The Love Scrolls: Revelation: 18

الغلاف الأمامي
AuthorHouse, 2008 - 166 من الصفحات
Revelation is one amazing book and this is one of its most amazing, earth shaking and timely chapters. But it need not shake you, fear not for there is escape from her doom. There is an escape from its calamity and I show you in this very scroll. And you will know Revelation is not the last chapter, not for you anyway. That is if you take this book to heart. Revelation is not the last chapter, but, in fact, it is only the beginning.

And every scourge of Revelation shall instead become a celebration. Every sign of tribulation shall be a joyful sign that this great thing for you is coming, that this wonderful thing in you and in the world is about to have birth. Join the expectation, join the anticipation, join the celebration and it might just literally lift you out of your seat.

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ما يقوله الناس - كتابة مراجعة

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عبارات ومصطلحات مألوفة

نبذة عن المؤلف (2008)

When I was growing up some of my earliest memories were of Bible study and meetings right in our house. I was yet a teenager and my family was studying the Bible and hosting large congregations right in our very basement. So when I was young I was already dealing with heavy topics of the Bible before I knew much of anything else. By the time I was eight my thoughts moved on to common interests of love, crushes, and all the ordinary things adolescents go through.

So the idea that I would one day write a story about two lovers separated at the end of the world, one taken up in rapture and his love left on the earth is not so foreign a concept to me. I was thinking about these things from my earliest days. Today, my mother and I still hold on to those strong biblical values and roots. Her insatiable appetite to read and study the Bible is a great resource for me and one in which I can draw on and continue to learn and grow from.

So now today I write about my two favorite topics love and God, and I find they mesh perfect together because I realize today, they are indeed one and the same. This story is a letter delivered by the knight to his queen to explain the rapture and where he was taken when he reappeared to her in The Love Scrolls: The Unsearchable Title. He writes to warn her, guide her and save her from a world about to visit the precipice. This book, that consists of the body of that letter, I call The Love Scrolls: Revelation 18, and it is my seventh work.

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