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الصفحة 4 - Thou shalt not make to thyself any graven image, nor the likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or in the earth beneath, or in the water under the earth. Thou shalt not bow down to them, nor worship them...
الصفحة 288 - Sketch of the Life and literary Career of Augustus Von Kotzebue; with the Journal of his Tour to Paris, at the Close of the Year 1790. Written by himself. Translated from the German by Anne Plumptre.
الصفحة 288 - Ol the Basis of Morality; of Good; of Sin: of Crimes; of Vice and Virtue. — 5. Of individual Virtue ; of Knowledge. — 6. Of Temperance.— 7. Of Continence. — 8. Of Courage and Activity.— 9.
الصفحة 38 - Well, Doghery hungers no more, neither thirsts any more ; he has joined the glorious host of martyrs, and his blood has truly been a seed in our Irish church, emboldening many to come out openly from the shambles of Great Babylon into the pastures of Christ's fold. Oh ! when shall arrive that predicted...
الصفحة 288 - Description of the French Metropolis, but an accurate Delineation of the Manners of the Inhabitants, the public Amusements, and every Thing worthy the Attention of Foreigners.
الصفحة 288 - Assembly cf 1789, and Author of Travels into Syria and Egypt, &c. ' For modes of faith let graceless zealots fight; ' Hii can't be wrong, whose life is in the right,
الصفحة 290 - SPuiN'esGUTH, price 18s. in boards, or in • 17; numbers, to be had by one or more at a time, price Is. each. Each number containing...
الصفحة 289 - The greater part of these Anecdotes are new to the world, having been rescued from oblivion by the generous assiduity of the writer of this work ; and such as are well known are related with new and authentic circumstances, that give even to these an air of novelty.
الصفحة 288 - By M. VOLNEY ; one of the Deputies of the National Assembly of 1789, and Author of Travels into Syria and Egypt; &c. A new and beautiful edition, printed in a pocket size, with an elegant Portrait of the -Author, engraved by Ridley, Price 2s.
الصفحة 36 - ... of the cherished object of our souls; it is she that softens our pains, that fortifies 'our yielding spirits, pours the balm of consolation on our* woes, enables us to endure wrongs, and yet more engages us to forgive them ; it is she that receives our last sigh, assists at the last sad rites which are paid our memory, that consigns our remains to the tomb, and, as if all these offices of kindness were insufficient, ascends to heaven, interceding for us with divine mercy.

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