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“ fulfilled that is written in their | have told you often, and now tell “ law, “

They hated me without you even weeping, that they are " a cause.

26. But when the the enemies of the cross of Christ : “Comforter (8) is come, whom I 19. whose end is destruction, whose

(1) will send unto you from the God is their belly, and whose glory “ Father, even the Spirit of truth, is in their shame, who mind earthly “which proceedeth from the Fa- | things). 20. For (x) our convers“ther, he shall testify of me: ation (y) is in heaven; from whence “ 27. and ye also shall bear wit- also we look (%) for the Saviour, “ness, because ye have been with the Lord Jesus Christ; 21. who “me from the beginning.” (u) shall change (a) our vile body,

that it may be fashioned like unto Twenty-third Sunday after Trinity.

his glorious body, according to the The Collect.

working whereby he is able even O God, our refuge and strength,

to subdue all things unto himself, who art the author of all godliness;

The Gospel. Matt. xxii. 15. Be ready, we beseech thee, to hear Then went the Pharisees, and took the devout prayers of thy church;

counsel how they might entangle and grant, that those things which

him in his talk. 16. And they sent we ask faithfully, we may obtain

out unto him their disciples, with effectually, through Jesus Christ

the Herodians, saying,

« Master, our Lord. Amen.

" we know that thou art true,

" and teachest the way of God in The Epistle. Phil. iii. 17.

“ truth, neither carest thou for Brethren, be followers together

any man; for thou regardest not of me, and mark them which walk “ the person of men. 17. Tell us 80, as ye have us for an ensample. “ therefore, What thinkest thou ? 18. (For many walk, of whom I “ Is (6) it lawful to give tribute

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might not triumph over him. And it is impossible to suppose that the opposers of Christianity should have been constrained to persecute its professors, that some words, in a passage which referred to quite a different thing, should be also applicable to them.

(s) v. 26. “ The Comforter," i. e. “ the Holy Ghost or Spirit.” Ante. 159. note on John xvi. 7. and ante, 164. note (m).

(1) ." I will send," intimating that the sending was to be his act. See ante, 164. note (n) on John xv. 26.

(4) See ante, 165. note (o). (-) v. 20. “ For, &c." This is the reason why, as he exhorts them in verse 17. they should be followers of him, &c.

“ Conversation,” rather " establishment,” or “home.” The Greek is Todslevma. “ We look to heaven as our home, the place " where we are to settle, and have an " establishment, and this is a reason why "ye should walk, as ye have us for an

“ example, according to the exhortation “ in verse 17. Instead of minding earthly " things, (as they in verses 18,19.) our hearts " and minds and all our thoughts are set on heaven."

See 1. Tillots. 71. (z) “Look, &c." probably referring to the period so often alluded to, under the expression of “the day,” or “coming of “ the Lord." See ante, 28. note on Rom, xiii. 11. (a) v. 21. “ Shall change, &c.”

" And “ does not this imply divine power ?” See ante, 73. note on 1 John iii. 2.

(6) v. 17. “ Is it lawful, &c." The object was to induce him to deny submission to the Roman power, and so to expose him to punishment by the Roman governor, The Messiah, according to their notions, was to be a temporal king - they did not expect, therefore, that he would encourage obedience to any other power : if he did, they would draw the inference that he was not the Messiah: if he forbade it, the power



“ unto Cesar, or not ?". 18. But | able joys, which thou hast preparJesus perceived their wickedness, ed for them that unfeignedly love and said, Why tempt ye me, thee, through Jesus Christ our “ye hypocrites ? 19. shew me Lord. Amen. “ the tribute-money.” And they

For the Epistle, Rev. vii. 2. brought unto him

penny. 20. And he saith unto them, And I saw another angel ascend“ Whose is this image and su- ing from the east, having the seal perscription ?”

21. They say of the living God: and he cried unto him, 66 Cesar's.” Then with a loud voice to the four saith he unto them, “ Render (c) angels, to whom it was given to “ therefore unto Cesar the things hurt the earth and the sea, “ which are Cesar's, and unto saying, 3. “ Hurt not the earth, « God the things that are God's.“ neither the sea, nor the trees, 22. When they had heard these “ till we have sealed (d) the serwords, they marvelled, and left “ vants of our God in their forehim, and went their way.

