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even the father of our Lord Jesus of sin for a season; Esteeming | deliver you up to the correu

1 Christ, the father of mercies, and the reproach of Christ greater and they will scourge yon in their and the God of all comfort. Who riches than the

treasures in synagogues: But when the per comforteth us in all our tribula- Egypt: for he had respect unto Becute you in this city, flee yetu tion, that we may be able to com- the recompence of the reward. another: for verily I say unto tell, fort them which are in any trouble, 1 Peteri, 6, 7. Wherein ye great Ye shall not have gone over the by the comfort wherewith we ly rejoice, though now for a season

cities of Israel, till the son of me ourselves are comforted of God. if need be) ye are in heaviness be come. For as the sufferings of Christ through manifold temptations: Acts xiii, 51, 52. But they shock abound in us, so our consolation that the trial of your faith, being off the dust of their feet agains also aboundeth by Christ. And much more precious than of gold them, and came unto lo whether we be afflicted, it is for that perisheth, though it be tried and the disciples were filled at your consolation and salvation, with fire, might be found unto joy, and with the Holy Gbost which is effectual in the endariog praise and honour and glory at of the same sufferings which we the appearing of Jesus Christ.

2 Cor. xi, 32. In Damascus the also sufler: or whether we be

governor under Aretas the time

1 Peter iii, 14-17. But and if ye kept the city of the Damskie comforted, it is for your consolation and salvation. And our hope

suffer for righteousness sake, with a garrison, desirous to r of you is stedfast, knowing that happy are ye: and be not afraid prehend me; And througt i et

of their terror, neither be troubled; dow in a basket was I let de ma bf as yo are partakers of the sufferings, so shall ye be also of the your hearts: and be ready always

But sanctify the Lord God in the wall, and escaped his lianis. consolation.

to give an answer to every man 2 Cor. iv, 8, 9. We are troubled that asketh you a reason of the

DELIVERANCES. on every side, yet not distressed; hope that is in you with meek- P8. Ixxii, 14. He shall redeen we are perplexed, but not in des ness and fear: Having a good their soul fromdeceitand violeay pair; Persecuted, but not forsaken; conscience; that, whereas they and precious shall their biood be cast down, but not destroyed. speak evil of you, as of evildoers, in his sight.

Phil. 1,7, 28-30. Even as it is they may be ashamed that falsely meet for me to think this of you Christ. accuse your good conversation in

Jer, xxvi, 16-19, 24. Then su all, because I have you in my

For it is better, if the

the princes and all the peche will of God be so, that ye suffer

unto the priests, and to the site heart; inasmuch as both in my for well-doing, than for evil-doing. I die: for he hath spoken to an

phets, This man is not wortby bonds, and in the defence and confirmation of the gospel, ye all

1 Peter iv, 12-14, 16-19. Beloved, the name of the LORD our G.4 are partakers of my grace. And think it not strarge concerning Then rose up

certain of the in nothiug terrified by your

the flery trial wbich is to try you, elders of the land, and spake to si adversaries which is to them an

as though some strange thing the assembly of the people, se evident token of perdition, but to happened unto you: But rejoice, ing, Micah the Murasthite pri you of salvation, and that of God. inasmuch as ye are partakers of phesied in the days of Hezekisi For unto you it is given in the

Christ's sufferings; that, when his king of Judah, and spake 13 ! behalf of Christ, not only to be glory shall be revealed, ye may be

the people of Judah, sayiog, Tho lieve on him, but also to suffer glad also with exceediug joy. It saith the Lord of hosts, Zlecen for his sake; Having the same

ye be reproached for the name of be plowed like a field, and Jettconflict which ye saw in me, and Christ, happy are ve; for the salem shall become beaps and now hear to be in me.

