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waves thereof arise, thou stillest sea; in summer and in winter snall , that went over Jurlan in the them. But my faithfulness and it be.

first month, shen 1: bal iny mercy shall be with him; and,

Red SEA,

flurn all bis banks, and tb! | in niy name shall bis horp be ex

EcodX19. And

to flight all them of tbe alted. I will set his hand also in turned a migliy strong west wind, both toward the east and letzt the sea, and bis right hand in the which youk away the locusts, and the west. rivers.

cast them into the Red sea; there P3. xciii, 3. 4. The foods have remained not one locust'in all rivers among the rocks, and

Job xxviii, 10. He entieth lifted up, O LORD, the floods have the coasts of Egypt.

eye seeth every preciuüs thing lifted up their voice; the floods

Exod. xiii, 18. But God led the lift up their waves. The Lord on people about, through the way of into the ses; yet the tez s os

Eccles. 1.7. All the rivers in higli is mightier than the noise of ihe wilderness of the Red sea: miny waters, yea, than the mighty and the children or Israel went the rivers come, thither they to

fuil: onto the place in a 9.33 Waves of the sea.

up harnessed out of the land of turn again. Isa. xvii, 12, 13. Woe to the multi- Egypt. tude of many people, which make

Isa, sxii, 10. Pass through the

Exod. xxiii, 31. And I will set land as a 'river, o daugater ! a noise like the noise of the seas; thy bounds from the Red sea even Tarshish; there is U EUR and to the rushing of nations that unto the sea of the Philistines, strength. make a rushing like the ru-hing and from the desert unto the of mighty waters! The nations river: for 1 will deliver the inshall rush like the rushing of habitants of the land into your

Ps. xlvi, 4. There is a river it many waters: but God shali re- hand: and thou shalt drive client streams whereof shall make buke thein, and they shall flee far out before thee.

the city of God, the bus prakse off, and shall be chased as the

the tabernacles of the Yus: Hi chaff of the mountains before the

SALT OR DEAD SEA. wind, and like a rolling thing be

Ezek. xxxii, 13, 14. / sil ? Num. xxxiv, 12. And the bor-stroy also all the beasts iteret fore the whirlwind.

der shall go down to Jordan, and from beside the great water Isa. xxiv, 14. They shall lift up the goings out of it shall be at neither shall the foot of 1 their voice, they shall sing for the the salt sea: this shall be your trouble them any more. majesty of the Lord, they shall land with the coasts

thereof hoofs of beasts trouble tue cry aloud from the sea. round about.

Then will I make their : Deut. iii, 17. The plain also, and deep, and cause their press SEAS MENTIONED IN Jordan, and the coast thereof, run like oil, saith the Lord tra

. SCRIPTURE. from Chinnereth even unto the

Ezek xlvii, 1-3, 5-8. 11, 12 444 ADRIA.

sea of the plain, eren the salt ward he brought me agaia era

sca, under Ashdotb-pisgah east- the door of the house, as Acts xxvil, 27. But when tbe ward. fuurteenth night was come, as

hold. waters issued out in Joel 11, 20.

With his face under the threshold of the base iu Adria, about midnight. the der part towaru we were driven up and down toward the east sea, and his bin-eastward: for the forefront de shipmen deemed that they drew

the uunost

honse stood toward the test od Dear to come country.

the waters came down from 2


altar.' Then brought be me 13 NAMED.

Matth. iv, 18. And Jesus, walk of the way of the gate bort.2

ing by the sea of Galilee, saw two Num. xxxiv, 6. And as for the bretliren, Simon called Peter, and

and led me about the way sitWestern border, ye shall even Andrew his brother, casting a net

out unto the outer gate by the bave the great sea for a border: into the sea: this shall be your west border.


for they were behold, there ran out Wales Deut. xi, 24. Every place where

Jolin vi, 1. After these things man tilsat had the line in this bar on the soles of your feet shall Jesus Went over the tread shall be yours: from the wild Galilee, wbich is the sea of Ti

sea of went forth eastward beneden derness and Lebanon, from the berias.

, river , even unto the uttermost sea shail your

John XXI, 1. After these things waters vere to tbe andles Allier

me through the waters the coast be, Deut. xxxiv, 2. And all Naph

the disciples at the sea of Tiberias: and it was a river that I och tali, and ihe land of Ephraim, and self. Manassed, and all the land of

risen, waters to sin in, anir?