“ heads." 4. And I heard the number of them which were

sealed : and there were sealed an All Saints' Day.

hundred and forty and four thou

sand (e) of all the tribes of the The Collect.

children of Israel. O Almighty God, who hast knit 5. Of the tribe of Juda were together thine elect in one com- sealed twelve thousand. munion and fellowship, in the Of the tribe of Reuben were mystical body of thy Son Christ sealed twelve thousand. our Lord; Grant us grace so to

Of the tribe of Gad were sealed follow thy blessed Saints in all twelve thousand. virtuous and godly living, that 6. Of the tribe of Aser were we may come to those unspeaks sealed twelve thousand.

of the Roman governor would be raised against him. They did not know, that though he were a king, his kingdom was not of this world.

(c) v. 21. “ Render, &c." This answer is from the determination of the schools, where this doctrine was taught, that whereever the coin of any king was current, the inhabitants were to consider that king as their sovereign. St. Paul also recommends submission to the temporal powers, Rom. iii. 1. 7. “Let every soul be subject to the “ higher powers; for there is no power but

of God, &c." “ Render therefore to all « their dues ; tribute to whom tribute, &c."

(d) v. 3. “ Sealed, &c.”. “ To protect « from the four angels; that they might “ be preserved from the destruction." 'In Exod. xii. 23. when the first-born of the Egyptians were slain, the lintels and door

posts of the houses of the Israelites were to be marked with the blood of the paschal lamb, that they might be exempted from the destruction, that “ the Lord

might pass over their doors, and not “ suffer the destroyer to come into their “ houses to destroy them.” And in Ezek. ix. 4. before God sent the five destroyers into Jerusalem to slay utterly old and young, &c. he commissioned one to " set á mark

upon the foreheads of the men that sighed and cried for all the abomin.

ations that were done in the midst of “ Jerusalem," and he forbade the destroy. ers, (verse 6.) from “ coming near any “ man upon whom was the mark." See ante, 221. note on Eph. iv. 30.

(e) v. 4. “ 144,000,” i. e. “ a large “ number :" the same number as in Rev. xiv. I. ante, 49.

Of the tribe of Nepthalim were | God, 12. saying, “ Amen : Blesssealed twelve thousand.

“ ing, and glory, and wisdom, Of the tribe of Manasses were s and thanksgiving, and honour, sealed twelve thousand.

“ and power, and might, be unto 7. Of the tribe of Simeon were “ our God for ever and ever." sealed twelve thousand.

Amen. Of the tribe of Levi were sealed

The Gospel. Matt. v. 1. twelve thousand.

Of the tribe of Issachar were Jesus seeing the multitudes, went sealed twelve thousand.

up into a mountain : and when he 8. Of the tribe of Zabulon was set, his disciples came unto were sealed twelve thousand.

him: 2. and he opened his Of the tribe of Joseph were

mouth, and taught them, saying, sealed twelve thousand.

3. « Blessed (i) are the poor in Of the tribe of Benjamin were

spirit: for theirs is the kingdom sealed twelve thousand.

“ of heaven. 4. Blessed are they 9. After this I beheld, and lo, “ that mourn : for they shall be a great multitude, which no man comforted. 5. Blessed are the could number, of all nations, and “ meek: for they shall inherit kindreds, and people, and tongues, " the earth. 6. Blessed are they stood before the throne, and be- “ which do hunger and thirst fore the Lamb (&), clothed with “after righteousness : for they white robes, and palms in their

« shall be filled. 7. Blessed are hands; 10. and cried with a loud “ the merciful : for they shall obvoice, saying, “ Salvation to our

8. Blessed are the “God which sitteth upon the pure in heart: for they shall " throne,

and (h) unto the “ see God.' 9. Blessed are the “ Lamb.” 11. And all the angels peace-makers : for they shall be stood round about the throne, and « called the children of God. about the elders and the four “ 10. Blessed are they which are beasts, and fell before the throne “ persecuted for righteousness' on their faces, and worshipped “ sake: for theirs is the kingdom

“ tain mercy.