Spirit of glory and of God resteth the mountain of the house as the Phil. il, 17, 18. Yea, and if I be spoken of, but on your part he is Hezekiah king of Judah anda!

upon you: on their part he is evil high places of a forest. offered upon the sacrifice and ser-glorified. Yet if any man suffer Judah put bim at all to death vice of your faith, I joy, and rejoice with you all. For the same ashamed; but let him glorify God the Lord, and the Lord repeated

as a Christian, let him not be he not fear the Lord,and besonde cause also do ye joy, and rejuice on this behalf. For the time is him of the evil which he had pro with me.

come that judgment must begin at nounced against them? 2 Thess. 1,4,5. So that we our- the house of God: and if it first be- might we Belves glory in you in the churches gin at us, what shall the end be of against our souls. Neverthele

procure great eri of God, for your patience and them that obey not the gospel of the hand of Ahikam the son of faith in all your persecutions and God? And if the righteous scarcely Shaphan was with Jeremiah, the tribulations that

ye endure; be saved, where shall the ungodly they should not give him into the Which is a manifest token of the and the sinner appear? Wherefore hand of the people to put bin * righteous judgment of God, that let them that suffer according to death, ye may be counted worthy of the the will of God commit the keepkingdom of God, for which yeing of their souls to him in well- 2 Cor. i, 9, 10. But me had the also suffer. doing, as unto a faithful Creator, sentence of death in ourselves

that we should not trust loc 2 Tim. ii, 10-18. Therefore I en- Rev. vii, 14. These are they which dure all things for the elect's came out of great tribulation.

solves, but in God which raisi sakes, that they may also obtain

the dead; Who delivered os tra

PERSECUTION TO BE the salvation which is in Christ

so great a death,and doch delih Jesus with eternal glory. It is


in whom we trust that he will get a faithful saying: For if we be 1 Kings xix, 3. And when he deliver us. dead with him, we shall also live saw that, he arose, and went for

2 Tim. iil, 10, 11. But thon has with him: If we suffer, we shall his life, aud came to Beerslieba, rally known my doctrine, maar also reign with him: if we deny which belongeth to Judah, and left of life, purpose, faith, longek him, he also will deny us: If we his servant there.

ing, charity, patience, Persect beliere not, yct he abideth faith

Matth. x, 16, 17, 23. Behold, I send tious, afflictions, which came up ful: he cannot deny himself,

you forth as sheep in the midst of me at Antioch, at Iconion, * Heb. xi, 25, 26. Choosing rather wolves: be ye therefore wise as Lystra; what persecutions 1 to suffer affliction with the people serpents and barmless as doves. Dured:' but out of them all of God, than to enjoy the pleasures But beware of men; for they will | Lord delivered me.


I. GOD ALONE TO BE PRAISED. Ps. xlviil, 1. Great is the LORD, saying, Blessed be the glory of the

1 Chron, xvi, 7-9, 23, 24, 28, 29. and greatly to be praised in the LORD from his place. Then on that day David delivered city of our God, in the mountain

Luke ii, 13. And suddenly there first this psalm, to thank the of his holiness.

was with the angel a multitude of LORD, into the hand of Asaph and Ps. Ivií, 5, 11. Be thou exalted, the heavenly host praising God, his brethren. Give thanks uuto | O God, above the heavens; let thy and saying. the LORD, call upon his name, glory be above all the earth. Be make known his deeds among the thou exalted, O God, above the

BY SAINTS. people. Sing unto him, sing heavens; let thy glory be above P8. xxii, 23. Ye that fear the psalms unto him, talk ye of all bis all the earth.

LORD, praise him: all ye the seed wondrous works. Sing unto the

Ps. lxvi, 1, 2. Make a joyful of Jacob, glorify him; and fear LORD, all the earth, shew forth noise unto God, all ye lands. him, all ye the seed of Ísrael. from day to day his salvation. Sing forth the honour of his name; Declare his glory among the make his praise glorious.

P3, xxx, 4. Sing unto the LORD, heathen; his marvellous works

O ye saints of his; and give thanks among all nations.

Ps. Ixviii, 32. Sing unto God, ye at the remembrance of his holi

Give unto the LORD, ye kiudreds of the peo

kingdoms of the earth; O sing ness. ple, give unto the LORD glory and praises unto the LORD. Selah.

