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bin of wipe onto a bullock, and first-fruits, when ye bring a new mingled with oil, three tett the third part of an bin unto a meat offering unto the LORD, after deals unto every bullock of the ram, and a fourth part of an bin yont Weeks be out, ye shall have thirteen bullocks, two tenth-daa's unto a lamb; this is the burnt-of- an holy convocation: ye shall do to each ram of the two fiEs fering of every month throughout no servile work. But ye shall And a several tenth-deal to the the months of the year. And one offer the burnt-offering for a lamb of the fourteen lambsAn kid of the goats for a sin-offering sweet savour unto the Losd; two one kid of the goats for a son unto the LORD shall be offered, young bullocks, one ram, seven offering, besides the contra besides the continual burnt-offer-lambs of the first year, and their burnt-offering, his meat-offer, 1ug, and his drink-offering. meat - offering of flour miugled and his drink-offering. Anda

Ezra iii, 5. And afterward with oil, three tenth-deals unto the second day ye sia? offered the continual burnt-offer- one bullock, two tenth-deals unto twelve young bullocks, to sa ing, both of the new-moons, and ono ram, A several teuth-deal fourteen lambs of the int Fer of all the set feasts of the LORD unto one lamb, throughout the without spot: And their best that were consecrated, and of seven lambs; And one kid of the offering, and their drink-oderns every one that willingly offered a goats, to make an atonement for for the bullocks, for the name free-will-offering unto the LORD.

you. Ye shall offer them besides and for the lambs, shall be scars the continual burnt-offering, and ing to their pumber, after the

his meat-offering, (they shall be manner, And one kid of the go SACRIFICES AT THE PASSOVER. unto you without blemish,) and for a sin-offering, beside the their drink-offerings.

continual burnt-offering, and I Leo. ii, 12. As for the oblation

meat. Offering thereof, ani te of the first-fruits, ye shall offer

drink - offerings.

Apl G SACRIFICES IN THE SEVENTI third day eleven bullocis. them into the LORD; but they shall not be burnt on the altar for


rams, fourteen lambs of the a sweet savour.


year, without blemish; And then Leo. xxii, 7, 8, 18, 19. In the Num. xxix. 2-6. AD

ye shall meat - offering, and their del first day ye shall have an boly offer a burnt-offering for a sweet offerings, for the bull.cks to convocation; ye shall do no ser- savour unto the Lord; one young rams, and for the lambs, Be27 vile work therein. But ye shall bullock, one ram, and seven according to their number, et offer an offering made by fire lambs of the first year, without the manner, And one gus! *** unto the LORD seven days: in the blemish: And their meat-offering sin-offering, besides the co seventh day is an holy convoca- shall be of flour mingled with oil, burnt - off-ring, and his tion; ye shall do no servile work three tenth-deals for a bullock, offering, and his drink ofers therein. And ye shall offer with and two tenth-deals for a ram,


the fourth dar te the bread seven lambs without And one tenth-deal for one lamb. bullocks, two rams, and fortes blemish of the first year, and one throughout the seven lambs; And lambs of the first year, side young bullock, and two rams: one kid of the goats for a sin blemish: Their meal-offering they shall be for a burnt-offering offering, to make an atonement their drink - offerings, for the unto the LORD, with their ineat- for you: Besides the burnt-off-r bullocks, for the rams, ut offering, and their drink-offerings, ing of the month, and his meat- the lambs, shall be acording eren an offering made by fire, of offering, and the daily burnt- their number, after the last sweet savour unto the LORD. offering, and his ment-offering, and one kid of the goats for Then ye shall sacrifice one kid of and their drink-offerings, accord- sin-offering, besides the cold the goats for a sin-offering, and ing unto their manner, for a sweet burnt-otlering, his mest-unit two lambs of the first year for a savour, a sacrifice made by fire and his drink-offering: Add sacrifice of peace-offerings. unto the LORD.