(5) v. 9. “ The Lamb,” i. e.

the Messiah's kingdom would be attended viour Jesus Christ."

our Sa

with temporal honours, and national dis(h) v. 10. “ And unto the Lamb ;" so tinction. They correspond also with what that he is associated with God in this had been foretold of the Messiah. Ac. address. See ante, 92, note (s).

cording to Isaiah ix. 6. he was to be “ the (i) v. 3. “ Blessed, &c.” The begin- “ Prince of Peace.” According to Isaiah ning of the Sermon on the Mount. It is xi. 6. “ the wolf was to dwell with the supposed to have been delivered A. D. 31. “ lamb, &c. ;" " and they were not to hurt about two years before the Crucifixion. “ or destroy in all his holy mountain, beThe peculiar character of our Saviour's o cause the earth was to be full of the precepts, and their decided tendency to “ knowledge of the Lord, as the waters promote the comfort of individuals, and “ cover the sea." There are many other the welfare of society, has been already prophecies which refer to the peaceable noticed. They forward no worldly views, character of the Messiah's religion.-Is. ii. and therefore are not the doctrines of an 4.-ix. 6.-Ixv. 25.-Ps. lxxii. 7.-Zech, impostor: they advance only God's glory, ix. 10. See Bishop Porteus's Sermons, and peace and good-will upon earth ; and Maltby, 210. and post, 235. note on Jer, would correct the mistaken notion, that xxiii. 5.

“ of heaven. 11. Blessed are ye, 5. for the hope (1) which is laid “ when men shall revile you, and up for you in heaven, whereof ye “persecute you, and shall say all heard before in the word of the “ manner of evil against you truth of the Gospel ; 6. which is “ falsely, for my sake. 12. Re- come unto you, as it is in (m) all the “joice, and be exceeding glad : | world; and bringeth forth fruit

, “ for great is your reward in hea- as it doth also in you, since the “ven: for so persecuted they day ye heard of it, and knew the " the prophets which were before grace of God (n) in truth: 7. as you.

ye also learned of Epaphras our dear fellow-servant, who is for

you a faithful minister of Christ : Twenty-fourth Sunday after Trinity. 8. who also declared unto us your The Collect.

love in the Spirit. 9. For this cause O LORD, we beseech thee, ab- we also, since the day we heard solve thy people from their of it, do not cease to pray for you, fences ; that through thy bounti- and to desire that ye might be ful goodness we may all be de- filled with the knowledge of livered from the bands of those his (0) will, in all wisdom and sins, which by our fraility we have spiritual understanding; 10. that committed. Grant this, O hea- ye might walk (p) worthy of (9) venly Father, for Jesus Christ's the Lord unto all pleasing, being sake, our blessed Lord and Sa- fruitful in every good work, and viour. Amen.

increasing in the knowledge of

God; 11. strengthened with all The Epistle. Col. i. 3.

might, according to his glorious We give thanks to God and (k) | power, unto all patience and the Father of our Lord Jesus long-suffering with joyfulness ; Christ, (praying always for you, 12. giving thanks unto the Father, 4. since we heard of your faith in which hath made us meet to be Christ Jesus, and of the love partakers of the inheritance of the which ye have to all the saints ;) saints in light.

" the

(k) v. 3.“ And" or

“ even," or “ God and Father.” The same phrase is 80 rendered, 2 Cor. xi, 31. and i Pet. i. 3. (See ante, 212. note on Eph. iii. 14.)

(1) v. 5.“ For the hope, &c." This is the subject of his thanks in verse 3.

(m) v.6.“ In all the world." In our Saviour's prophecy as to the destruction of Jerusalem, (Matt. xxiv.) when he was asked what should be the sign of his com. ing, he stated, (among others), “ This gos“ pel of the kingdom shall be preached “ in all the world, for a witness unto all « nations, and then shall the end come, « Matt. xxiv. 14.” The gospel was accordingly preached before the destruction of Jerusalem in Asia Minor, Greece, and

Italy, as far north as Scythia, south as Æthiopia, east as Parthia and India, and west as Spain and Britain, 2. Newt. on the Prophecies, 156. If this does not prove God's assistance to the cause, it shews the zeal of the apostles, and their conviction of the truth of what they preached. Our Saviour's prophecy was delivered A. D. 39. This Epistle is supposed to have been written A. D. 59; and Jerusalem was destroyed A. D. 70.

