or shame Doth long delay to show her blushing face, And now the day renews my griefful plaint.
الصفحة 89 - Where, countermur'd with walls of diamond, I find the place impregnable ; and they Resist my woes, and give my words no way. Enter Hangman with a letter.
الصفحة 84 - With this the sky gan whirl about the sphere; The cloudy night gan thicken from the sea, With mantles spread that cloaked earth and skies And eke the treason of the Greekish guile. The watchmen lay dispersed, to take their rest, Whose wearied limbs sound sleep had then oppressed.

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