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CHAP. LXV. (m)

6 fire (2) that burneth all the day. I AM sought of them that asked not

66 6. Behold, it is written before me; I for me (n): I am found of them that 66 will not keep silence but will recom

sought(o) me not (n): I said, “Behold pense, even recompense into their me, behold me,” unto a nation that “ bosom. 7. Your (a) iniquities and the was not called by my name.

2. I

iniquities of your (a) fathers together, “ have spread out my hands all the day

(saith the LORD), which have burned “ unto a rebellious people (p), which

“ incense upon the mountains, and 6 walketh in a way that was not good,

blasphemed (b) me upon the hills: “ after their own thoughts: 3. A peo

“ therefore will I measure (c) their “ple that provoked me to anger con

“ former work into their bosom. 8. Thus

" saith the LORD, “As the new wine (d) tinually to my face, that sacrificeth in

“ is found in the cluster, and one saith, “ gardens (9), and burneth incense upon “altars of brick (r): 4. Which remain

“ “ Destroy it not for a blessing is in

“ it :" so will I do for my servants' sakes, among the graves and lodge in the monuments (s), which eat swine's

" that I may not destroy them all. “flesh (t), and broth of abominable “ 9. And I will bring forth a seed out things (u) is in their vessels: 5. Which

66 of Jacob, and out of Judah an inhesay (2), “ Stand by thyself, come not

“ ritor of my mountains : and mine

6 elect shall inherit it, and near to me, for I am holier than thou.”

my servants “ These are a smoke (y) in my nose, a

6 shall dwell there. 10. And Sharon (e) (m) The call and zeal of the Gentiles in sepulchres and tombs," to obtain dreams. foretold : the rejection of the Jews justified A practice in heathen nations. on account of their rejection of God their (t) “ Eat swine's flesh,” which was exapostacy and spiritual pride : an intimation pressly forbidden, Lev. xi. 7. however, that of them some should be ex- (u)“ Abominable things," i. e. “ cepted : the severest denunciations against “hibited animals :" which were to be a those who should continue in their apostacy “ abomination" unto them. See Lev. xi. and sins, and promises of new times and (x) v.5. “ Say," i.e. “ to those about great blessings to the righteous. The “ them :" a mark of their spiritual pride. chapter looks to the times of the Messiah,

(y) “ A smoke, &c.” “as offensive as and possibly in some parts to times not yet “smoke, &c." probably a proverb. arrived. B. C. 698.

(z) “ A fire, &c." probably "a perpetual (n) v. 1.“ Them that asked not for me,” “provocation : heating my indignation all “them that sought me not," i.e. “ the day long." “ Gentiles.” St. Paul quotes this passage

(a) v. 7. Your," or “their. Sept." Rom. x. 20. “ Esaias is very bold, and

“ Blasphemed me," by following " saith, “ I was found of them that sought the forbidden practices of the heathen:

me not; I was made manifest to them despising me yourselves, and causing me " that asked not after me."

to be spoken of lightly and irreverently by (0) “ Sought," contrasting the con

others. duct of the Gentiles with that of Jews : (c) “ Measure, &c." i. e. “ I will pour the former seeking God of their own im- “ into their bosom a full recompence for pulse, the latter, disregarding all God's 16 their former sins.”' calls, though he spread out his hands unto (d) v. 8. “ As the new wine, &c." or them, and anxiously invites them.

“ as when a good grape, &c.” The mean(P) 0.2. “A rebellious people," i. e. ing is, as a few good grapes upon a vine “ the Jews.”

prevent the owner from cutting it down, (9) v. 3. “In gardens," a heathen idol- so shall the few righteous that remain in atrous practice.

the nation prevent me from destroying it (r) * Of brick," which was contrary to altogether the good shall be spared and the Mosaic ordinance ; (Exod. xx. 24, 25.) prosper, the bad only shall be cut off. See their altars were to be of earth, or of un- verses 13, 14. and see ante, 636. Is.xxiv.13.

(e) v. 10. “Sharon” and “ the valley of (s) v. 4. “Remain among the graves, “ Achor,” two of the most fertile parts of “ and lodge in the nionuments,” i.e. “sleep | Judea.


hewn stone.