the fifth day nine ballochs, *

rams, and fourteen lamts of Num. xxviii, 19-31. But ye shall


first year, without spot offer a sacrifice made by firo, for

their meat' - offering and a burnt-offering unto the Lord;

Num. xxix, 8-11. But ye shall drink-offerings, for the dolci two young bullocks, aud one ram offer a burnt-offering unto the for the rams, and for the last and seven lambs of the first year: LORD for a sweet savour; one shall be according to their :3 they shall be unto you without young bullock, one ram, and ber, after the manner, Abs ce blemish. And their meat-offering seven lambs of the first year; goat for a sin-offering, beste shall be of tlour mingled with oil: they shall be unto yon without the continual burnt-offering in three tenth - deals shall ye offer blemish. And their meat-offering his meat-offering, and Lista for a bullock, and two tentb-deals shall be of flour mingled with oil, offering. And on the sixth or for a ram; A several tenth-deal three tenth-deals to a bullock, eight bullocks, two rane shalt thou offer for every lamb, and two tenth-deals to one ram, fourteen lambs of the fint rest throughout the seven lambs: Anu A several tenth - deal for one without blemislı: And tbeir 1*8* one goat for a sin-offering, to lamb, throughout the seven lambs; offering, and their drickaderisa make an atonement for you. Ye

One kid of the goals for a sin- for the bullocks, for the same shall offer these besides the

offering, besides the sin-offering and for the lambs shall be sent burnt - offering in the morning, of atonement, and the continual ing to their number, afte? which is for a continual burnt- burnt-offering, and the meat-offer- manner; And one goal foc offering. After this manner yo ing of it, and their drink-offerings. Offering besides the artist sball offer daily, throughout the seven days, the ineat of the sacri


burnt-offering, his mest-ofer fice made by fire, of a sweet

and his drink-offering. Add

Num. xxix, 13-38. And ye shall the seventh day serentals savour unto the Lord: it shall be offer a burnt-offering, a sacrifice two rams, and fourteen later die off red besides the burnt - offering and his drink- uuto the Lord; thirteen young And their meat-oflering, and the

continual made by fire, of a sweet savour the first year, without bilene Offering day ye shall save an holy

convo- lambs of the first year, they shall for the rams, and for the learn Aud on the seventh bullocks, two rams, and fourteen drink-oflerings, for the bad cation; ye shall do no servile be without blemish: 'And their shall be according to their worl. Also in the day of the I meat-offering shall be of flour I ber, after the manner, det er


goat for a sin-offering, besides the OCCASIONAL SACRIFICES. OF THE CONGREGATION. continual burnt - offering, his meat - offering, and his drink

Lev. iv, 13--21. And if the whole offering. On the eighth day ye Luke ii, 22-24. And when the congregation of Israel sin through shall have a solemn assembly: ye days of her purification according ignorance, and the thing be bit shall do no servile work therein; to the law of Moses were accom- from the eyes of the assembly. But ye shall offer a burnt-offering, plished, they brought him to and they have done somewhat a sacrifice made by fire, of a sweet Jerusalem, to present him to the against any of the commandments 2 your unto


LORD: one Lord; (As it is written in the law of the LORD, concerning things bullock, one ram, seven lambs of of the Lord, Every male that which should not be done, and the first year, without blemish: openeth the womb shall be called are guilty; When the sin, which Their meat - offering, and their holy to the Lord:) Aud to offer a they have sinned against it, is firink-offerings, for the bullock, sacrince according to that which known, then the congregation for the ram, and for the lambs, is said in the law of the Lord, A shall offer a young bullock for the shall be according to their num pair of turtle doves, or two young sin, and bring him before the ber, after the manner; And one pigeons.

tabernacle of the congregation.