SEA OF JAZER. Judah, unto the utmost sca.

that could not be paidei eta

Jer. xlvili, 32. O vine of sib- And be said unto me, 8000 Ft Ezra ili, 7. They gave money mah, I will weep for thee with

bast thou seen 14 The also unto the masons, and to the carpenters; and meat and drink, are gone over the sea, they reach the weeping of Jazer: thy plants / brought me, and card 1989

return to the brink of the MTB and oil, unto them of Zidon, and even to the sea of Jazer eine Now, when I had returnes to thein of Tyre, to bring centar Spoiler is fallen upon the ser mere hola, at the bank of the rest trees from Lebanon to the sea of fruits, and upon thy vintage. Joppa, according to the grant

were very many trees on the that they had uf Cyrus king vf

side, and on the otber. To Persia,


said he unto me, the stars Judges V, 21.

issue out toward I be eat Count) Zech, xiv. 8. And it shall be in Kishou swept them away, that into the sea; which being brused

The river of and go dounintothe desert, and 80 out from Jerusalem; ball of 0 Dy soul, thou hast trodden shall be bealed. But the DT

1 Chron. xii, 15. These are they thereof, shall not be beleta


house, at the south side d the

way that looketh eastward

the right side. And when we

a thousand cubits, and be true



them toward the former sea, an! kalf of them toward the hinder

down strengil.

places thereof, and the marin


shall be given to-salt. And by


2 Kings 1, 9, 11, 13. So Naamini the river, upon the bank thereof, Ezek. I, 1, 3. Now it came to came with his horses and with long on this side and on that side, shall

pass in the thirtieth year, in the chariot, and stool at the door or grow all trees for meat, whose fourth month, in the fifth day of the house of Elisha. But Naainon leaf shall not farle, neither shall the month, as I was among the was wroth, and went away, and the fruit thereof be consume l: it captives by the river Chebar, that said, Behold, I thought, he will shall bring forth new fruit accor! the heavens were opened, and i surely come out to ine, and stand, ing to his months, because their saw visions of God. The word of and call on the name of the Logó waters they issued out of the the LORD came expressly uno

bis God, and strike his hand ovr sanctuary: and the fruit thereof Ezekiel the priest, the son of the place, and recover the leper, shall be for meat, and the leaf Buzi, in the land of the Chaldeans, And his servants camo near, and thereof for medicine

by the river Chebar; and the hand spake unto him, and said, My Joel ill, 18. And it shall come to of the LORD was there upon him. father, if the prophet had bid theo

do some great thing, wouldest thou pass in that day, that the moun.

Ezek. iii, 15. Then I came to not have done it? how much rather tains shall drop down new wine, hem of the captivity at Tel-abib, then, when he saith to thee, Washi, and the hills shall flow with milk, that dwelt by the river of Chebar, and be clean. and all the rivers of Judah shall and I sat where they sat, and reflow with waters, and a fountain mained there astonished among up it river, and hasteth not: die

Job x1, 23, Behold, he drinketha shall come forth of the house of

them seven days. the LORD, and shall water the

trusteth that he can draw up

Exek. x, 15, 20. And the cheru- Jordau into his mouth. valley of Shittim.

bim were lifted up. This is the Nalum ili, 8. 9. Art thou better living creature that I saw by the

KAYAH. than pupulous No, that

river of Chebar. This is the living situate among the rivers, that had creature that I saw under the

Josh. xvi, 8. The border went The waters round about it, whose God of Israel by the river of Che. the river Kanah; and the going

out from Tappuah westward unto rampart was the sea, and her bar; and I knew that they were wall was from the sea? Ethiopia the cherubim.

out thereof were at the sea. This and Egypt were her strength, and

is the inheritance of the trib9 of it was infinite; Put and Lubin

the children of Ephraim by their



Gen. ii, 14. And the name of Zech. xiv. S. And it shall be in the third river is liddekel: that

KISHon. that day, that living waters shall is it which goeth toward the east go out from Jerusalem; half of of Assyria. And the fourth river Kishon swept them away

Julges V, 21. The river of them toward the foriner sea, and is Euphrates.

ancient river, the river Kishon. half of them toward the hinder Sea; in summer and in winter