« but

6 shall be a fold of flocks, and the valley " and shall howl for vexation of spirit

. “ of Achor a place for the herds to “ 15. And ye shall leave your name for “ lie down in, for my people that have a curse (k) unto my chosen ; for the “ sought me.

11. But ye are they that “ Lord God shall slay thee, and call “ forsake the LORD, that forget my “ his servants by another name (1: “ holy mountain (g), that prepare a “ 16. That he who blesseth himself in “ table for that troop (h), and that fur- “the earth, shall bless himself in the “nish the drink-offering unto that num- “ God of truth; and he that sweareth “ber (h). 12. Therefore will I number “ in the earth shall swear by the “ you to the sword, and ye shall all bow “ God of truth; because the former “ down to the slaughter: because when “ troubles (m) are forgotten, and because “ I called, ye did not answer ; when I they are hid from mine eyes. 17. For “spake, ye did not hear, but did evil “ behold, I create new heavens and a “ before mine eyes, and did choose that new earth (n): and the former shall “ wherein I delighted not(i). 13. There- “not be remembered, nor come into “fore thus saith the LORD God, “Be- “ mind. 18. But be ye glad and re“ hold, my servants shall eat, but ye “joice for ever in that which I create: “ sball be hungry: behold, my servants “ for behold, I create Jerusalem a re“ shall drink, but ye shall be thirsty : “joicing (o), and her people a joy. “ behold, my servants shall rejoice, but “ 19. And I will rejoice in Jerusalem, “ ye shall be ashamed: 14. Behold, my “ and joy in my people : and the voice “ servants shall sing for joy of heart, “ of weeping shall be no more heard in



for sorrow of heart, “ her, nor the voice of crying. 20. There (g) c. 11. “My holy mountain," i. e. language of the prophetic denunciation “the worship God required :” his service against them in Deut. xxvii. 37.) “an in the temple: on mount Zion. See post, “ astonishment, a proverb, and a byenote on Is. Ixvi. 20.

“ word ?" See ante, 649. Dote on Is. xliü. 18. (h) “ That troop” and “that number," (1) " Another name,” referring (posrather “ Gad" and “Meni," two objects sibly) to that of " Christians :" a plain isof heathen worship. The Hebrew word timation of an important change! “ meni" often signifies “number," and (m) v. 16. “ Former troubles," i. e. (per. “ gad” “ to cut off ;", and in allusion to haps) " the peculiarities which kept the those senses of these words are the denun- “ Gentiles from forming part of God's peociations in the next verse that they shall be “ple, what is called, Ephes. ii. 14, 15. " the numbered to the sword, and bowed down to “ middle wall

of partition between us” and the slaughter; to intimate what would be

“the enmity." brought upon them by their idolatrous (n) v. 17. “ New heavens and a ner worship. Sept. reads for "that troop" the “ earth,” i.e. (probably) “ a new religious “ “ devil," and for “that number" “fortune."

system,” superseding that of Moses, (i) v. 12. “ Wherein I delighted not,” which was confined wholly to the Jeas: i. e. " which I abhorred."

one that shall admit all people. It is pro(k) v. 15. “ For a curse, &c.” “ that bably in allusion to this

passage, it may be a common form of imprecation St. Peter says (2 Pet. iii. 13.) “ to calldown such vengeance as shall have “cording to his promise, look for net “: fallen upon you :" a strong intimation of “heavens, and a new earth, whereio dwellthe heavy judgments they might expect. " eth righteousness." See 2 Lightf. 62 So Jer. xxix. 22. “ of them (viz. Ahab and 1075. St. Peter's epistle was written be“ Zedekiah) shall be taken up a curse by all fore the destruction of the Jewish esta“ the captivity of Judah, saying, the Lord blishment, “ make thee like Zedekiah, and like Ahab, (c) v. 18. “Jerusalem a rejoicing," i.e. “ whom the king of Babylon roasted in the (probably) " such a church or systein as “ fire.” If this passage in Isaiah looks for- « shall be free from all the burthens of the ward to the times of the Messiah, when “ Mosaic institutions, such as shall deserve did heavier judgments fall upon any nation “ the name the Christian dispensation has than those which happened to the Jews at “ received, “ a perfect law of liberty." See the destruction of Jerusalem ? and have James i. 25. - Rom, viii. 1.-Gal. v. I. they not been from that time, (to use the

me, a


“shall be no more thence an infant of " offspring with them. 84. And it shall “ days (p), nor an old man that hath not come to pass, that before they call (s), “filled his days : for the child shall die “ I will answer; and while they are "an hundred years old; but the sinner yet speaking, I will hear. 25. The

being an hundred years old shall be * wolf (t) and the lamb shall feed toge“accursed. 21. And they shall build “ ther, and the lion shall eat straw like “ houses, and inhabit them; and they