And the elders of the congregagoat for a sin-offering, besides the continual burnt-offering, and

tion shall lay their bands upon the FOR SIXS or IGNORANCE,

head of the bullock before the his meat-offering, and his drink

ON THE PART OF THE COMMON LORD; and the bullock shall be offering


killed before the LORD. And the Lev. iv, 27–29. And if any one priest that is anointed shall bring 1 Kings ix, 25. And three times of the common people sin through of the bullock's blood to the taberin a year did Solomon offer burnt- ignorance, while he doeth some

nacle of the congregation. And offerings and peace-offerings upon chat against any of the command the priest shall dip his finger in the altar which he built unto the

ments of the LORD, concerning some of the blood, and sprinkle LORD, and he burnt incense upon things which ought not to be

it seven times before the LORD, the altar that cas before the done, and be guilty;

Or if his even before the vail.

And be LORD: 80 he finished the house, sin, which he hath sinned, come

shall put some of the blood upon to his knowledge; then he shall the horns of the altar which is TIE SCAPE-GOAT. bring his offering, a kid of the

before the LORD, that is in the Lev. xvi, 5--10, 20-22, 26. And goats, a female without blemish, tabernacle of the congregation, e shall take of the congregation for his sin which he bath sinned and shall pour out all the blood

at the bottom of the altar of the =)f the children of Israel iwo kids And be shall lay his hand upon the of the goats for a sin-offering, and head of the sin-offering, and slay door of the tabernacle of the con

burnt-offering. which is at the ne ram for a burnt-ottering. And the sin-offering in the place of the

gregation. And he shall take all Aaron shall offor his bullock of burnt-offering.

his fat from him, and burn it Che sin-offering which is for him

Num. XV, 27, 28. And if any soul upon the altar. And he shall do Felf, and make an atonement for sin through ignorance, then be with the bullock as be did with limself, and for his house. e shall take the two goats, and shall bring a she-goat of the first the bullock for a sin-offering, so resent them before the Lord at year for a sin-offering. And the shall be do with this: and the he door of the tabernacle of the priest shall make an atonement priest shall make an atonement ongregation.

And Aaron sball for the soul that sinneth ignorant- for them, and it shall be forgiven ast lots upon the two goats; one ly, when he sinneth by ignorance them. And he shall carry forth before the LORD, to make an

the bullock without the camp, and ot for the LORD, and the other atonement for him; and it shall burn him as he burned the first ot for the scape-goat. And Aaron be forgiven him.

bullock; it is a sin-offering for the hall bring the goat upon which

congregation. Be LORD's lot fell, and offer him

OF THE RULERS. or a sin-offering: But the goat,

Num. Xv, 22-28. And if ye have which the lot fell to be the Lev. iv, 22-26. Wlien a ruler erred, and not observed all these cape-goat, shall be presented hath sinned, and done somewhat commandments, which the Lord ive before the LORD, to make an through ignorance against any of hath spoken unto Moses, Eren conement with him, and to let the commandments of the LORD all that the Lord hath commandm go for a scape-goat into the his God, concerning things which ed you by the hand of Moses, ilderness. And when he hath should not be done, and is guilty; from the day that the LORD comade an end of reconciling the Or if his sin, wherein he bath manded Moses, and henceforward bly place, and the tabernacle of sinned. come to bis knowledge; he among your generations; Then

e congregation, and the altar, shall bring his offering, a kid of it sbali be, if ought be committed sball bring the live goat: And the goats, a male without blemish: by ignorance, without the knowaron shall lay both his hands And he shall lay his hand upon ledge of the congregation, that on the bead of the live goat, the head of the goat, and kill it all the congregation shall offer d conless over him all