P8. cxiii, 1. Praise ye the LORD. #trength. Give unto the LORD Ps. Ixxii, 19. And blessed be his Praiso, O ye servants of the LORD, the glory due unto his name: glorious name for ever: and let the praise the name of the LORD. bring an offering, and come before whole earth be filled with his

Ps. cxviii, 2-4. Let Israel now him: worship the LORD in the glory. Amen, and Amen.

say, that his mercy endureth for beauty of holiness.

P3. Ixxxix, 62. Blessed be the ever. Let the house of Aaron 1 Chron. xxix, 10, 13. Where- LORD for evermore. Amen, and now say, that his mercy endureth fore David blessed the LORD be- Amen.

for ever. Let them now that fear fore all the congregation; and Ps. xcvi, 7. Give unto the LORD, I the Lord say, that his mercy enDavid said, Blessed be thou, LORD O ye kindreds of the people, give

dureth for ever. God of Israel our father, for ever unto the LORD glory and PS. CXXXV, 19--21, Bless the and ever. Now therefore, our strength.

LORD, O house of Israel: bless the God, we thank thee, and praise thy glorious name.

Ps. ci, 1. I will sing of mercy LORD, O house of Aaron: Bless

and judgment: unto thee, O LORD, the LORD, O bouse of Levi: ye that Nek.ix, 5. Then the Levites, will I sing.

fear the LORD, bless the LORD. Jeshua, and Kadıniel, Bani, Hash

Ps. ciii, 1, 22. Bless the LORD, O

Blessed be the LORD out of Zion, abniab, Sherebian, Hodijab, She- my soul; and all that is within me, Praise ye the Lord.

which dwelleth at Jerusalem. baniah, and Pethahiah, said, vess bis holy name. Bless the Stand up and bless the LORD Lord, all bis works, in all places

P8. cxl, 13. Surely the righteous your God for ever and ever; and of his dominion: bless the LORD, O shall give thanks unto thy name; blessed be thy glorious name, my soul.

the upright shall dwell in thy which is exalted above all blessing and praise.

Ps. cv, 1. O give thanks unto

presence. the LORD; call upon his name:

Ps. cxlvii, 12. Praise the LORD, P3. viii, 9. O LORD our LORD; make known bis deeds among the 9 Jerusalem; praise thy God, O how excellent is thy name in all people.

Zion. the earth!

BY ALL P8. ix, 11. Sing praises to the God, above the beavens, and thy give ear, o' ye princes: 1, even i Ps. cviil, 5. Be thou exalted, O

Judges v, 8. Hear, O ye kings; LORD, which dwelleth in Zion; glory above all the earth. declare among the people bis doings.

will sing unto the Lord; I will

Eph, v, 20. Giving thanks alP8. xxi, 13. Be thou exalted, the Father in the name of our ways for all things unto God and sing praise to the LORD God of

Israel. LORD, in thine own strength: $0 Lord Jesus Christ.

Ps. vii, 17. I will praise the will wo sing and praise thy

LORD according to his righteousPower.

GOD PRAISED BY ANGELS. ness; and will sing praise to the P3, xxix, 1, 2. Give unto the LORD, O ye mighty, give unto the

Ps, ciii, 20, 21. Bless the LORD, name of the Lord most high. ye his angels, that excel in

Ps. ix, 1, 2. I will praise, thee, LORD glory and strength. Give strength, that do his command-Lord, with my whole heart; I will unto the LORD the glory due unto ments, hearkening unto the voice shew forth all thy, marvellons buis pame; worship the Lord in of his word. Bless ye the Lord, works. I will be glad and rejoice the beauty of holiness.

all ye his hosts; ve ministers of his in thee: I will sing praise to thy P3. xll, 13. Blessed be the LORD that do bís pleasure.

name, 0 thou most High. God of Israel from everlasting, Ps. cxlviii, 1, 2. Praise ye the

P3. xxxiv, 2. My soul shall make and to everlasting. Amen, and LORD. Praise ye the LORD from her boast in the LORD: the humble Amen.