“the bullock : and dust (u) shall be the “shall plant vineyards, and eat the fruit serpent's meat. They shall not hurt “ of them. 22. They shall not build (9), nor destroy (x) in all my holy moun“ and another inhabit; they shall not “ tain(y), saith the LORD.” “plant, and another eat: for as the days “ of a tree, are the days of my people,

CHAP. LXVI. (2) 6 and mine elect shall long enjoy the

Thus saith the LORD, “ The hea“ work of their hands. 23. They shall “ ven (a) is my throne, and the earth

not labour in vain, nor bring forth for " is my footstool : where (6) is the “ trouble: for they are (r) the seed of

6 house (c) that ye build unto me? “the blessed of the LORD, and their 66 and where (6) is the place of my

(p) v. 20. “An infant of days," or а monial worship, and the merit of that which “ short-lived infant;" and in the latter part is spiritual; of the success God shall vouchof the verse, Bp. Lowth reads, “ and he safe to the true religion, the protection he " that dieth at 100 years, shall die a child ;

shall extend to his followers, and the venge“ and the sinner that dieth at a hundred ance he shall take upon its opponents. The “ years, shall be deemed accursed ;" mean- chapter looks forward to the times of the ing probably, that the ordinary time of life Messiah, and its date is about 698 years should be so far prolonged, that he who

before the birth of Christ. died at 100 should be deemed a child, and (a) v. 1. “ The heaven, &c.” It was cut off by God's judgment. The Sept. may matter of confidence and spiritual pride be rendered, “ for one of a hundred years amongst the Jews that the only temple for “ shall be young, and he who dieth at a the worship of the true God was at Jeru“ hundred years shall be a sinner and ac- salem ; and the object here probably was “ cursed."

to check this notion; to intimate, that in (9) v. 22. “ Not build, &c.” This was the times to which the prophet was looking, one of the denunciations for disobedience, that God, to whom the whole heaven was (Deuter. xxviii. 30.) “ Thou shalt build an merely a throne, and the whole earth a “ house, and thou shalt not dwell therein ; footstool, might be worshipped in any and “ thou shalt plant a vineyard, and shalt not every place. Agreeably to what our Sa“ gather the grapes thereof."

viour told the woman of Samaria, “ The (r) v. 23. “ For they are, &c.” or “they “ hour cometh, wben ye shall neither in " shall be a seed blessed, &c. Bp. Lowth." “ this mountain (Gerizim), nor yet at Jeru

(s) v. 24. “ Before they call, &c." such “ salem, worship the Father; but the hour will be God's readiness to meet their wishes. “ cometh, and now is, when the true worSo ante, Is. Ixiv. 5.

“shippers shall worship the Father in spirit (t) v. 25. “ The wolf, &c." figuratively, " and in truth; John iv. 21. 23." (without all fierceness and virulence shall be sup- regard to place or ceremonial institutions.) “ pressed.” See ante, 633. note on Is. xi.6. (6) Where," or rather“ what," of what

(u) "Dust, &c.” “Satan, the great adver- value? Sept. and it is so cited, Acts vii. “ sary of' man, the inciter to sin, shall be put 49, “ what house will ye build me? or, “ down: the curse upon him, (Gen. iii. 14.) “ what is the place of my rest ?" and then “ Dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy the beginning of verse 2. contains the “ life,' shall be accomplished.”

answer. (1) “ They shall not hurt or destroy,” (c) « Where is the house, &c.” When i. e. " there shall be no molestation or de- Solomon had completed the temple, “struction."

his observation was, “ Will God 'in(y) “ In all my holy mountain," i. e. “ deed dwell on the earth? Behold, the (perhaps) " amongst the members of my “ heaven, and heaven of heavens cannot "church;" in the places where my religion “ contain thee, how much less this bouse is established.