tbe in the place where they kill the one young bullock for a burntEquities of the children of Israel, burnt-offering before the Lord: it offering, for a sweet savour unto d all their transgressions in all is a sin-offering. And the priest the LORD, with his meat-offering, eir sins, putting them upon the shall take of the blood of the sin- and his drink-offering, according Eid of the gvat, and shall send offering with his finger, and put to the manner, and one kid of the n away by the hand of a fit it upon the horns of the altar of goats for a sin-offering. And the in into the wilderness. And burnt-offering, and shall pour out priest shall make an atonement e goat shall bear upon him all his blood at the bottom of the for all the congregation of the ir iniquities unto a land not altar of burnt-offering. And he children of Israel, and it shall be nabited: and be shall let go the shall burn all his fat upon the forgiven them; for it is ignorance i in the wilderness, And he altar, as the fat of the sacrifice of and they shall bring their offering, t let go the goat for the scape- peace offerings; and the priest a sacrifice made by fire upto the ai shall wash his clothes, and shall make an atonement for hiin LORD, and their sin-offering before he bis flesh in water, and after- as concerning his sin, and it shall the LORD, for their ignorance: And rd come into the camp. be forgiven him.

it shall be forgiven all the con643

the be

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gregation of the children of Israel, , upou the tip of the right ear of thereof, and put # on the le und the stranger that sojourneth him that is to be cleansed, and borns of it, and on the four 0:23 among them seeing all the people upon the thumb of his right hand, oi the settle, and upun ba be mine were in ignorance. And if any and upon the great toe of his right round about this bar Boul sin turough ignorance, then foot. And the priest shall pour of cleanse and purge it The he shall bring a she-goat of the the oil into the palm of his own take the builuck also of the first year for å sin offering. And left hand. And the priest shall offering, and be shall berita the priest shall make an atone- sprinkle with his right floger some the appointed place of the ment for the soul that sinneth of the oil that is in his left hand without the sanctuary. AL... ignorantly, when he sinneth by seven times before the LORD. And the second day thou shalt tai ignorance before the LORD, to the priest shall put of the oil that kid of the goats without make an atonement for him; and is in his hand upon the tip of the for a sin-offering; and they it shall be forgiven him.

right ear of him that is to be cleanss the altar, as

cleansed, and upon the thumb of cleanse it with OF THE PRIESTS.

his right hand, and upon the great When thou hast made anal

toe of his right foot, upon the cleansing it, thou ste Lev. iv, 2-4. Speak unto the place of the blood of the trespass- yonng bullock withoa: . children of Israel, saying, lla offering. And the rest of the oil and a ram out of tbe ke soul shall sin througla ignorance that is in the priest's haud he blemish. And tbou start agaiust any of the commandinents shall put upon the head of him them before the LORD, RDI of the LORD, concerning things that is to be cleansed, to make an priests shall cast salt open which ought not to be done, and atonement for hiin before the and they shall offer theet shall do against any of them: If LORD.

burnt - offering unto the w the priest that is anointed do sin

Seven days shalt thou according to the sin of the people; SACRIFICES OF DEDICATION every day a goat for a sinthen let him bring, for his sin


they shall also prepare all which be hath sinned, a young

bullock, and a

ran oats bullock without blemish unto the Lev. xvi, 16, 33. And he shall flock, without blemish. LORD for a sin-offering. And he make an atonement for the holy days shall they purge tbe . shall bring the bullock unto the place, because of the uncleapness and purify it; and these stalo door of the tabernacle of the cons of the children of Israel, and be-secrate theniselves. gregation betore the LORD; and cause of their transgressions in all

these days are expired, its shall lay his hand upon the bal- their sins: and so shall be do for that upon the eighth day: 2 lock's head, and kill the bullock the tabernacle of the congregation forward, the priests shad before the LORD. that remaineth among them in the

your burnt-offerings cpa. midst of their uncleanness. And iar, and your peace-uieren AT THE CLEANSING OF LEPERS. he shall make an atonement for I will accept you, saith it Lev. xiv, 32. This is the law of make an atonement for the taber

the holy sanctuary, and he shall GOD. him in whom is the plague of lep-nacle of the congregation, and for rosy, whose hand is not able to the altar, and he shall make an