O my soul, thou hast trodden

down strength. shall it be

Gen. ii, 13 And the name of
Rev. viii, 10, 11.
And the third the second river is Gihon: the

Pisox. angel sounded, and there fell a same is it that coinpassutli the

Gen. II, 11. The name of the great star from heaven, burning whole land of Ethiopia

first is Pison: that is it which as it were a limp, and it fell upon the third part of the rivers, and


compasseth the whole land of upon the fountains of waters 2 Kings xvii, 6. In the ninth Havilah, where there is gold. And the name of the star is called year of Hosher the king of Assy. Wormwood: and the third part of rit took Samaria, and carried

ULAI the waters became worm wood; Israel away into Assyrit, and Daniel vill, 16. And I heard a and many men died of the waters, placed them in Ilalah and in Ha- mau's voice between the banks of because they were made bitter. bor by the river of Gozan, and in Ulal, which called, and said, Git

briel, make this man to under. Rev. xvi, 3, 4. And the second the cities of the Medes

stand the vision, angel poured out his vial upon

JABBOK the sea; and it became as the blood of a dead man: and every Gen, xxxII, 22, 23. And he roso

living soul died in the sea. And up that night, and took his two Ezra viii, 15. And I gathered
the third angel poured one !is wives, and his two women-ser- them together to the river that
vial upon the rivers and fountains vants, and his eleven sons, and runneth to Ahava; and there
of Walers; and they became pissed over the ford Jabbok. And abode we in tenis three days; and

he took them, and sent them over 1 viewed the people and the
the brook, and sent over that he priests, and found tbere none of

the sons of Levi.
Deut. il, 37. Ouly unto the

land of the children of Ammon
thou camest not, nor unto any

Ps. cxxxvil, 1. By the rivers of 2 Kings v, 12. Are not Abana place of the river Jabbok, nor Babylon, there we sat down; yeu, and Pharpar,

rivers of Damasens, unto the cities in the mountains, we wept, when we remembered better than all the waters of nor unto whatsoever the Lord our Zion, Israel? may I not wash in them, God forbade us, and be clen? So he turnell, and

OF EDEN. went away in a rage.


Gen. il, 10. And a river went
Josh, jil, 8. And thou shalt com- out of Eden to water the garden;

mand the priests that bear the and from thence it was purted,
Deut. 11, 36. From Aroer, which ark of the covenant, saying, When and became into four heads
is by the brink of the river of ye are come to the brink of the
Arnou, and from the city that is water of Jordan, ye shall stand

OF EGYPT. by the river, even unto Gileal. still in Jordan.

Gen. xv, 18.

In that same day

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tho LORD made a covenant with the king's household, and to do Ezek. axt, 9. In that day sal Aliram, saying. Unto thy seed what be thonght good. And messengers go forth from me L have I given this land, from the Suimei the son of Gera fell down ships to make the careless Enter river of Egypt unto the great before the king, as he was come plans afraid, and great puis su river, the river of Euphrates. over Jordan.

come upon them, as in the days 1 Kings ix, 26, 27, And king Egypt: for, lo, it comeik OF ETHIOPIA.

Solomon mado a navy of ships in Daniel xi, 30. 40. For the ships Isl. xvill, 1, 2. Woe to the Ezion-geber, which 28 beside of Chittim shall che BEUN lan't shadowing with wings, which Cloth, on the shore of the Red him.

And at the time 18 beyond the rivers of Ethiopia : sea, in the land of Edom. And of the end shall the king de That sendet i ambassadors by tho Hiram sent in the navy his ser- south push at bim: and to be sea, even in Vessels of bulrushes vants, shipmen that had know- of the north shall come 2 upon the waters, saying, Go, ye ledge of the sea, with the servants bim like a wbirlwind, with cha swift messengers, to a nation scat- of Solomon.

riots, and with horse, $ tered and peeled, to a people

1 Kings x, 11, 22. And the navy with many ships and be so terrible from their beginning also of Hiram, that brought gold enter into the countries and hitherto; a nation meted out and trodden' down, whose land the great plenty of almug trees, and from Ophir, brought in from Ophir overtlow and pass over.

