Felicia Hemans: Selected Poems, Prose and Letters

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Broadview Press, 22‏/01‏/2002 - 498 من الصفحات
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Felicia Hemans was the most widely read woman poet in the nineteenth-century English-speaking world. Broadview’s edition shows why she was one of the few standard poets to be found in middle-class homes on both sides of the Atlantic, despite being routinely disparaged as a “merely” feminine poet. Included here is poetry representative of her entire career, from often-anthologized works, such as “The Homes of England” and “Casabianca,” to several long poems in their entirety, such as “The Forest Sanctuary.”

Also included are selections of her prose and letters, a comprehensive introduction, and selections of views and reviews showing her changing and controversial place in culture into the twentieth century. All selections are edited, annotated, and introduced.


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A Brief Chronology
From Poems 1808
From The Domestic Affections and Other Poems 1812
From The Restoration of the Works of Art to Italy 1816
From Modern Greece 1817
From Translations from Camoens and other Poets 1818
From A Selection of Welsh Airs 1822
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Gary Kelly is Canada Research Chair in Literature and Language in Society, Department of English, University of Alberta. He has published widely on eighteenth-century literature, and edited the Broadview Literary Texts edition of Millenium Hall.

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