OF THE PRIESTHOOR get that which pertaineth to his atonement for the priests, and for cleansing. all the people of the congregation. thing that thou shalt

Exod. xxix, 1-3. And this is Lev. xiv, 19-29. And the priest shall offer the sin - offering, and Lord God, in the first month, in unto me in the priest's

Ezek. xlv, 18. Thus saith the them, to hallow them, to inake an atonement for him that is to be cleaused from his unclean- shalt take a young bullock' with-rams without Vlemish, 43

the first day of the month, thou Take ove young bullock, ness; and afterward he shall kill the burnt-offering. And the priest

out blemish, and cleanse the sanc-leavened bread, and cata" tuary.

leavened tempered with a suall offer the burnt-offering and

wafers unleavened anointed the meat-offering upon the altar:


oil; of wheaten flour stuks and the priest shall make an

Exod. xxix, 36, 37. And thou make them. And the atonement for bim, and he shall be clean. And if he be poor, and

sbalt offer every day a bullock for put them into one basis cannot get so much; then he shall

a sin-offering for atonement: and bring them in the bask-, * take one lamb for a trespass-offer- thou hast made an atonement for

thou shalt cleause the altar, when bullock and the two rani. ing to be waved, to make an atone

Lev. viii, 14-19. And bars it, and thou shalt anoint it, to ment for him, and one-tenth deal sanctity it. Seven days thou shalt

the bullock for the sire of fine flour mingled with oil for a mak

and Aaron and his sons le

an atonement for the altar, hands upon the heard of the meat-offering, and a log of oil; and sanctify it; and it shall be an And two turtle - doves, or two altar

lock for the sin-o ring 1.

most holy : whatsoever young pigeons, such as he is able

slew it; and Moses toošt touchett: the altar shall be holy. to get; and the one shall be a sin

and put it upon tbe burns ! offering, and the other a burnt

altar round about with listen offering. And he shall bring them Ezek. xliii, 18-27. And he said and purified the altar, as) on the eighth day, for his cleans- unto me, son of man, thus saith the blood at the bottom of bra ing, unw the priest, unto the door the Lord God, These are the ordi- and sanctified it to make mos of the tabernacle of the congrega

nances of the altar in the day tation upon it. And he za tion, beforo the LORD. And the when they shall make it, to offer the fat that was upon the priest shall take the lamb of the trespass-offering, and the log 01 | sprinkle blood ihereon. And thou the two kidneys, and their

burnt - offerings thereon, and to and the caul atore the liter oil, and the priest shall wave them for a wave-offering before the

shalt give to the priests the Le-Moses burned it upon

vites that be of the seed of Zadok, But the bullock, and his LORD. Aurt he shall kill the lamb of the tres, 288-offering, and the

which approach unto me, to minis-flesh, and his dung, die bine", priest shall take some of the blood

ter unto me, saith the Lord GOD, fire without the cup, as the of the trespass-offering, and put it

a young bullock for a sin-offering commanded Moses.
And thou shalt take of the blood | brought the rum for the e

offering, and Aaron and his sons the inwards, and the caul above | Moses burnt the head, and the **. Tald their hands upon the head of the liver, and the two kidneys, pieces, and the fat. And he washthe ram.

And he killed it; and and the fat that is upon them, anded the inwards and the legs in Moses sprinkled the blood upon the right shoulder, for it is a ram water, and Moses burnt the whole the altar round about.