John vi, 22, 23. The day to rivers have spoiled!

precious stones. For the king ing, when the people wtich

had al sea a Davy of Tharshish on the other side of tbe sea, 829 OF JOTBATH,

with the navy of Hiram: once in that there was none other to Deut. x, 7. From thence they three years came the navy of there, save that obe better Journeyed unto Gudgodah; and Tharslista, bringing gold, and his disciples were entered, from Gudgodah to Jotbath, a land silver, ivory, and apes, and pea- that Jesus went not with his of rivers of watery. cocks.

ciples into tbe boat, but that is 2 Chron. viii, 17. Then went disciples were gode gray atite OF JUDAR.

Solomon to Ezion-reber, and to (How beit there cume other bus Joel lli, 18

All the Eloth, at the sea-side in the land from Tiberias, pigh unto the place rivers of Julah shall now with of Edom.

where they did eat bread, ## Waters, an la fountain shall come

that the Lord had givea ibabes

2 Chron. ix, 21. For the king's forth of the house of the LORD, ships went to Tarshish with the and shall water the valley of servants of Huram: every three


years once came the ships of Isa. xxxiii, 23. Thy tacks OF PIILIPPI.

Tarshish bringing gold, and silver, are loosed; they could not r. Acts xvi, 13 An on tho sabbath ivory, and apes, and peacocks. strengthen their mast; they are We went out of the city by a river

not spread the sail: ben is 15

2 Chron. xx, 35–37. And after prey of a great spoil dirideti? side, where prayer was wont to

this did Jehoshaphat king of lame take the prey. be made, and we sat dow), and spake unto the wom which re- king of Israel, who did very wickr Judah join himself with Ahaziah

Ezek. xxvii, 8, 8-2. The B sorted thither.

edly. And 'be joined himself habitants of zidoa and Artki with him to make ships to go to

were thy mariners: tty ris a' Tarshishi; and they made the ships : Tyrus, that were in their ve RIVER OF LIFe. in Ezion-gaber. Then Eliezer,

thy pilots.

Thy toners her Leo. xxii, 1, 2. And he shetred the son of Dodavah of Mareshab, brought thee into grest pas me a pure river of water of life, prophesied against Jehostaphat, the east wind bath broke the cioar as crystal, proceeding out of saying, Because thou hast joined in the midst of the sas TL the throne of God and of the thyself with Ahazialı, the Lord riches, and thy fairs, thy ser Lamb. In the midst of the street naih broken thy works. And the chandise, thy mariders, and of it, and on either side of the ships were broken, that they were pilots, ily calkers, and the river was there the tree of lite, not able to go to Tarsuish. occuplers of thy merchandis: which bare twelve manner of

all thy men of war, that are ba fruits, and yielded her fruit every merchants' ships, she briogeth which is in the midst of the

Prov. xxxi, 14. She is like the thee, and in all thy con 1 month: and the leaves of the tree her food from atar. were for the healing of tbe na

fall into the midst of the sea tions.

Ezek. xxvil, 4-6, 9, 25. Thy bor- the day of thy ruin. The site

ders are in the midst of the seas, shall sbake at the sound of SHIPS AND BOATS, ETC. thy builders have perfected thy cry of thy pilots. And all L. Gen vi, 14, 16. Make thee an ark beauty they have made senby all the pilots of the sea, stali o

handle the car, the mariners, el 0. gopher-wood: rooms shalt thou ship-boards of fir-trees of Senir; mako in the ark, and shalt pitch it they have taken cedars from Ledown from their abips, tbey sila within and without with pitch. I bauon to make masts for thee. Of stand upon the land. And this is the fashion which thou

the oaks of Bashan have they Jonah 1, 3, 13. But Jonah roge? shalt make it of; The length of

made thine oars; the company of to flee unto Tarshish from the ark shall be three hundred

the Ashurites have made ihy presence of the LORD. an Fer cubity, the breadth of it filty cu

benches of ivory, brought out of down to Joppe; and le boud! bits, and the height of it thirty the isles of Chittim. The ancients ship going to Tarsi.ist: so test cubits.

of Gebal,and the wise men thereof, the fare thereof, and wept deri

were in thee thy calkers: all the Num xxiv, 24. And ships shau ships of the sea with their ma- Tarshish from the presence of the

into it, to go with them o come from the coast of Chittim, riners were in thee to occupy thy LORD. and shall africt Anshur, and shall merchandise. The slips of Tar rowed hard to bring it to me

Nevertbeless ibes stiet Eber, and be also shall blish did sing of thee in thy land; but they could not fire Purish for ever. 2 Sam. xix, 18. And there wented, and made very glorious in the

market: and thou wast replenishi- sea wrought, and was teenjadi over ferry-boat to carry over 1 midst of the seas.

ous against them.