the heavens: praise him in the shall hear thereof, and be glad. Ps. xlvii, 1, 6. () clap your lieights. Praise ye him, all his Ps. II, 15. O LORD, open thou my Bands, all yo people; shout unto angels: praise ye him,' all his lips; and my mouth shall shew God with the voice of triumpb. hosts.

forth thy praise. Sing praises to God, sing praises: Ezek. ill, 12. Then the spirit Ps. Ivi, 10. In God will I praise ging praises unto our King, sing took me up, and I heard behind his word: in the LORD will I praise Praises.

mo a voice of a great rushing, his worda

Ps. lvil, 7,8. My heart is fised, among the heathen, his wonders Ps. cxlls, 1. Praise ye the Load. O God, my heart is fixed; I will among all people.

Sing unto the LORD & new so, sing and give praise. Awake up,

Ps. cxxxviii, 1. I will praise thee and his praise in the congregativa my glory; awake, psaltery and with my whole heart: before the of saints. harp: I myself will awake early.

gods will I sing praise unto thee. Neh. xi, 17. And Mattaniah the Ps. lix, 17. Unto thee, O my

Ps. cxlvi, 1, 2. Praise ye the son of Micha, the son of Zabdi, the strength, will I sing for God is LORD. Praise the LORD, O my

son of Asaph, was the principal to my defence, and the God of my soul. While I live will'I praise begin the thanksgiving in prayer. mercy.

the Lord: I will sing praises unto and Bakbukiah the second among Ps. Ixvi, 4. All the earth shall my God while I have any being.

his brethren, and Abda the son of

Shammua, the son of Galal, the sou worship thee, and shall sing unto thee; they shall sing to thy name. LORD a new song, and bis praise

Isa. xlii, 10--12. Sing unto the of Jeduthun. Selah. from the end of the earth, ye that

AND IN HEAVEN. P3. Ixix, 34. Let the heaven and go down to the sea, and all that is earth praise him, the seas, and therein; the isles, and the inhabi. Praise God in his sanctuary: praise

PS. cl, 1. Praise ye the LORD every thing that moveth therein. tants thereof. Let the wilderness him in the firmament of his power.

Ps. Ixxi, 14. But I will hope con- and the cities thereof lift up their tinually, and will yet praiso theo roice, the villages that Kedar doth

Rev. vil, 11, 12. And all the angels more and more.

inhabit: let the inhabitants of the stood round about the throne, and Ps. xcvi, 1. O sing unto the rock sing, let them shout from the about the elders, and the fear LORD a new song, sing unto the top of the mountains. Let them beasts, and fell before the throne LORD, all the earth. give glory unto the LORD, and de- on their faces, and worshipped

God, saying, Amen: Blessing, and Ps. cvill, 1-3. O God, my heart is clare his praise in the islands.

glory, and wisdom, and thanksgirfixed; I will sing and give praise,

Jer. li, 10. The LORD hath

ing, and honour, and power, and even with my glory. Awake,

brought forth our righteousness: psaltery and harp; I myself will come, and let us declare in Zion might, be unto our God for ever

and ever. Amen. awake early. I will praise thee, the work of the LORD our God.

Rev. xix, 1. And after these O Lord, among the people; and I will sing praises unto thee among IN PUBLIC WORSHIP.

things I heard a great voice of

much people in heaven, saying, the nations. P3. cxvii, 1. O praise the LORD all thy praise in the gates of the P3. ix, 14. That I may shew forth. Alleluia; Salvation, and glory, and

honour, and power, unto the Lord all ye nations: praise him, all yo daugliter of Zion: I will rejoice in our God. people.

thy salvation. P3. cxvill, 28. Thou art my God,

REASONS OF PRAISE. and I will praise thee; thou art my

P3. xxvi, 12. My foot standeth in God, I will exalt thee. an even place: in the congrega- put their trust in thee rejoice: lei

Ps. v, 11. But let all those that tions will I bless the LORD. Ps. cxix, 7, 171. I will praise thee

them ever shout for joy, because with uprightness of heart, when I

Ps. XXXV, 18. I will give thee thou defendest them: let the shall have learned thy righteous thanks in the great congregation: also that love thy name be joffa judgments. My lips shall utter

I will praise thee among much in thee. praise, when thou hast taught me people.