of consecration: And it ought otram upon the altar: It was a burntLev. Ix, 7-14. And Moses said the flesh of the consecrations, or sacrifice for a sweet savour, and anto Aaron, Go unto the altar, of the bread, remain unto the an offering made by fire into the ind offer thy sin-offering, and thy morning, then thou shalt burn the LORD; as the LORD commanded burnt-offering, and make an atone remainder with fre: it shall not Moses. And he took the fat, and nent for thysell, and for the be eaten, because it is holy. the rump, and all the fat that was people: and offer the offering of Lev. i. 6. 8, 9, 11-13. And he

upon the inwards, and the caul be people, and make an atone shall flay the burnt-offering, and above the liver, and the two kidnent for them; as the LORD com- cut it into his pieces. And the

neys, and their fat, and the right nanded. Aaron therefore went priests, Aaron's sons, shall lay the

shoulder. And that which reinto the altar, and slew the calf parts, the head, and the fat, in maineth of the flesh and of the of the sin-offering which was for order upon the wood that is on

bread shall ye burn with fire. umself. And the sons of Aaron the fire which is upon the altar. Lev. ix, 19. And the fat of the vrought the blood unto him; and But his inwards and his legs shall bullock and of the ram, the rump, e dipped his inger in the blood, he wash in water; and the priest and that which covereth the nd put it upon the horns of the shall burn all on the altar, to be inwards, and the kidneys, and the Itar, and poured out the blood at a burnt-sacrifice, an offering made caul above the liver. he bottom of the altar: But the by fire, of a sweet savour unto the it, and the kidneys, and the caul LORD. And he shall kill it on the IMPOSITION OF HANDS. bove the liver, of the sin-offering, side of the altar northward before burnt upon the altar; as the the LORD: and the priests, Aaron's shalt cause a bullock to be brought

Erod. xxix, 10, 15. And thou ORD commanded Moses. And sons, shall sprinkle his blood before the tabernacle of the conDe flesh and the hide he burnt round about upon the altar. And gregation; and Aaron and his rith fire without the camp. And he shall cut it into his pieces, sons shall put their hands upon e slew the burnt-offering, and Aa- with his head and his fat; and the the head of the bullock. Thou on's sons presented unto him the priest shall lay them in order on shalt also take one ram; and lood, which he sprinkled round the wood that is on the fire which Aaron and his sons shall put their bout upon the altar. And they is upon the altar. But he shall hands upon the head of the ram. resented the burnt-offering unto wash the inwards and the legs im, with the pieces thereof, and with water; and the priest shall Lev. 1, 4. And he shall put his ve head; and he burnt them upon bring it all, and burn it upon the hand upon the head of the burntle altar. And he did wash the altar: it is a burnt-sacrifice, an offering; and it shall be accepted awards and the legs, and burnt offering made by fire, of a sweet for him, to make atonement for kem upon the burnt-offering on savour unto the LORD.

him. se altar.

Lev. iv, 8--10. And he shall take

Lev. iv, 33. And he shall lay his Lev, XVI, 3, 6, 11. Thussball | off from it all the fat of the bullock hand upon the head of the sinaron come into the holy place; for the sin-offering; the fat that offering, and slay it for a sin-offerith a young bullock for a sin- covereth the inwards, and all the ing in the place where they kill fering, and a ram for a

fat that is upon the inwards. the burnt-offering. Gering. And Aaron shall offer And the two kidneys, and the fat is bullock of the sin offering that is upon them, which is by the the other ram, the ram of conse

Lev. vill, 22. And he brought hich is for himself, and make flanks, and the caul above the cration: and Aaron and his sons a atonement for himself, and for liver, with the kidneys, it shall lie laid their hands upon the head of is house. And Aaron shall bring take away. As it was taken of

the ram. le bullock of the sin-offering from the bullock of the sacrifice hich is for himself, and shall of peace-offerings; and the priest

POURING OUT OF THE BLOOD. iake an atonement for himself, shall burn them upon the altar of ad for bis house, and shall kill the burnt-offering.

Exod. xxix, 12. And thou shalt le bullock of the sin-offering

take of the blood of the bullock, bich is for himself.

Lev. vi, 30. And no sin offering and put it upon the horns of the whereof any of the blood is altar with thy finger, and pour all

brought into the tabernacle of the the blood beside the bottom of the 6th,

congregation to reconcilo withal altar. THE RUBRIC.

in the holy place, shall be eaten; PRETARATION AND OFFERING OF it shall be burut in the fire.