Mark vi, 47, 48 And bsn ett

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was come, the ship was in tho days, and scarce were come over thence we fetched a compass,
midst of the sea, and he alone on against Cnidus, the wind not and came to Ruegium: and after
tue land. And he saw them toil- suff ring us, sailed Uuder one day the south wiod blew,
ing in rowing: (for the wind was Crete, over against Salmone; and we caine the next day to
contrary unto them:) and about And, hardly passing it. came unto Puteoli.
the fourth watch of the night he a place which is called The Fair James lii. 4. Behold also the
cometh unto them, walking upon Havens, nigh whereunto was the ships, which, though they be so
the sea, and would have passed city of Lasea. Now, when inuch great, and are driven of fierce
by them.

time was spent, and when sailing winds, yet are they turned about Hark viil, 14. Now the disciples was now dangerous because the with a very small helm, whitherhad forgotten to take bread, fast was now already past, Paul soever the governer listeth. neither had they in the ship with admonished them, And said unto

STURMS. them more than one loaf. them, Sirs, I perceive that this

Jonah i, 4-6, 11. 12. But the voyage will be with hurt and LORD sent out a great wind into John vi, 16, 17. And when even much damage, not only of the the sea, and there was a miglity was now come, his disciples went lading and sbip, but also of our tempest in the sea, so that the down unti) the sea, And entered

lives. into a ship, and went over the sea certain island whicli

And running under a ship was like to be broken. Then

is called the mariners were afraid, and toward Capernaum: and it was Clanda, had much work cried every man unto his god, and now dark, and Jesus was

not to come by the boat: Which cast forth the wares that were coine to them.

when they had taken up, they in the ship into the sea, to lighten Acts xvi, 11. Therefore loosing used helps, undergirling the ship; it of them: brit Jonab was gone from Trous, we

came with

a and, fearing lest they should fall down into the sides of the ship; straight course to Samothracia, into the quicksands, strake sail, and be lay, and was fast asleep. aud the next duy to Noupolis. and So were driven. And wo So the shipmaster came to him,

Acts xx. 4, 5, 13--15. And there being exceedingly tossed with a and said unto him, What meanest accompanied lim into Asia,

tempest, the next day they light. thou, O sleeper? arise, call upon

ened the ship; Sopater or Berea; and of the

And the third thy God, if so be that God will Thessalonians, Aristarchus and day we cast out with our own think upon us, that we perish not. Secundus; anu Gaius of Derbe, bauds the tackling of the ship. Then said they unto him, What and Timotheus; and of Asia, Tg. But when the fourteenth niglit shall we do unto thee, that the chicus and Trophinus.

These. was come, as we were driven up sea may be calm unto us? (for the going before, carried for us at and down in Adria, about mid sea wrougbt, and was tempestTroas. And 'we went before to right the shipmen deemned that uous.) And he said unto them, ship, and sailed unto Assos, there they drew near to some country: Take me up, and cast me forth iutending to tako in Paul: tor 80

And svunded, and found it twenty into the sea; so shall the sea be had he appointed, minding him- fathoms: and when they had gone calm unto you: for I know that self to go afoot. And when he

a little further, they sounded for my sake this great tempest is met with us at Assos, we took again, and found it fifteen fathoms. upon you. him in, and came to 'Milylene. Tuen fearing lest they should

Matth. vili, 23-26. And when be And we saile i thence, and came bave fallen upou rocks, they cast

was entered into a ship, his disthe next day over against Chios; four anchors out of the stern, and and the next day we arrived at wished for the day. And as the ciples followed him. And, be. Samos, and (arited at Trogyllium; slipinen were about to flee out hold, there aroge a great tempest and the next day we came to of the ship, when they had let in the sea, insomuch that the ship Miletus.