Ps. xxxii, 1. Rejoice in th thy statutes.

Ps. Ixvill, 26. Bless ye God in the LORD, O ye righteous for praise is P3. cxxxviii, 4. All the kings of congregations, cren the Lord, from comely for the upright. the earth shall praise thee, O the fountain of Israel.

Ps. I, 23. Whoso offereth praise LORD, when they hear the words Ps. Ixxxix, 5. And the heavens glorifieth me: and to him that of thy mouth.

shall praise thy wonders, O Lord; ordereth his conversation arig P8. cxlv, 5, 6. I will speak of the thy faithfulness also in the congre- will I show the salvation of God glorious honour of thy majesty, gation of the saints.

Ps. liv, 6. I will freely sacrifice and of thy wondrous works. And Ps. cvii, 32. Let them exalt bim unto thee: I will praise thy nams, men shall speak of the might of also in the congregation of the LORD, for it is good. thy terrible acts; and I will de- | people, and praise him in the as

Ps. Ixili, 3. Because thy lovingclare thy greatness. sembly of the elders.

kindness' is better than life, my P3. cl, 6. Let every thing that Ps. cix, 30. I will greatly praise lips shall praise thee. hath breath praise the LORD. the LORD with my mouth; yea, I

Ps. Lxvii, 3-7. Let all the people Praise yo the LORD.

will praise him among the multi-praise thee, O God; let all the tude.

people praise chee. 0 let the ON EARTH.

Ps. cxxxiv, 1-3. Behold, bless ye nations be glad, aud sing for joy: 2 Sam. xxii, 50. Therefore I will the Lord, all ye servants of the for thou shalt judge the people give thanks unto thee, O LORD, LORD, which by night stand in the righteously, and guvern the naamong the heathen, and I will house of the LORD. Lift up your tions upon earth. Selah. Let the sing praises unto thy name.

hands in the sanctuary, and bless people praise thee, O God; let all

the LORD. The LORD that made the people praise thee. Thes P3. xxxiv, 3. O magnify the beaven and earth, bless thee out shall the earths Veld her increase LORD with me, and let us exalt his

of Zion, name together.

and God, eren our own God, shal Ps. Ivil, 9. I will praise thee, o LORD. Praise ye the name of the all the ends of liote earth shall fer

Ps. cxxxv, 1--3. Praise yo the bless us. God e juall bless us; se LORD, among the people; I will LORD; praise him, o ye servants of him, sing unto thee among the nations. the Lord. Ye that stand in the

Ps. Ixxi, 15. le My mouth sbd Ps. xcv, 2. Let us come before house of the Lord, in the courts of shew forth thy wl rightevusness es his presence with thanksgiving, the house of our 'God, praise the thy salvation s'all the day for I and make a joyful noise unto him LORD; for the LORD is good: sing know not theuert numbers there. with psalms.'s praises unto his name; for it is

Ps. lxxxixat Ps. xcvi, 8. Declaro his glory pleasant.

the LORD for erer. riik 696

mercies of d m 1,2. I will sing of ube

my mouth will I make known mighty acts: praise him according | LORD, because he hath heard the thy faithfulness to all generations. to his excellent greatness.

voice of my supplications. For I have said, Mercy shall be

Isa. xii, 4, 5. And in that day Ps. lxvi, 29. Blessed be God, built up for ever: thy faithfulness shall ye say, Praise the Lord, call which hath not turned away my shalt thou establish in the very upon his name, declare his doing prayer, nor his mercy from me. heavens.

among the people, make mention Ps. cxvi, 1, 2. I love the LORD, P3. CXXXV, 3. Praise the Lond; that his name is exulted. Şing because he hath heard my voice, for the LORD is good; sing praises unto the LORD; for he hath done and my supplications. Becauso unto his name; for it is pleasant. excellent things: this is known in he hath inclined his ear unto me, Ps. cxlvii, 1. raise ye the LORD: all the earth,

th refore will I call upon him as for it is good to sing praises unto Isa. xxv, 1. O LORD, thou art long as I live. our God; for it is pleasant; and my God; I will exalt thee, I will P3. cxviii, 21. I will praise thee; praise is comely.