" that I have builded ? 1 Kings viii. 27." (z) Of the inefficacy of local and cere


“ rest ? 2. For all those things hath “ mine eyes, and chose that in which I “ mine hand made (d), and all those “ delighted not.

5. Hear the word of things have been (e), saith the Lord': “ the LORD, ye that tremble at (n) bis “ but to this man (g) will I look, even “ word; your brethren (0) that hated 66

to him that is poor and of a contrite you, that cast you out for my name's “spirit, and trembleth at my word. “ sake (P), said “ Let (9) the LORD be “ 3. He (h) that killeth (i) an ox, is as if glorified :” but he shall appear (r) to “ he slew (k) a man; he that sacrificeth

your joy, and they shall be ashamed. “ a lamb, as if he cut (k) off a dog's 66. A voice of noise from the city, : “ neck (l): he that offereth an oblation, “ voice from the temple, a voice of the “ as if he offered swine's blood (1); « LORD that rendereth recompence “ he that burneth incense as if he “ to his enemies. 7. Before she tri“ blessed an idol : yea, they have “ vailed she brought forth (s): before “ chosen their own ways, and their “ her pain came she was delivered of a “soul delighteth in their abominations. “ man child. 8. Who hath heard such « 4. I also will choose their delu- “ a thing? who hath seen such things? “sions (m), and will bring their fears “ shall the earth be made to bring

upon them; because when I called “ forth in one day, or shall a nation be “ none did answer; when I spake they “ born at once ? for as soon as Zion “ did not hear : but they did evil before “ travailed, she brought forth her chil

(d) v. 2. “ Hath mine hand made ;” so (0) “ Your brethren, &c." a prediction that I supply the materials. So in speak- (the past tense for the future) that it ing of the second temple, (Haggai fi. 8.) should be by their brethren they should be “ The silver is mine, and the gold is mine, hated and cast out: our Saviour made 8 " saith the Lord of Hosts."

like intimation : “ The brother shall de (e) “ Have been," i. e. (probably) “are “ liver up the brother to death, and the « perishable ; come to an end." Sept. “ father the child. Matt. x. 21.- Mark reads, “ are mine."

“ xiii. 9.”

And it was by the unbelieving (g) " This man,” i.e. (indefinitely) “any Jews that the earliest persecutions were “man of a poor and contrite spirit : with

carried on against their brethren, the Jer“ such a one will I dwell, rather than in ish converts. “ any temple you can make.” So Is. Ivii. 15.

(p) “ For my name's sake,” i. e. " for ante, 667. There are other passages in your attachment to my religion.” This the New Testament, where the Christian accords with our Saviour's predictions

, converts are called “ the temple of God.” ye shall be hated of all men for my 1 Cor. iii. 16, 17.- 2 Cor. vi. 16.

" name's sake. Matt. x. 22. - xxiv. % (h) 0.3. “ He that killeth, &c.” i. e. “ Luke xxi. 12. 17." “ the ceremonious acts of the wicked, (9) “Let, &c." insultingly, like the “ their sacrifices, &c. are as offensive to me scoffers, 2 Peter jij. 4. “where is the pro" as their sins." Agreeably to Prov. xv. 8. “ mise of his coming?" « The sacrifice of the wicked is an abomin

(r) " He shall appear, &c." and at the “ ation unto the Lord;" and Isaiah i. 13. destruction of Jerusalem, 40 years “ Incense is an abomination unto me, it is the crucifixion, this prediction was sig. “ iniquity, even your solemn meeting."

nally verified. (1) “ Killeth," i. e. “ for sacrifice." (k) “ Is as if he slew," " as if he cut,

(s) v. 7. “ She brought forth" this

and the next verse probably refer to the “ &c.” i. e. (perhaps) “ has sins as bad " as these would be," " would not scruple yond human expectation, as if a woman

rapid progress of the Gospel, as much be“ to commit such sins."

were to bring forth before she was in (l) “ Cut off a dog's neck," and " of. labour ; as if the earth should yield ripe « fered swine's blood," both abominations. produce the very day it was sown; of, (m) v. 4. “ Their delusions," j. e. “ what

if a nation were in a state of perfection “ shall delude them, and bring them into 66 trouble."

the very moment it was founded. The

reason is assigned in verse 9. " because it (n) v.5. « Tremble at," e.

