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LXII. That Chriftians muft ab

ftain from all the impious Practices

of the Heathens.


τα τρίτα βιβλία.

of the Third Book,

LXIII. That no Chriftian that will not work must eat. As Peter and the reft of the Apoftles were Fishermen,But Paul and Aquila Tentmakers; Jude the Son of James an Husband-man.

Hat we muft avoid the

Chap. I.
choice of younger
Widows, because of Sufpicion.

διὰ τὸ ὕποπλον.
γ'. Οποίας εἶναι χρὴ τὰς
III. What Character the Widows
deas sought to be of, and how they ought
ώρα * ἐπισκόπε.
to be fupported by the Bishop.

IV. That we ought to be charitable to all forts of Perfons in Want.

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V. That the Widows are to be very careful of their Conversation. VI. That Women ought not to


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' ιθ'. ΟἷG- ἐφείλει το δ διάκονΘ-.

κ. Οτι ὑπὸ τειῶν ἢ δύο Επισκόπων ὀφείλει χειροτονεπαι ὁ ἐλίσκοσΘ, ἀλλ ̓ ἐχ ὑπὸ ἑνός ἀβέβαιον γδ.


τῷ τετάρτε βιβλία.

Πως χρὴ ἢ ἐπίσκο· που φρονοῦν τ' ὀρ



γ' Τίνες ὀφείλεσι πικερεῖσθαι, καὶ ἢ κυριακὴν διατα


δ'. Περὶ φιλαργυρίας. έ. Μετὰ πίν φόβω χρὴ τοῦ κυριακῶν μετέχειν συνεισφορῶν.

ς' Τίνων αἱ καρποφορίας δεκταὶ, καὶ τίνων ὧδεκτοι.

ζ'. "Οταἱ ταναξίων καρπο φορίαι, ἕως ἐνῶσι τοιῦτοι ἐμό. γον ἐκ ξιλεῖνται Θεὸν, ἀλλ ̓ ἐκ * ἐναντίων κινῶσιν αὐτὸν πρὸς ἀγανάκτησιν. ή ̔́Οτι βέλτιον ἐκ κόπε ἰδικ παρέχειν εν χώραις, καν ἀτελῆ καὶ ὀλίγα, ἢ τὰ ωρα Ξἀσεβῶν, καὶν πολλὰ καὶ γάλα τυγχάνη βέλτιον δ' μῷ διαφθαρῆναι, ἢ προ & σιβῶν σωεισφορὰν δέξασαι.

θ'. Ὅτι χρὴ προτρέπεται Η λαὸν από το ἱερέως οποιῶν τοὺς πένητας ὡς καὶ ὁ Σολομὼν ὁ σοφὸς.

XIX. What are the Characters of a Deacon.

XX. That a Bishop ought to be ordained by Three, or by Two Bithops ; but not by One. For that would be



of the Fourth Book.

Chap.Ι.Τ ΤOW the Bifhop olight and II. Π to provide for the Oτα phans.


III. Who ought to be fupported, according to the Lord's Conftitution.

IV. Of the Love of Money. V. With what Fear Men ought to partake of the Lord's Oblations.

VI. Whofe Oblations are to be re ceiv'd, and whofe not to be receiv'd.

VII. That the Oblations of the un=

worthy, while they are fuch, do not only not propitiate God, but on the contrary, provoke him to indignation.

VIII. That 'tis better to afford tho' it be inconfiderable and few Con

tributions, το the Widows from our own Labours, than those which are many and large, receiv’d from the Ungodly. For tis better to perifh by Famine, than to receive an Oblation from the Ungodly.

IX. That the People ought to be exhorted by the Prieft to do good to the Needy, as fays Solomon the Wife.

¦ Διάταξις, ἵν ̓ ἐάν τις

X. A Conftitution, that if any one

ο ἀσεβῶν; βία προσείψῃ of the ungodly by force will caft


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- II. That we are to avoid Conver
fation with falfe Brethren, when
they continue in their Naughtiness.