Lev. 1, 5. And he shall kill the

bullock before the LORD; and the THE VICTIM.

Lev. vii, 17, 29, 30. But the re- priests, Aaron's song, shall bring Exod. xxix, 13, 16, 17, 22, 34. And mainder of the flesli of the sacri- | the blood, and sprinklo the blood 100 shalt take all tho fat that fice on the third day shall be round about upon the altar that Overeth the inwards, and the burnt with fire. Speak unto the is by the door of the tabernacle of ial that is above the liver, and children of Israel, saying, He that the congregation. ne two kidneys, and the fac that offereth the sacrifice of his peace

Lev. iv, 34. And the priest shall upon them, and burn them upon offeriugs unto the LORD, shall be altar. And thou shalt slay bring his oblation unto the LORD take of the blood of the sin-offerde ram, and thou shalt take bis of the sacrifice of his peace-offer- ing with his finger, and put it lood, and sprinkle it round about ings. His own hands shall bring upon the horns of the altar of pon the allar. And thou shalt the offerings of the LORD made burnt-offering, and sball pour out ut the ram in pieces, and wash by fire; the fat, with the breast, all the blood thereof at the bottom he inwards of him, and his legs, it shall he bring, that the breast of the altar. nd put them unto his pieces, and may be waved for a wave-offering

Lev. xvil, 6. And the priest into his head. Also thou shalt before the LORD

shall sprinkle the blood upon the ake of the ram the fat and the J.cv. viil, 20, 21, 25, 32. And he altar of the LORD at the door of amp, and the fat that covereth I cut the ram into pieces; and I the tabernacle of tbe congrega

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tion, and burn the fat for a sweet Aaron's and his sons: it is a thing his sons eat: with unle Telk. buvoar unto the LORD.

most holy of the offerings of the bread shall it be eaten

LORD made by fire. And that holy place; in the cour du SYMBOLIC JESTURES.

which is left of the meat-offering tabernacle of the contest Exod. xxix, 24. And thou shalt shall be Aaron's and his sons': it is they shall eat it. The presi di put all in the hands of Aaron, and of the Lord made by fire.

a tung most holy of the offerings offereth it for slo sball eat :3 in the hands of his sons, and shalt

the holy place shall it be sata.in wave them for a wave-offering

Lev. vi, 18, 29. All the males the court of the tabernacle of before the LORD.

among the children of Aaron congregation.

shall eat of it. It shall be a Lev. viii, 27-29. And he put all statute for ever in your genera- the sacrifice of bis peace ofera

Lev.vii, 15, 16, 18. And the ! upon Aaron's bands, and upon itons concerning the offerings of for thanksgiving shall be bis sons bands, and waved them the Lord made by tire: every one the same day that it is oke for a wave - off ring before the that toucheth tbem shall be boly. shall not leave any of im. Go LORD And Moses took them from off their hands, and burnt

All the males among the priests morning. But if the siano them on the altar npon the burnt- shall eat thereof: it is most holy.

his ofl-ring be a vox, or a Fib cffering: they were consecrations Lev. vii, 6. Every male among tary offering, it shall be en for a sweet-savour; it is an offer the priests shall eat thereof: it

same day that he caso a ing made by fire unto the Lord shall be eaten in the holy place: sacrifice; and on the normas And Moses took the breast, and it is most holy

the remainder of its waved it for a wave-offering be

eaten. Lev. xxii, 10--16. There shall of the sacrifice of his per

And if any of the fore the LORD: for of the ram of consecration it was Moses' part: thing: a sojourner of the priest, third day, it shall not be stored

stranger eat of the holy offerings be eaten at all e as the LORD commanded Moses. or an hired servant, shall not neither shall it be imposta