" is God's work." respect, reverence."



“ dren. 9. “ Shall I bring (t) to the “servants, and his indignation toward

birth, and not cause to bring forth ?". “ his enemies. 15. ' For behold, the " saith the LORD: 6 shall I cause to “ LORD will come (6) with fire, and “ bring forth, and shut the womb ?” saith “ with his chariots like a whirlwind, to “thy God. 10. Rejoice (u) ye with “ render his anger with fury, and his “ Jerusalem (x), and be glad with her,

“ rebuke with flames of fire. 16. For “all ye that love her : rejoice for joy “ by fire and by his sword, will the 56 with her, all


that mourn for her: “ Lord plead with all flesh: and the “11. That ye may suck (y) and be 66 slain of the LORD shall be many. “ satisfied with the breasts of her con-' “ 17. They that sanctify themselves (c) “solations: that ye may milk out and “ and purify themselves in the gar“ be delighted with the abundance of “ dens (d), behind one tree in the “ her glory. 12. For thus saith the “ midst, eating swine's flesh (e), and LORD, “Behold, I will extend (2) “ the abomination, and the mouse; - peace (a) to her like a river, and the “ shall be consumed together, saith “ glory of the Gentiles (a) like a flow- “the LORD. 18. For knore their

ing stream: then shall ye suck, ye “ works, and their thoughts: it shall “ shall be borne upon her sides, and “come, that I will gather all nations “ be dandled upon her knees. 13. As “ and tongues, and they shall come

whom his mother comforteth, so “ and see my glory. 19. And I will * “ will I comfort you : and ye shall be “set a sign (g) among them, and I will "comforted in Jerusalem. 14. And 66 send those that escape

of them unto 56 when ye see this, your heart shall re- “ the nations, to Tarshish (h) Pul and * joice, and your bones shall flourish “ Lud that draw the bow, to Tubal * like an herb: and the hand of the “ and Javan, to the isles afar off that “ LORD shall be known toward his “ have not heard my fame (i), neither



" the

" be

(t) v. 9. “Shall I bring, &c." i. e. them by what were then the marks of s shall not I accomplish what I have be- apostacy and disobedience.

gun? It is my work, shall I not be able (d) “ In the gardens ;" which was for' to bring it to perfection ?" See ante, bidden. 602. 2 Kings xix. 3.

(e) “ Swine's flesh,” and “ the mouse,” (u) v. 10. “Rejoice, &c." This and the contrary to the injunctions, Levit. xi. 7. four following verses (perhaps) refer to 29. the future conversion of the Jews, when (g) v. 19. “A sign." Our Saviour gave chey also shall participate in the blessings his followers a sign to warn them to escape of Christ's coming. See ante, 633. note from Jerusalem before its destruction. on Isaiah xi, 11.

" When ye shall see Jerusalem compassed (x) • Jerusalem,” i. e. (perhaps) “ with armies, then know that the desoJews."

“ lation thereof is nigh: then let them (y) v. 11, 12. “ Suck, &c.” i. e. " which are in Judea flee to the mountains, treated as children.”

6 &c. Luke xxi. 20, 21." And see Matt. (z) v. 12. Extend, &c.” i. e. (probably) | xxiv. 15, 16. — Mark xiii. 14. The Chris" she shall be blessed with peace and the tian converts availed themselves of this glory of the Gentiles as land is blessed intimation, and it is supposed that not one by a river and flowing stream."

of them perished at the destruction of Je(a) “ Peace," and "the glory of the rusalem. See Mede, 891. The giving that

Gentiles," i. e. (probably) « the bless- sign might be a fulfilment of this prophe“ings of Christianity.”

cy, unless the prophecy refers to times not (6) v. 15. “ The Lord will come, &c."

yet arrived. This and the following verse refer either (h) “ To Tarshish, Pul, &c." i. e. “ to co the destruction of Jerusalem, or to “all parts and quarters.” The places some judgment not yet inflicted.

named were at different distances, and in (c) v. 17. They that sanctify them- . different directions from Jerusalem. - selves, &c.” i. e. " the apostates and dis- (1) * Fame," or

“ name." obedient of after times:" describing

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