III. That we ought to afford an helping Hand το füch as are fpoild for the fake of Chrift ; altho we fhould incur Danger ourselves.

· IV. That Otis an horrible and de ftructive thing to deny Christ.

V. That we ought to imitate Chrift in Suffering, and with Zeal to follow

his Patience.

χρήματα τοῖς ἱερούσιν, ε ξύλα καὶ ἀνθρακίαν ἀναλώ σωσι ταῦτα, ἀλλὰ μὴ εἰς δ ατροφάς.

τὰ περὶ γονέων, καὶ παί




of the Fifth Book.

το πέμπτε βιβλία.

Chap. 1. ΤHat it is realfonable for * ΟΤΙ τοῖς δὲ Seistr

the to

the Wants of thofe who are aflidied
for the fake of Chrift by the Unbe-
lievers ; according to the Conftitution
of the Lord.

θλιβουλίας παρο ἀπίζων, δίκαιον τοῖς πιςοῖς τὰ δέοντα παρέχειν, καὶ τὶ τῇ κυρία διάταξιν.

VI. That a Believer ought neither

rafhly to run into Danger, through
Security ; nor to be over-timourous,
through Pufillanimity. But to fly a-
way for Fear ; yer that if he does fall
into the Enemy's Hand, το ftrive ear:

ιβ'. Περὶ οἰκετῶν, καὶ διασυτῶν.

γ Εν τίσιν ὑποτάσθαι χρὴ τοῖς κοσμικοῖς ἄρχισιν.

ιδ'. Περὶ παρθένων.

β'. Ὅτι φεκτέον ἢ πρὸς τοῦ ψάδαδέλφες συνεσίας, ὅταν ἐπιμθύωσι τῇ φαυλότητα γ' Οτι πῖς διὰ Χρισόν περθεμλύοις χρὴ χεῖρα ὀρέγειν, καν κίνδωΘ- παρ

δ ̓ Οτ οεικτὸν καὶ ὀλέθει ον, τὸ ἀρνεῖται Χριζόν 6. "Οτι μιμητέον Χεισὸν ἐν πάσειν καὶ ζηλωτέον δὲ αυτό το μου κα


5' Οτι χρὴ ἢ πισὸν μήτε ριψοκίνδυνον Ὁ δὲ ἀσφάλει· Τρία αλλά καὶ φεύγειν δὲ αν μήτε δει δεν δι' άναγο συλάβειαν, καὶ ἔμπισόντα γωνίζεως διὰ τὸ ἀποκείμενον έέραγον. καὶ

ζ. Περι

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that is laid up for him.

VII. Several Demonftrations concerning the Refurrection, concerning the Sibyll, and what the Stoicks lay concerning the Bird call'd the Phanix.

VIII. Concerning James the Brether of the Lord, and Stephen the firft Martyr.

IX. Concerning false Martyrs. X. A moral Admonition, that we are to abftain from vain Talking, obfcene Talking, Jefting, Drunkenness, Lafciviousness and Luxury.

XI. An Admonition, inftucting Men to avoid the abominable Sin of Idolatry.

XII. That we ought not to fing an heathen or an obfcene Song: nor to fwear by an Idol; because tis an impious Thing, and contrary to the Knowledge of God.

XIII. A Catalogue of the Feafts of the Lord which are to be kept, and when each of them ought to be ob


XIV. Concerning the Paffion of our Lord; and what was done on each day of his Sufferings. And concerning Fudas: and that Judas was not present when the Lord deliver'd the Myfteries to his Difciples.

what account they enjoyn us to faft XV. Of the Great Week; and on on Wednesday and Friday.

XVI. An Enumeration of the Prophetical Predictions which declare Chrift; whofe Completion though the ξems faw, yet out of the evil Temper of their Mind they did not believe he was the Chrift of God, and con


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