The Nautical Magazine: A Journal of Papers on Subjects Connected with Maritime Affairs

الغلاف الأمامي
Brown, Son and Ferguson, 1840

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الصفحة 98 - The discovery of America, and that of a passage to the East Indies by the Cape of Good Hope, are the two greatest and most important events recorded in the history of mankind.
الصفحة 325 - The Queen has been pleased to direct letters patent to be passed under the Great Seal, granting the dignities of Baron and Earl of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland unto the Right Hon.
الصفحة 324 - Russias, or to any others inhabiting within any of his countries, territories, and dominions (except as aforesaid) ; and that such powers and clauses be inserted in the said commission as have been usual, and are according to former precedents; and they are likewise to prepare, and lay before his majesty at this board, a draft of such instructions as may be proper to be sent to...
الصفحة 324 - ... ships, vessels, and goods that are or shall be taken, and to hear and determine the same ; and according to the course of Admiralty, and the Law of Nations, to adjudge and condemn all such...
الصفحة 536 - ... whole, whose principal object in going to sea is trade, the working of the junk being only a secondary object. Every one is a shareholder, having the liberty of putting a certain quantity of goods on board ; with which he trades, wheresoever the vessel may touch, caring very little about how soon she may arrive at the port of destination. The common sailors receive from the captain nothing but dry rice, and have to provide for themselves their other fare, which is usually very slender. These...
الصفحة 582 - SIR: I am commanded by my lords commissioners of the admiralty to acquaint you, for the information of Earl...
الصفحة 429 - August, however, (at the point already given,) we suddenly opened a strait, running into the southward of east, where the rapid rush of the tide scarcely left a doubt of the existence of an open sea leading to the mouth of Back's Great Fish River. This strait is ten miles wide at either extremity, but contracts to three in the centre. Even that narrow channel is much encroached upon by high shingle islands, but there is deep water in the middle throughout. The 1 2th of August was singalized by the...
الصفحة 119 - it is agreed that the distance of three miles fixed as the general limit for the exclusive right of fishery upon the coasts of the two countries shall, with respect to bays, the mouths of which do not exceed ten miles in width, be measured from a straight line drawn from headland to headland.
الصفحة 430 - Our view of the low main shore was confined to five miles in an easterly direction, after which it appeared to turn off greatly to the right. We could, therefore, scarcely doubt our having arrived at that large gulf uniformly described by the Esquimaux as containing many islands, and with numerous indentations stretching down to the southward, till it approaches within forty miles of Repulse and Wager Bays.
الصفحة 430 - ESB, and after crossing a fine bay, due east, with no small toil and danger, the coast bent away northeast, which enabled us to effect a run of forty miles. Next day the wind resumed its former direction, and after pulling against it all the morning among the shoals and breakers, and gaining only three miles, we were obliged to take refuge in the mouth of a small river. From a limestone ridge, about a league inland, we obtained a view of come very remote blue land in the north-east quarter, in all...

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