(n) “ The grace of God in truth, " i.e. “ the doctrines of the gospel." 2. Clarke's Sermons, 273.

(o) v. 9. “ His," i. e.“ God's."

(p) v. 10.“ Walk, &c." pressing upon them the necessity of good conduct.

(9) “Of the Lord,"Kupie, i.e.“ Christ.” The Gospel. Matt. ix. 18. “ them, Give place; for the maid Wuile Jesus spake these things

“ is not dead, but sleepeth.” unto John's (r) disciples, behold, and they laughed him to scorn.

25. But when the people were put there came a certain ruler (s) and worshipped him, saying, « My forth (u), he went in, and took “ daughter is even now dead: her by the hand, and the maid “ but come and lay thy hand upon

arose. 26. And the fame hereof «her, and she shall live.” 19. And

went abroad into all that land. (2) Jesus arose and followed him, and so did his disciples. 20. (And be

Twenty-fifth Sunday after Trinity; hold, a woman, which was dis

or, eased with an issue of blood

Sunday before Advent. twelve years, came behind him, and touched the hem of his gar

The Collect. ment: 21. for she said within her- Srir up, we beseech thee, O self

, “ If I may but touch his gar- Lord, the wills of thy faithful “ment, I shall be whole.” 22. But people; that they plenteously Jesus turned him about; and when bringing forth the fruit of good he saw her, he said, “ Daughter, be works, may of thee be plenteously " of good comfort ; thy faith (t) rewarded, through Jesus Christ “ hath made thee whole." And our Lord. Amen. the woman was made whole from

For the Epistle. Jer. xxiii. 5. (y) that hour). 23. And when Jesus came into the ruler's house, and

BEHOLD (2), the days come, saw the minstrels and the people saith the (a) Lord, “ that I will making a noise, 24. he said unto “ raise unto David (6) a righteous

(r) v. 18.“ John's," i. e. “ the Baptist's." “ which I have promised unto the house They had been to ask him why his dis- " of Israel, and to the house of Judah. ciples did not fast. Our Saviour was sit- “ In those days, and at that time will I ting at meat at this time in St. Matthew's “ cause the branch of righteousness to house ; so that Matthew had good means of grow up unto David, and he shall exeknowing what he here states.

“ cute judgment and righteousness in the (s) “ Ruler,” a ruler of the

synagogue, “ land. In those days shall Judah be Jairus by name, Mark v. 22. Luke viii. “ saved, and Jerusalem shall dwell safely; 41.

" and this is the name wherewith he shall (t) v. 22. “ Thy faith,” i. e. “ thy con- « be called, “ THE LORD OUR RIGHTEOUS" fidence in my power; thy belief that the NESS." For thus saith the Lord, “ David "touching my garment would cure thee." " shall never want a man to sit upon the

(u) v. 25. « Put forth." According to " throne of the house of Israel,” These Luke viii. 51. “ he suffered no man to go prophecies were delivered about the time "in, save Peter and James, and John, of the commencement of the Babylonish

and the father and mother of the captivity, when Nebuchadnezzar, king of " maiden.”

Babylon, took Jerusalem, and carried the (1) v. 26. “ That land.” He was at Jews captive to Babylon. The object probaCapernaum, in Galilee, when he performed bly was, in that time of debasement and disthis miracle.

tress, to assure those who still looked up to (y) Jeremiah lived about 600 years be- God that he had not forgotten his promise, fore our Saviour's time.

and would assuredly bring it to pass. (z) v. 5. “ Behold, &c.” This prophecy, (a) v.5. "The Lord,” Hebr.“ Jehovah," to the end of verse 6. is again repeated in Greek, Κύριος. nearly the same words, Jer. xxxii. 14–17. (6) " Unto David." It was the set" Behold, the days come,” saith the Lord, tled understanding of the Jews that the " that I will perform that good thing Messiah was to be of the lineage of


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