praise thy name; for thou hast for thou hast heard me, and art 2 Cor. iv, 15. For all things are

done wonderful things; thy coun- become my salvation. for your sakes, that the abundant sels of old are faithfulness and

Daniel ii, 19, 23. Then was the grace might, through the thanks-truth.

secret revealed unto Daniel in a giving of many, redound to the Daniel ii, 20, 21. Daniel answered night-vision. Then Daniel blessed glory of God.

and said, Blessed be the name of the God of heaven. I thank thee, 1 Thess. V, 18. In every thing God for ever and ever: for wis- and praise thee, O thou God of give thanks: for this is the will of dom and might are bis: And be my fathers, who hast given me God in Christ Jesus concerning changeth, the times and the wisdom and might, and hast made you.

seasons: he removeth kings, and known unto me now what we

setteth up kings: he giveth wis-desired of thee: for thou hast now FOR IIS GOODNESS.

dom unto the wise, and knowledge made known unto us the king's E.cod. xv, 2. The LORD is my

to them that know understanding matter. streugth, and song, and he is be- Daniel iv, 37. Now I Nebuchad

FOR DAILY MERCIES come my salvation; he is my God, nezzar praise and extol and and I will prepare him an habita-honour the King of heaven, all Ps. xiii, 6. I will sing unto the tlon; my father's God, and I will whose works are truth, and his Lord, because he hath dealt bounexalt him.

ways judgment: and those that tifully with me. Ps. cvi, 1, 2. Praise ye the LORD.

walk in pride he is able to abase. P8. XXXV, 27, 28. Let them shout O give thanks unto the LORD; for

for joy, and be glad, that favour he is good: for his mercy endur.

FOR CHRIST AND HIS BLESSINGS. my righteous cause; yea, let them eth for ever. Who can utter the Luke i, 68, 69. Blessed be the say continually, Let the LORD be mighty acts of the LORD? who can Lord God of Israel; for he hath magnified, which hatła pleasure in shew forth all his praise?

visited and redeemed his people, the prosperity of his servant. And Ps. cxv, 1. Not unto us, O Lord, And hath raised up an horn of my tongue shall speak of thy not unto us, but unto thy name salvation for us in the house of his righteousuess, and of thy praise,

all the day long. give glory, for thy mercy, and servaut David. for thy truth's sake.

2 Cor. ii, 14. Now thanks be P3. lxviii, 19. Blessed be the 13. cxvIII, 14. The LORD is my

unto God, which always causeth LORD, who daily loadeth us with strength and song, and is become

us to triumph in Christ, and benefits, even the God of our salmy salvation.

maketh manifest the savour of his vation. Selah.

knowledge by us in every place. Ps. ciil, 2. Bless the LORD, O my Isa. xxv, 9. And it shall be said in that day, Lo, this is our God; | God for his unspeakable gift.

2. Cor. ix, 15. Thanks be unto soul, and forget not all his bene. we have waited for him, and he will save us: this is the LORD; we

Eph. I, 3. Blessed be the God

Ps. cxvi, 12, 13. What shall I have waited for him, we will be and Father of our Lord Jesus render unto the LORD for all his glad and rejoice in his salvation. Curist, who hath blessed us with

benefits toward me? I will take all spiritual blessings iu heavenly the cup of salvation, and call upon For His PROVIDENCE. places in Christ.

the name of the LORD. 2 Sam. xxii, 47. The Lord livetla

; uuto the Father, which hath made cording unto thy word.
Col. 1, 12, 13. Giving thanks well with thy servant, 0 LORD, ac-

P3. cxix, 65. Thou hast dealt and blessed be my rock; and exalted be the God of the rock of

us meet to be partakers of the my salvation.

