Christian Women Abused By Christian Men

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Christian Women abused By Christian Men is not the story of a womans life as a battered wife but rather a look at the problem of abuse in marraige and explores some of the ways to deal with it. It examines the issue and some of the misconceptions associated with abuse. Christian Women Abused By Christian Men, hopefully will be a type of blue print for those in the "Body of Christ" to use to navigate their way thru these type of situations. Prayerfully, this book will provoke thought about this issue, change some viewpoints, start some dialogue and promote change. The author writes, "There are problems today in christian marriages ranging from small disagreements to knock-down, drag-out fights.... These things are taking place in the body of Christ. By that I mean in homes where both the husband and the wife are saved.....Some truth and fairness should be used in these situations and how can Ministers of God, in the name of God, do anything less? This book is compelling!

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The Problems of Wife Abuse in Christian
A Word to Ministers
A Word to Other Women
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