dowu the boat into the sea, under was covered with the waves: but

colour as though they would have be was asleep. And his disciples Acts xxl, 1.-3. And it came to cast anchors out of the foreship, came to him and awoke him, saypass, that, after we were gotteu Paul said to the centurion and to ing, Lord. save us: we perish. from them, and had launched, we the soldiers, Except these abide And he saith unto them, Why are came with a straight course unto in the ship'ye cannot be saved. ye fearful, 0 ye of little faith? Cous, and the day following unto Then the poldiers cut off the ropes Then be arose, and rebuked thu Rhodes, and from thence unto of the boat, and let her fall off. winds and the sea; and there was Patara: And finding a ship suil. And we were in all in the sbip a great calm. ing over unto Phenicia, we went two hundred threescore and six- Balth. xiv, 24. But the ship was aboard, and set forth, Now when

teen souls. And when they had now in the midst of the sea, losy we had discovered Cyprus, we eateu enough, they lightened the ed with waves: for the wind was left it on tlie left hand, and sailed ship and cast out the wheat into contrary. into Syria, and landed at Tyre: the ser. And when it was day, for there the ship was to unlade they knew not the land: but they a great storm of wind, and the

Mark iv, 37. And there arose her burden. discovered a certain creek with a

waves beat into the siip, so that Acts xxvii, 3-10, 16--19, 27- ' shore, into the which they were it was now full. 32, 37-40. And the next day we minded, if it were possible, to touched at Sidon. And Julius thrust in the ship. And when

Luke viil, 22, 23. Now it came courteously entreated Paul, and they had taken up the anchors, to pass on a certain day, that be gaye him liberty to go unto his they commitied themselves unto

went into & ship with his disfriends to refresh himself. And the sea, and loosed the rudder.ciples; and he said unto them, Let when had launched from bands, and hoised up the main

us go over unto the other side of thence, we sailed under Cyprus, sail to the wind, and made toward

the lake, And they launched because the winds were contrary. shore.

forth. But as they sailed, he fell And when we hud sailed over the

Acts xxvIII, 11-13. And after asleep: and there came down a sea of Cilicia and Pamphylia, we three months we departed in a storm of wind on the lake; and came to Myra, a city of Lycia. ship of Alexandria, which had they were filled with water, and And there the centurion found a wintered in the islé, whose sign were in jeopardy, Bhip of Alexandria sailing into was Castor and Pollux. Aud John vi, 18. And the sea arose, Italy; and be put us therein. And landing at Syracuse, we tarried by reason of a great wind that when we bad sailed slowly many were three days. And from blew.

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dcs xxvii13-15 20. Ad into the sea, and got to lant: And! BROOKS MENTIONED IN when the south wind blew softly, the rest, some on boards, and

SCRIPTURE. 11pposing that they had obtaiuri! some on broken pieces of the ship.

ARNOS. their purpose, loosing thence, they And so it came to pass, that they Muiled close by Crete. But not escaped all safe to land.

Nam. xxi. 14, 15. Wlierelere 1. ug after there arose against it a

is said in the book of the as

Acts xxvili, 1. And when they the LORD, What he did in the Red terppestuous wind, called Eurociydon. And when the ship was

wore esc:1ped, then they knew sea, and in the brooks of art 1 caught, and could not bear up that th“ i-land was called Melita. And at the stream of the brands Tito the wind, we let her drive. nour so great richies is come to of Ar and lieth upon the brie

Rec. xviii, 17-19. For in one that goeth down to tbe deel? And when neither sun nor stars in many days appeared, and no nonght. And every shipmaster. of Moab small tempes! lay on us. all hope and all the company in ships, and

BESOR. that we slivuld be saved was then

sailors, and as many as trade by
se 1. stood afar of And cried, he and the six hun Ire

1 Sam. XXX, 0. So David Free tukien away when they saw the smoke of her

were with him, and came tit SHIPWRECK, ETC burning, saying, What city is like

brook Besor, where those unto this grat ciiy! And they 18. xlviii, 7. Thou breakest the cast dust on their lieads, and

were left behind stayed. stips of Turshishi with an east cried, weeping and wailing, saywind.

CHENITH ing, Alas, alas, that great city, 1 Kings xxii, 48, 49, Jchoshawherein were made rich all that 1 Kings xvii, 3. 5. Get the plat matte slips of Tharshisi to had ships in the sea by reason of hence, and turn thee eastir' E!) to Ophir for gold: but they lier cosiliness! for in one hour is and hide thyself by the boa vent not; for the ships were she made desolate.