Ps. cxxxix, 17, 18. How precious inheritance of the saints in light; P3. xviii, 46. The Lord liveth; power of darkness, and

Who hath delivered us from the also are thy thoughts unto me, o


God! bow great is the sum of the God of my salvation be his dear Son. and blessed be my Rock; and let translated us into the kingdom of them! If I should count them,

they are more in number than the exalted.

sand: when I awake, I am still Ps. xlvlil, 10. According to thy Christ, who is the faithful Witness,

Rev. I, 5, 6. And from Jesus with thee. name, o God, so is thy praise unto and the first-begotten of the dead, the ends of the earth; thy right and the Prince of the kings of the

FOR SPECIAL MERCIES. hand is full of righteousness.

Gen. xxiv, 27. And he said, earth. Unto him that loved us, Blessed be the LORD God of my P3. Ixviil, 34, 35. Ascribe ye and washed us from our sins in master Abraham, who hath not strength unto God: his excellency his own blood, And bath made left destituto my master of his is over Israel, and his strength is us kings and priests untu God and mercy and his truth: I being in the in the clouds. O God, thou art his Father; to hiin be glory audway, the Loro led me to tho houso terrible out of thy holy places: dominion for ever and ever. of my master's brethren. the God of Israel is he that giveth | Amen.

Exod. xviii, 10. And Jethro said, strength and

power unto his people. Blessed be God,


Blessed be the LORD, who hath

delivered you out of the hand of Ps. ol, 2. Praise him for his Ps. xxviii, 6. Blessed be the | the Egyptians, and out of the land


of Pharaoh, who hath delivered power: thy right hand, O LORD, y name is near thy wondrous word the people from under the hand of hath dashed in pieces the enemy declare. the Egyptians. And in the greatness of thine

P8. xcviii, 1, 2. O sing unto the 1 Sam. 11, 1. And Hannah pray- excellency thou hast overthrown Lord a new song, for he hath ed, and said, My heart rejoiceth in them that rose up against thee: done marvellous things: his rigt the Lord; miue horn is exalted in thou, sentest forth thy wrath, band, and his boly arm, bath the Lord; my mouth is enlarged | which consumed them as stubble. gotten him the victory. Tbe over mine enemies; because I re- Judges v, 2, 11, 12. Praise ye LORD hath made known his sal Joice in thy salvation.

the LORD for the avenging of Vation: his righteousness hath be 2 Chron. vi, 4. And he said, Israel, when the people willingly openly sliewed in the sight of the Blessed be the LORD God of Israel, offered themselves. They that are heathen. who hath with his hands fulfilled delivered from the noise of archers

Ps. cxxiv, 6. Blessed be the that which he spake with bis in the places of drawing water; LORD, who hath not given us

they rehearse the mouth to my father David, saying. there shall

a prey to their teeth. Ps. xxvii, 6. And now shall mine righteous acts of the Lord, even

Ps. cxxxvi, 17-20, 24. To hiz head be lifted up above mine habitants of his villages in Israel: the righteous acts toward the in

which smote great kings: for ti enemies round about me: there then shall the people of the Loru merey endureth for erer. Add fore will I offer in his tabernacle

slew famous kings: for bis mer sacrifices of joy; I will sing, yea, I go down to the gates. Awake,

endureth for ever: Sihon king of awake, Deborah; awake, awake,

the Amorites: for his mercy will sing praises unto the LORD.

utter a song: arise, Barak, and dureth for ever: And Og the bizz Ps. xxxi, 7. I will be glad and lead thy capiivity captive,' thou

of Bashan; for his mercy endured rejoice in thy mercy: for thou hast son of Abinoam.

for ever: And hath redeemed u considered my trouble; thou hast

2 Sam. xxii, 18. He delivered from our enemies: for his mere known my soul in adversities.

me from my strong enemy, and endureth for ever. Ps. liv, 7. For he hath delivered from them that hated me: for they me out 'of all trouble; and mine were too strong for me.

Ps. cxl, 7,8. O God the Lord

the strength of my salvation, thu eye hath seen his desire upon mine enemies.

