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that but very little can be done in it by human means in any way, until it shall be taken hold of unitedly by believers in the advent at hand, and as a heart work. Human popularity, talents, wealth, and all united, can accomplish nothing alone in the blessed cause. And yet, even withoutthe things highly esteemed among men," and with the Spirit and love of God abundantly shed abroad in the hearts of those“ who love his appearing,” wonders can be done in it, the same as in the days of the apostles, who took this latter course. They had consecrated their all to Christ and his cause, and had not in their profession much, if any thing, after which this world are pursuing as highly esteemed.If, then, we would imitate them, and expect the success which attended their efforts, we must of necessity consecrate ourselves, property, and all, to the work, as did the 3000 pentecost converts, by selling their possessions and goods, and parting them, as found needful. Thus, with their united daily labors" in the temple and from house to house," in good earnest, they prospered in the Lord, who " addedto them daily such as should be saved.With our multiplied other present facilities for efforts in this cause, it is now quite plain, that without this same spirit of apostolic consecration and united action, we shall make but slow if any progress in the spread of the gospel of the kingdom among the nations of the earth. There is a cross, to be sure, in thus taking hold of this work with an apostolic zeal and united consecration of ourselves to it. And so it was with Christ himself and his first followers, who have handed this precious gospel of the kingdom down to us. They even suffered death in doing it. And so must we be willing to do, if called to it, in carrying it forward as in their case, on their first receiving it. With such united and consecrated action on this subject, we can rely on having the support of the holy Comforter with us. Then will our strength be equal to our day. Then we can suffer all things for Christ's sake. And then, feeling that we and all are the Lord's, we can freely and heartily give up and appropriate the Lord's goods in our hands as the first saints did it, in preaching repentance, with the awakening consideration of the kingdom of heaven at hand.Then we can either go out ourselves from time to time, preaching, with apostolic authority, Christ's coming and kingdom at hand, to wake up to repentance; or we can renounce all our worldly conformity, in finding means to retain such as will put their lives in their hands in forsaking all to go abroad in doing this self-denying work. And thus, as private Christians, even without going abroad, how might nearly all of us do much about home, occasionally, in going “ from house to house,” as did the first Christians in the same work.

In connexion with such a consecration as this, we should very naturally be so perfectly “ agreed" in sentiment, feeling, and desire, that, according to the divine promise, we might“ ask what we

would,“ in prayer," and it would be granted us. Then we might ask for the pouring out ofGod's í spirit upon all flesh," and it must be immediately so done.

WANT OF UNION EFFORTS. While these things are so, it is certainly a matter of sore regret, that there is, at present, so much want of a cordial union and cooperation in the case of certain individuals who also look for the kingdom at hand, in the efforts which some of us are attempting. I here allude particularly to the expressed unwillingness of certain advocates of the second advent near, to co-operate at all with us in Conferences for the general discussion of the great subject, assigning as a reason, our not maintaining some particular points in the doctrine as they believe it. They suppose we do not understand the prophecies so literally as they do, or that we do not understand the restoration of Israel to their own land, so literally as we ought, and therefore they have hesitated to act with us, and probably many are conscientious in standing aloof, because of some, in these conferences, believing in a set time, for the advent, different from themselves. But while we all design to act conscientiously, we should none of us, as did certain ones of old, “ forbideach other's “casting out devils inChrist's “name, because they follow not us,” in minor points of the great doctrine. Such a spirit, Christ once rebuked, and surely he will never approve it in us, nor prosper us in exercising it. And it is certain that our prayers and efforts for the kingdomactually to “come,” will not prevail, till we put away all that is not of God, to give full place to his Spirit within us, in all we attempt to do in his name.

And is there not yet some fault among our very selves, already meeting in conferences together on the second advent? We some of us think differently as to the times and the seasons," and of course, thus far, we naturally think differently as to the expediency of certain measures of each other in laboring in the common cause. But let us thank God and take courage, that so soon after our long slumbering over this subject, we are already so well agreed as we are in the most important and awakening points of the great doctrine; and let us co-operate with our whole hearts, in things wherein we are entirely agreed, remembering that it will not necessarily make us responsible for any mistakes we may suppose to be made by each other, while not ourselves sustaining them, and while allowed freely to disclaim them, when we think it needful. WRITER'S PROOFS ON “ RESTORATION OF ISRAEL,” NOT ANSWERED.