Cherith, that is before Jak broken at Ezion -geber. Then

So he went and did 2000: 8:10 Ahuziah the son of Ahab


unto the worl of the LOLD: 10 unto Jehoshuplat, Let my sere

119 went and dwelt by the ha vants go with thy servants in the

Ps. cvii, 23- 30. They that go Cherith, that is before Jordif. 8!ips: but Jehoshapbat would

down to the sea in ships, that do

business in great waters; These not.

E-KCOL. see the works of the LORD, and his 2 Chron. xx, 37. Then Eliezer wonders in the deep. For he

Num. siil, 23, 24. Anthes 0. the son of Doilavah of Marasbah commandeth, and raiseth the

nto the brouk ot Eicol, saying, Because thou hast joined waves thereof. They mount up bare it between two upon a $: prophesied against Jenostapliat, stormy wind, which lifteth up the down from tberce a brancata

one cluster of grapes, aed thiselt with Ahaziah, the LORD)

to the heaven, they go down again hath broken thy works. Aud

to the depths: their soul is melted and they brought of the post the ships were bruken, that they because of trouble. They reol to granatıs, and of the firs. The wore not able to go to Tarshish. and fro, and stagger like a drunk place was called the brook Es

of the class # Isa. xxxiil, 21. But there the en man, and are at their wit's end. col, because

chil redd glorious LORD will be unto us a Then they cry unto the LRD in grapes which the place of broad rivers and streams; their trouble, and he bringeth | Israel cut down from thience. wherein alall go no galloy with them out of their distresses. He

GAASI. gars, neither shull gallant ship maketh the storm a calm, so that pries thereby.

2 Sim. xxiii. 30. Broglah the waves thereof are still, Then Ezck. xxvi, 18, 17. Then all the quiet; so lie bringeth them unto are they glad because they be Pirathupfte, Hiddal of the brack

of Gaash, p'ridic 8 vf the sea shall come

their desired haven. down from their thrones, and lay

KIDROX away their robes, and put oir Acts xxvii, 21--26. But after

2 Sam. XV, 23.

And all ibeir broidered garments: they long abstinence Paul stouti forth shall

Cuniry Wep: with a lood vode, clotho themselves with in the midst of them, and said, and all the people passed ofer: treibling; they shall sit upon Sirs, ye should have hearkened Tue king also himself piste ci the ground, and shall fremlale at unto me and not have loosed the brook Kidron, and all the every moment, and be astonished trom Crete, and to have gained people passed over, towani tha at thee, And they shall take up this harm and loss. And now I

way of the wilderness. a lamentation Bribee, and say to exhort you to be of good chicer: thee. Has art thou destroyed, for there shall be no loss of any

1 Kings XY. 18. that wast inbabited of sea-fering man's lif; among you, but of the Munchal bis mother, evenler kan men, the renowned city, which ship. For there stood by me this removed from being qores. Les wast strong in the sea. she and nigut the angel of God, whose I ciuse she has made an bila hier inbabitants, which cause their am, and whom I serve, Saying, grove; and Asa destruse k terror to be on all that haunt it. Fear not. Paul; thou must be hol, and burnt it by the lui acts xxvii, 41 --44. And falling God dithi given thee all them thai brought before Cesar: and, lo,

Kiiron into il plico il here two seas met, evil with thee. Wherefore, sire. be spoken these words be **

Jorn xvii, 1. When Jesus 1:4 they ran the ship aground: and the of good cheer: for I believe God, forth with his disciples over the fore-part stuck fast, and remained that it shall be even as it was the brook Cedron, where was 3 ** unmoveable, but the hinder-part

me. Ilowbeit we must be cast den, into the which he entert, was broken with the violence of

and his disciples. the aves.

And the soldiers' upon a certain island, counsel was to kill the prisoners,

BROOKS lest any of them should swim out,

KISHox. and escape.

Bilt the cinturion, Deut. viii, 7. For the Lord thy Judges 1, 21. The river of Kim willing to save Paul, kept tliem God bringelli thee into a good swept them away that from their purpose; and com- land; a land of brooks of water, river, the river Kisbon, Or man led thai they which could of fountalus. and depths that soul,' thou hast tralien desa wwim should cast themselres first spring out of vollars and bills. strength.

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