Lev. ix, 21. And the breasts eat of the holy thing. But if and the right shoulder Aaron the priest buy any soul with his abomination, and the sono

him that offereth it: it shar 2 wared for a wave-offering before money, he shall eat of it, and be

eateth of it shall bes bar the Loru; as Moses commanded. that is born in his house: they quity.

shall eat of bis meat. It the Tus CARCASE SOMETIMES BURST priest's daughter also be married

Lev. xix, 5-8. Aod il yetti WITIOUT THE CAMP

unto a stranger, she may not eat sacrifice of peace-offerings Exod. xxix, 14. But the flesh of an offering of the holy things the LORD, ye shall oferts of the bullock, and his skin, and

But if the priest's daughter be a your own will. It shall bear his dung, shalt thou burn 'with widow, or divorced, and have no the same day ye oferit 2004 fire without the camp: it is a sin-child, and is returned unto her fa- | the morrow: and if vagbi offering.

ther's house, as in her youth, she until the third day, it is Lec. iv, 11, 12. And the skin or there shall no stranger eat thereof. at all on the third day, i. ****

shall eat of her father's meat, bat burnt in the fire. Adik the bullock, and all his feali, with his head, and with his legs

And if a man eat of the holy thing minable; it shall noi de st*

unwittingly, then re shall put the Therefore every one that is and his inwards, and his duos, Even the whole bullock shall ho shall give it unto the priest with ho hath profaned the Beat

fifth part thereof unto it, and it shall bear his iniquity became carry forth without the camp the holy thing. And they shall thing of the Lord; and t13 unto a clean place, where the not profane the holy things of the shall be cut off from ab:24 ashes are poured out, and burn children of Israel, which they people him on the wood with fire: where offer unto the LORD; Or suffer the ashes are poured out shall be them to

Lev. xxii, 29 30. And when

bear the iniquity of will offer a sacrlice of those be burnt

trespass when they eat Ler. xvi, 27. And the bullock holy things: for I the LORD do your own will. On the suz

their giving unto the LORD #:** for the sin-offering, and the goat sanctify them.

it shall be eaten uix Fe for the sin-ofering, whose blood

1 Sam. ix, 12, 13. And they an

leave none of it until the Dios was brought in to make atone- swered them, and said, He is; I am the LOED. ment in the holy place, shall one behold, he is' before you: make carry forth without the camp; and baste now, fur he came to-day to

Leo. xxiv, 9 Add they shall burn in the fire their the city; for there is a sacritics of shall eat it in the holy places

Aaron's and his sons'; . skins, and their flesh, and their the people to-day in the high it is most boly unto tuza dung

place. As soon as ye become offerings of tbe LOAD Heb. xili, 11. For the bodies of into the city, ye shall straightway fire by a perpetual sbildte those beasty, whose blood is find him, before he go up to the brought into the sanctuary by the high place to eat: for the people high priest for

sin, ars burnt will not eat until he come, be- SACRIFICES OFFERED FR without the camp.

cause he doth bless the sacrifice;
and afterwards they eat that be

PARDON OF SIN, AND PORTION OF SOME SACRI- bidden. Now therefore get you

THEREFORE AN OCCANI FICES AND HOLY THINGS up; for about this time ye shall

find bim

Lev. iv, 31, 35. Aod be
Exod. xxix, 33. And they shall
eat those things wherewith the the flesh.

1 Cor. x, 18. Behold Israel after away all the fat thereol,
Are not they which

is taken away from the cas atonement was made, to consecrate and to sanctity them: but a the altar? eat of the sacrifices partakers of priest shall born it opusti

fice of peace-off-rings; and stranger shall not eat thereof be

for a sweet savour une belet cause they are holy. WHEN AND WHERE TO BE EATEN.

and the priest shall Die LevII, 3, 10.

And je hiermout - oteriug shau bei to

atonement for him, and is Lev. vi, 16. 26. And the re- forgiven him. And be su



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