With regard to the Return or “RESTORATION OF ISRAEL," of you will recollect that my own Discourse, at the First General Conference, at Boston, on the second advent, was on this subject, which has since been published in its Report. In that Discourse I


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pretended to prove, by incontestable evidence, both from Scripture arguments and other important facts, not previously before the American public, that the multiplied divine promises for the “ReTURN” or Restoration of “ Israel“ to their own land," were all designed by the Lord to be understood as promises for all the saints, or the Israel of Godby faith,and to be fulfilled in their being gathered at the "resurrectionfrom all their scattered locations, and brought home into their promised “new earth" or "heavenly Jerusalem," with songs and everlasting joy upon their heads.And thus I maintained that the carnal Jews have nothing to do, as unbelievers in Christ, with any of those promises for Israel's return, while they as Jews are rather still under the curse of the Almighty, until they turn from their Judaism and infidelity to the faith of Christ the true Messiah, already once come. Those

arguments and facts were presented with fairness and Christian charity for the examination of those who suppose that such promises are made to the natural Jews, and for their return. And yet, during the year since passing, no one of their number, to my knowledge, has even attempted to deny any of the previously hidden facts i then presented, nor to show that my Scripture proof on the subject was either false or sophistical. This neglect on their part, is naturally construed as an evidence of their finding themselves unprepared to answer the proof I then gave in support of my position, that all these returning promises belong to the saints in general, and not one of them to ungodly Jews. I have personally and repeatedly called on our brethren, the advocates of the carnal Jews' return, to answer those proofs against their theory, but still they remain unanswered, so far as I can yet learn. Some, to be sure, have to my face disavowed their belief in the theory which I gave, different from their own. And so have they written still in support of their own views contrary to mine, but without directly attempting to show my proof or principles of proof to be unsound.

These facts are now stated only in love to those thus differing from us, without wishing them to make concessions contrary to their own honest convictions on the subject. And still I would ask them, and even earnestly beseech those who yet stand aloof from us, (simply because of this discrepancy of opinion,) that they will no longer delay the examination of this whole question, fairly to weigh the proofs I have presented, and to admit their conclusiveness, if they cannot really prove them false. As before remarked, some have already attempted to refute these proofs, by further supporting their own theory separate from showing mine to be based on falsehood. But since I have attempted and professed fully to answer and prove their own arguments unsound, separate from the more direct proofs of my own, it must be considered unreasonable for them any further to present them, until they shall have at least undertaken the task now required of them. Surely this is

the only way of discussing the subject, in hopes of ever becoming agreed thereon, that we may be no longer parted in our labors to promulgate the powerful doctrine of the second coming and kingdom of the Messiah at hand.

IMPORTANCE AND SURE SUCCESS OF UNION LABORS. And now could we, by examining each other's positions and proofs, become so agreed in all parts of the doctrine as readily to work together in disseminating it like the apostles and disciples who were its first united advocates ; and should we now thus unitedly receive the fulness of the Spirit of the Lord as they did, we might, as promised, ask what we would in prayer unto God in Christ's name, and it would be granted. Then being agreed as touching it, we might ask for the “ Spiritof God to be poured out upon all flesh,&c., and it would be immediately done. Then we might thus ask for the midnight “ cryto be “made," and for all the wise virgins to hear it and to trim their lamps; and for the Bridegroomor Christ immediately to come from heaven to go in with all his saints“ to the marriage supper of the Lamb ;” or, which is the same thing, we might ask for the immediate spread of “ this gospel of the kingdom« at hand,” throughout “all nations," and for the glorious “ kingdom” then to “comeon earth, and for God's “ willthen to “be done on” the same “ earthat that time renewed, and at the resurrection, “ as it is in heaven," and it would be done without delay, and in its own time.

Finally, let us not cease to exhort and comfort one anothers daily " with these” blessed" words” of the Lord's foretelling and describing the great events of his glorious coming kingdom on earth, now specially “ at hand.And let us by prayer and the continual use of the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God," and by every other means required of us, do what we can to persuade all classes immediately to repent and fully prepare to meet the Lord in his soon coming with the hosts of heaven above, to take “ the kingdom, and the dominion, and the greatness of the kingdom under the whole heaven," and to give it to the people of the saints of the Most High," and when all unbelievers as a children ofthis now underkingdom

"" shall be cast out.Requesting your prayers, Isubscribe myself

, affectionately, your brother in this joyful hope.

HENRY JONES. New York, 106, 8th Avenue, Oct. 4, 1841.

[Signs of the Times.] 2


Of the Second Advent Convention, held at the Broadway Tabernacle,

New York, Oct. 26th and 27th, 1841.





Tuesday, Oct. 26th, 1841.

This Convention will sit two days. The regular exercises will commence at 10 o'clock, A. M., at 3 o'clock, P. M., and at 7 o’clock in the evening. The time will be mostly occupied with discourses, or lectures, bearing directly on the above named subject, by those familiar with the several parts of the question they may be appointed to discuss.

In the choice of speakers for the occasion, no preference will be given to any, merely for their peculiar sentiments on minor points, such as “ of the times and seasons," or of the work of the Lord yet to be done in preparing the way for the Son of man to come; while a union of effort is proposed among all who love the personal and glorious appearing of Christ with his everlasting kingdom, at the resurrection of the just; and who look for it as even now specially "nigh at hand." In sustaining this union-mode of assembling, it should be distinctly understood that every speaker will consider himself alone responsible for the peculiar sentiments he may present. In this way, neither speakers nor hearers can be justly accounted as participants in any sentiments not their own.

The present general and increasing inquiry on this subject : “ Watchman! what of the night? Watchman! what of the night?seems fully to authorize this assembling; and also the prophetic answer, as given by the Watchman : “ Behold the morning cometh, and also the night, and if ye will inquire, inquire | ye, return, come.

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