2 Chron. xx, 21. And when he hast covered my head in the dar

had consulted with the people, he of battle. Grant nut, O LORD, IS Isa. xii, 1. And in that day thou appointed singers unto the Lord, desires of the wicked; fortlier La shalt say, O Lord, I will praise and that should praise the beauty lis wicked device, lest they enak thee: though thou wast angry with of holiness, as they went out be- themselves. Selah. me, thine anger is turned away, fore the army, and to say, Praise Ps. cxliv, 1 Blessed be the and thou comfortedst me.

the Lord; for his mercy endureth Lord my strength which tesett Jer. xx, 13. Sing unto the LORD, for ever.

my bands to war, and my fingin praise yo the LORD; for he hath delivered the soul of tho poor

Ps. xviii, 47-49. It is God that to fight. froin the hand of evil doers. avengeth me, and subdueth the Luke i, 71, That we should be

our Micah vii, 18. Who is a God people under me. le delivereth saved from

enemies, 190 like unto thee, that pardoneth me from mine enemies; yea, thou from the hands of all that hate e iniquity, and passeth by the trans- littest me up above those that rise gression of the remnant of his up against me: thou hast deliver- PRAISE NOW AND FOR EVER heritage? he retaineth not his ed me from the violent man.

1 Chron. xvi, 36. Blessed be the anger for ever, because he de- | Therefore will I give thanks unto thee, O Lorn, among the heathen, ever. And all the people said,

LORD God of Israel for ever ac] lighteth in mercy.

and sing praises unto thy name. Rom. I, 8. First, I thank my God

Amen, and praised the LORD, through Jesus Christ for you all,

Ps. xxxi, 21. Blessed be the

P8. XXX, 12. To the end that my that your faith is spoken of LORD; for he hath showed me glory may sing praise to tbee. ari

his marvellous throughout the whole world.

kinduess in a not be silent, O Lord my God. I strong city.

will give thanks unto thee for FOR PUBLIC BLESSINGS.

Ps. xliv, 7. But thou hast saved ever. 1 Kings viii, 56. Blessed be the us from our enemies, and hast Ps. saxlv, 1. I will bless the LORD, that hath given rest unto put them to shame that hated Lord at all times: his praise she his people Israel, according to all

continually be in my mouth. that he promised: there hath not Ps.lv, 18 He hath delivered Ps. xliv, 8. In God we boast all tailed one word of all his good my soul in peace from the battle the day long, and praise thy name promise, which he promised by that was agaiost me: for there for ever. Selah. the hand of Moses his servant. were many with me.

Ps. lix, 16. But I will sing of thy Ezra vil, 27. Blessed be the

P3, Ixvi, 3. Say unto God, How power; yea, I will sing aload of Lord God of our fathers, which terrible art thou in thy works! ihy mercy in the morning for hath put such a thing as this in through the greatness of thy thou hast been my defence and the king's heart, to beautify the power shall thine eneinies submit refuge in the day of my trouble. house of the Lord which is in themselves unto thee.

Ps. lxiii, 4. Thus will I bese Jerusalem.

Ps. lxxi, 23, 24. My lips shall theo while I live: I will lift op Joel il, 26. And ye shall eat in greatly rejoice when I sing unto my hands in thy name. plenty, and be satisfied, and praise thee; my soul, which thou hast P3. Ixsi, 8. Let my mouth be the name of the LORD your God, redeemed. My tongue also shall filled with thy praise and will dy that hath dealt wondrously with talk of thy righteousness all the honour all the day. you: and my people shall never be day long: for they are confounded, ashamed. for they are brought unto shame, for ever; I will sing praises to the

P3. Ixxv, 9. But I will deckare that seek my heart.

Gud of Jacob.

Ps. Ixxv, 1. Unto thee, O God, Ps. Ixxix, 13. So we thy people. Erod. xv, 6, 7. Thy right hand, do we give thanks, unto thee do and sleep of thy pasture, will O Lord, is become glorious in we give thanks for that thy give thee thanks for ever, we will


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