Archaeologia Graeca Or the Antiquities of Graece, المجلد 2

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الصفحة 252 - As fire this figure hardens, made of clay, And this of wax with fire consumes away; Such let the soul of cruel Daphnis be — Hard to the rest of women, soft to me. Crumble the sacred mole of salt and corn...
الصفحة 99 - Eternal forrow and perpetual tears Began my youth, and will conclude my years : I have no parents, friends, nor brothers left ; By ftern Achilles all of life bereft.
الصفحة 347 - My fate she follow'd. Ignorant of this (Whatever) danger, neither parting kiss, Nor pious blessing taken, her I leave, And in this only act of all my life deceive. By this right hand and conscious Night I swear, My soul so sad a farewell could not bear. Be you her comfort; fill my vacant place (Permit me to presume so great a grace) Support her age, forsaken and distress'd. That hope alone will fortify my breast Against the worst of fortunes, and of fears.
الصفحة 256 - Smear'd with these pow'rful juices, on the plain, He howls a wolf among the hungry train; And oft the mighty necromancer boasts, With these, to call from tombs the stalking ghosts, And from the roots to tear the standing corn^ Which, whirl'd aloft, to distant fields is borne: Such is the strength of spells.
الصفحة 174 - I faw him not, when in the pangs of Death, Nor did my Lips receive his lateft Breath; Why held he not to me his dying hand? And why receiv'd not I his laft Command? Something he wou'd have faid, had I been there...
الصفحة 244 - I crofs'd her Hand; She turn'd the Sieve and Sheers, and told me true, That I fliould love, but not be lov'd by you.
الصفحة 77 - The sovereign bids him peaceful sounds inspire, And give the waves the signal to retire. His writhen shell he takes, whose narrow vent . Grows by degrees into a large extent ; Then gives it breath; the blast, with doubling sound, Runs the wide circuit of the world around.
الصفحة 203 - Consider ye, and call for the mourning women, that they may come ; and send for cunning women that they may come : and let them make haste, and take up a wailing for us, that our eyes may run down with tears, and our eyelids gush out with waters.
الصفحة 174 - Tis here, in different paths, the way divides; The right to Pluto's golden palace guides; The left to that unhappy region tends, Which to the depth of Tartarus descends ; The seat of night profound, and punish'd fiends.
الصفحة 213 - The matter they consisted of was different — either wood, stone, earth, silver, or gold, according to the quality of the deceased. When persons of eminent virtue died, their urns were frequently adorned with flowers and garlands; but the general custom seems to have been to cover them with cloths till they were deposited in the earth, that the light might not approach them.

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